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“I will build this casino if it kills me. It is my dream.” – Khun Sama

“This dream of yours, it is a sinful business that will encompass your life causing infinite pain and death to others.” – Sarawaree

The title song only intensifies the conflicted relationship between Sarawaree and Khun Sama.

How do you expect me to love you?
When in my head, I can never forget
The problems that keeps me up at night
I fear it will be the same
How could I love you?
When the past will only worsen if we remain like this
If you really love me, prove to me that you are confident.

Wow, if this intro is any indication, we are about to have us an intense romantic drama!

Episode 1 Recap

Within the Art’s Department and Economical News division of Siam Sarn, a legitimate newspaper company that reports only the truth, we are introduced to Sarawaree, who’s roaming the hall and catching attention at the same time. She has an adorable bob, a pretty face with piercing eyes. But she is fierce, not one to be messed with lightly. As she turns a corner, she catches two younger male reporters wondering if she is lesbian. The answer? A solid punch to the face, and a reprimand: “you’re not a real man if you’re gossiping about a woman! I may not be the typical heroine on TV, but I am a real woman who isn’t afraid to take on more than one man! ” The men scramble.

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 11.43.47 PM

During lunch, Waree stuffs her face, further indicating her “tomboy” misperceptions. Hey, nothing wrong with a girl who appreciates gluttony.

Her coworker peers at her with a shudder, “Are you full yet?”

With a mouth full she asks, “Have you ordered everything you wanted?”

“It looks to be everything, there’s no room left on this table,” he comments with apprehension.

She considers the table, “I know what we’re missing.” Her coworker’s eyes turn into saucers, he couldn’t believe she could intake more food.

Sarawaree spots her dish being served to another table, “Hey waiter!” she calls out, “I ordered that dish first why are you serving it to someone else?”

“I apologize,” the waiter says, “allow me to prepare you another one.”

“No. I want that dish,” she demands.

Her coworker wants to disappear into thin air.

“Do you know what ‘first come first serve’ means?” she lectures the waiter. “If you want to be a waiter and your memory is not good, write it down.” Haha. “Bring me that dish now.”

The server nods his head and does her bidding.

Waree offers the meat to her companion who says, “oh thank you, that makes me so happy.” LOL, when he is so embarrassed.

That particular coworker gossips about her with the two other guys, one being recently punched in the face by Waree, but when they see her, they immediately scramble in case they get hurt again.

She’s so tough and revered that every man in the company does her bidding. When it comes to her, you can look but you can’t touch. And if you touch, you will die. Hah, according to the voiceover of the boss’ anyway!

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 11.45.16 PM

Waree goes into her boss’ office and learns of a new, interesting assignment that she’s not quite sure if she will like.

“-opening a gambling house?”

“A casino,” he clarifies.

“It’s still gambling- the only difference is that rich people choose casinos and poor people go to the gambling house.”

“Do you have a problem with this case then? If you don’t want to do it, then it’s ok, I can send someone else to get the scoop,” her boss concedes.

“How can I dare have a problem with you, boss? How come you don’t have a reporter in that province get the scoop?” Waree inquires.

“They are too close. They know each other too well and I don’t want bias news,” he replies.

“Why, is the owner of the casino a mafia then?” she asks.

“He’s powerful; otherwise he wouldn’t be able to convince Khmer investors to shell out such a significant investment.”

“What is the casino owner’s name?”

“Sama. I have acquired some research data for you, so there should be some of his background information compiled in there,” he says.

“He’s so rich to the point of owning his own island. How come I’ve never heard of this name before?” Waree wants to know. “Are you sure about this Sama fellow?”

Her boss glares at her, “Positive. From what I heard, he’s really rich and it’s not due to an inheritance or his family, but from his own blood and sweat.”

We learn the backstory of how Khun Sama became rich.

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 11.46.24 PM

“He started selling gems first, then he opened a construction business, and later dabbling in selling land, everything he touched turned to gold. It’s unfortunate that he doesn’t like societal events. He values his privacy, and has never given any interviews to magazines or newspaper companies.


The boss shakes his head. “I don’t even know if he’ll permit us to interview him.”

“He hasn’t responded to your request?” Waree questions.

