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Dao Reurng Episode 8


It’s a battle of the Phoo Yais and who would come out as Gamnan. But the show throws a monkey wrench in everyone’s attempt. Sadly it seems like a filler episode, but never letting up on the laughter’s, so thank goodness for small favors? But Preuk and Rose’s relationship are certainly moving forward nicely.

Episode 8 Recap

Rose chases after Preuk who makes a beeline for the front door. And things just get worse and uglier for Rose, whose diva tendencies came back to bite her in the ass. She faces her former manager who flaunts her new discovery in her face, that Rose is old news and makes the new talent call Rose “auntie.” Rose doesn’t have much bite left in her, besides sniping that she has already paid her the dues.

But it just so happens that that particular modeling event’s theme is ‘manager and superstar photoshoot’- which explains why she told the coordinators that Preuk was her manager- because she couldn’t not show up despite flying solo now. Yet according to Namwarn, she couldn’t find a new manager because nobody else wants to work with her since she violated a contract with her former manager. Ouch.

The two gay coordinators appear and all eyes are staring accusingly at her, Rose couldn’t explain herself.

Meanwhile Preuk realizes that he still has her car keys and goes back into the building to return it. Only he witnesses everyone ganging up on her, and she’s looking all sad, so much so that he finally steps in and announces that he is indeed her personal manager. Namwarn exclaims that he’s Rose’s intern lawyer- but Preuk admonishes that why can’t he be an intern lawyer and her personal manager too? Heh.

Rose could only look at him with gratitude.

Reurng delivers her boxes of alcohol to a client who mentions his customers are very pleased with her alcohol. He orders more but Reurng couldn’t promise that she could produce enough to meet the demand- until the client offers to pay her extra per bottle. This certainly sounds appealing enough and she tells him she’ll make it happen, she just needs to avoid Sergeant Men more now.

As she packs her bag, Reurng spies Phoo Yai and Sia Gampon enter the restaurant and she overhears Sia telling Phoo Yai to order whatever he wanted, alcohol and smokes and when the real day happens by, they’ll have a bigger celebration. Phoo Yai just nods his head in assent and they disappear inside.

Reurng apparently lumps Phoo Yai Pan with Sia Gampon, and thinks they are one of the same kind. Furious she stomps over to the ministry office where she complains to Khun Palat that the baddies are taking over the town and all he could do is push papers? Heh. They walk to a conference room for a private chat. Reurng tells him that Sia is sponsoring Phoo Yai as Gamnan and she thinks the town will be doomed if Phoo Yai becomes Gamnan. She asks for his advice on how to go about stopping them. Khun Palat says the best way is to find someone who has equal power in this town to fight with Sia Gampon tooth and nail.

And who could be the best recruit for this role, aside from Luang Taa Kong? The older man adamantly refuses but Reurng keeps flattering him that he’s the leader of the town, everybody knows and respects him. And that he should submit himself for Phoo Yai role then run for Gamnan. Luang Taa believes that status is a materialistic thing, that’s why he found the path to Buddhism. Reurng pleads with her eyes for Khun Palat to help talk some sense to the man.

Phoo Yai questions whether Luang Taa could stand by and watch the town led by a bad person? His teachings for the townspeople would go down the drain. If that doesn’t work, Reurng tries a manipulation route. She says that she overhears Ai Wan talking smack about Luang Taa, that if his dad wasn’t truly great (and powerful) than a former thug (obviously Kong of a former life) wouldn’t have hightailed and ordained.

Luang Taa sees red. He exclaims that he ordained because he didn’t want to have to shoot Wan’s dad. There is a deep-seated competition between the boys from the get go, Luang Taa Kong claims that Wan’s grandfather cheated his grandfather from his wealth. Livid, he finally says that Phoo Yai Pan can be “big” anywhere, but not in this town!

At the manager-celeb photoshoot, Namwarn gets casted with her newbie in a white and pristine dress. When she sees Preuk and Rose appear in an edgy outfit, she fumes in jealousy.

