Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 9.23.06 PM

Hey show, have you heard of stick with what you’re good at? You’re so good with the romantic drama part of this show, why don’t you just do away with the action or plot or whatever you’re trying to convince that you’re good at? Those words that are coming out of Sama’s mouth- professing how much he cares about Waree- daaang, those are some good words. Keep it up! *Swoon*

Our boy finds the gumption to phone Waree. She’s on the road back to Bangkok, the night is getting older. But she picks up the phone with sarcasm, “what else do you want to deceive me with?” Heeh.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 9.07.10 PM

“Where are you at now?” he asks.

“Don’t know, not the driver,” she replies in a clipped voice.

“Ah Waree, are you still angry with me?”

She’s silent, it didn’t warrant a response. Ha.

“I’m really sorry, I didn’t intend to deceive you like that,” he says. “I’ve never seen you as an amusement or a stupid person. “

“And why did you do that?” she questions. “To tell you the truth-“ but she gets interrupted.

“Because I missed you so much,” Sama starts. This shuts her up. “I don’t know what possessed me to do something so foolish but I only knew that I must do anything to see you again.” Aw. “I want to keep seeing you. I just want to be close to you, even for five minutes it’s enough.” He is making my heart literally melt, this fool in love.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 9.07.25 PM

She’s listening intently, probably blushing in the night, not sure how to respond to that.

“Are you still listening to me?” Sama’s voice is heard over the phone. Waree confirms that she’s listening.

“Do you know how happy I was that you came back for me?” he states. “It makes me realize that you worry about me. It isn’t as if you just finish your work and just leave without any feelings for me.”

Waree is still silent, biting her lips.

“And.. are you not going to say anything back?” he asks, “talking one sided makes me blush too.” Heeh.

“I’m real sleepy,” she starts, “I should get some shut eye. We can talk tomorrow..”

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 9.06.34 PM

They hang up, Waree smiles and Sama is relieved that he went after what he wanted to say all along.

Nai Dij spots Soh at the bar, drinking her misery away. But he knows that Soh sees money as god and isn’t that heartbroken over Sama so he tries to use his sweet words to get her to partner up with him. She seems to finally hear his words and sits down for a careful listen.

Waree arrives in front of her house in one piece. The driver hands her two baskets that Sama prepared for her coworkers. He’s dang thoughtful. We all need a Khun Sama in our lives.

A telephone call stirs Waree the following morning. She is still half asleep when she takes the call.

“Good morning Waree,” the deep voice says over the phone. He chuckles at her sleepy voice.

“Wahh, why are you calling? I was having a good sleep,” she complains.

“I apologize for calling so early, but I wanted to make sure you were home safely.”

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 9.08.08 PM

She sits up in bed with her eyes still close, “I’ve arrived. I’m safe, thank you very much sir,” she says grumpily.

“Hold on-“ Sama stops her, “Is that all you have to say?”

“We haven’t parted for more than 24 hours, what more do you want me to say?” she grumbles. Sama smiles. Then she remembers her manners regarding the gift from yesterday, she thanks him for the two baskets. Sama tells her that they’ll get to meet each other again when he goes to Bangkok to review the article.

Ah, their verbal exchanges are so cute.

Having her beauty sleep disturbed, Waree could not go back to sleep and heads to work early that day. She reunites with her other musketeer mate, Mee and fills her in on her case at Trat. She even complains how overbearing Sama is by taking away her smokes. Mee condones Sama’s actions and even scolds Waree further for trying to smoke, heeh. Tough love.

She reports to her boss and asks him not to publish the article she wrote about Sama’s getting ambushed at Trat, because Sama had asked her not to do it. Her boss relents, even though they both regret it. He tells her to focus on her article, don’t rush, and to do the best that she can. But Waree says that she is pressed for time because the topic at hand will be reviewing her article before it gets published. The boss starts to get a nagging suspicion about this Jao Phor and asks his subordinate if she left anything out of her story? Hehe.

