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Fah Krajang Dao Finale (Episode 8 End)


Wow, show, you know how to go out with a bang. The ending of Fah Krajang Dao and closure of Sarm Taharn Seau Sao series is so sweet; I think I may have developed some cavity(s). Mee and Heran may go down as having the best romantic dialogues ever- and just the way that they look at each other, or confess certain depths of their hearts- they can make our toes curl or smile like fools. The theme – human trafficking- gets its full arch and exploration in this lakorn, and brings awareness to society. It’s definitely not a black and white issue. It’s brave for TV scene to bring such difficult discussions to the table. So kudos. But the closure, oh the closure, it does make the heart melt. Do enjoy!

Episode 8 FINAL Recap

The climax

Thida distracts the big boss who had noticed her absence from his bed. She lures him back in.

Mee is sent back to her room where she contemplates using her lipstick to alert her whereabouts, it serves as a signal that light up the sky, like fireworks.

Sarawat and the local authorities spot the signal and make haste for the big white house, while Dtor and Bua stay behind.

Meanwhile Thida talks to the big boss to let the newbies rest before they start their job, but big boss tells her that if they don’t get them started asap, she won’t have any money to send to her family. Thida stares daggers at his back, probably wishing she could do him bodily harm right now, as she quietly massages his legs roughly.

Big boss receives an insider call that cops are on their way over (Thida smiles secretly.) From her room Mee could hear voices outside of her door alerting inhabitants to pack their things because cops are coming. Mee smiles and the rest of the group cheer that they’ll be saved after all.

Thida sends big boss off and says she will take care of the conditions at the house. Big boss tells his minions to keep as many girls as possible, but if the police wants specific ones, to let them go because he didn’t want more trouble.

Sarawat and the cops swarm the perimeters of the house, while big boss minion tries to take the newbies out with him, but they refuse. He tries to manhandle them but Mee tasers his ass, where he kneels to the ground and the angry newbies jump him. Nampeung takes off, afraid that she will be arrested should the police find her.

Thida hands off the makeshift pen/video camera back to Mee and admonishes that she has already taken the necessary photos. She takes out a wad of bills and sends the money and her regards to their parents, but Thida doesn’t see light at the end of the tunnel for herself. The two sisters exchange sad farewells and Thida locks them in the room until the cops would come to their rescue.

Thida gets apprehended and the cops allege her as the scout for the brothel. Sarawat questions where the newbies are currently being hidden.

The big boss doesn’t get away either as Dtor corners him. He tries to bribe him with money, thinking he’s the cop, but when Dtor doesn’t accept the money, he pulls out a gun. But it’s ok guys, because Bua is behind big boss and tasers his ass too!

The cops severed the lock from the room and free the girls. They exit the room and Sarawat sees them one by one but not his Mee.

Until the cops and the newbies empty the room and Mee walks out- the two held each other’s gaze, Mee starts to tear up- the event taking a toll on her and she fears she would never see her boyfriend again. He tears up too and says, “you’re safe now?” as if asking the question instead. And she runs into his arms and they hold onto each other closely.

There’s a lot of satisfaction at the proceeding arrests: all of the involved parties are handcuffed, the house by the boat, the mean scout who stole Ae’s camera, the conniving Jinda who has gotten away with so much in the past. It’s a good day for the police force.

Thida and the girls get questioned next. They want to know how long Thida has been a scout, but she denies it, the other girls chime in, she’s just an older sister not a scout. They speak up for her, that she treats them like sisters and took care of them, for without her, they would have already died.

Dtor mentions to Mee as they’re congregating in the house that she should have seen Sarawat’s expression when he couldn’t figure out what house she was in. If she happens to wander by, he might have strangled her. Heh.

Which doesn’t settle her mind, because she knows she has things to work out with him. Bua says Dtor is exaggerating, Sarawat is just concerned about her. Mee admits that before taking on this case, she is like a blind, raging person. She doesn’t consider the feelings and concerns of the people around her. Mee confesses that she was terrified too, especially when she had to climb into the boat, she had a mind to jump into the water a few times.

