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Dao Kiaw Duen Episode 7 Summary


You know how I mentioned earlier that Pongjan and Ying Nim’s characters have a lot of potential to develop here, and when acted and directed properly, it can really take off? Yes and yes. Especially regarding Pongjan’s character, he gets even more fleshed out in this episode, allowing for his character write-up and even screen time pertinent to the story itself. Khunchai is still the man, but he best not let a determined Pongjan catch up, because he’s already clipping at his heels. Thankfully there’s all sorts of fun things to stand in the way of Pongjan taking over Khunchai’s number one spot in Dao’s supposed future baby daddy list. And once you find out, try not to laugh so hard.

Previously Dao is presented with the discouragement that Khunchai wholeheartedly believes that a child cannot lead a complete life without both parents. But Dao is in too deep and has gone too far to give up now. This only renews her energy to find a way to change Khunchai’s mind.

So we open this episode with Dao eavesdropping on the conversation between Khun Pongjan and the hired hottie, who is apparently 18. He pulls the girl aside and talks some sense into her- that even if she’s an orphan, she can’t use it as an excuse to disrespect her body. He never knew what his own father looked like, and yet, he chose to walk the good path. And suddenly, Dao knew exactly what she needed to do to convince Khunchai. She’s going to use Pongjan as a real life example that a kid who has been raised by a parent can still grow up to be complete, as well as a good person.

She has the perfect opportunity when Khunchai’s event planner wigged out at the last minute. Dao offers Khun Pongjan’s event planning services and continue to speak highly of the man, causing Khunchai to frown, but leaving him no choice but to utilize Pongjan’s services. And the aforementioned man continue to show us great colors to his character, when his employees and the hotel maid gossip about him and Khun Ying Nim, he nips it in the bud and forbids them to speak of it again. Dao happens by and takes a video of it.

She shows the clip to Khunchai and Ying Nim, who currently is feeling a little guilty for trying to bust his chops so many times. Ying Nim had hired the 18 year old girl to stave off Pongjan, but it backfires. Then she learns that he is swooping in to save her cousin at the last minute- Ying Nim has enough good upbringing to apologize to the man. No matter how much it irks her. And now he’s protecting her virtue in front of strangers?

Khunchai on the other hand is miffed at the fact that Dao has brought up Khun Pongjan’s name all day. He finally asks her whether there is something she wants to tell him? Dao looks sheepishly at him (getting caught at trying to be subtle again) and admits that Khun Pong is an example of the fact that some children, when given enough love and nurture, they can grow up to be fulfilled and complete too. Khunchai considers it with a nod of his head and admits as well, that he may have been too stereotypical and he can accept that she is right.

Certainly a cause for celebration on Dao’s end, but when she succeeds in changing his mind, she has also created another unknowing problem for herself: Khunchai thinks she has her heart set on someone else. Aw.

To Dao though, Khunchai incrementally gets more appealing as her future baby’s daddy, and she is determined to do everything for him so he would feel indebted to her- therefore when it comes time to ask for his sperm, he would give it readily.

Such as the time when she gets bullied by Nan, Arn and Rathee to be the virgin girl who will ask the sky to stop the rain. It’s the day of the event and the forecast looks mighty wet. Dao prays to her parents to help keep the rain at bay if they want to see adorable grandchildren. Ha. And so it works, against all odds, really. Yes, put on your superstitious cap.

But Dao keeps winning, pissing off her opponents to no end. Especially Rathee who is the true evil in this drama, and she schemes a way to borrow a knife (Arn) to kill her enemy (Dao) since she spots her lover, Siwa, trying to get back with Dao because he learns that she is still a virgin, and delusional enough to think that he was the cause of her holding it out. Someone slap the man.

During the night of the event, Rathee contrives for one of her men to steal Dao’s camera lid. She plants it under Arn’s bed. But she’s not careful enough not to flirt with Siwa and kiss him in the library before she makes her accusation. Khunchai happens to walk by the library and saw them playing hooky. He distracts Dao away though when she happens by, and they admire the starry night together. Upon the shooting star, the two make their wish. Khunchai adorably tells her that he wishes for a beautiful star to look at every night (as he is looking at her.) Dao on the other hand smiles sheepishly that she desires to meet the one that she would give up her life and heart to. We know she’s talking about her baby, but Khunchai must be thinking that she wants to meet her soul mate.

The event goes smoothly but Khunchai’s biggest concern is the drama that could potentially be created by Arn and her cohort. And he couldn’t be more correct. Once Rathee tells Arn her suspicion, Arn immediately storms the party (catching everyone’s attention) and accuses Dao for going behind her back and sleeping with her husband again. Arn has “found” an evidence that will convict her. As they push and shove, they cause Ying Nim to fall, but Pongjan catches her before she hit the ground. Khunchai breaks up the fight and rushes his favorite cousin away, telling Pongjan to ensure no one touches a hair of Dao’s.

