To my dearest Khun Chai Nong~

I hope this letter finds you well. I know you have been lonely. Being the last bachelor in the house, being the notorious rake and yet, being bested by your older brothers who seem more happier than ever with their soulmates. You must be nostalgic. Everything that you’re so sure about suddenly doesn’t make sense anymore. Like that singer bee who wants you for your title, your popularity and your immense palace. I know it didn’t used to bother you. Do you know why that is? I must break some bitter sweet news to you, my dear sweet, sweet younger brother, you have grown up. Congratulations.

You know, watching you four series ago, you were just a boy looking for a good time. Then through your bothers’ trials and tribulations- in which you stuck with them as a dedicated, fearless younger bro- you have learned a thing or two about life. Now you want something your brothers have, true love. Love that doesn’t see you for your uniform and noble title, love that is beautiful (per Chai Yai), love that makes you a little crazy and restless when you know she’s angry at you (per Chai Ruj), love that makes you argue as if you’ve known her forever (per Chai Lek) and finally, love that forces you to be irrational (per Chai Pat.) I know that these all don’t sound like a good disposition to be in, but clearly it is evident that it makes your brothers happy.

And I understand your reasons when you met the proverbial angel from above who lands in your arms, you knew you had to tread carefully. So you wanted to be a normal guy for once and see if she will love you for who you are. But be careful my dear, you appear to sustain foot-in-mouth syndrome, where you’ll egg her on, insulting her enough so she can tell you what you want to hear. I know you’re a man, and you’ll be susceptible to that condition every now and then, but gosh darn it, you’re such a devil. ‘Just call me Phee’ like you’re Barbie with no last name. It’s good to see that you still possess that playful banter you’re so notorious for. And it’s a good thing that this puzzling girl you’re unknowingly pursuing is quite the strong gem.

She is like a puzzle, isn’t she? I know you heard that she’s quite the connoisseur with men: the director, the nasty sia, and even your best bud. Is it because she’s so beautiful-in which you can attest to since you were smitten with her from first encounter- or could it be something else? I know curious mind like yourself, want to know, so you’ve been following her and realizing that there is so much more to this fascinating Piangkwan than meets the eye. You must wonder if she’s exhausted by all of the random acting jobs she picked up, why there are no males in her household- just a mere boy who is wise beyond his years- and you finally must wonder why your two feet and vehicle seem to bring you to a stilted house on the farm. Every. Single. Time.

There is so much for you yet to learn. Like your friend advised, as a soldier, your life is for your country, and your tears are for her. Which I hope and perhaps know that you will shed many, as your biggest hurdle is your grannies and the expectation to marry Vilairumpa (watch your back for that snake.) And I hope that you will spare some tears for Piangkwan too, because she is just the kind who will hide them. Despite life handing her many lemons, she’s resilient. Yet even the strongest need a shoulder to cry on. I hope you will be that.

So I’ll be watching, and cheering you on, na ka. May luck and the support from your four lion brothers be with you. I hope we get to see you smile and tease again.

From yours truly, your sentimental p’sao. Rak nong mak mak mak mak tee sut!


P.S. Because this is what awaits you at the end of the road..