“Consider it as a lesson for all of us,” Sarawat says behind her. “Now you know the difference between a professional and an amateur.” Someone’s still mad. They all can’t look each other straight in the face. He tells her that Thida wants to see her.

Thida tells her sister to go home because she will be questioned some more and for her own safety, they will lock her up. Mee feels badly because she’s getting locked up because of her, but Thida is encouraged by the fact that in 2-3 days she will be able to pay respect to their parents. The sisters embraced.

We can all breathe… it’s over.

The reconciliation

Dtor peeps his head into the girls room to invite them (along with Sarawat) for dinner. Bua wonders where the said man was, but Dtor is actually playing matchmaker, he wants them to reconcile and come to an understanding again. He signals to Bua that they are not included in this dinner.

At the small dock, overlooking the pond waters, Mee approaches Sarawat Heran.

He notices it’s just her, “Where are the others?”

“They’re staying at the hotel.”

“Let’s go-“

She stops him, “Sarawat- I’m sorry.. for burdening you. I am aware that I’ve alarmed everyone. But when I did it, I didn’t think about that.”

He peers at her, perhaps anger hasn’t dissipated yet. “You did think. You had a tight plan. You took advantage of the time I’m not here to carry out that disguise. You intended to deceive me.” Ouch.

“I didn’t deceive you, just hid it from you,” and there’s a difference?

He looks away.

“Because I know that if you knew what I was up to, you would disagree,” Mee relents.

“And so? You always do what you intend to do anyway, have I been able to stop you?” Aw.. it’s as if saying that if she wanted to do it anyway, he would have helped her.

“You can (stop me,)” she says, “if you were adamant, I wouldn’t have dared do it, and it’s because of this why I hid it from you.” So self-preservation. She knows she’s weak when it comes to him. Awwwww.

He peers at her, “I just realized how important I am (to you..)” he finally breaks a smile and folds his arms across his chest. He couldn’t stop gazing at her outfit (haven’t you been noticing?) he asks, “so while you’re disguising yourself, did you dress like this all the time?” Heeh. Why you like?

Mee looks at her clothing.

“You look young,” he compliments. “You can dress like this all the time (if you want)” heeh, “It suits you.” Omg Sarawat.

She pouts, “I’m not going now.”


He touches her hand to stop her, then he takes her hands in his, “I meant that.. you’re really cute.”

She smiles bashfully at him.

He tucks her hair behind her ears, “let’s go eat.”

And they walk hand in hand.

The proposal

Under the starry night, the two lovebirds walk along the boardwalk, the wind playing with their shirts.

He asks her if she’s cold and Mee says it’s comfortable, she looks happy. She gazes up at the stars and mentions she hasn’t seen a starry night like this for a long time.

Heran just looks at her – swoon- and after a few beats, he asks, “will you marry me?”

Taken aback, Mee asks him if he’s sure..she doesn’t think she has anything suitable to him. “You don’t dislike a woman who has baggage like me?”

He gives her his coy, half smile, “if I dislike it, I wouldn’t have asked. Furthermore, I am proud that you are strong. Despite growing up in a tough childhood, you still have principals and ideals. So how can I dislike a woman like that?”

“I don’t want you to have to be involved with the problems of my family..”

“But I’m ready. You need only to trust me and give me your word that ‘yes, I will only marry Heran.’”

They look awkwardly at each other, at first. But I’m beaming like a silly, silly fool.

“I know I may have come off too strong,” he says, “you may not be ready or you may think that in the future you will meet a better man (than me)-“

“Is there someone greater than you, Sarawat?” she asks, rhetorical. Heeh.

“There are many (out there.) I’m not a rich person, I have an inconsistent work schedule, and you may not want someone who risks his life every day. When I leave home for the day, it’s not certain if I’ll come back. There are many women who wouldn’t want to marry a cop, they fear that they will be a young widower, they fear their kids will be fatherless.”

“I understand your concerns. But some women who lose their husbands due to his duty- they will for sure be sad- but among that there is respect for the sacrifices they’ve made. They must be happy that their husbands love their country, society more than themselves.

