At what point do you stop blaming others for the unfortunate events that occur in your life? Apparently for Khun Chat, the answer is never. He’s still hung up with the mindset that the newbies (Jan, Rung and Yord) only survived because his mother took their place in hell, the one place they belong. When he’s snarky and bullying Little Rung, we can somewhat accept that perhaps in his twisted little mind, he hasn’t quite worked out the grown-up, reality rationale yet. But as Little Chat turns into Khun Chat, polishing up his schooling, it’s not cute anymore. His character just comes off as being nuts. Which makes you wonder how in the world will he get the girl (or whether we want him to get the girl after all) because he’s so belligerent and obtuse. When Jan and Rung get anywhere near this Khun Chat, they seriously, deep in their bones, fear him. Who knows, he might go ape crazy on them. Haven’t you seen the show Snapped?

He is the weakest written character in this drama. Usually there is a motive or depth that allows us to understand why he is the way that he is. It gets perpetuated over time and we get (even if we don’t agree) as to why he hates the things that he hates. Yet, Khun Chat grew up in a warm household, his father is a Magistrate, his grandmother is wonderful, and all of the servants and maids are nice. There isn’t anyone who blows his ears as to why he should hate Jan and Rung. There is no reason to hate Jan and Rung, these two are so accommodating, so sweet to everyone. You would think they would kill him with kindness by now. Yet, Khun Chat has planted a seed in his head- albeit deep seeded – and maintains that he hates them, which is strange for a child to do so all on his own.

His grandmother ascertains that he knows that it’s not true, he just hasn’t accepted it yet. What can adults do to educate him? Boy needs therapy is what I’m saying. His father thinks spanking may help, or even ignoring or pretending not to like them may help- but they can’t because it wouldn’t be fair, and to top it off, his sister Lima is very protective of Rung (which speaks to Lima’s justice-ridden character.)

Sometimes when Khun Chat realizes that he has crossed the line, for instance hurting a disabled York (to which he thinks the mute is totally lying) he feels a tad remorse afterwards. So the show keeps trying to tell us that he’s tough on the outside but a softie on the inside, but I just find him unlikeable at every corner. Sure, he’s real cute (when he’s not snarling or bullying Rung) and when he’s confused about the way he feels about her, he finds her pretty and probably likes her. And show, if you want me to love him, you gotta give me more than this. Especially don’t tell me he teases her because he likes her too, because I won’t buy it if Rung likes him back. I would think she’s unbalanced.

So what key things do you need to know from episode 4 of Kaen Sanaeha?

One, that Khun Chat is still cruel to Jan and Rung. Two, they grew up, and it only took four episodes! Three, Than Chai is still mean to Chai Diew and thinks that he’s not his son. Four, Khun Phote proposes to Jan telling her that he will always misses his wife even if he remarries. Jan declines the offer because she will always belong to her husband. So solution? Let’s be brother-sister! Khun Phote gives his last name to her and Rung, and crowns them his relatives. Now Khun Chat and Rung will be kissing cousins. Five, Than Chai’s treatment of Chai Diew makes Than Ying angry, which thereby makes Feurng angry, so she kills Than Chai. WHICH takes us on another unknown route. Oh, they sure know how to keep us guessing.

And in regards to Rung and her upbringing, I understand that it’s a period drama, I get that they were saved by this family, but I can still get indignant at what Jan is telling her daughter: she’s teaching her to endure (the abuse from Chat). That she has every right to be sad, but she can’t be mad at Khun Chat because they are indebted to the family. What is a mom if she can’t protect her own daughter? She’s essentially telling her girl to ignore and try to be happy. But isn’t it sad that that’s the reality of those with lesser means? With no power and at the mercy of their keeper? That they have to endure and take it from the aristocrats? Despite her mother’s lectures, I do like how Rung is growing up, she’s soft on the outside, but quite tough on the inside. She cries, but she’s not afraid to stand up to Khun Chat when he’s crossing the line. Which will make the redemption even sweeter. But, I’d still like to request that this Khun Chat turns his behavior around, pronto.

Because a gentlemen of anything, you are not, Khun Chat. So don’t be surprised if people call you an asshole. Because if you walk like an asshole, and talk like an asshole..

Despite the ups and downs, and roller coaster personality of Khun Chat, I am still hooked on Kaen Sanaeha! Must be good to invoke such indignation, no?