I’m so excited about this second part of the 3 Musketeers Series that I can barely contain myself. Simply with its title, The Moon’s Enchantment, one is spurred with all sorts of imagination. If Khun Samah (Chakrit Yamnarm) is the lunar, than our feisty reporter Sarawaree (Margie Rasri) will fall under his spell. Or is this a story about real enchantments? Whatever the case may be, I’m sold. This pairing is so electric!

Part of the fun in watching a lakorn is not knowing what’s going to happen next. Perhaps that is my downfall with Maya Tawan, I remember so much of the original version (it’s embedded in my memory) and the remake just doesn’t measure up to the plot, the characters etc, that I find myself having a rough time watching it. So, I’m not going to read the summary of Mon Jantra, I’m not even going to go back in time to watch any versions of it. I’m just going to allow this version of Chakrit and Margie to take me away. So if you know the whole story of Mon Jantra, please leave me in the dark. Ignorance is bliss.


Our destination is Trat, a province east of Thailand where gemstone mining is in abundance. Our super hot, super mysterious (not to mention rich) leading man is Khun Samah, who owns an island in Trat province and a casino. To get us ready for this second story of “3 Taharn Suea Sao” series, I’m going to summarize Waree and Khun Samah’s encounters thus far in Maya Tawan. So by the time Mon Jantra premiers, we are ready to immerse ourselves. (Which probably isn’t necessary because TV Scene is notorious for flashbacks and backstories that we’ve already seen, no?) Just humor me.

Miss Sassy Reporter Waree is assigned to pursue a scoop regarding the mysterious Khun Samah, a man who has not allowed any interviews to the media. She arrives at Trat where an annoying stranger, albeit very handsome, keeps pestering her. He’s always around, always watching her with those keen eyes, those teasing smiles. Although Waree appears like the proverbial tomboy, deep down she’s a romantic, waiting for her own true love. It turns out, this pestering individual is the Khun Samah she’s been hoping to get an interview with. She didn’t have to try very hard, the man is drawn to her, he came to her willingly. It happened at an elegant house party where everyone who is anyone attends this lavish affair. In his sharp suit and his hair slicked back, Khun Samah offers a proposition that with her exclusive scoop, she would need to allow him to review the article before it hits the newsstand. The question is, aside from exposure for his business, what else will he get out of it?


Waree wants to agree in a heartbeat, who is she kidding, it would be monumental for her as well as Siam Sarn. They shake hands on it as he flippantly tells her that she would come to his island alone. His secret smile reminds one of hot summer nights, where the palm trees sway beneath the full moon. He claims to know her from the past, recognizes her, but it doesn’t occur to her at all. Waree is invited to his island and his home to write her scoop. Upon returning to the city, it is clear that the two have developed a closeness. He saves her best friend Mattana (whom she loves like a younger sister) from getting gunned down. His constant presence, his alertness and useful muscle seems to be on her mind constantly. Until she has to return to Trat with him for a related article.

That is when things got out of control, depending on how you look at it. Confusion, explosion, Waree is hurt. Khun Samah sends news to the city for her sister, but Mattana shows up instead to be by her bedside. As days pass by, the crew at Siam Sarn caught wind that Waree is resigning from the company, from the industry period. Shocking. Curious. So many questions.


It is fair to assume that we will get to fill in the blank, the holes in the story in Mon Jantra, plus enjoy a slurry of action, drama, and love conflicts (maybe even some angst!) It’s going to be exciting, funny, but most of all, electric between our new pairing (if their scenes in Maya Tawan is any indication.)

We will get to witness how the second part of the 3 musketeers series plays out on May 16th at 8pm. You don’t want to miss this little gem.

[You can watch Chakrit-Margie’s scene cuts in Maya Tawan here or spazz with spoiling pictures at Kapook.Pic cred as tagged, FB, Kapook]