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Death comes in threes – Ep 12 Love Scheme Evil Scheme


What an excellent, revealing episode. I could not be more pleased with the turning in events. Despite losing Gramps, death does come in threes. Farewell, Khun Chai, may your death only propel us to unravel the true heir to your inheritance. Payia learns that after getting rid of Gramps, she will only encounter more obstacles, because the truth will inevitably prevail. Khun Dara is starting to suspect that maybe this daughter of hers, is not really hers. We also see Korya gaining more and more confident to stand up to Payia. Because if the three deaths taught her anything, it is that she needs to be her own champion. But it certainly doesn’t hurt to have the uber arrogant and uber sexy Khun Id by her side along this very fast, very exciting ride. Yay us, the director certainly knows the way to a girl’s heart. Prepare to spazz.

Korya pours the tainted simple syrup into Khun Chai’s tea, and before he takes his first sip, she sets the tone of the episode, “things will get better soon.” But it must get worse before it gets better. Khun Chai nods his head in agreement, and says, “at least the evil things that have been occurring in this household will be eliminated for once.” He downs his tea and as Korya leaves the library, he receives a call from the sergeant.

Without wasting any time, Khun Chai speaks into the classic rodeo phone, “I have a person in mind that I suspect is behind the murder of Mae Cheun. But you must promise me that you will do this quietly, I don’t want this to make the news. It’s a secret- because the person who I am suspecting is living in my Whang.” Not much more than he could say, Khun Chai collapses to the ground, clutching his stomach in pain. He dies instantly, lights out to gramps.

The sound of the teacup breaking alerts Korya and she rushes into the library, finding Khun Chai on the ground. She sees the phone dangling from the desk and rushes to it, requesting help.

As the sirens flare and the rest of the household in tears, Payia smirks quietly to herself. They make their way to the hospital, Khun Id joins them and takes Korya’s hands in his to comfort her through her tears. He tells Khun Dara to steel herself, but that the doctor is his good friend. Not much longer after he says that, the young doctor emerges from the emergency room with bad news: Khun Chai passed away even before he reached the hospital. Overcome with grief, Khun Dara faints and is admitted to the hospital.

The cops appear shortly after and states that there was a woman who was with Khun Chai last, Korya speaks up that it was her. She says that she brought him tea. Payia could not help but imply, “then he died..”

At the hospital break room, Khun Id sits down with his doctor friend to discuss the events.

“Khun Korya was the last person with Khun Chai,” the doctor surmises, serving his friend a cup of tea, how appropriate. “She is going to be the number one suspect.”

Khun Id nearly spits his tea, “What the hell Doc, what does Korya have to do with this? How can Khun Chai even die over a cup of tea?”

“It is very much possible that a cup of tea can kill a person.”

“What do you mean?” Khun Id questions.

“Khun Chai doesn’t have a history of heart disease. His health records indicate that he’s in good shape,” the Doc says.

“Are you trying to tell me-”

“I’m not saying anything yet. Once I’m sure, you’ll be the first to know,” and the Doc takes a good look at his teacup, spinning the conclusions in his clever brains.

The duo, Korya and Payia arrive back at the Whang. Payia decides to play the boss and orders the servants to only listen and take orders from her, since she is the remaining heir of the Siwawongs. She further enters the library and sends the tea set to crash against the floor, getting rid of evidences aren’t we? Korya watches her from the door, wondering what she is up to.

The following day Khun Dara is released from the hospital and the results of the autopsy is shared. The doctor starts by saying that he cannot allow Khun Chai’s body to be released yet because the autopsy reveals that his death is not due to a heart disease, but to cyanide poisoning.

Payia grasps her mother’s shoulder with shock, the others, Khun Dara and Korya gasp in surprise. Payia immediately launches a blame on Korya, “You were the one who brought tea to gramps, you poisoned him!” Korya shakes her head with distress. “No I didn’t! It wasn’t me,” she looks at her aunt, “It wasn’t me Auntie!”

Unfortunately the cops appear and requests Korya for questioning at the police station, as a suspect. Korya pales and shakes her head vehemently to indicate that she didn’t do it. The news travel to Chisanu’s house and everyone is in shock, Chisanu is sure about Korya’s innocence, and looks to be thinking of a plan to help her.