“Zilch. You can give it a try but if you’re not successful it’ll be ok-“

“But if I can do it, then it would be great right?” Waree interrupts. She pinpoints exactly what her boss wants to hear. “We wouldn’t be like other reporters who have to surmise and contemplate about the source. It wouldn’t be the same as the source coming out to speak for himself. Right boss?”

“Precisely. You read my mind!”

“It does sound like a good story.” Waree’s up for the challenge, and her boss is ecstatic.

“I knew you wouldn’t disappoint me,” he says.

Waree excuses herself to do some homework regarding the new scoop. But before she parts, her boss offers her a nugget of wisdom, “Stay open minded, and don’t write your story with prejudice.”

He wonders to himself if she’s going to survive this assignment. I can’t help but wonder the same thing.

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 11.47.15 PM

Khun Sama enters the scene on a boat, getting chased by his enemies. They are after blood, perhaps even his carcasses. Not only is he a savvy businessman, but a very skilled fighter too. After the enemies blow up his boat with a bazooka, they chased him through the woods on his island. Sama, along with his skilled men, take them down, it is as if this isn’t the first time they’ve had to use their muscles.

Back at the villa, his housekeeper massages his sore muscles. She advises him to hang in there otherwise he wouldn’t heal until Titih’s birthday, and it would implicate his handsomeness, haha. Sama smiles at his housekeeper.

A love interest arrives on the island by the name of Soh and she fusses over his condition. She is surprised that his enemies would combat with him as if they are at war. Sama tells her that he has experienced far worse than this, and that if he was supposed to die, he would have been dead a long time ago. Well, that’ s one way to look at it.

Soh dismisses the housekeeper Rampang, who disregards her. “I only have one boss,” hah, already we have ladies fighting over our leading man. Could you blame them? Uber rich, hot as heck and- did I mention that he owns an island?

Sama tells Rampang that he can manage it from here. The housekeeper walks away without regarding Soh.

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 11.48.39 PM

“I don’t feel good about this. Ever since you started building the casino at Koh Praharn (Praharn Island), there’s always trouble. I’m worried about you,” Soh says.

“We have to steel ourselves in this type of work,” Sama replies. “There will be more trouble.”

She tries to deter him, “but you have everything going for you already. You have money and influence; I think you shouldn’t open a casino. Trust me.”

“I can’t. It is my dream. I will build this casino if it kills me.”

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that!

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 11.49.16 PM

On the other side of the country, Waree comes home and we see an identical twin sister with long hair, staring up at the bright moon, her name is Sarasahma (nickname is Sahma, which sounds like Sama- our leading man- so to differentiate, I will add an “h” for Sahma.)

“It’s late now you’re not asleep yet Sahma?”

“I was waiting for you to come home and decided to moon watch,” replies her twin sister.

Waree smiles, “oh so romantic aren’t we?”

She takes a seat on the patio table and they chat about the recent news. Their cousin is getting married to a very rich Chinese descendent family. Waree is not excited, she’s disgusted by the snobby relative they have. They were never considered as family- her uncle in law had taken them under his wings when their mother passed away. Their own biological aunt wanted nothing to do with them and made it plain and clear. She chastised their mom and dad that they were an embarrassment, one ran after a man and other is in gambling debt. The two only had each other while growing up, so they are very close.

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 11.49.36 PM

Sahma tells her sister to let go of the past, but Waree is still bitter about the way they were treated. Thankfully their grandmother left the house and some inheritance for them to survive on. Waree blames it on their father, who is a gambling addict, which caused their mother to her death and they wouldn’t have been orphans. As you can imagine, she has a serious trauma regarding people who gamble, which sets up an interesting precedence since she’s trying to interview someone who is opening a casino. Oh fate, you are so funny sometimes.

Waree tells her twin that she’s heading to Trat for her assignment. Sahma could only reminisce that it has been ages since they were last there.

“It’s best we hadn’t returned, nothing memorable is waiting for us there,” Waree replies with sass.

“What are you going to be reporting on?” Sahma questions.

“Casino- there is a man named Sama, similar to your name but spells differently. He is opening a casino on an island near the border. It’s supposed to be enormous similar to those in Macau.”

“And you’re gonna be ok? If you’re not happy about it, ask your boss to send someone else,” Sahma advises.

