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Nadech and Yaya in 3 Zaap – The Conclusion


It is evident by the end of part one of 3 Zaap show that the hosts and fans alike are rooting for the onscreen sweetheart couple, Nadech and Yaya, to be a real life pair. The second part if anything, fuels the fire and gives us comfort in questions left unanswered.

We continue where we left off: talks of doing merits together. Questions arise regarding Nadech’s ordination service, and he replies that due to his workload, he is unsure of when he can ordain. However it is always in the back of his mind that he would, maybe when he turns 25. In Thailand, sons participate in ordination service for a period in order to bring merit to their parents. It’s a necessary act of dutifulness.

Naturally, after topics of ordination, topics of marriage came up. The host refers to a time when Nadech used to say that he would marry by 28, and with a smile, Nadech accounts that ‘we can say 28 is a good year to be married, but as some of us have experienced, we end up marrying at 35.” Hee. The host agrees, she’s 37 and has yet to marry. Touché.

Aside from working in the entertainment industry, do Nadech and Yaya aspire to do anything else? Yaya chimes in that she has lots of ideas for plan B, but specifically she’d like to continue her education in psychology and be an advisor, whether at a school or a corporate setting. Nadech has lots of ideas too, and Chompoo pipes in that she heard he’s interested in creating an institute, maybe even a Nadech-Yaya Foundation. Chompoo, why so cute? Nadech smiles and answers that he would like to create a small institute for children who live in the countryside.

The duo entered the entertainment industry at a young age, how have their lives changed? Nadech replies that his life has changed quite a bit: for one he has matured and has many good things around him now. The host mentions that despite all of the work that Nadech accumulates or negative things that occur from them, he appears to be the kind of person who always embraces happiness, or he finds happiness amidst any tribulations. How is he able to do that? Nadech says that he has a good support system at home, his parents and fans keep him grounded and motivated. Furthermore, he’s an easygoing person.

As for Yaya, she has become more of a grownup and understands responsibilities. Especially for a person her age, she has been able to expand her horizon and travel, see and experience different things. Chompoo wonders how Yaya’s life has changed since Nadech entered it? Yaya says it’s changed for the better (hee) because in this world, there’s no man out there like this man (touches Nadech’s shoulder.) The crowd squeals. Yaya adds that he’s one of a kind and she leans over and tells him that she’s not just buttering him up. Nadech nods shyly while his ears turn red, a good indication of a humble man who’s unsure of how to take the compliment? How does one react when a cute girl tells everyone that you’re one of a kind? Ha. Nadech offers that Yaya is a very sweet person and it makes him happy when she smiles. Aw. The crowd cheers.

Next question hones in on their closeness. Yaya explains that she sees her P’Nadech almost everyday, more than she sees her friends or some family members. The host pipes in that her life revolves around Nadech. Hee. He is someone definitely closest to her. Nadech agrees, that is why they take care of each other (there’s that word again.) And they like the way things are right now, Chompoo whispers ‘love love’ and the other host wants to know what that means- where has their closeness taken them? Not to the level of being boyfriend-girlfriend, Nadech responds. Is it close though, curious minds want to know: if the level of boyfriend-girlfriend is here, are they there yet? Yaya says that they don’t have any lines drawn. Chompoo explains it’s because they are beyond that now. Hahaha. Nadech starts to fan himself, things are suddenly getting too hot in here.

Yaya elaborates that they don’t have a line drawn because they don’t yet know where all this is going. All she knows is that there are only a few people in her life, and the crowd goes nuts even before she could finish, but no one is closest to her than her P’Nadech. Who somehow, nonchalantly, places his hand on her leg to help her cover up her short skirt. Ha. It’s so quick and fast, but you won’t miss it because the show highlighted that in bold letters. As if that is not enough, Yaya says that sometimes, no matter how far apart they are, or no matter how many days are gone before they could see each other again, when they see each other again, things are always the same. Double aw. That’s why they don’t have a line and they prefer to keep it that way.

The host reads a question from one of their fans on IG, when are they going to come out as a couple? People love that question. Nadech says that there is nothing to hide because things aren’t clear and defined in their relationship. Nadech adds that their behavior towards each other is evident during events and in public. So does that mean that however he acts towards her (the hand on her back, the ‘taking care’) reflects how he really feels? One of the hosts decides to take the question to the moms: is your son/daughter in law someone like these two? Moms smile and laugh. Yaya tells them that there’s no need to ask her mom, because her mom would side with her, whomever she likes will be approved. The host says this makes her so happy. Ha. You and me both.

