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Mon Jantra Ep 8


These two have so much chemistry when they are together. We make leaps and bounds, placing feelings and confessions on the table. That in itself, is the best part of this episode. The others, well, are just fillers to await the big climax to come.

After their interview with an eyewitness to Dej’s death more than a decade ago, Waree and Sama discuss the gemstone business in Trat at a coffee shop. Waree shuffles through old pictures of the gemstone mining, and Sama tells her that the buildings in the pictures have turned into museums funded by different companies. She wonders about the location and Sama knew right off the bat what she was getting at, and he will not be taking her there. And realizing that she’s too transparent and he too overbearing, Waree advises that they get out of the public eye soon in case trouble finds them. Sama just smiles and tells her that ever since he met her, he has to be extra careful with his surroundings anyway (in case you don’t get to see her again? Heh.)

Rampang suspects that her brother Lang is lurking around trying to cause harm to Sama again so she does some preventative ass whooping by threatening to deal with him herself should he hurt an inch of Khun Sama. She reminds him that Sama gave him a new life (saved his life so to speak) when he first took over the island. But Lang internally curses at Sama because he feels that the island is rightfully his.

So he pays close attention to Sama and Waree when he spots Sama warning Waree not to smoke again because it has caused so many people to die. He sees Waree pocketing the cigarette pack with annoyance, and he files this tidbit of information for future use.

Meanwhile Jin came for a visit to report to her friend of the current talk of the town. Rumor has it that because Waree, a single lady, is spending so much alone time with Sama at his private island/resort, she is therefore preggers with his baby! Waree worries whether the news has spread to Bangkok yet but Jin tells her to be more concerned about the news making it to her “distant” relatives’ ears who are living in Trat. Stressed about her reputation- since our virgin tomboy is apparently a traditionalist too- Waree is hesitant to fill Sama in when she sees him walking into the room.

Sama is pleased of the rumors (hah) and flippantly says that he will take responsibility for her through the traditional route. That could only mean one thing: marriage. Jin perks at the thought and immediately starts congratulating him prematurely, while Waree stomps away in anger. That is not the way any girl wants to be proposed to, dude! Despite his flippant ways, this marriage solution propels Sama to finally confess his true feelings.

He follows her to the courtyard where she’s stewing in righteous indignation, telling him that she never asked him to do anything for her, he is always doing what he wants to do without any consideration to her. He claims he is only doing this to protect her reputation. Pfft.

“You are taking advantage of the situation!” Waree huffs.

Sama stops her, “Can you just listen to me for once?” He thinks that by announcing they are getting married, they would eliminate the gossipmongers.

She retorts that it would be easier if he could just deny it all to everyone. But Sama throws it back to her, “wouldn’t it be easier than, if I just tell you that I love you?” Omg.

They stare at each other in an electric moment. He apologizes for being so hasty. Waree squeezes her eyes in pain, wishing out loud that she should never have signed up for the gemstone scoop. She is shaken by his confession, so Sama holds her arms and tells her that he’d like her to stay. They look poignantly at each other and Waree smacks him with her bag, over and over. He tries to calm her but she is starting to tear up. Aw. Sama cups her cheek and pulls her into his arms. He sure knows how to hold a woman. Swoon. He releases her, kisses her forehead and repeats the squeeze (oh I mean hug..)

This latest development does not fare well on Rampang. She is about ready to burst an artery as her delusional, psycho side rears its ugly head. She and her brother plot Waree’s demise: they just need to figure out a way to get Waree to Yanok Island where they can do as they please.

So Lang distracts Sama to Praharm Island by causing a minor fire to the supplies. This prompts Sama to send Waree to Yanok Island, since it’s his private island he feels that she would be safe there. He warns one of his bodyguards to keep a close eye on her, not knowing that creepy Rampang is about to play her card with Waree. She lies to Waree that Sama has returned and wants to see her at the boat storage. Waree finds it bizarre that he wouldn’t want to see her at the dock but doesn’t think too much of it. Once there, Rampang shows her true colors and calls Waree shameless- that Sama loves her (Rampang.) As Waree breaks away, Lang greets her with his scary eyes, and smacks her against the head. Waree falls against the sandy beach, face first, and her jacket lying on the ground.

The evil-crazy duo plot Waree’s death to make it look like she tried to sneak to the beach to smoke but lit her cigarette by the gasoline, and causing her to die by explosion. They smirk with redemption and leave the scene as the homemade igniter begins its ascent to the gasoline tank.

Sama catches wind that this might be a diversion and rushes back to Yanok island immediately, while Janlao his bodyguard, starts suspecting that Lang might be the culprit behind the said diversion since he had delivered the supplies to Praharm island without reporting it to Khun Sama.

Waree comes to her consciousness slowly as she sees the fire getting closer to the gasoline and it explodes as she tries to roll away..

Sama sees the fire from the boat, while Janlao and crew try to put the fire out. He sees Waree’s bag and panics, hollering her name amid the fire.

Rampang and Lang spy by the trees to witness their handiwork, but they spot Janlao carrying a bloody, unconscious Waree from the corner of a boat. She had been able to throw herself from the line of fire before everything was too late. Rampang and Lang rushes out of sight.

Sama nearly loses it when he sees Waree on the couch, covered in blood. He scoops her over his shoulder and rushes her to the hospital, yeah Janlao, that much bleeding, you can’t treat with a cotton swab and alcohol..