“I’m not a kid anymore, I can separate business and personal.”

Sahma smiles at her.

“But it’s strange, you always get what you hate. I hate gambling but I must go to a casino to report on gambling.” You can blame it on the universe.

The two glance at the full moon.

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 11.50.18 PM

A fight ensues on the island, Khun Sama breaks it up with a gunshot to the sky. He reminds his employees of the rules surrounding the island: no fights allowed. Especially since they are under a lot of heat right now, everyone needs to collaborate and work together. He gives them an option to leave if they aren’t satisfied. But of course, his loyal employees remain. They apologize for causing a scene.

Soh wonders when the construction of his casino would be finished, she’s worried about his safety. Khun Sama replies that it should be completed within the year. She recommends that he hires additional help but Khun Sama rejects her feedback, it is his dream and he doesn’t want any interference.

Rampang is serving them tea and is clearly eavesdropping. Soh notices this and calls her out, “Does it take that long to serve us drinks? Do you want to have a seat as well?” Rampang just ignores her and tries to walk away, but Khun Sama asks if she has prepared Soh’s return. The woman in question turns to him with surprise, “What? You’re chasing me out already? (Rampang is smiling at the thought.) I will be picked up in the next 4-5 days,” she pouts.

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 11.50.33 PM

“I’m not chasing you out, Soh. You can say that I’m more worried about your safety. Besides, I don’t want anyone to misunderstand (us). Your reputation could be ruined.” Oh, Khun Sama, I think that’s her goal, hehe.

I just love how dismissal Khun Sama is. He’s just not into her lol.

As Khun Sama walks away, Rampang couldn’t help but smile.

“What are you smiling at?” Soh asks.

“What ever you think I’m smiling at,” and Rampang walks away, happy.

Soh mutters to herself that once she becomes the lady of the island, Rampang would be the first to go.

Back in Bangkok, the three musketeers chat about their assignments to different islands, Mattana to Phuket and Waree to Trat. She fills her girls in on her task and about Khun Sama.

I must say that they are doing a good job portraying the twins together! At her quaint house, Waree prepares her camera for her departure. Sahma packs a few wines bottles for their cousin’s wedding. Waree is reticent that they are giving her anything, but Sahma explains that she should consider it as a wedding gift for their cousin.

Waree peers at the wine cases and smiles cunningly.

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 11.51.22 PM

Only Sahma shows up at their cousin’s wedding the next day. The aunt and cousin couldn’t care less whether she shows up or not as they ignore Sahma. During the toast however, the uncle in law that is marrying off the bride and groom, spits out his wine, lol. He says that it tastes like washing soap.

Sahma looks at her aunt with embarrassment, her aunt yells at her that if she doesn’t want to come she didn’t need to make it worst, and Waree even wrote a sarcastic card.

Waree reports to her boss that she has a friend named Jin who lives in Trat and she’s a wealthy man’s daughter. If she goes to her friend’s house, she can acquire more information regarding Khun Sama. Her boss takes out a photo that their insider has taken of Khun Sama. Unfortunately because Waree thinks Khun Sama is the Chinese looking man (who is front and center in the photo) she says that he looks older than the 37 years old he’s supposed to be. Meanwhile she tears out the picture of the correct Khun Sama, haha.

Khun Sama runs into a man who dislikes him, Dej, at a restaurant. He’s real angry about something. He says to Khun Sama, “I’m not rich like you so no one listens to me! But don’t you forget that you’re sitting on those riches from my blood and sweat! You murderer!”

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 11.52.52 PM

Khun Sama isn’t about to let this older man disrespect him. Soh is trying to warn him.

“Whatever occurred in the past- I didn’t report it or go after it, because I’m considering Daet. However, if things become excessive I won’t stand it either.”

You go Khun Sama!

They have a stare down until Soh steers him towards the restaurant, leaving Dej in a fit of fury. He receives a call with news that a reporter will be in town. He asks to talk to the reporter before Khun Sama. This seems to cheer him up a bit.

Waree, the reporter in question, arrives in Trat the following day. Khun Sama is a smart fellow, he waits in the van as he spots her walking across the street. With a close look at her picture, Sama phones his employee, “I’ll send you the pic, make sure you confirm she’s the right one.”