But Dao could fight her own battle thank you very much. She has a black degree in Tae Kwon Do. She confronts Arn some time later and tells her to be logical when she’s making her accusations. For one, the lipstick on Siwa’s neck is not her color. (Ha and Rathee is grimacing.) Secondly, Dao hates Siwa’s guts, can’t you tell? There is no way in hell she would do anything behind Arn’s back. Arn is left fuming, but Rathee is left trying to hide her face.

This setback is another cause for disappointment to Dao. She feels that all of her hard work is going down the drain. What will Khunchai think of her now?

But not only does Khunchai trust her, he has also seen first hand that Siwa is canoodling with Rathee earlier. He will not allow Dao’s reputation to be soiled, and he would be the one to ensure it gets fixed. So he does it in a man to man way, he confronts Siwa to convince Arn that Dao is not sleeping with him- better yet to leave Dao alone indefinitely- otherwise the video recording in the library will be exposed. Furthermore, Khunchai concludes that the only mistake that a good women such as Dao ever made was to have once loved a terrible man like Siwa. Hahaha. This comment doesn’t go over well with Siwa though, and he vows to punish Khunchai.

The news about Dao stealing Arn’s husband makes the papers again. Brother Din confronts his sister- not that he believes the news- but that she must be at it again- the IVF. As they bicker and he’s convinced that she must swear in front of their parents grave that she would give up this idea of having a baby on her own, Khun Pongjan approaches and overhears that she’s trying to get Khunchai’s sperm for her future baby. The bouquet of flowers he brought with him, goes smashing into the ground.

Din admits that Khun Pongjan is actually number two on Dao’s list, so if things don’t work out between Dao and Khunchai, he should start protecting his sperm coz his sis is coming after them. (Dao at this point is mortified and covers her face with a magazine.) However, Khun Pongjan bursts out laughing and tells them that he’s quite impressed with Dao. Her newfound way of thinking is making him like her even more. This is perplexing to Din but he decides he’s staying out of it. Dao on the other hand, has some explaining to do: such as, why is it that Pongjan is #2?

Dao admits tritely that it’s because Pongjan has a weakness and Khunchai doesn’t. Care to know what that is? Khunchai’s sperm is stronger and can swim faster, which causes every able body person to conclude that Khun Pongjan has been exercising his sperm too much that they may become too tired. At this point, I lost it. Laughing so hard. I can’t believe Janie could say that with a straight face. Hilarious!

Khun Pongjan laughs too and promises not to exercise them too hard anymore. Which makes him like Dao even more. Oy vey. There’s no deterring this man. He too has a newfound purpose: he’s going to find Khunchai’s weakness, there is no person on earth without them! Also, Dao learns that Khunchai had come to see her earlier but didn’t come up because he saw Khun Pongjan visiting her too. It’s not a dead end for her.

She immediately rushes to the mall to try her next scheme. But anything coy falls on death ears. She ends up slipping (when Khunchai is opposed to catch her) she falls flat on her butt instead. She remembers that the doctor told her to take care of her body, and immediately panics because she might have caused something to go wrong with her nether regions, and implicate her future baby womb! They hear an altercation by the women’s restroom though, and Khunchai and Dao go to see what’s up.

Turns out, a woman is threatening to sue the mall because she discovered a video tape in the restroom, instigating the fact that someone has been spying on the ladies as they do their business. This is a bad rap and makes it across the media platforms. We soon learn that Siwa is behind this as he exchanges cash to the screaming lady some time after that. Khunchai is determined to find the perpetrator.

Meanwhile Pongjan is trying to find Khunchai’s weakness. He attempts to ask Ying Nim but the girl only says that her cousin’s weakness is the fact that he’s too nice. Ha. But Khunchai’s weakness cannot be seen in public. He so happens to talk in his sleep and rolls out of bed most nights, thereby, he places a bed padding at the side of his bed, in the instances to capture his fall. Lol. Probably more like embarrassing stories as oppose to a true “weakness.”

Dao learns of Khunchai’s debacle about his mall and decides to work with Ying Nim to help alleviate some of the stress- after all, when a man is stressed, it affects his sperm and her future baby could have low IQ. LOL. She seems to think that her reactions towards Khunchai has everything to do with her baby.. but we all know that she jumps to his rescue because she likes likes him.

And so, with her two besties in tow, Dao takes the stage and dances (albeit goofy) to the songs about people who love Thailand. Khunchai’s shoulders shake as he laughs we can see the stress practically melting off his shoulders. Who doesn’t need a woman who knows how to make you laugh, especially when you need it the most?

This episode is a mix of hilarity and brilliance. I totally had fun watching it. Most importantly, the story is moving along, some secrets revealed, and our leads realizing that there is more to this feeeeeling than whatever motives they have going in it in the first place. Fun! I love how Pongjan and Ying Nim are obviously finding excuses to text each other- and Ying Nim being totally relieved that her P’Dao has zero feelings for Pongjan. More importantly, Khunchai and Dao are one hot pair!

Now it’s your turn to weigh in.

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