Sama is hard at work designing his casino. An idea occurs to him and he orders his bodyguards to plant more Thai trees on their island. The two wonder what’s gotten into him and why he would like traditional trees all of a sudden. Rampang overhears the two bodyguards talking and is displeased at what she heard. She tells them that ‘Sarawaree’ means Ka-ra-kae flower. Heh, that’s why he wants itall over his island? So cute. Rampang is all pissed at how badly Sama has it for Waree.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 9.09.07 PM

Early the next morning, much like the previous morning, Waree gets a wakeup call (literally.)

“You again?!” she grumbles sleepily, and places her phone on her cheek so she doesn’t have to hold it.

“Getting angry this early will age you,” he retorts.

“It’s ok, I’m gonna sleep.”

“Rising early is good for you,” he affirms as he climbs the stairs to his bungalow, and starts lecturing her on the benefit of waking early.

“That’s enough!” she grumbles again and sits upright. “I’m up!”

“Ok, see you in 3 days,” he hangs up. He called her to tell her that?! Lol.

Waree is fuming on the other end, unable to get back to sleep.

Mattana finally joins the group at their usual eatery, Waree updates them on her case but is withholding the “interesting” bits of it. She did tell them their shared past, the fact that she had helped Sama and he remembers her to this day, and that the only bad thing about this case is not being able to incorporate his picture to the article. Her coworkers assure her that she’s lucky enough to get an interview at all.

Those pretty plants arrive and Sama is excited about planting them. Ah, but one of the delivery guy is out to get Sama as he tries to stab him from behind. Sama catches his hand and kicks him down. His men apprehend him while Sama tries to find out who sent him. The gardener (Lang) apologizes for hiring someone with a sketch background, he felt sorry for him and thought he was a good person. Hm. Sama doesn’t fault him but thanks him for saving his life twice now. Jan Lao asks Sama who he suspects as the person behind this.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 9.09.37 PM

Even Soh and Nai Dij wonder who is behind it as well. We have another mysterious bad guy on our hand. Soh does suspect why Nai Dij, despite denying the contrary, is always abreast of the current events before anyone else, especially when it comes to Sama. They discuss their plot in bringing down Sama. Nai Dij says that getting rid of Sama in Bangkok would be easier than killing him off on the island. Being vindictive, Soh says that if they could kill both him and Waree together, that would be great.

Sahma returns home from her flight attendant work and a man drops her off. Waree is overprotective when it comes to any of her sister’s love interest. This time he happens to be a Pilot and she asks intrusive questions (which are misperceptions of Captains in general) such as are you married, how many kids do you have, do you live with your parents and is your mother overbearing (which reminds me of Ken T’s lakorn hehehe.) The pilot excuses himself, uncomfortable. Hey if you can’t take the heat, don’t step in the kitchen!

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 9.10.46 PM

Waree shows her twin sister the letter from their father. Sahma reads it with a stoic face, Waree asks her older sister if she didn’t feel anything reading it? Sahma tells her it is sad but that she never doubted the love that their father had for them. She’s a bigger person. Sahma doesn’t expect much from their father, she loves him for who he is. So the letter left a bigger impact on Waree because she’s been holding on to the anger she has for her dad, the fact that if only her father cared more about them, they wouldn’t have been in this situation. But learning that their father has loved them all this time, but it is out of his control, makes moving on and forgiving easier. Waree tells her sister that she’s stronger than her, more forgiving and accepting of people. I love their relationship. They’ve struggled together since they were little and ultimately counts on each other the most.

Sama works late that night, trying to tie everything up before he takes off to Bangkok. Rampang brings him some warm milk. He is surprised she hasn’t gone to bed yet, but Rampang explains that she waits up for him until he goes to bed everyday. Ok creepo. Sama wonders why she does that because he doesn’t need someone to tend to his needs 24/7. But Rampang is willing to do that. He’s way too nice and asks her if she wanted anything from Bangkok. This perks her interest, now she knows he’s off to Bangkok probably to see that chick, the reporter.

And that particular chick is at home, sitting at her dining table, willing her phone to ring, heheh. He typically calls her at this hour, no? And as predicted her phone rings, she hands it to her sister to talk for her. Oh the twin trick.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 9.11.22 PM

“You picked up so quickly today, you woke up early?” Khun Sama asks.