Their first encounter is in the restaurant where Khun Sama asks if he could sit with her. I know we’ve seen this scene before, but I can’t help smiling at Khun Sama. He’s so cute and charming. He asks her if they’ve met before, but she denies it and tells the server to put her tab on his. He calls his assistant and says that she’s spicy (hehe) and will work, but it’s too bad that she doesn’t remember him (he’s disappointed at the thought.)

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 11.53.40 PM

They meet again at the hotel elevator (and of course he has been planning this.) This scene rekindles our memory of their cute elevator moment. He tries to remind her that they’ve met before, but it only resulted in an elbow to the stomach. Hah.

Waree interviews Khun Sama’s acquaintance /client to ensure she gets the whole picture behind the man. The interviewee remarks that he’s very pleased with Khun Sama’s company and Sama himself.

“Even while he’s opening a casino?” she questions.

“If he opens one in Thailand it would be illegal. But he’s building it in our neighboring country. It’s legal in every way, I think that it’s nothing negative.”

Her next question surrounds the aspect of humanity, that people who go to the casino would get addicted, and isn’t that a sin? The client surmises that if they were looking at it from that perspective, then she would be right. But he questioned her that don’t people already commit other sins too? Hah. Waree regroups her thought. The client adds that the casino provides jobs for people and other additional benefits.

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 11.54.18 PM

“So you also have worked with Khun Sama before, correct?” Waree asks.

“You’ve acquired some good data,” he compliments. “Yes, we work together, but what I’ve said are facts and truths, not because I am on his side.”

She thanks him for his time.

“Are you going to be here for awhile?” he asks. “If there is an opportunity, I would like to buy you a meal.”

“I’m not sure, it depends on how much research I can get here,” Waree replies.

“If you get a chance, be sure to tour Trat. It has changed a lot. It was a small province prior, but now it has grown.”

The comment that it has changed brought sadness over Waree.

I’m loving this suspense. What ever happened there?

Khun Sama is overseeing the hotel when he spots Waree.


“Miss reporter,” he calls out.

“Dammit,” Waree mutters. “Again.”

“And we meet again-“

“Not for much longer,” she spat and packs her bag.

These were teaser scenes in Maya Tawan, but it all makes sense now that they’re incorporated in this story.

Khun Sama learns that she’s going to be changing hotels and regrets it. Waree is trying to make herself sparse and get out of his way. She finds him annoying. Until he pinpoints her name and that he may even know Khun Sama. He advises her that if she wants to meet “the man” then she should attend Khun Jithi’s party. And Waree could only respond that she already knows about the party, her friend is the daughter who’s currently shopping abroad. I love our sassy girl.

That night Waree peers through her hotel window, thinking about her time at Trat when she was a tween. She was shining a man’s shoes when her father comes by to take her hard working money. She resented that. Waree climbs into bed as she cries for the youth that she once was.

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 11.54.49 PM

The next morning a man asks if she is Sarawaree, the reporter. He introduces himself as Dej, he wants to share with her how rotten Khun Sama is. He says that everyone is afraid of him because he’s rich. But he’s daring enough to expose Khun Sama for what he is. He claims that Khun Sama became rich because he swindled Dej’s younger brother.

They dine at a restaurant and Dej tells her that his younger brother Daet is friends with Khun Sama. When they were fishing for gemstones, his brother found a large one and Sama was jealous. The man claims that Sama had murdered his brother for the gems.

“Do you have any proof?” Waree questions.

He seems to be irritated with her question.

“If I don’t have evidence, I can’t write about it.”

“Of course I have it,” he claims, “there were many witnesses that said that when my younger brother left that day, they saw Sama packing his bags too.”

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 11.55.09 PM

Waree wants clarification, whether the witnesses saw Sama leave with Daet or seen Sama kill Daet?

He doesn’t have much of a case, as Waree smiles awkwardly at him, she knows he’s just blowing smoke.

“And do you have an opinion about Khun Sama opening a casino?”

“It’s a really bad thing. He wants the whole country to sin and gamble. And then he’ll just profit from the people’s money. He should be executed.”

Hah, Waree thought at first she would get some juicy news (that is real) but unfortunately Dej is just trying to sabotage his competitor. She reports this to her boss, who advises her to dig deeper and perhaps research a separate article surrounding gemstones in Trat. Waree says to take it easy, she needs more information.

