~Episode 7~
As Lan and Pim’s teams set up their respective booths for their products, Nen tries to dissuade Pim from risking her career on this competition in the heat of the moment but Pim is insistent. Sucee is just as concerned and Lan admits they only have a 50/50 chance of winning but then, they do have a few tricks up their sleeves. Pad texts Lan a cheesy love message and she is reminded of this other weapon she has on hand. Don manages to give Lan the slip before she approaches Pad and Lan pretends to be friendly with Pad to sound him out on Pim’s secret marriage and enlists Pad’s help in giving Pim a ‘surprise’.

The resort manager approaches Pim to inform her that lunch has been provided for Naree’s staff courtesy of Khun Do… the resort. Pim knows Don arranged for the food and could not help smiling at his thoughtfulness. Pim and her team settle down for lunch and she chokes on her food while going over the event. She gets handed a bottle of water and it turns out to be Driwin who has just arrived. He joins the group for lunch and when Don sees them together, he walks away in a huff. Pad who witnessed the scene gets suspicious and calls Nen aside to interrogate her. Nen admits that no one in the office knows that Pim is ‘married’ and that Driwin is interested in Pim. Pad decides it is time he does something about it!


Pim goes looking for Don and she and Pad find him sleeping on a sofa in the middle of a garden (totally random place to have a sofa. Don’t ask). Pad chides Pim for not taking care of her husband who worked overnight without eating for her and Pim tells Pad to help her order food for Don so he can have something to eat when he wakes up. As Pad tells Pim to do it herself because she is Don’s wife, Driwin approaches Pim and asks her to help him find his room as he isn’t sure where it is. Pad sarcastically says that Pim is a guest here as well, why doesn’t he ask the staff? Driwin chooses to ignore the hint and Pim excuses herself to lead the way for Driwin much to Pad’s annoyance. Don wakes up and tells Pad to let Pim be since he doesn’t have any right to interfere with her. Don dejectedly leaves to continue with setting up the hall and Pad’s resolve to do something about this situation is further strengthened. Pim crosses path with Don after she brought Driwin to his room and Don speaks curtly with her again out of jealousy. Pim is still not getting it and wonders what has gotten into Don again to make him grumpy. Pim returns to her room to learn some bad news from Nen. The celebrity they engaged to interview Driwin has wound up at a totally different location too far out to rush to the resort in time. This is thanks to sabotaging from Lan’s team in last episode and Pim figures as much but there isn’t time to rage at Lan as guests are arriving.

Pim and Lan arrive in style, attracting the attention of everyone in the hall. Garaged and Eg are also at the event and Garaged is annoyed with them for the flashy entrance. She visits Lan’s booth to purposely humiliate Lan but Lan has to suck it up because Garaged is king as the customer. Lan walks over to Khun Suk, Driwin and Pim to purposely ask about the celebrity who is supposed to interview Driwin. Nen is panicking in the background when she spots Don afar and has an idea. Nen interrupts and pulls Pim away to welcome their new ‘guest’ for the event. Nen chases after Don and Pad who have left the hall and asks Don to be their guest instead. Pim thinks Don isn’t high profile enough but Nen says having Don an artist on stage will be a good contract with Driwin the business man, and besides, it’s not like they have much of a choice now. Don isn’t exactly jumping in joy to be on stage with his love rival but he agrees to help Pim.

Lan bumps into Eg and Garaged making out near the toilet and looks at them in obvious distaste before walking off. The pissed off Garaged makes trouble for Lan again at her booth but Garaged loses out in the war of words. Garaged is even more pissed off and vents her anger at Pim’s booth but she only got more insulted when Pim’s customer stands up in Pim’s defence.

Back in Bangkok, Grandma calls up the resort manager to check on her resort and is surprised to know there’s an event taking place without her knowledge but before the manager could tell her more, Grandma gets distracted by Min who pretends to fall down the stairs. Don is safe for now!


Naree’s event starts proper with Lan as the host. Driwin is introduced to the media and Don invited on stage as the guest. Lan asks Driwin for his idea of beauty and he names a woman’s appearance as being a reflection of the care she puts into herself. Don gets the same question and after a moment’s pause, he says it’s the real nature of the woman who will really hold his attention beyond appearances. Don’s answer is well received by the audience and Pim is both pleased and embarrassed at Don’s answer because she could feel that he is talking about her.


It’s time for demonstration of Naree’s new products. Lan puts on the ‘Long Time Lipstick’ that she is marketing and plants a big kiss on Driwin’s kiss on stage for demonstration purposes of course! Pim is aghast at what Lan is doing and urgently calls for the model to do her part of the demonstration but learns that the model has disappeared.


With no time to waste, Pim goes on stage and demonstrates her product ‘Wink Powder’ on herself like what Lan did. By now only Don is left on stage and Pim asks him to verify the smooth and lasting nature of ‘Wink Powder’ which she has just applied on her cheeks. As Don leans in, Pim covers her mic and warns him not to overdo it but Don replies her using ‘Wink Powder’s tag line of ‘don’t be afraid, no matter how close’. Don kisses Pim on the cheek to raucous applause and many rush to Pim’s booth to purchase Wink Powder. Lan is infuriated by how the audience has turned in favour of Pim and quickly goes back on stage to ‘compliment’ Pim on the sweet product demonstration. Lan then announces that Pim and Don are married and asks Pad on stage to confirm it. Pim and Don stand awkwardly on stage while Pad is also caught off guard by Lan but with the entire hall’s attention on him, he has no choice but to answer that Pim and Don have been married for a month. Lan sarcastically says that Pim shouldn’t be embarrassed that she married a lowly writer and keep her marriage a secret from everyone.


