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It’s a romcom that is actually funny, with a mixture of melodrama. This is a Broadcast Thai production after all. Plans backfire and a few truths come out, but at the end of the day, how will Dao confront the reality that she’s still lying to Khun Chai Jan? I’m just waiting for the proverbial shoe to drop, and it ain’t gonna be pretty, especially when we’ve been told that Chai Jan hates liars. Bring on the drama (but thank you for keeping it funny, Show!)

We open the episode with Dao creeping into her condo because she realizes that her door is unlocked. But it’s only Brother Din who has a spanking stick in hand and swipes (albeit gently) at her behind. Dao yelps in pain as her brother scolds her for playing hero with the drug trafficking case, because her photography profession is apparently too boring. He feels that it won’t end there because this is a drug lord case after all, not your average street thugs. He would be somewhat correct as Dao gets a buzz from the security guard downstairs that her vehicle has been vandalized. Brother Din sheepishly remarks that he parked it out front because he forgot her garage badge. Rathee smirks from behind the pillar at her handy work.

Chai Jan mopes alone thinking about his last encounter with Dao, and concluding that his Khun Dao doesn’t love him. This very prospect keeps Dao and her friends awake at night contemplating on how she’s going to convince him that she loves him, especially Dao, who’s all talk, but happens to be chicken shit when it comes to confessing her feelings to a man. She has never said those words to anyone before, so she’s having a difficult time coming out with it.

She finds her first opportunity at a car dealership. Dao thanks him for risking his life at Woon Doi for her and now spending his precious time helping her shop for a car. She wants to answer his question from last night, and begins to, however she keeps getting interrupted, which makes you want a ticking time bomb nearby so she could say it already. Nan spies them at the same dealership and overhears from the sales rep that the car is being purchased with straight up cash. She tattles to Mom that Khunchai is buying Dao a car, however, as Mom confronts this recent event to Khunchai, our boy relents that he would like to buy Dao a car, but she refuses. Because Dao is a good person and she’s strong blah blah, she has never taken advantage of him. Therefore, Khunchai will not stop seeing Dao without a good reason. Prejudice and judgments, do not count.

Peeved, Nan storms to the corner and phones Pongjan, who is still licking from his wound. She orders him to help her but Pongjan advises her to give up on Khunchai because he and Dao loves each other. But Nan says she can’t get over it and she will vow to conquer Khunchai. Annoyed, Pongjan tells her to follow the standard lakorn scheme then, rape Khunchai and make his mom catch them in the act. Nan, the idiot, finds merit in the idea. So she contrives to spend the night at Khunchai’s palace, where she pretends to slip and beckons him over. The gleam comes into Khunchai’s eyes as he gets an idea. He tells her that he realizes how much she loves (want) him and he decides that she’s just the person he needs. But she would need to get a rope. Thinking Khunchai likes it a la dominatrix style, she welcomes him to tie her to the bed, with her eyes blindfolded. The noise catches Mom, Nom and Ying Nim’s attention as they stare in horror at the sexually aroused Nan who’s catcalling to Khunchai. Ha. Apparently not the classy lady that Mom is requiring of her future daughter in law, Mom faints at the unsightly scene.

Ying Nim walks Nan to the corridor to ensure that her cousin is safe from Nan’s wrath, which irks Nan and she throws her own jab at Ying Nim. Nan snipes that she knows Ying Nim and Pongjan are getting it on behind the scene. After all, she’s seen those chat messages and she knows that Pongjan left his phone in her car that one day. Probably because he’s afraid she would find out who else he’s seeing. Ying Nim is confused, but Nan tells her that Pongjan had been the one to call her when he left the phone in her car. Nan is waiting for the day that Ying Nim gets her heartbroken by the player and it would serve her right.

Ying Nim peers at the phone and flashes back to the time where Pongjan seems to know where Dao’s at, up to the time where he left his phone in her car. There’s only one way to prove whether Pongjan is her anonymous friend. She texts him with the news that her P’Chai is planning on proposing to her future sister in law, and if he wants to congratulate her sister in law in person, he should come to the restaurant at 8pm.

Meanwhile we have some new development after the drug trafficking case. Apichet and female cop report to Khunchai that the police suspects that Dao may be involved with this. Khunchai immediately defends her, but the police have one area of suspicion: she’s independently wealthy, yet she’s only a photographer and her parents are merchants.

Khun Pong chastises his employees for putting on bad work when he spots Lin, Dao’s reporter friend. He tells her to congratulate Dao on his behalf because he’s aware that Khunchai is about to propose to her. Dude, even his employee thinks he shouldn’t be ruining the “surprise.” Khun Pong peers at her and says that he’s petty and heartbroken, let him have this minor happiness. Pfft.

But Lin is ecstatic, she thinks that all of Dao’s hard work is going to pay off. She rushes to share the news with Dao, whose eyes turn to saucers. She questions on how Khun Pong would know, because Khunchai never even confessed his feelings for her, how is going to propose? But Lin glazes over it and says that perhaps he plans on doing both at the same time. Two birds, one stone. Khunchai calls her shortly after and tells her needed to chat with her tonight. The two girls are giddy with anticipation.