They read another fanmail who questions about Yaya’s ring. There was a picture that surfaced with Yaya’s left hand and a ring. They are wondering if Nadech bought that ring for her. Lol. But Yaya assures them that in her family culture, significant or marriage ring goes on the right hand. Therefore, she only has her left hand to adorn with accessories. She bought that ring for herself.

The host asks Nadech whether he used to say that he likes look-kreung (mixed people.) And if he does, will a Norway-mixed be a viable candidate? Lol. Chompoo tells her cohost to move on because they are so beyond that question. It’s too obvious. Hehe. I love these hosts.  They wonder why the fans are so immersed with this pairing. A fan is given a mic and replies that for her, there are many reasons why she’s a fan but one reason she recalls is when Nadech was learning how to knit. There were behind the scenes clip of him knitting a charcoal colored scarf. She finds it cute that a man knows how to knit. Some time passes and it sort of escapes her mind. But one day she saw a picture of Yaya wearing a scarf with that same knitting design and color. The hosts show a side by side picture of Nadech knitting that scarf and Yaya wearing it. Yaya explains that she loves her scarf, she wears it all the time in colder countries that she visits, but it has nothing to do with the scarf that Nadech knitted. Hee. But according to the resident private eye (Chompoo) those two scarves are one and the same. Ha! And what is the meaning of wearing it that frequently and sharing the picture on Instagram, as if she wants people to see it? Lol, Chompoo. Nadech finally says that the scarf in the photo is a prop for his lakorn, he didn’t knit that particular one, but he does know how to knit.

Which segues the topic to Nadech’s ability to do many things deemed feminine, including being a makeup artist. First though, he teases Yaya on her manly walk, while Yaya teases him back on his girlie walk, due to Nadech having a booty. A man with a butt is sexy, right? Nadech admits that he was raised with a lot of females in his life so it’s natural that he has a good understanding of femininity. Heh.

Prepare yourself to watch Nadech being the ‘professor’ where he puts his makeup artist specialty skills on Yaya, and vice versa. This is such a cute segment! He must spend some time or have gotten to know gay makeup artists as he puts on their persona, it’s hilarious! The hosts want to know why he only puts makeup on Yaya and no one else, and Nadech explains in his persona that she’s already beautiful but he wants to make her even more pretty. Lol. His concept for Yaya today is as beautiful as a horse hee. Yaya’s concept is Frida Kahlo, a great way to get back at him for making her look like a monkey.  The two are hilarious. Their hearts are so aligned that they each drew a heart on each other’s face as their artists ‘signature.’

Chompoo is concerned about his sexuality when he says that he likes the way he looks right now (the clown make up and all.) She delves into some pictures of his “feminity”: the makeup he wears, the silly poses. But these are all for a good laugh. Apparently he’s comfortable with his masculinity enough that he’s not afraid to act silly in order to make people laugh.

We move on to a more serious topic: how they would feel if someone (other than themselves) comes and courts the other person? They are such good friends right now and are so close, they currently do not have anyone who has come to interfere. Hehehe. Yaya confirms that there is no one else and Chompoo retorts it’s because everyone knows. It’s also duly noted that in lakorns that they act with other people, there aren’t a lot of love scenes. (I totally noticed this too!) The hosts want to know if they confide in each other when they have upcoming love scenes with other people. They do confide in each other, but moreso than that, they are confidants.

Yaya explains that she is proud of Nadech in the fact that since the 5 years that she has known him, he is still the same person. He’s a heartwarming guy and totally one of a kind. Nadech also explains that she has a good heart, easy to talk to.. and as he goes on, one of the hosts ask him if she’s the right person. Nadech smiles and does his silly face, but he surmises that any man who has Yaya in his life would be a lucky guy. The crowd erupts with cheer. And the host follows up with a question of whether he would like to be that lucky man? He answers that if he was that guy, then it would be a good thing indeed. Swoon.

We will be able to enjoy their adorableness in their upcoming series The Rising Sun, coming to us in the near future.

And if the conclusion of part two is any indication, we all may sleep a little better knowing that the duo’s hearts are aligned. She thinks he’s the best man that exists out there, and he wishes to be the lucky man with her in his life. So if we read between the lines- and look at their actions and not their words (as Nadech had advised we do)- then we can only surmise that there is something extra special between these two and that they are definitely aware of it. That’s a better start to many relationships out there, I’ll say.

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