At the police station, Khun Id is by her side and Korya starts by reasoning with the police regarding her innocence, “I made tea for Khun Chai and brought it to him as per usual. If I planned on killing him, I wouldn’t have given it to him with my own hands.”

“Do you think someone else in the house plans on killing him then?” the police questions.

She nods her head, “Yes.”

“Who do you think it is?”

Khun Id looks at her, she’s no weakling.

“I don’t have any evidence,” Korya finally says.

The police takes a different route, “And why does that person want to kill Khun Than?”

“I don’t know either,” she says and leans in, “but trust me please, I love and respect Khun Chai like one of my elders. I’m grateful to him. If I have the gall to poison him, I’m not a human being.”

The police begs to differ, “If there are ulterior motives, no matter how much you love each other, you can still kill each other. I’ve seen it many times.”

“And what is that ulterior motive?” Khun Id chimes in. “What will she get out of killing Khun Chai?”

The police offers them some new developments, “Before Khun Than passed away, he called me and told me that he suspects someone in the household is responsible for Mae Cheun’s death.”

Korya and Khun Id exchange another look of surprise. Apparently Korya is off the hook for now, since there are no incriminating evidences found as of yet.

Back at Whang Siwalai, Chisanu tells Khun Dara that he knows Korya would not poison Khun Chai. Payia isn’t going to let the framing go, “If not her, then who?” Chisanu peers at her and says, “Sometimes it may even be you.” Hah. Payia stands up angrily, “I’m my mother’s daughter, why would I kill my grandpa?!”

“To silence him,” Korya pipes in, Khun Id is following right behind her. Wow, Korya is courageous!

“What are you talking about?” Payia demands.

“Khun Chai has an inkling that the murderer and someone in this household know each other. So you must kill him first, is that correct?” Korya replies.

Payia panics, her eyes are about to leave its socket and she explodes. “Nang Korya! (you bitch!)” She comes after Korya and starts choking her. It’s surprising how two men cannot peel this little girl from wrapping her hands around Korya’s throat? Mom comes in between them and tries to stop the fight.

Payia keeps screaming, “She’s the one who killed grandpa! She’s the one who killed everyone!

“Stop this insanity!” Khun Dara shouts. The fight stops and Khun Id puts his arms around Korya, “Stop spouting this nonsense and stop accusing another person!” Khun Dara bellows with increasing weakness. The look she gives Payia is awesome, a mix of disappointment and conviction. Payia could only look back at her “mom” with confusion and desperation.

As Korya tends to Khun Dara in her bedroom, she decides to say her piece. She kneels at the older woman’s bed, “Even though we are not related. You and everyone here love me as if I am one of your own. I swear to you that I’ve never dreamed of killing Khun Chai.”

Khun dara smiles weakly at her and touches her hand, “I believe you. I know that you didn’t do it.”

“But then who did it, Auntie?” Korya questions.

This question is confirmed by Nop whom Payia came to see- when she needs an accomplice- not so certain anymore are we? “So you think Khun Dara suspects you then?” he asks.

“I don’t know, I can’t read her,” Payia admits.

“You’re overthinking it, she believes you’re her daughter, how could she fault you? Besides, there’ s no evidence.”

Payia remembers the bottle of potassium cyanide in her drawers and races back home.

But Khun Dara has already decided to search her daughter’s room. She rummages around but as time ticks by, she discovers a locked drawer. Unfortunately Payia comes in on time and Khun Dara hides. Much to her demise, Payia takes out the bottle of instant death and decides to dump the contents into the sink- Khun Dara is witnessing the whole process. It finally occurs to her that Payia is truly evil and is probably the culprit behind the three deaths in the family.

“You are the killer!” Khun Dara utters as she goes for the bottle. They wrestle until Payia’s strength wins. Khun Dara falls to the ground with her bout of heart weakness. Payia glares menacingly at the bottle and only bad things could come from that look.

Payia announces to the rest of the household that no one is to meddle with her mother’s bedroom. Anyone who doesn’t abide by the rules will be kicked out of the palace. Korya doesn’t adhere to her orders and before Khun Dara could drink the tampered milk, Korya warns her against it. Payia kicks Korya out of the room and tells her mom that she needs her strength with her, because tomorrow, the lawyer is summoned to read the will.