He smiles, “I’m glad to hear this.”

“Khun Mee, If you’re not afraid to marry someone like me, I promise that one day I can make you love me,” he says. Omph.

She says through misty eyes, “but today you’ve already done that.”

I need a moment guys, these two, they just bring me to tears.

“The things you’ve said to me today are unbelievable,” Heran says, the best feeling in the world is when your feelings are reciprocated.

“When I came to work here, I thought about you all the time,” Mee confesses. “When I was forced to get into the boat, aside from being terrified, I thought that if I’m unlucky and I don’t survive this, I wouldn’t be able to see you again.”

He takes her hands, “marry me.”

She gives him a teary smile, “Yes. I will marry only Heran.” Music to his ears (mine too.)

So beautiful.

They embrace under the starry night. He holds her close. Gawd, I can ship these two foreverrrrrr.

The good news

The following morning they tie up loose ends at the crime spot, Mee takes remaining pictures of the boat/restaurant. Mee and Sarawat says their farewells with Dtor and Sarawat couldn’t help but share their good news that they are getting married. Heeh. Dtor says to invite him to the wedding, but Mee replies it won’t be for awhile. With the looks of Sarawat, he’s not having a long engagement.

They visit Heran’s family and share the good news. Everyone is ecstatic and his dad offers to go about it the traditional way, they should ask for her elder’s permission. AND as they’re sitting so closely and adorably next to each other (with his arms around her) Heran says (in front of his family) ‘I love you.’ Aw..

We get more sweetness.

Sama brings Khun Jhiti as his elder to ask for Waree’s hand in marriage. They always manage to make me laugh, Sahma says she’s so young, Khun Sama doesn’t need to bring an elder. But Waree corrects that it’s because Khun Sama is old enough that he could ask it for himself. Sama just smiles and says that she’s always referring to him as old. He teases her that she’s completely in love with an old man then. Khun Jhiti says the older, the spicier. LOL!

Khun Jhiti gets into the main topic at hand, “since they have known each other, they have come to love each other, even though it didn’t take much time- the two are sure that they want to spend the rest of their lives together.”

The two look at each other from across the room.

“-I’ve come to know these two and they are good people. They have many similarities and differences, but both have been able to compromise,“ he asks Sahma what her thoughts are since she is Waree’s last remaining relative and someone that Waree respects the most.

Sahma tears up as she looks at her dear sister, Khun Jhiti asks her if she would offer her blessings. Waree is also tearing up, such a sweet moment.

Through tears, Sahma offers her blessings and that she’s so happy for her sister. She thanks Sama for persevering with Waree and for winning her over. “I know you will be taking her to Trat, but just know that you will be taking my heart with you.” *tear

“With my life,” he assures Sahma.

There are no dry eyes in that room.

Back at Mee’s home, Thida has been let out of jail and questioning. It’s her time to start a new life. Suntih runs out to greet his auntie and new uncle when he sees his aunt Thida. Thida immediately hugs him, happy to see him again, but Suntih doesn’t remember her. From any remaining photos, Suntih says that she has aged. She has aged so much, she looks even older than his auntie. Aw, so sad, but such a reality that these girls who go into sordid, illegal jobs, end up aging so much.

They’re showing the reality of people who has done a job like this for so long and must acclimate to the real world, where others will perceive them as old, dirty. Mee tells Thida, to forget her pass and start over- and to ignore other people’s judgment.

Sarawat stakes his claim over Mee by following her into her office. He’s making plans for them to go grocery shopping together after work, and asks for a kiss before he leaves. He gets a smack on the arm instead.

Waree spies from behind them and peers out when Sarawat leaves. She teases her friend and is bashful for her.

Waree goes to see her former editor (remember she put in her letter of resignation?) The editor is surprised to see her but he’s happy to hear of her good news. He couldn’t believe that she would succumb to Khun Sama so quickly- Waree is convinced he’s put a hexed on her. Lol. But in all seriousness, the editor wishes her well. He signs off on her resignation letter and they have a moment of quietness. It’s bittersweet, the three musketeers of Siam Sarn distinguishing.