“Different timing, I couldn’t sleep,” Sahma answers, and Waree is beside her giggling.

“You worked so late that you couldn’t sleep?” he asks, concerned. Heeh, but Sahma is referring to her jet lag.

“I fear someone would wake me up so I didn’t dare sleep.”

“Is this Khun Sarasahma?” he asks. Smart cat.

“I’ve been discovered. You are too good, you can tell the difference in our voices. Some of our other friends, I’d talk for 20 minutes with them and they can’t tell the difference.”

Sahma tries to hand the phone back to Waree but she declines it. Sama leaves a message to tell Waree that they’ll see each other in two days, he’s counting down! Oh man, Margie as Sahma is so cute. Later Sahma comments that Khun Sama speaks so sweetly and politely that she wants to meet him. Waree only sneers that she barely knows him, he’s a Jao Phor and about to be the owner of a casino, he’s definitely not meetable.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 9.12.14 PM

Sama in the meantime tends to the new trees that he had planted yesterday. He wonders how tall it would grow and Rampang answers by going right into the matter at heart. She surmises that he planted the trees because they have the same name/meaning as Sarawaree. She asks him point blank if he really likes Waree. Sama smiles but doesn’t answer. She keeps pestering him that Waree only wanted to get to know him for her article and Siam Sarn. Rampang doesn’t think that Sama knows her well enough to “like like” her. What a meddlesome housekeeper. Sama stands up and replies that before anyone develops any relationship with another person, it starts at liking that person first. Rampang starts to panic, and Sama pours salt to the wound by asking her to care for his plants while he’s away, hah. You’d be lucky she doesn’t incinerate them by the time you get back, Sama!

Soh is in Bangkok too and is on the phone with Nai Dij. Suddenly she sees Sahma shopping but thinks she’s Waree. Uh oh. She says that Waree is like a monkey in a skirt, lol. She approaches the younger girl while Sahma looks behind her to double check if Soh is actually talking to her: “It looks like you have good taste too.” Soh’s getting all ugly by saying that Waree is good at brainwashing Sama and making him fall for her. Our Sahma starts to smile and finally understands what Soh is referring to. Sahma tells Soh that she must have remembered the wrong person and tries to walk away. But Soh isn’t about to let her get away, she grasp her arms tightly. Sahma calmly tells her to release her arm or she will report her to the police, the mall has cameras all around, not like the secluded islands where Soh could do as she pleases. Soh peers around her uncomfortably. I love how Sahma doesn’t reveal who she is, she lets Soh go on thinking what she wants to protect her sister.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 9.12.40 PM

When Waree hears about it, she’s peeved. She hasn’t gotten over her prejudice about casinos, and especially about Khun Sama. I think until she opens her heart to accept that casinos aren’t all bad, only then would she open her heart to accept his love. Sahma, the wise older sister, seems to understand Waree the most. She tells her that Khun Sama isn’t opening a gambling house for her father to get addicted and for them to be orphans. Khun Sama is opening a legitimate casino. Is Waree going to remain prejudice even though she’s developing some feelings for Khun Sama? Sahma asks her sister if she’s willing to open her heart for him if he closes the casino? But Waree thinks it’s impossible and leaves her sister’s company.

The following morning, our sweet sweet Sahma is watering her outdoors plant. Our guy Sama enters from the gate and introduces himself, he apparently has no reaction as to their identical looks. I’d do a double take and be like, dang lady you’re cute. He arrives at their house before 7am but by 8:20am Waree finally rouses and makes her way to the kitchen. The smell of breakfast beckoning her.

She sees the back of Khun Sama, “hey you, how’d you get to my house?”

“I drove here,” he replies nonchalantly. He tells her she’s cute as a kid, showing her the picture frame.

“And how about now?” she asks.

“Cute,” he says automatically. Heeh.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 9.13.17 PM

“Don’t sweet talk me,” she bit back, hey Waree, you asked! “What are you doing at my house?”