Korya phones Khun Id that night and shares her hunch.

“What do you think she will do?” Khun Id questions.

“Aunt Dara knows that Payia is acquainted with the murderer and Payia is afraid that Auntie will tell the cops so Payia will-“

“Kill her to silence her?” Khun Id finishes Korya’s sentence. Wah, even in a simple black t-shirt Toomtam looks super adorable, but I digress. “No matter what,” he continues, “those two are mother-daughter.”

“Well Khun Chai is also her granddad,” she points out, “there’s another thing that makes me uneasy.”

“What is it?” he prods.

“She wants to know the contents of Khun Chai’s will and she’s having the lawyer reveal it immediately. She definitely wants to know what the inheritance entails.”

Khun Id nods his head with understanding. So later he bounces some thoughts regarding the will with his assistant.

“Well, all of the inheritance is going to fall on Khun Dara since she’s the daughter,” says the assistant.

“What about Payia?” Khun Id questions.

“She’s just a granddaughter, if her name is not on the will, she won’t get anything,” the assistant replies.

“If that is the case, then Korya’s fear regarding Payia could very well be possible.”

“Why is she worried about Khun Payia?” the assistant misunderstands. “Today she might not get it, but it’s inevitable in the future. She’s the only daughter as well, if anything happens to Khun Dara, everything falls on Payia.”

“That’s exactly Korya’s fear. Something can happen to Khun Dara,” Khun Id explains.

The day of the will reading arrives; Chisanu’s parents are present as well. They mention that they are leaving to America this evening.

The lawyer commences his reading, revealing the simple content of the will. Everything will go to Khun Dara should Khun Chai’s life ceases. Should anything happen to Khun Dara, only the rightful heir, by evidence of DNA, will inherit everything. If however, the above cannot be proven, then the entire inheritance will go to charity. Ah, sweet, sweet vindication.

Payia stares in horror at the lawyer. I suppose she must keep Khun Dara alive.

Korya and Khun Id discuss the will with his friendly doctor at the hospital. The good doctor surmises that Khun Chai must fear that his inheritance will fall on the wrong person, that’s why he requires full proof.

Korya adds, “That will was written before Payia even came to Bangkok. He probably never imagined that his life would be that short and didn’t get a chance to change the will.”

“Whether it is changed or not, remains the same,” says Khun Id, “the will states that Khun Dara’s child must pass the DNA test. Either way Payia will receive the inheritance. Since she’s Khun Dara’s daughter, why must she sweat it?”

Korya doesn’t say anything, doesn’t want to steer him to what she’s thinking about.

Then a deduction occurs to him and he looks at Korya as if the light turned on in his head, “Or is Payia not the right one?”

“I’m suspecting that too,” Korya agrees. She looks at the doctor, “Is there any way to find out if Payia is truly Khun Dara’s daughter?”

Khun Id looks at the doctor, who breaks out into a knowing smile.

Back at Whang Siwalai, Payia is livid. She demands to know why her gramps did this to her, but Khun Dara gives the same answer as Korya, that he created the will prior to her existence. “Then you must change the will!” Payia demands. “And why should I do that?” her mother responds stoically. Payia isn’t having any of it, she grabs her mother roughly until Khun Dara says things that scares Payia, “Why, what are you going to do to me if I don’t change it? Are you going to kill me like you killed granddad?”

Payia fears the older lady would know. She cuts her off from outside communication then summons the rest of the household, including Korya to stay away from Khun Dara’s room. She wants no one in to interrupt Khun Dara’s rest. Korya stubbornly tries to see her anyway, and pushes her way towards the stairwell. Payia shoves her away and commands the servants to toss Korya out of the house or else they will get fired. “Get her the hell out of here!”

Korya glares at her defiantly, “I’ll go and I won’t come back-“ she says. They are now on the steps of the front door, “but only if you guarantee me that you won’t do anything to Khun Dara.”

“Get out,” Payia spit, making no promises.