Thida picks up Suntih from school, and his friend tease him that his “mom” is picking him up- when they all know what kind of profession is own mom has. Which is sad to see Suntih shameful when he thinks that all women should go into this professon. Smh. And I think the toughest thing to swallow is the judgment not from strangers, but from people you love. It’s a repercussion for Thida, to be sure.

And we get a moment between our first pr’nangs: KhetTawan and Mattana!

They have a talk in the park’s bench. Matt has some unpleasant news to share with him. She has to prolong their wedding plans because her parents want her to continue her education before getting married. Certainly puts a kink in KhetTawan’s plans.

The show’s final commentary surrounding prostitution

Mee has a talk with her nephew when she learns that he became angry at aunt Thida who picked him up from school.

“I don’t want her to pick me up, ever. Do you see the way she’s dressed? She’s like a hooker. My friends thought she was my mom,” he exclaims.

“It doesn’t matter what other people think, it matters what you think,” Mee explains. “She’s your auntie-“

“I don’t want her as my auntie! I’m already ashamed of my mom, I don’t want to be related to a hooker!”

“Why do you speak that way to your auntie? Come out with me now,” she drags him downstairs where she asks him who he sees.

“A disgrace,” he replies, staring at Thida.

“The woman you see is your real auntie. An auntie who loves you very much, let me tell you something, when you were born, I haven’t worked yet, I couldn’t provide for the family- your dad and grandpa won’t work- so every penny that your family uses are from this woman that you see. You already know that this profession is painful and despicable. You don’t need me to remind you, do you?”

Thida cries as she listens.

“And who do you think she’s doing this all for?”

Suntih starts to cry.

“Do you know what I see? I see a woman who loves her family very much- despite them viewing her as an item to be sold- I see a young lady who begs her father to come home but gets sent back there, because she still needs to find money to raise her family, her nephew. Do you know, Tih, that when I first seen your auntie for the first time, do you know what she asked me? She wants to know if her family is living well. The money that she sent every month, is it enough? When she found out she was swindled, do you know what she did next? She helped me escape knowing that she may risk her own life. She gave me all of her money so that I may give them to the family.”

Heran puts a comforting hand on Thida’s shoulder, who is quietly sobbing.

“She wants me to take care of you, because you are the family’s hope, her pride. So this is a woman I see. Why don’t you tell me again, what do you see now?”

“That’s enough P’Mee,” Thida finally says, “he can see me however he wants to. Don’t scold him, I feel sorry for him, he’s still young. Don’t mind him.”

Suntih walks over to his auntie and hugs her. “I’m so sorry,” he cries, “I regret it. I won’t do it again.”

Auntie promises not to make him feel ashamed in front of his friends again.

Heran holds his lady, comforting her, “I am so proud of you,” he says. Aw..

That night Mee writes a letter to her own auntie, reporting about her life thus far. She talks about Suntih and how much he has improved. Given the right direction, he could be a good civilian. Not only has she taught him so much, she has learned so much from him. Auntie receives the letter in London and smiles. She tells her auntie about Heran, that he knows her better than she knows herself. Regarding her wedding, Heran wants to ask for her hand from her auntie. They are unable to go to England at this time so it lies on when auntie wants to come for a visit. But she understands if she can’t make it back.

Turns out, auntie will come to Thailand after all. Mee is in a bout of nerves. She still can’t believe her auntie is coming back for her. Heran greets her aunt, who is pristine in purple. Mee is overcome with emotion, she knows her auntie isn’t one to express them very well, so she walks slowly to the older lady and holds her. And it’s good enough for Mee to hold her one sided.

The preparations

Back to KhetTawan and Mattana, she tells him that tonight she’s on her way. Talk about telling him this last minute! He nods his head as he holds her hand. He says he understands where her parents are coming from. She’s still young, everyone must think she’s too young and too soon to marry, but they don’t want to be rude and decline him.

KhetTawan says he will wait for her, time will tell. He keeps rubbing her back, as if to comfort himself that he can do this.