Meanwhile Mee goes to see the boss in his office who asks her to speak to Waree regarding research of the gemstones. Waree is offended, she thinks that her friend (whom she calls spectacle auntie because Mee wears glasses and has a wise beyond her years attitude) doesn’t think she could get an interview with Khun Sama. Mee merely tells her that it is good to have plan B. Waree is adamant that she could get the interview and in addition to that, she would get the scoop regarding the gemstones as well. Irritated, Waree hangs up.

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 11.56.12 PM

She makes her way to Khun Sama’s company and starts taking pictures of the building. The security guard approaches her but she tells him that she thought it was pretty. He’s giving her a hard time, when suddenly she recognizes him. They break out into smiles as he was hoping that she would remember him- because he still remembers her as the kid in the market.

As they sit in the lounge area, Waree learns that the man she refers to as “uncle” has been working for Khun Sama for for 20 years now, but he can’t say much, only that Khun Sama helped him and kept him employed. She decides to just catch up instead, but pinpoints her question back to the casino, she’s such a skilled reporter, hehe. “So from what I remember, you stopped gambling. How do you feel about your boss opening a casino?”

The uncle catches her drift and calls her out on it. “I still hate gambling. I stay away from that.” He invites her to have a meal with him.

As he sneaks to another room, he phones his boss that he has Waree in his custody.

“She’s definitely your old friend whom you haven’t seen for a long time,” the older man confirms.

Khun Sama smiles, I spazzzz!

Remember the scene where Mattana envisions Waree in a golden dress? Well, Waree is actually wearing a blazer with some makeup on. Hey, she’s trying right? This is for the big party of the night, Khun Jithi’s birthday party. She scolds her younger colleague to change his outfit because they needed to look somewhat presentable.

Khun Sama is picking up Soh at her house when she tries to dazzle him with the wait.

“Did you wait long?” she asks, meandering down the stairs.

“I wasted some time,” he replies, LOL. Even his sidekicks had to laugh. “We are really late, let’s go.”

“You haven’t told me how I look tonight,” she says, stopping him.

He says without thinking, “You look pretty in anything.” He’s been trained well.

Waree is driving the motorcycle with her young colleague on the passenger side. She’s going real fast and almost hits an incoming car- which happens to be Khun Sama’s. His men get out of the car to check on them.

She immediately argues with the driver. Khun Sama peers through the window and notices her. He offers his sidekick to give her money so they can end their argument. But Waree thinks they are shutting her mouth with the money. She just wants an apology. When she gets one, she takes the money anyway, haha. She says she’ll take the money to do merit at the temple to wash away the sin.

It’s an extravagant birthday party! We got live classical music and delicious fare. Her friend Jin is looking out for her at the party and pales when Khun Sama shows up but Waree is nowhere to be found.

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 11.58.37 PM

Oh and the moment of truth! Waree discovers who the real Khun Sama is.

She greets Khun Jithi as “khun por” (dad) and wishes him a happy birthday. Then she notices the man whom she was annoyed with all dressed up. “You!” she calls out.

“You’ve met before?” Khun Jithi asks.

Soh chimes in, “yes, this woman made me and Khun Sama late to this party.”

Waree pales, “Khun Sama..?”

Everyone then wonders why Khun Sama knows Sarawaree, since he utters her name without being introduced.

She bows to him, “hello..” looking sheepishly.

Khun Sama smiles and bows back. Oh, Chakrit, stop smiling. You’re going to be the death of me.

And our girl doesn’t waste any time. “I’d like to be straight forward and ask to interview you regarding the casino that you are in the process of building.”

“Aw how pitiful,” Soh says, “you’ll lose face. Did you not know that Khun Sama doesn’t permit interviews?”

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 11.59.43 PM

“You want to go ahead and interview me here, right now?” Khun Sama asks.

“No, today’s khun por’s birthday, it’s not convenient and it would be rude. We can schedule it for another time,” Waree replies.

But Khun Sama tells her that they can talk another time then. He walks the host to the refreshment area.

“You don’t need to smile,” Soh adds, “it’s a polite decline.”