“I came to Bangkok to review the article,” he replies, as if she didn’t know.

She is expecting him to meet her at Siam Sarn, not her house.

“I don’t want to trouble you.”

“You are strange, you don’t want to trouble me by meeting me at work. But coming to my house is not troubling me?”

Oh man their bickering is so darn cute.

“Well I was in front of your house and your sister invited me in for breakfast.”

“She did it out of politeness-“

“And I took the offer, as not to be rude.” Heeh.

“Oh- so why don’t we invite all of your people to join us for breakfast then?”

“I came alone, everyone else has their job to do.” I can’t contain my smile.

“Aren’t you afraid that your enemies would come after you here?” Waree asks, not giving in.

He tells her that only people who are close to him are aware that he’s in Bangkok. Hey, isn’t the moral of this story is that you shouldn’t trust the people closest to you?

Some time later Waree finds Sahma alone in the kitchen and pinches her good, scolding her sister that he’s opening a gambling house, they shouldn’t be nice too him. Sahma reassures her that Khun Sama likes Waree, not her. LOL. Furthermore, Sahma observes that every time Khun Sama looks at Waree, he is smitten and appears to be very sincere about her. But Waree is still very obstinate about the whole casino thing. Sahma explains to her sister that should one date a person, one should evaluate that person based on their personality and traits, and the other stuff can be changed.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 9.13.57 PM

Khun Sama is reviewing her finished article. She tells him to only read with his eyes and no editing, she would do the changing. Sama smiles and tell her he’s not that rude. They discuss the article and he compliments her on her attention to detail. She’s real gruff when she talks to him, probably still annoyed by what her sister had told her. Sama just lets it roll off his shoulders.

Sama decides to be her very own personal driver for the day, lol. He says he would take her to work, wait for her until she has made those changes to the article, and then take her home. Heeh. She tells him that it’s no need because she would mail him the changes, but our savvy hero explains that he wants to see her reaction to his changes. He wants to be completely involved. Hah.

When they arrive at Siam Sarn, she’s real upset that he’s following her- but mostly this stems from feeling that he doesn’t have enough trust in her writing skills, her promise. Waree is all about having confidence in one another. Sama doesn’t want her to misunderstand, he thinks her article is great- fantastic, actually- but he doesn’t want her to offend any one with it, he thinks that changing certain words to make it less abrasive wouldn’t change her entire writing style per se, and will keep her safe. Waree orders him to wait for her in the lounge area and she will alert him once she’s done.

Nai Dij follows Sama’s tail and discovers where he’s at. He plans his next attack.

Waree hands over her changes to Sama, eager to get him going again. Without even looking at the article, Sama says he’s satisfied and hands it back to her, lol. He thanks her for taking his input into consideration and that she doesn’t have a big ego that she wouldn’t consider other people’s feelings. Waree looks stunned at his compliment and his trust in her.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 9.15.35 PM

He has learned so much about the reporter profession ever since meeting her. Suddenly our guy is hungry and they go to her favorite eatery. He asks the cook there if Waree has a boyfriend, heeh, and she replies that she’s single. To retaliate, Waree tells the cook that Sama has deep pockets so she should bring all of the food out, hehe. Sama just smiles at her. Waree gets a phone call from her boss, who wants to meet Sama so Sama leans down very close to Waree and speaks into the telephone that he would like to see him soon. Waree pushes at his chest.

Sama and the boss are chummy after their meeting together. He even invites the boss over to Yanok Island one day. The boss has a feeling that he’s losing his 3 Musketeers to their soul mates.

Nai Dij reports Sama’s activity to Soh, which leaves her angry that clearly Sama is smitten with this reporter. Soh wants to shoot them both but Nai Dij warns her to stop being jealous and think of the big picture. If they don’t plan well, they may end up in jail. Nai Dij tells her that they should let Sama and Waree be sweet in Bangkok and get them unawares, even if it had to be on the island it wouldn’t be too late. She tells him not to fail then, this is their last chance. Which is interesting because she has been the mastermind behind it all for so long and now she’s giving up the reign to Nai Dij? Hm.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 9.16.48 PM

Waree receives a call from Khun Sama that evening, she’s smiling but pretends to be annoyed on the phone. He’s calling to tell her that he’ll be picking her up for work tomorrow. I love their bantering. She doesn’t want him to meddle with her life but Sama tells her that he doesn’t have any friends. Waree asks if all of the friends his age all died then? Sama retorts that he isn’t that old. Since when is 37 old?