Lang panics that Waree is still alive, but Rampang says she will follow her to the hospital to shut her up for good. She’s delusional enough to think that if Waree points her finger, she could simply tell Sama that Waree is lying so she could cover up her guilt of smoking. Um, that’s a horrible excuse, and Lang fears his sister’s not all that clever so he calls for backup to Nai Dij and see if he could help them eliminate Waree. Smirking, Sopie says that since those two will be killing Waree at the hospital, why don’t they use the opportunity to kill Sama and place the blame on the brother-sister while they’re at it?

Sama learns Waree’s current condition. It’s not horrible, but it’s not good either. She will be resting for a bit because the doctor gave her medication for her back, she’s shaken up but no severe damages to the head and brain. In short, close call but she’ll be ok. It doesn’t ease Sama’s mind though, as he enters her hospital room and sees her body hooked up to all sorts of devices. He touches her hand and assures her that she is safe now, that he is standing before her now. He blames this on himself, for loving her, and for causing her pain. A tear rolls down his cheek as he observes her condition.

Janlao, the bodyguard, warns everyone to keep an eye out for suspicious activities. Rampang smirks and says that it’s Waree’s own doing, sneaking around trying to smoke. Someone needs to slap her! Janlao surmises that Rampang seems to know so much when she wasn’t with Waree at the time. Ha. And since the cops haven’t determined the cause of the explosion, everyone must heed his orders.

At the hospital, even though the doctor gave Waree more pain meds, she stirs slowly and focuses her eyes on Sama. She’s quite pleased to see him, but starts to feel pain on her back. Come to find out, Waree doesn’t recall the events surrounding the explosion. Convenient, that. Dangerous too.

Hired hands disguised as hospital cleaners attack Sama in the hallway, but they are not as skilled as our hero. And the baddies fail again. I’m starting to be tired of such lame attempts, baddies who don’t really challenge Sama or enable his character to develop on any level, just smarter and more cautious. Based on this experience, Sama orders a helicopter to escort Waree back to his island and hires a nurse to care for her 24/7. Not only is he concerned about her safety at the hospital, but he worries about the other patients safety. His enemies won’t stop there. Dude, dating Sama is like making a death wish.

Mee learns from Khun Sama of Waree’s close call and she finds it too convenient- she doesn’t think Sama is lying- but she noticed that Waree hasn’t smoked since she became close to Sama. Things don’t add up but she can’t make her way to the island when her boss is threatening her to finish her own scoop.

Sama sits by her bedside, looking distraught over her sleeping form. He leans close to her ears and whispers for her to wake up soon, that he wants to talk to her, that he wants to argue with her. Aw.

He gets pulled aside by his bodyguards and they report to him their suspicions and speculations surrounding Lang. Pipat adds that the only person who has seen Waree sneaking a smoke is Rampang, no one else. Sama questions whether they want him to believe that the brother-sister are plotting something together. These bodyguards are on to something. They advise boss to be wary of those two.

Sama starts to take a closer look at Lang and Rampang. He approaches Lang first and asks him if he ever thought about going to work for other people, since he has worked for him for 6-7 years now. Sama doesn’t think he’s challenged enough or has enough career growth opportunity. Lang just lies through his teeth that he’s never thought about leaving. He’s real pleased with his current employment. Sama encourages Lang to leave should anyone offer him a higher wage, he won’t hold a grudge. Lang starts to be paranoid that he’s not doing a good enough job, which is quite telling in itself.

Next, creepy Rampang is messing with Waree’s face, talking delusional things to her, admitting her crimes with the sleeping Waree. Then she tries to get the nurse to administer more pain meds for Waree, so she could feel “less” pain. She watches the nurse closely on how she injects the pain meds into Waree’s blood stream.

Sama wakes up at the crack of dawn and visits his beloved. She’s still sound asleep, while he sits beside her and wonders quietly to himself. He lies down and rests his head next to hers (aw) and asks if she’s aware that he would like to be the first person she sees every morning. He kisses her head tenderly.

Rampang sneaks into Waree’s room, stalking towards her bed while Sama is in his office updating Waree’s boss on her condition. Rampang prepares to inject more medication for Waree when she hears a rapid knocking on the door. She quickly hides the needles and opens the door for the furious Sama. He questions on why she’s in Waree’s room, and Rampang lies that she’s just covering the nurse’s shift. I hope after this instance, Sama would start suspecting his housekeeper of foul play. If next episode preview is any indication, that housekeeper may succeed in injecting- god knows what- into Waree’s stream, causing her to get chills. Mattana and KhetTawan will also make an appearance next episode, as we are very close to the climax and tying up this lakorn.

It’s a good episode in terms of love confessions and understanding between our main duo. But she spends more than half of the episode being sleeping beauty, and we are given too much time watching Rampang and Lang’s backstory and plotting Waree’s demise. I’m a little anxious for this to be over and for Sama to realize that those two evil backstabbers are out to ruin his life. As far as the casino plot, we haven’t really made much progress, it’s being put on hold (plot wise) while we get the subplots about the brother-sister. There’s also no progress regarding whether Sama will have to face with the prospect of choosing his girl over his casino, and still no progress when it comes to Waree’s opinion about gambling. If her state and constant danger is any indication, it’s only to confirm that gambling is a dangerous industry and her man is not concerned enough for her life to quit this dream of his. Dude, you can’t have the best of both worlds. I’m curious to see how they will tie this all up. I’m so ready, show.

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