Phoo Yai Pan prepares a game plan for his candidacy with his ten wives, son and gang. Because of his connections and his wives’ connections, he only needs one more support, and he could earn the esteemed Gamnan of Don Pattana (which is made up of 8 different small villages.)

Luang Taa asks the duo what he needs to do now, and they advise him that he needs to submit his application for Phoo Yai of Dorn Lom Chaang (his birth town) and Khun Palat will talk to Nai Umpur to speedy up the process. Luang Taa wonders if the townsfolk would choose him, and Reurng encourages him that they wouldn’t choose anyone else. (Dorn Lom Chaang happens to be one of the villages that Phoo Yai Pan needs in order to be Gamnan! Oh the conflict!)

Preuk and Rose have a retro James Bond type photo-shoot. The coordinators are practically drooling after Preuk who looks hot in his black tux. They ask him to show off his six packs next (and Preuk looks uncomfortably at them.) Rose says she could tell the coordinators no if he’s uncomfortable; she doesn’t care if they don’t use her photo for the front cover, because he has helped her so much already. Aw. Rose is being sweet, genuinely.

And how could he say no to that? Sticking to his character, Preuk succumbs and takes off his shirt. The wind blowing in the background, as Rose poses sexily around him. She wraps her arms around his waist and whispers thank you to his ears. Preuk doesn’t know what to do with himself, ha. But according to the background music, we know that he’s starting to develop some feelings for her. He tells her that this time is really the last time. She nods her head in consent.

The coordinators all agree that according to their gay radar, Preuk is definitely NOT one of them. They surmise that Rose has lied to them so she could keep him for herself. Lol.

The Luang Taa-as-Phoo-Yai plot is kept under wraps because Reurng doesn’t want Phoo Yai Pan to know yet, she wants this to be the biggest surprise. Momma Bancheun makes sure Luang Taa is photo opt ready as Khun Palat takes pictures of Luang Taa. Reurng tells him to make sure his camera is ready (not like before) where they both had to run for their lives from a dog.

Preuk is readying to pack up for the night after their photoshoot ends. Rose is having trouble taking off her boots, methinks this chick can’t do anything on her own, lol. So Preuk comes to her rescue and whaddaya know, as he’s pulling off her skintight boots, she falls right on him, her lips land on his cheek. They both avert their eyes awkwardly and he tells her to take off the other side herself. Guess who’s been watching that scene this whole time? Well, her new nemesis, former manager, Namwarn. She has an evil glint in her eyes as perhaps she came up with some genius plot to ruin Rose.

And Preuk, oh man, when he’s walking alone at night and smiling to himself like that, he’s so hot! He peers at the advertising banner- that he just noticed now- with Rose’s picture on it. If you blinked earlier at the scene where she falls on him, you can’t miss it this time when Preuk recalls that moment with a smile.

Wan and his gang swagger into a food booth like the thugs that they are, and Wan spanks the cook’s ass, thinking she’s a young lady. Heh, turns out, she’s a hot grannie! Wan looks like he wants to boil his hands. There is a purpose for his presence there, he is looking for Phoo Chuay Amnart (Assistant Amnart- probably assistant to the late Gamnan?) The aforementioned man looks and sounds creepy but he could barely lift his cup. He shares with them that no one in this town wants to be Phoo Yai, so this makes the trio happy with no competition for his daddy.

Reurng and Khun Palat spy from his truck and sticks with their plan of surprising Phoo Yai Pan at the last minute with the new Phoo Yai of Dorn Lom Chaang.

And finally, the last day that anyone could submit their interest in being Phoo Yai of Dorn Lom Chaang arrives, Phoo Yai Pan says that if no one steps up to the plate, then the role ultimately falls on the Assistant Amnart, which will help secure his vote to be Gamnan because Amnart is a weakling. Phoo Yai’s household prematurely celebrates their victory and they rush to read the announcement from the ministry. Much to their chagrin, the list reads Kong Kayansoi (which is the same last name as Phoo Yai Pan) is the ‘Phoo Yai Barn’ of Dorn Lom Chaang. The group gasps in horror.