Dao dons her pretty white dress, ready for her proposal. Lol. Khunchai thinks that she just came back from an event, and Dao just goes with it. He even brought cake! Surprised, Dao phones Lin who surmises that he must be the romantic type and will put the ring in the cake. So.Flippin.Hilarious.

So they each have a slice of cake and Dao chews very carefully in case there is a ring hidden in her piece of cake. Towards the end of her piece, she decides to go for it and shove large portions into her mouth, then chomp on it. Hahaha. Khunchai glances at her with amusement, he says that next time he should eat like her, the cake must taste better that way. Haha.

He finally asks her a question, and Dao braces herself. But it’s not the question she was anticipating: he asks her how she knew Phon (the art student.) Heh.

At the restaurant Ying Nim waits and waits for Pongjan but he doesn’t show up. She breathes a sigh of relief, glad that it wasn’t him. But just as she goes to the washroom, Pongjan does show but learns that there aren’t any proposals this evening. He doesn’t realize as they text each other, that they are only screens apart. He evades, thinking that he succeeded in hiding himself, but Ying Nim sees his face on the girl’s mirror. Livid, Ying Nim slaps him across the face and rips him a new one. He asks what he needs to do to be forgiven, and that he’s willing to do anything. Which only makes Ying Nim even madder and she retorts that he’s just the kind of person who can do anything- even tricking a girl to feel good about him. She should have known it was him, because he’s heartless. Ouch. Pongjan just watches her walk away, feeling remorse. Ying Nim sobs in her car and throws the phone away.

Back at Dao’s condo, she’s doing the dishes while Chai Jan looks receptively at her. He wonders if he had done anything to upset her, because she’s looking real displeased right now. Heh. Dao glares at him and tells him to promise not to laugh. She walks towards him and confesses that she thought he would ask her to marry him. She and Lin misunderstood, and she dressed up for the occasion. Khunchai smiles, finally coming to an understanding. He tells her that if he were to propose to her, he wouldn’t hide the ring in the cake, it’s too cute for him. Haha. This leads Dao to tell him not to give it away then, otherwise the proposal wouldn’t surprise her. Omg. Does anyone need a paperbag? It’s a great place to cover your head.

Khunchai quiets down, ‘You still think I’m going to ask you to marry me?’

‘Why, would we elope then?’ Oh god.

He tells her that he doesn’t dare ask her because she doesn’t love him.

The realization sinks in, when Khunchai said to her that actions speak louder than words and that he fully understood her feelings (back at the car dealership), he really meant that he misunderstood. Dao braces herself, takes him by the arms and confesses: she had lied to him that one fine day, when she said she didn’t love him. She tried to deny her heart because she was afraid of love. She doesn’t want to love and be hurt again, does he understand? After a beat, Khunchai folds her into his arms and promises her that if she loves him, he would never hurt her. Aw. I love how he calls her Prakai Dao whenever he gets the chance. Swoon.

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The next day Nan attempts to plead her case to Mom but only proceeds to dig herself a deeper hole. Mom is surprised that she could read people so wrongly, especially in Nan. She tries to offer another woman to her son, but he retorts that he can only be happy if he married the woman he loves. Mom finally relents that he can choose his own woman then, but that she must be a good woman and not a liar who creates an image for herself. Ouch. Khunchai agrees that he hates liars.

Khunchai relays the information he gets from Dao regarding Phon, that she only knew them because they drew her picture. She is also willing to cooperate with the police and explain how she has acquired her wealth. Nan happens to walk by Khunchai’s sitting room when she overhears this little gem. She gets a gleam in her eyes and does her next payback to Dao.

News about Dao’s questionable wealth spread all over the media, and the reporter instigated that maybe Dao is involved in another profession that she’s not willing to admit (i.e. drug dealing.) This forces Dao, along with her cohort of besties and Khunchai, to march to the police station and clear her name. Right before the media and police, Dao confesses that she’s a millionaire. Her inheritance includes land, cash and life insurance, basically her parents prefer to work than to sit around and do nothing. They’ve amassed a fortune, allotting each beneficiaries (Dao and Din) 200 million baht a piece (about 6 million US dollars.) The crowd’s jaws are dropped. I love how throughout this ordeal, Khunchai trusts her and never wavered from his trust. So adorable.

As the media interview ends, Dao and friends have some business to tend to, that is, find the culprit that spread the news to the media. Said culprit is at the gym and is a total chicken shit. The girls enjoy some cat fight, but Nan ends up hiding in the gym locker and gets away for now. Dao hails herself to the hospital after a slip, she’s overly cautious about her womb, and any tamper with it causes her to be concerned about her fertility.

Siwa whines after reading the news about Dao’s richness, he should have stayed with her during college. What a scumbag. Rathee comes for a visit and the two enthrall in an affair in the afternoon. Although she starts to feel somewhat nauseated. Unfortunately for them, Arn returns home and after some struggles to get the bedroom door open, she finally catches them canoodling. Arn sees red and exclaims that Rathee is just like her dad, a cheat. She learns that Rathee has been going behind her back for 2 years with her husband, and she loses it. Arn orders her house staff to carry Rathee out and give her a good beating.