Pad can’t take it anymore and rushes on stage to defend his sister. He tells everyone that Pim kept her marriage a secret because she isn’t a braggart for her husband is … dundundun, Rutchawee Wongboriboon, best selling author and owner of this resort! A member of the media recognizes Don’s surname as that of a wealthy family and another confirms his best seller novelist status. Don is suddenly a star and the media rush in to take photographs of the couple. Lan’s plan to publicly humiliate Pim has failed and instead made Pim the centre of attention. Outside the hall Khun Suk admonishes Lan for turning the attention away from Driwin and Naree onto Pim and Don because of her fight with Pim.

Post event, Pim freaks out in her room over her fake marriage becoming public knowledge and Nen tells her it’s not so bad having a perfect husband like Don and besides, Pim started the whole thing herself right? Haaa, you can always count on Nen to be honest. Before Pim can complain further, Pad drags Don into Pim’s room and shoos Nen away. Pad corners Nen outside and forces her to tell the truth about what really is going between Don and Pim. Nen replies that what Pad sees may not be real and what he thinks is real isn’t real, then quickly scurries off leaving Pad to mull over her words.


Pim cries in frustration at her lies which are snowballing out of control and Don comforts her that the problem will be solved somehow. Pim apologizes to Don for getting him involved in this mess and also thanks him for helping her set up the event. What a change from the Pim who only thought about her needs and demanded to be served! At night Pim toss and turns in bed, unable to sleep from worrying about the fake marriage lie. Don takes out his phone and puts music on to help Pim sleep and soon she dozes off. Sigh, the look that Don gives Pim is so so so sweet.


The next morning, Don and Pim’s marriage have made it on the entertainment news (I guess being rich enough qualifies you as a Hi-So?) and Grandma gets the shock of her life when she learns of her grandson’s marriage on tv. Don is still lying in bed unaware of the storm taking place in Bangkok. Pim is ready for breakfast and tries to get Don to wake up. He pretends to snooze and Pim climbs onto bed to pull him up, only to get pulled into his arms accidentally. Heeh. They jump apart and Pim hastily leaves for breakfast first in embarrassment. It’s so funny when Pim talks to herself as she walks to breakfast and keeps telling herself not to smile.


Her smile is soon wiped away though when Eg shows up again to harass her. Driwin shows up in time to pull Eg away when he tries to get fresh with Pim. Eg and Driwin are about to start fighting when Don arrives and pulls Pim into his arms. Eg backs off but Driwin doesn’t and shamelessly says he is here to ask Pim for breakfast. See, that’s why Driwin pisses me off so much more than Eg. Eg is an obvious lowlife so I expect nothing else from him whereas Driwin is supposed to be this ‘good guy’ but he can’t even respect a woman who is married. Don is all possessive of Pim and tells Driwin he can take his wife to breakfast thank you very much. Pim elbows Don after Driwin leaves and warns Don that he is going overboard but Don slyly says that he has got to keep up the act now that everyone knows they are married! Don insists on holding Pim’s hand to breakfast and despite her protests, Pim smiles and allows herself to be pulled along by Don. At the breakfast buffet Driwin still doesn’t give up and offers to get food for Pim but fortunately Don returns with food and they are all sweet in front of Driwin when Pim tells Don to eat more since he didn’t have anything last night. Driwin looks on angrily and I wanna punch him again. Dude, what is your problem? Pim is with HER HUSBAND for goodness sakes and somehow you expect her to accept your advances?? Like what???

Pra calls Eg to tell him that she’s pregnant but he cruelly tells her to get rid of the baby. Khun Suk introduces Garaged as the owner of the department store where Naree is looking to open a new store. Pim and Lan finally understand why Garaged acts like such a big shot and both agree that the new shop is gonna be a tough project. The group prepares to leave after breakfast and Driwin is STILLLLL hanging around Pim but thankfully Pad pointedly tells Driwin that they are going to a nearby attraction Palio Khao Yai for the newly wed couple to have some sweet times together. Don holds Pim’s hand in a silent statement to Driwin and shameless guy finally has the sense to leave. Pad has been ignoring Lan since last night’s debacle and now it’s Lan’s turn to want to get Pad’s attraction. On hearing Pad’s plans to visit Palio, Lan makes her whole team follow. Don hears from the resort manager that Grandma has seen the news on them and he has informed her on the Naree event. Don calls Min to find out more only to have the call hijacked by Grandma who angrily orders Don to bring this woman home to see her ASAP. It’s now Don’s turn to be worried and Pim tries to cheer him up at Palio.


Don, Pim, Pad and Nen walk around the Italian themed Palio taking pictures but Pim and Don stand stiffly beside each other during photo time. Pad can’t stand it any more and help ‘arrange’ their pose to have their arms around each other.


Don and Pim get lost in each others eyes and continue staring at one another long after Pad has taken their picture. Ah, how sweet! Don remains worried about Grandma and Pim comforts him by saying that once she clears up this mess, he can have his life back but the thought of leaving Pim’s life only makes Don sadder.

Garaged recognizes Don as the person her grandmother Sineenat wants to match make her with and decides that he is handsome and rich enough for her. She senses that Eg has a history with Pim and makes him spill the beans on Pim. Garaged later meets up with Grandma and tells her about Pim marrying Don soon after her failed wedding.


Pad drops Don and Pim off at her apartment and drives off to clear his doubts about Pim’s marriage once and for all. He looks up Min and asks her point blank if Don and Pim are really husband and wife. Min brings Pad to Ging’s office and also calls Nen there. The ladies come clean with Pad, confirming his suspicion about Pim’s odd attitude towards her ‘marriage’. From his observation, Pad believes that Don truly loves Pim and decides to make Don his brother-in-law for real. First part of his plan is to test Pim’s feelings for Don by using Ging to make her jealous!

OOTE ep7
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