“You have a bad mouth,” Sama says, “I like it.” Even Sama is a little ashamed of his behavior, he tells himself that courting a younger person is like this. They are killing me with their cuteness!

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 9.17.03 PM

Sama calls his assistants and bodyguards to tell them that he may stay in Bangkok for a bit, they want to be there with him to protect him.

The following scenes are incorporated in Maya Tawan, where Sama meets Mattana. During this time Matt gets ambushed by someone and she thinks it is KhetTawan. Sama saves Matt from getting shot. They take her to the hospital and Waree looks at Sama and thanks him for helping Matt. He looks tenderly at her, someone who is important to her is important to him. Aw. They are so cute together.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 9.17.45 PM

When they take Matt home, they notice police are swarming her house. They discuss Matt’s predicament, the fact that she thinks KhetTawan is after her because he thinks she’ll use his story to blackmail him. Which Waree thinks it’s ridiculous because Matt is the most naïve person and besides, KhetTawan is her idol too. Waree is pissed on her sis behalf but Sama told her to chill because they don’t have enough evidence to convict him.

Soh goes to see Nai Dij and thinks he’s behind the shooting at Siam Sarn. Nai Dij says that it’s not his handy work, apparently someone else is after one of the reporters and Sama went to help on his own. Nai Dij tries to come on to Soh and promises that he would never double cross her.

The next morning Waree nonchalantly checks her time to see if Mr. Sama would be picking her up per usual. Sahma notices this and remarks on it. Geez, I love that we get to see two sides of Margie, she’s adorable as the sweet Sahma and funny as Waree. Khun Sama does show up and Waree mentions that his timing always coincide with a free meal. Sama tells her that he’s been here very early but had been on a call and Sahma had already invited him for breakfast, in which he dare not refuse. Heeh.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 9.18.41 PM

During breakfast Waree tells him not to show up tomorrow morning for breakfast because the cook (Sahma) is going to be up in the air. Sama is sad because he doesn’t have an excuse to see her, and Sahma seems to notice that so she offers for him to taste Waree’s cooking instead. And when Waree tells him that she’s going to be eating out, Sama offers to pick her up so they can dine together. Lol. The man is sticking to her like glue and she likes it, but completely denies it! He has so many excuses to be with her. First he says that he’s going to wait until she publishes her article so he can take her back to Trat with him. Both Sahma and Waree look up at him. He reminds her about the gemstones, didn’t she want to write about that?

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 9.18.56 PM

Well if he’s going to be so insistent, Waree uses it to her advantage. She makes him sit still and have an artist draw his picture for her article. She tells the artist not to draw too similar to the real person since he has a lot of enemies.

Her boss wants to be straight up with her and asks her how she truly feels about Khun Sama. He has a feeling that Sama will go after what he wants, and it lies on Waree if she feels the same way. If not, she should stop using work as a cover up to spend time with him, and don’t use him either. Wise boss. (After agreeing for her to write about the gemstones.)

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 9.20.13 PM

After work, Waree finds Khun Sama waiting for her patiently at the lounge. He keeps using Sahma (her sister) as an excuse, that he made a promise to her that he would take Waree home. So they go to the mall to do a little shopping. As they meander in the mall, Sama tells her that he’s almost done with his work in Bangkok and that he would need to return soon. That is why he asked her when she would start her work on those gemstones. Waree had told him that it depends on whether there are other pressing issues to write about first. She tells him that they’re not attached at the hip so he could go as he wishes.