Rathee blacks out on her walk and is taken to the hospital- where she discovers that she’s 3 months pregnant. Shocked and happy at the same time, Rathee refuses to take her baby out, despite what Siwa had advised her to do. He says that they were only messing around, he’s not serious about her. Distraught, Rathee says that she loves him and she truly believes that he would leave Arn for her. On her way out of the hospital, she spots Dao and friends and pause to eavesdrop- where she learns Dao’s deep, dark secret: that she’s after Khunchai’s sperm.

Nan pretends that Dao and friends beat her up and tattles at Mom, but Ying Nim comes to Dao’s rescue. She believes that dignity and respect should come from a person’s actions, not who they were born into. Her P’Dao never brags about being rich, she continues to work hard and doesn’t get obsessed about being pretty all day. (Obviously unlike some people.. like Nan.) With Ying Nim’s kind words, Mom starts to have second thoughts about Dao. She tells Chai Jan to invite Dao over for dinner, as she will make her famous dish.

Khunchai pays her a visit and invite her to a meal with his mom. Dao mentions that her riches are nothing compared to his, ha. But that she’s nervous about whether his mom would like her. Khunchai inches closer and says that when people come close to her, they can’t help themselves but love her. Dao looks into his eyes and wonders if he’s one of them. Ha. Khunchai thinks to himself, ‘she wants me to confess. I won’t.’ Dao thinks to herself ‘you know you want to say it..’ But Khunchai excuses himself instead. Lol! These two!

Rathee is down in the dumps and desperate. She reads/watches the playback of Dao’s interview with the media, announcing her riches. Rathee blackmails Dao for money with the fact that she knows her secret about Khunchai’s sperm. This forces Dao to cancel her dinner plans with Mom so that she can take care of Rathee- not that she has any intentions of paying her. But fate has a funny way of working itself out. As Dao goes to see Rathee at her sketchy hotel, she sees a man walking Rathee to the garage. Suspicious, Dao follows and rescues her, but not before Rathee hit the floor and blood seep out of her pants. Apparently Arn hired a man to teach Rathee a lesson, and she vows that if she lives in hell, she’s going to take everyone with her. She is staying with Siwa and threatens him to stay true to her, otherwise suffer the consequences. Yikes. I was hoping she would leave his sorry ass, but it sounds like she is just as bad. They are perfect for each other.

Regardless of how we feel about Rathee, most of the things she does are because she loves Siwa and she truly believes that it’s reciprocated. So it’s sad to see that she discovers that not only does she lose her “man” and best friend, she loses her baby too. The hospital scene between Rathee and Dao is touching, and shows Rathee a touch of humanity.

Khunchai tries to get a hold of Dao to no avail. This prompts a nagging suspicion that Dao is hiding something from him, but he is willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. Ying Nim reassures him that Dao is a good person. When Khunchai notices that she is carrying a new cell phone, Ying Nim says that the old one is broken and can never be fixed, so she threw it away. The man responsible for her broken phone is Pongjan, who is currently going through his old chat messages with Ying Nim and can’t stop smiling. Then he remembers how much he has hurt her and made her cry.

Dao finally calls Khunchai back and wonders if Mom Suree is angry with her. Khunchai tells her that she missed out on some good food, and after a beat, Dao asks him why he’s not asking her about her emergency. Khunchai relents that if she wants to tell him, she would, and that he doesn’t like to force any truths. Dao wonders if he really hates lies that much then. Ah, Khunchai confirms because he believes everyone should be sincere. Dao attempts to come out with the truth but chickens out.

Rathee and Dao peer at each other, never imagining that they would be in this place. Rathee says that at the end of the day, Dao turns out to be the kindest to her, taking her in. Dao says that she lives alone and if Rathee stays with her for awhile, she would be less lonely. Dao also didn’t imagine that someone who is out to get you, could turn out to need your help the most either. Nice.

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Saving the drama for last? It’s going to get ugly, people. We are two an episode away from the finale and we still have a few things to work through. I love that the show takes its time in telling us the story, yet doesn’t drag us along. There’s still the truth about Dao’s initial intentions in courting Khunchai, and once the truth is revealed, they have to work through that, because Khunchai hates liars’, pants on fires. Pongjan and Ying Nim also need to work through their lies (anyone see a trend here?) But if we don’t have any of these lies, how would the whole cast come to cross paths anyway?

Only things are different this time. Dao has changed her own perspective of flying solo. She’s warming to the idea of loving someone and spending her life with him, then a baby would naturally follow. She’s worked so hard to get Khunchai to love her, it’s going to be awesome to watch her fight for him, make him believe that she truly loves him too.

It’s funny, it’s moody, and at times, oh so swoon worthy. But my brain is about fried now, so apologies for shorting you on the photos. I can only muster up enough energy to recap. What will tomorrow (next episode finale) bring us?