Reurng appears and says that running for Gamnan position is not like smelling roses. Heh. Luang Taa Kong steps up and the two challenge each other for many more rounds to come.

Phoo Yai Pan scolds the trio for not doing their research properly but Wan defends that Luang Taa submitted himself last minute. Nevertheless, Wan doesn’t think his daddy has anything to worry about because he’s rich. Wife #10 chimes in that she heard Phoo Yai Pan’s father swindled Phoo Yai Kong’s father and that’s why he became rich. We heard this from Luang Taa earlier and it’s taking on a story of it’s own (and we are given the reason why the two hate each other.) Momma Wieng regales her own tale that she believes the falling out occurred because when she was younger she had two suitors to choose from, and she believes Luang Taa Kong ordained because he couldn’t wait for her anymore. So she ends up with daddy and now daddy thinks Luang Taa still harbors resentment and wants mommy. So wrong, ha. If Luang taa harbors any old flames, it’s with Momma Bancheun.

Sia Gampon advises Phoo Yai Pan to bribe the rest of the Phoo Yai’s so they would all vote for him. Phoo Yai Pan is reluctant because he doesn’t want to use up so much of Sia’s money- who says that he could just pay him back later. This is not going to end well with gullible Phoo Yai Pan. Sia pretends to be understanding and kind, that he wants to support good people to power.

Momma Wieng goes to get her palm read by Luang Taa Kong- and asks him what her chances are of being lady Gamnan- which is an odd question and all because Luang Taa Kong is Phoo Yai Pan’s nemesis! But it is a comedic move. Luang Taa says that there is a black spot in her hand, which means someone close to her will be facing some bad luck, he will fall from his status. Hm, not sure if this is a real foreshadow or something that Luang Taa is saying just to get back at Phoo Yai Pan. Perhaps both! Momma Wieng pales and pleads for Luang Taa to tell her what that bad luck is.

The trio arrives at Reurng’s food booth to get back at her for using Luang Taa to compete with his daddy.

Luang taa tells Momma Wieng that two people with their first name starting with P and S will be in trouble. Luang taa says that P definitely stands for Pan so at least Wan is safe- but Momma Wieng cries that Wan’s first name is Suwan, which starts with an S. Lol, she sweats bullets that her two men will be facing bad luck soon. Luang Taa could only smile when she’s not looking. He tells her to keep a close eye on their backs, because when the widower ghost strikes, she would mark their backs with a heart shape because she wants to use them as husbands (lol.) If that happens, she should come back to see him and they can discuss on how to deter the evil away.

And how did Ai Wan decide to get back at Ai Reurng? By eating her food. There are bowls of empty noodle soup on the table. Even Reurng is appearing to be cooperative and nice. The minions wonder why she’s not yelling at them, perhaps she wants to be a daughter in law to Gamnan? Smh, these boys. Wan decides to do one more test, he screams at her for another bowl, but Reurng only smiles and says ‘of course, right away.’ To Wan and the gang, this is telling that she’s finally succumbing to his charms.

But we all know Reurng has something else up her sleeves. She takes out a small bottle of white powder and smiles.

After god knows how many bowls of noodles, the three fall asleep into their bowls. Reurng rolls up Wan’s shirt and draws a big heart on his back.

Momma Wieng waits up for her two men, once she sees her hubby return, she immediately lifts his shirt to look at his back. She breathes a sigh of relief when it’s bare. However, much to her horror, when her son returns stumbling around, and after she lifts his shirt, a large red heart greets her. She remembers what Luang taa says, if the marking is there, the widower ghost has stake her claim. Momma starts sobbing and tells him to not leave the house, she would pray for him.

Luang Taa doesn’t like collaborating with Reurng to fool Wan’s momma like this, he may go to hell. Reurng is willing to go to hell with him for the town’s sake.