Matt chimes in slowly, “Two weeks, what is that going to prove?”


He looks at her in shock. Matt explains that for her good work at Siam Sarn, they would send her to train in France for two weeks.

KhetTawan shakes his head unbelievably, “That’s horrible, why didn’t you tell me this from the beginning?!”

“You didn’t ask.”

He takes a deep breath and stands up. “Do you know how many sleepless nights I’ve gone through?”

She apologizes.

“That might be too late, little lady.”

“I didn’t mean it,” she says and tries to run. But KhetTawan grabs her and hoists her over his shoulders, proceeding to spank her lightly. Heeeeeeh!

Preparations for the wedding are underway! Waree and Sama are having a grand wedding with only 50 guests. He only wants to invite close friends and family. They are sooo cute, looking like a real couple.

Then bizarrely, a couple walks pass them to congratulate them, but Waree and Sama don’t recognize her. She says she’s Sophie, apparently gone under the knife. They awkwardly congratulate her. She tells them not to be wary of her, she’s not the same Sophie anymore, and their problem has ended. Strangely enough, she asks the wedding planner to arrange her wedding exactly like Khun Sama, down to the detail of the dress. She wants her wedding a day before Khun Sama too. Ha. Doesn’t sound like things are done with them, forever. Maybe this is her final hurrah?

Siarm Sarn throws a party for the three musketeers, should we consider this as their bachelorette party? Woo!

The Goodbyes

Our poor editor relegates himself to his office, sad about his three girls. A sticky note on his desk warns him not to miss their party. He takes out Matt’s wedding invitation and flashes back to when Matt had invited him. Khun KhetTawan wants to have a party at the temple first, so the orphans can join in the fun. She’s yapping about her happiness her plans, and says she won’t quit Siam Sarn yet, until she’s pregnant. The editor takes out another invitation card- it’s beautiful- from Waree. It’s a destination- Trat- wedding, VIP style. Then finally, he takes out Mee’s. She assures him that she will be covering her regular columns, but would like to do them from the office, as oppose to being on site. She’d like to be an advisor, editor style. As he puts that last invitation away, he says, “they won’t be able to work much longer.” But he says so with a smile, genuinely happy for them. Which genuinely tugs at the heart.

I’m no good with goodbyes.

The editor phones his girls and asked if they’ve recruited for their replacements yet? Heh. He goes to the party and opens the dance floor. Aw.

Matt pulls the girls away from the party and says she doesn’t know when they could reconvene like this again.

Waree says they are not dying from each other, they’re just doing their own thing, and it sounds like a heavenly thing. Oh, Waree.

Mee couldn’t believe that their last assignment could separate their lives like this.

Waree thinks they’re all drama queens, but it does settle on her, that they would have to make arrangements to see each other; it wouldn’t be as easy as before. But not impossible.

They put their hands together and promise to stay in touch every day. Matt hugs her two sisters and tells them she loves them. Best friends foreverrrrr.

Waree is the first to cry. Mee wishes them all well, to have a great family, and that the men they choose in their lives are truly good. They hug and cry. So bittersweet.

And the closing


KhetTawan and Mattana do charity work at the temple, giving food to the orphans. They receive blessings from Luang Phor.

Heran, in his traditional groom outfit, leads a crowd to Mee’s house for the engagement ceremony. Auntie is happy that they are getting engaged first, so they can continue to study each other.

Mee arrives looking breathtaking in her traditional gown. Heran finds her spellbinding.

Muat Dao is there too, but she just got promoted so we’d have to call her Pugorn Dao now.

Heran puts a ring on Mee’s finger and they look at each other shyly.Muat Dao chimes in that he should give his bride a kiss on the cheek.

Slowly, he goes in for the kiss. So cute.

KhetTawan and Mattana has a simple, cute wedding. Their names are on sticks, there’s a live classical band. Everyone is gorgeous. Mee and Waree are the bridesmaids, Heran and Sama are groomsmen (I was slack jawed at Sama’s hotness in a suit. Blue suits him. Always, always wear blue, Chakrit.)

