Maybe even in society. Khun Chai Puttipat, our latest weekend installment, is serving to remind me that in a world with bad, bad men, there are also very good men too. The gentlemen; specifically Khun Chai Mor (doctor) who inspires doctors and nurses to do their best, champions the frail and underdogs, and ultimately, always chooses to do the right thing despite how difficult the opposition. I was at first blinded by his youthful flare, but after this weekend’s episodes, I am sold. So on board this James Jirayu train, as he takes us on a journey to more than fairytale conception- because he suffers from human tendencies too- but his character brings us the hope of good men.

Speaking of those human tendencies, Chai Pat is falling in love with Krong Kaew, the current Miss Siam, because of her beauty (there has to be that onset chemistry and physical attraction after all) but more so with her resilience. No matter the condition of her life, Krong Kaew is a survivor; she finds a way to get out of a predicament, even if it requires self-inflicted pain, and she is selfless, sacrificing her future to help her ailing father. These are characteristics that attracted Chai Pat. What I find so entertaining though, is his predicament. Chai Pat, our sensible, brilliant doctor is confused about how he should deal with the young and inexperienced Krong Kaew, she brings out a different side of him, one that many has never seen before.

And that poor piano. Struggling to abide by his grandmother’s orders to court Marathee, struggling to deal with his feelings for Krong Kaew, Khun Chai Mor takes it out on the piano, thrashing his skillful fingers along the piano chords. I do enjoy watching our gentleman’s feathers getting ruffled. At the end of the day, he wants to be treated and seen as a friend (although perhaps we know he wants to be more than that..) but Krong Kaew treats him as her savior, someone she should respect, look up to and ultimately, not inconvenienced. This bothered Chai Pat to no end, because he wants to be there for her, be the person she calls on. And I want to see him get his happily ever after.

In addition to having such a wonderful, strong willed pr’ek, we get to watch Krong Kaew as she goes through the bumpy journey of growing up and falling in love. She meets a strong woman, Khun Kate who serves as her mentor and guides her to do the right thing. What I love most about Khun Kate and her coaching skills, is that she’s inspiring Krong Kaew to fight and face her adversaries. Khun Kate tells Krong Kaew that she must attend the charity ball because even though her father is getting the treatment from Khun Chai Mor at no cost, Krong Kaew still deserves the winnings and she must take care of her future by securing the funds. I adore the interactions between Khun Kate and her hubby, Professor Chinakorn. I know through their love, Krong Kaew can see how happy one can be if one marries the person one loves. Even though Krong Kaew doesn’t have the higher education, she is smart, a true “kullasatree” (lady) and willful. Definitely fitting for our Khun Chai Pat.

So how will their love come to fruition amidst adversaries like the insatiable Tan Pinit (not to mention the nasty son of one of the scouts), the insufferable Marathee and finally, the insistent grandmothers? But despite the challenges and obstacles, they have a solid support system in Khun Kate and the rest of the wonderful Juthatheps, who is willing to help without even knowing what they are getting into. We definitely need more gentlemen in our lakorns and more importantly, we need them in our lives.

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