Khun Palat stops by to tell Reurng that Nai Umpur has opened the race for Gamnan. Reurng is curious to learn Phoo Yai Kong’s chances of winning, Khun Palat replies that what is for sure is that Phoo Yai Kong will get two votes, one from his village and another from Phoo Yai Lee (which is a hilarious mention because this Phoo Yai Lee is from another lakorn that Por Thrisadee played! The director likes to throw in his former lakorns.) Furthermore, this Phoo Yai Lee is a righteous one and wouldn’t vote for Phoo Yai Pan if he already knows that the man’s backed by Sia Gampon.

Reurng starts counting on the remaining Phoo Yais’ and contrives to gain votes from the Phoo Yai’s who are related to Phoo Yai Pan’s wives. She knows a way to garner their votes but it’s a secret for now.

We don’t have to wait too long to see what Namwarn has up her sleeves. As Preuk drops off a bouquet of flowers for the same event showcasing pictures from the photoshoot (he even fangirled – a little anyway- over his picture with Rose) he over hears the reporters talking. One of them says that Namwarn is telling everyone that Rose’s manager is also a lawyer that’s why her case didn’t have to go to court, which is not the worse rumor she could spread. But nonetheless, Preuk doesn’t like to hear it. He decides to show up for the event anyway, coming to Rose rescue, as the reporter questions on whether he’s really her manager. He shows up in a sharp suit and takes on the manager role effortlessly.

Momma Wieng takes notes from Luang Taa on what Wan needs to do in order to get rid of the widower ghost’s branding on him. She’s also worried about her husband – and Luang Taa advises her not to have Phoo Yai Long (her relative) vote Phoo Yai Pan as Gamnan, because they need to be enemies in order for her two men to survive this bad luck. How handy.

Reurng, Khun Palat and Luang Taa tally up remaining supports they could get. From each side, Phoo Yai Pan would have three votes, Luang Taa will have three also, so only Phoo Yai Harn is potentially left but he’s currently in Bangkok to be treated and won’t return until tomorrow, upon which, a Gamnan would be elected. So best option at this time is to wait it out and let nature take it’s course. Khun Palat says that the most important thing is that they tried, not ultimately who wins (since it is out of his control.)

At Kayansoi’s household, Momma Wieng is ensuring her son is adhering to everything Luang Taa says. Dress all white (even his underwear has to be white), stay home and eat vegetarian food. Lol. Wan is miserable. He’s such a momma’s boy, but so cute.

And the day arrives! Will Reurng and Khun Palat’s efforts make a difference?

The local band is playing, the people are cheering their Phoo Yai’s on. Each Phoo Yais would go up and place their votes into a box. Phoo Yai Wong (Momma Wieng’s relative) flashes back to a day earlier when she paid him a visit and tells him of her trials- that he must become Phoo Yai Pan’s enemy in order to save him. Lol.) Finally, the sick Phoo Yai Harn puts in his ballot.

Khun Palat takes the ballots out of the box and reads them out loud one by one:

And it goes to.. Phoo Yai.. BUT Khun Palat turns to Phoo Yai Harn to ask a question, to find that the older man had passed out. Talk about excitement

Turns out Gamnan cannot be determined because Phoo Yai Harn didn’t finish writing. Only the beginning of a swiggle is seen, so it could be the start of a p or the start of a k. Heh. Why so silly, show? Nai Umpur decides that they will recast the ballots next week.

Phoo Yai Pan questions his wife later on why Phoo Yai Wong voted for Kong instead. Wieng says she cannot confess and pulls her son into a room to see whether the marking is still on his back. She gasps in horror and you feel sort of bad for her, because even if this is funny and meant to help Phoo Yai Pan win, in her world, Wieng really thinks her two men are in danger.

Reurng figures they must win over Phoo Yai Harn in order to win the ballot. The group chimes in that they don’t have the money like Phoo Yai Pan to bribe Phoo Yai Harn though. Khun Palat joins the meeting and says he just got back from visiting Phoo Yai Harn at the hospital. It’s such bad luck to be sick and on his birthday too. This gives Reurng a bright idea.