KhetTawan thanks everyone for coming, albeit his wedding has got to be the smallest. Sama chimes in that they will outdo Khettawan on their wedding, maybe by ten more guests, heeh. Heran says his wedding would win because there will only be him and Mee. Mee says that if he really wants to win, then he can get married alone. Lol.


KhetTawan doesn’t have many friends, but he has one that he loves and adores. The rest are Matt’s friends and family members. Matt thanks KhetTawan for making her dreams come true.

The girls, Waree and Mee tease their grooms that they should go and compete for the bouquet because they can’t trust their grooms would follow through with the wedding. Heeh.

As Matt tosses the bouquet, it lands in Sittee’s hands!

At Siam Sarn, the editor hires three new reporters. They are all men. But once they wai, we can tell they are gay. Our three newest musketeers? Heeh! The editor laughs at himself.

Sometime much, much later..

Heran holds his wife close as they walk through the airport, on their way to their honeymoon in England. In Heran’s mind he says he wants to bring a grandchild back for his parents. He’s already trying to decide on its name. Mee has relinguished her eyeglasses!

At Trat, it’s the grand opening of Sama’s casino. He knows that his wife won’t come, but she hasn’t even said a word to him. He’s sulky. Then as he turns around, a beautiful woman in a dusty pink dress smiles at him. (Gah, I can watch Chakrit in a tux all day long.)

Waree’s voice is in the background and she says there is a saying that you always get what you hate. But what is one to do? She loves him. Sama admires his beautiful wife and the two walk arm in arm.

KhetTawan is sitting in a garden and he says Matt wants to help him design a new collection. Regardless, she is his inspiration. We see him sketching on his notepad. Mattana walks slowly towards him, she looks shy and serious. He gives her his attention, and she shows him her pregnancy test. Awww.

They cry tears of joy as he kisses her forehead. We have baby Matt-Tawan?! OMG!

I like where our leading guy, Heran’s mind is going. Indeed, please bring a child back from your honeymoon! Heeh.

The End!


And that’s all folks, for our Sarm Taharn Seua Sao Series!

Let’s give a round of applause for TV Scene, they sure know how to do a proper fan service, and close out a series that we’ve been tuning in since Maya Tawan (that makes it a few months’ time) to great satisfaction. They understand that not only are they tying up Fah Krajang Dao, but they are wrapping up a three part series. It’s something Suparburoot Juthathep could learn a thing or two from, as far as closures go.

Specifically: Fah Krajang Dao

In our third part, we are given elements of action, intrigue, and broken people, as well as the commentary of high crime and human trafficking. It’s not the easiest pill to swallow as we watch Meekana go through life so furious and vendetta driven from her personal experience, that she will do what she can to cover crime stories and open the public’s eyes to reality, to the point where she will endanger her own life to become a spy. But slowly, through meeting Sarawat Heran, she learns to open her own eyes and learn to love again. She’s a strong woman and a very sensible one.

Despite its dark backdrop, there is some light and fun in this lakorn too, courtesy of Sarawat and his family. They are like sunrays, shining into Mee’s and especially into Suntih’s life. Through their love and understanding of what is right and wrong, Suntih can be saved. What’s interesting though is that we don’t get a closure with Suntih’s dad and grandpa. But maybe we should count our lucky stars for that, since they are the opposite of nice.

What is not to love about our Sarawat? His character’s responsibility is to be a barrier for Mee, to stop her from continuing to walk blindly through life. He doesn’t have much conflict to his character, but perhaps that is not the point. We have characters who are so messed up in this lakorn already, it’s nice to see a normal, fun loving guy for once. Mee needs that kind of man in her life.

I really liked how the closure is done really well between the two. They are always an adult, they can talk things through, which is a good example that two couples who truly love each other, should have trust, understanding and support in each other. Before rambling off my soap box, I am pleased with the way things ended for them.

It’s not my most favorite lakorn, but it certainly made me feel. And to tie up the series with such a sweet ending, it makes my ride and recapping endeavors, worthwhile. That’s really, all one can ask for, no?

So I thank you for joining me 🙂 -P’Fia

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