Waree folds her arm across her chest. She doesn’t know if she is getting that interview.

She goes to the patio to think things over, a little disgruntled.

Khun Sama approaches her from behind.

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 12.00.10 AM

“You look unhappy to see me again,” he says.

She turns around from the sound of his voice.

“How come you didn’t tell me that you were Khun Sama?”

“Well you didn’t ask,” he replies. Heeh. “You were too busy getting back at me.”

She doesn’t deny it.

He gets to the business at hand. “If I were to have any news written about me, it must be complete and honest. No fabrications.”

She tells him that her company only writes the truth, and that they are open minded.

He repeats after her, nodding his head.

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 12.00.19 AM

Waree questions him on what she needed to do in order to get the interview. Khun Sama merely tells her that he would need to be the first person to read her article before it gets published. They don’t normally do this, but what will she get the scoop if she agrees?

“Anything and everything you’d like to know. Including the location of my casino. And most importantly your company will be the only company that will have this scoop.”

Music to her ears.

“Just tell me when and where.”

“Tomorrow. Wait for my people at the dock.”


“Bring your clothes. You will be the first guest in Yanok Island. I hope you don’t mind,” he says.

“I don’t mind,” she says immediately.

And he gives her a final word, “You’re coming alone.” Heeh.

Later that night her friend tells her that she is very lucky to get the interview, it’s never been done before. Tell her something she doesn’t already know!

Her friend wants to know what she has done, then she surmises that Khun Sama must secretly want to jump her, lol. In all honesty, Jin is worried about her safety at the island. But Waree is fearless and she wants to find out what he has up his sleeve.

Khun Sama drops Soh off at home and she wonders why he’s allowing the reporter to interview him.

“There are exceptions aren’t there? Besides, I feel fated with her,” oh Sama you are full of surprises. Did you really just say that?

“Fated?” Soh repeated, “but she’s not your type, right? Even though she’s not dressed up but it’s easy to tell that she’s pretty.”

He tells her to rest well and that he’s leaving back to the island that night.

His sidekicks have their concerns as well. They voice that they don’t like the idea that the reporter will be staying on the island.

“We don’t want trouble to come to you,” one of them explains.

“I don’t know what will happen. But for this woman, I am confident.”

“But Khun Sama-“

“It’s alright, let’s go.”

They worry about the safety of their boss.

At an illegal gambling house, Dej wonders why they aren’t making enough money. He’s the one who’s jealous of Sama’s wealth and prosperity.

His minion reports to him that Sama has allowed the BKK reporter to interview him at the island.

“How do you know?”

“A close friend to Sopie.”

Waree’s boss is concerned about Waree going to the island alone. He wants someone else to go in her stead. But she’s fearless and wants to go. The boss is concerned about the owner, and not the island. She eventually convinces her boss to allow her to go. Either way, she does what she wants to do, hah.

Dej goes and blow Sopie’s ears that maybe Sama is interested in the reporter and she should be worried about losing to a younger woman. He wants to collaborate with her but she’s not playing along. She’s smarter than that. She’ll handle the reporter on her own.

The morning has arrived! Waree is on a boat ride to Yanok Island. What will she face there?

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 12.01.28 AM

Well well well. Perhaps it is the first episode and I wanted to give a detailed recap. Perhaps this Khun Sama is making me smile a little much. Or perhaps I’m already invested in watching this. Whatever the case may be, I do hope you enjoyed episode one. I liked that they’ve gotten the scenes we’ve already enjoyed out of the way in the first episode, which means that the next episodes will be new encounters, fresh scenes to spazz with (hopefully.)

What I liked most is the fact that Khun Sama is pursuing Waree, he’s so into her. I adore his character. Who doesn’t like our main guy to be nice to our girl? Serious brownie points. Not to mention that Waree is a cool, tough chick. Together, I’m enjoying their moments. The storyline is intriquing, mysterious and I’m wondering if Khun Sama will be able to finish his casino and why it became his dream to build one to begin with?

Who knows whether recaps of ep 2, 3 or 4, etc will follow, so stay tuned. I’m not sure if I’ll have the time, and I don’t want to make a commitment. So let’s just say we’re taking this one step at a time.  Que sera sera. Thanks for reading 🙂 – P’Fia.