But Phoo Yai Pan also knows that it’s the sick man’s birthday. He and Sia decide to throw a big party and hire a large band to play on his birthday. Their plan reaches Reurng’s ears and she learns that the band’s lead is her old classmate that she helped out in the past.

The evening of the party commences and Reurng questions where Phoo Yai Pan is getting all of the money to support his election and the birthday party. Phoo Yai explains that his son Wan is the one heading up the finances- as he doesn’t want to touch money in order to show that he’s doing a legal election.

On stage Wan welcomes everyone and introduces the singers. As each performance ends, Khun Palat searches for Reurng (as he’s in the dark about her plans.)

Kamjorn pulls the plug on the generator and a voice appears, it’s Little Pian’s voice taking on a manly sound. He’s currently pretending to be possessed. The voice shouts that Phoo Yai Pan is an ungrateful child. The crowd screams in fear. Luang Taa says it’s Phoo Yai Pan’s dad possessing Little Pian’s body. With the sound and stage effects, Phoo Yai and his gang are freaked out. It’s like a haunted house gone bad, lol.

Little Pian says Wan is an ungrateful grandson and proceeds to choke him. Phoo Yai confesses that he believes him now and to stop hurting his son. Possessed Pian says that Pan needs to stop insulting Kong because his family was the one who cheated Kong’s family from their wealth. Meanwhile Khun Palat finds the culprits wreaking their havoc behind stage. Possessed Pian tells Pan to help Kong win the Gamnan position. Little Pian wakes up from his possession and feign ignorance. Party’s over! Nice party crash, Reurng, lol.

The culprits turn around and spots Khun Palat watching them. After his eye contact with Reurng, he just walks away. Reurng thanks her old schoolmate for helping her.

But it seems like all of the extra work to get Phoo Yai Harn (whether it is from Phoo Yai Pan’s endeavors or Reurng’s endeavors) is fruitless because the man has already made up his mind. As Reurng runs into him and wants to convince him for the last time, he tells her that the letter he was trying to write was k for Kong, because he knows that aside from Gamnan Term who truly has the town’s best interest at heart, only Kong is a worthy candidate. Aw. Reurng is speechless and ecstatic.

The group celebrates at Reurng’s house and she thanks each one of them for helping the cause. She finally thanks Khun Palat for turning the other cheek on the shenanigans they’ve conspired. Heh. Three more days until they find out who will be the new Gamnan.

Phoo Yai Pan is peeved at his attempts going unappreciated by Phoo Yai Harn. He wonders what he did wrong. The wives surmise that the performance/dancing may not be his cup of tea. Wan thinks it comes down to his gramps crashing the party and making them promise not to interfere with Kong’s election. But Phoo Yai Pan promises to get even. Lol, and the sound of someone farting is heard and they all get a taste of it in their mouths (gross..)

The following day Phoo Yai Pan and Momma Wieng tries to pay a visit to Phoo Yai Harn but to no avail, because the older man is sick again. Phoo Yai considers going back to Wong to ask for his vote but Momma Wieng interrupts that he is forbidden. She lifts her hubby’s shirt and sees the white markings. She steps back in shock, it has reached her husband! She thinks it will turn red next and starts bawling. Lol. The gang stares at her in confusion.


I’ll keep it short for this episode, it seems every other episode in this lakorn is good than it’s average- which only means, that episode 9 will be good? We took an entire episode trying to determine who will be crowned Gamnan but only to be deterred. The whole point is to ensure that the position doesn’t fall on evil hands, meaning, Phoo Yai Pan, who is a puppet for Sia Gampon. I’m waiting for the shoe to drop, such as how they will find evidence to convict Sia Gampon- because that’s the whole reason why Khun Palat is sticking around Don Pattana right? Not to mention how Preuk and Rose will factor into this. Let’s see what episode 9 has in store for us.

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