Villains appear at Koh Praharm and are damaging Khun Sama’s casino construction. They started burning down the working area.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 9.20.37 PM

Meanwhile Khun Sama is carting along shopping at Tops Market with Waree. He asks her if she wanted him to stay with her since her sister is gone. Waree says staying with him if she didn’t get shot at, she would get harassed by his love interests. Heeh. She tells him about the incident with Sahma and Soh at the mall a few days ago. Sama has a nagging suspicion.

On their drive back, Waree is balancing her checkbook based on habit and her sister’s orders. They’ve faced financial difficulties in the past when they were little so every penny matters to them now that they are older. Sama seems to understand. Since they’re shopping, Sama wants to buy some snacks for Meow Rai (his cat.) How cute is that?

Suddenly a motorcycle shoots in front of his car and he slams on the brake. He wonders out loud that people these days don’t have a care about how they drive. Waree warns him to be careful of motorcyclists, no matter what, he’ll be at fault. Which reminds him of a certain occurrence in Trat, where a particular cyclist hit his car and blames that it is his fault. He reminds her about that and she looks away sheepishly.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 9.20.59 PM

They arrive at her house and they are so easy going together until he gets a phone call with news about his island. He tells Waree that it is a good thing she’s not there because he would be so worried about her. Aw. Sama is so sweet, always thinking about her even when she’s not in danger. He looks at her again, “I have to return to Trat.” She asks him to leave tomorrow instead, but Sama can’t sleep when his workers are hurt like that. His mind is over there. (But his heart is here? Hehe.)

Sama takes her hand and tells her to be careful because she’s staying alone. She wishes him a safe trip back. Sama makes her promise to him that they would see each other again. Oh, swoon. Waree adds that she will see him if she must go to Trat for the gemstone scoop.

Waree walks him back to his car and Sama doesn’t take his eyes off of hers. He tells her that he’ll call her when he reaches Yanok Island. As he opens the car door, he leans down and kisses her right on the cheek.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 9.22.14 PM

Waree is so shocked she couldn’t formulate a retort fast enough, lol. He waves goodbye and leaves. Waree turns beet red and touches her cheek. Ah, so cute.

A motorcycle gang follows Khun Sama when he leaves Waree’s house. Soh orders them to find an opportunity to kill him. They trail him close until he pulls over, this is when they aim a gun at him. The bullet shatters his car driver window.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 9.23.36 PM

Waree is asleep on her wicker chair waiting for his call until he finally phones her.

“Have you reached the island?” she asks, sleepy.

“Yes..” he says, but his face looks as if he’s in pain, “I got to Yanok island pretty late.” The beeping of a machine sounds in the background. Uh oh.

“It’s ok,” she says, “as long as you are safe now.” That’s relative, I suppose.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 9.23.52 PM

“I won’t bug you then,” he says, his eyes in pain. “Go back to bed.”

“You do the same.”

“Goodnight..” he says.

She smiles, not knowing that he’s been shot and is getting treated at the hospital.

Pipat wonders why he didn’t tell her that he got shot on his way back to Trat. But Khun Sama doesn’t want to concern her. The two bodyguards are upset that they couldn’t protect him. Ah, such loyal guards.

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 9.24.44 PM

Sama looks at the tube of lipstick and thanks his lucky stars, for without it, he would have been dead. He had been leaning down to pick up the tube of lipstick when they shot at him. Luckily it only hits his shoulders.

Pipat asks Sama whom he suspects the most. Sama orders Pipat to phone Sopie at her house, and tell her that he had been shot but is safe now. If she’s not home, then tell the maids the same story. They wonder why but he doesn’t explain. Rampang appears (and how did she know?) and she tends to his condition.

The bodyguards learn that Sopie went to Bangkok, and once she learns that they had called her home in Trat, she freaks out thinking that Sama knows she might be behind the shooting. Hah. Good, instill some fear in that woman.

It’s such an adorable episode, filled with scenes of our loving duo. These bad guys keep attempting to kill Sama but fail all the same. Let’s see if they can outsmart him the next time. I like the romance and the drama but feeling as if the action and suspense are simply filler scenes. (It’s healthier for my rationale to think this way anyway, heeh.)

Until next week my friends!