Well hello there, happy mid-month.

As a personal confession, I’ve made zero progress in NaNoWriMo and I know why. Aside from the obvious no time excuse, I have discovered that perhaps I’m just not motivated enough to write a novel. A national anything shouldn’t be the only reason to motivate an aspiring someone to really do something with themselves. The person, who strives for something or to be someone, should have already been working towards his/her dream, and this challenge is a great reason to start pursuing it.

It’s counter intuitive really, that I should come to this conclusion as I watch the clock rapidly ticking away. But it’s liberating all the same. So I wish the best to those who are partaking in this endeavor, because I know you’re in it for the right reasons. I am happy to cheer you on.

Now back to lakorns. Where’s everyone at?

Sixth Sense 2 should end this weekend, it’s already at episode 20 today, but seeing that they are combining 3 books in 1 lakorn, I guess no one is complaining. Well maybe in exception to those who aren’t watching this.. and are waiting for new lakorns to air. (Guilty.)

Teasers are out for Madam Dun and Wieng Roy Dao, you know I’m tuning into both. And then there’s the usual suspect that’s soon to air.. can lakorns make a big impact before the end of the year, or will they rather start fresh for the new year? We shall see!