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First and foremost, happy September, dearest readers.

It’s a mid Sunday afternoon; the day is warm and pleasant, 79 degrees Fahrenheit with a light breeze coming through my open window. The streets are unusually quiet though, I can hear a few cars passing by, smell the light salt water coming in from the Sound, and birds chirping from the trees.

A large portion of Seattleites are camping, renting a cabin or having small adventures with their family and friends. The traditional Labor Day weekend enthrallments, if you will. It is days like these that I feel truly at peace and pensive.

Which got me thinking about one of my favorite hobbies, that is blogging. Funny thing, I should be watching Nang Rai Sai Lub’s final three episodes that aired this weekend and give you my final impression. I should even procure my first impressions of Sarp Phra Pheng before additional episodes air next week, as to stay on top of things, stay ahead of the curve. There are a hundred and one other things I should and could be doing to offer lakorn related articles to you, which I probably will once I get my bearings around me.

But on this truly perfect Seattle day, I’m going to stay in the moment of my world and appreciate the whirring of the lawnmower a few blocks away, the laughter of a father and son a few houses down, and even the sound of the wind chimes. Appreciate the simple measures of life.

So I’ll bring the lakorn blogging to you instead.

The world of lakorn blogging is small, not in the sense that everyone knows everyone, but that it’s literally few and far in between. We should gather a list of lakorn related blogs (in English) that you visit every day, blogs you simply adore. Perhaps they are not one and the same, but I think it’s important to share the love and spread the love. Because writers write to be read, and to be heard.

Granted, bloggers always tell themselves to blog more and read less, and perhaps don’t have enough time in their lives and lakorn lives, to reach out to other bloggers. And there are lakorn blogs that has been around for awhile, blogs that are recently created, but whatever the condition or case may be, each blogger offers and contributes different perspectives to the lakorn world, and thus important that they are highlighted. Do you remember the term ‘web-ring’ back in the day? It’s a term used for a group of similar web interests that congregate. It would be nice to have something like that for lakorn blogs.

So share with us, every and all your frequent links. Let’s make this lakorn world, a bigger and more wonderful world. Perhaps that will inspire more lakorn blogs! I’ve created a new page entitled ‘Spreading the Lakorn Love’ and will feature the sites that you’ve mentioned and included here- in addition to my personal favorites.

Oh, happy sharing. 🙂




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