“Since you won’t give me your word then I won’t go away forever. We’ll be seeing each other again, Khun Payia,” she warns and walks away.

Chisanu wants to do a last hurrah for Korya before leaving for America with his parents. That same day, he escapes out of the house with Taeng.

“Where are you going?” Taeng asks, “You don’t have much time left.”

“I’m going to see someone; she may be able to offer us insights on why grandpa made such a crazy will.”

“And why do you think this person would know why,” Taeng questions.

“Tis the person grandpa hired to find the real heir in Chiang Mai.”

“But what if Khun Prab didn’t share details with his wife?”

“We’ll have to take that risk. Even if she doesn’t know everything, she must know something,” admonishes Chisanu with a determined look. And he’s right, they got more than they ever expected.

Khun Aon shares her wealth of information, “From what I know he must be despaired from finding the real granddaughter and wrote that will,” she explains, “He loves Khun Dara and couldn’t stand seeing her hurt so he sent his lawyer to an orphanage to find a suitable orphan to pretend that she’s Khun Dara’s child.” Say what?! The extent of what a father would do to keep his daughter happy.

“What?” Taeng cries, my exact reaction. “He sent him to find a fake heir?”

“Yes, a good kid that will make Khun Dara happy. But miracles do happen, it turns out that Khun Prap is able to find the real heir by coincidence.”

“How do they know that she’s the real one?” Chisanu questions.

“She has specific heirlooms- a necklace and ring with a star shape.

It occurs to Chisanu and he mutters,”A star shaped ring.. What does it look like? Have you seen it before?”

Khun Aon shakes her head.

But we have, and it’s currently in Nop’s possession. He is looking at that very ring when Payia came to see him again.

“She knows!” Payia exclaims, “She knows that I did it.”

“Where is she?” – “I locked her in the room. But it can’t be there for long. People will be suspicious,” Payia says.

“She will not let you go,” surmises Nop.

“At first I wanted to kill her, but the will has a condition. If she dies I don’t get squat!”

“Then force her to change the will,” he advises.

He takes out his gun for emphasis, “Then afterward we kill her.”

I just adore how Korya goes to Khun Id when she’s in trouble. This time she needs a place to stay. He takes her to his condo. Ah, this is what I’ve been waiting for!

She peers from the hallway with hesitation. Khun Id gives her a beaming smile, oh you devil.

She walks in. It’s a beautiful condo with a sprawling view of the city.

“Make yourself at home,” says Khun Id, “I’m giving this to you.”

How do you not spazz when they are together?

He shows her the room. She looks at the city view.

“Who owns this condo?” Korya asks.

“I do. I bought it but never got a chance to stay here,” Khun Id replies and looks at her, “Don’t stress out, no one will be able to kick you out of here.”

She smiles at him, “Thank you.”

“No problem. I purchased it a long time ago, it’s better to live here together then to just let it go to waste.”

She turns to him with a worried look, “What? We stay together? Who’s we?” Haha.

“Well,” Khun Id says with a devil’s smile, “It’s my room, so why can’t I stay here?”

He sits comfortably on the bed.

“You can’t!” Korya starts, “You gave it to me so I have the right to kick you out.”

Khun Id nods his head then stretches himself on the bed, offering a relaxing sigh.

She pulls him back up with exasperation, “You can go home now. Go on.”

As she keeps pulling at his arm, he merely pulls one time and she cascades into him and they fall on the bed. Hah so cute.

“Aren’t you afraid of sleeping alone?” he uses the oldest trick in the book and examines her face. He leans in closer.

“I’m not,” she answers. “You can go now.” She pushes at his chest.

“I’m not going,” he argues.

“You are.”

“No I’m not,” he says again. Haha.

“Then I’ll go,” Korya threatens. She is finally able to remove herself from under him.

Khun Id grabs her hand, “Oh yeah, where do you think you’re going?”

She doesn’t know, but she tells him something that will anger him, “I’m going to Chisanupong’s house.”

He pulls at her hands again, “Try it and I’ll disrupt that house.”

“Fine then you can go home, I’m sleepy now, I want to go to bed.”

“Oh me too, lets go to bed together,” Oh Id, haha.

As a last resort, she pinches his chest.

“You must be awake now. So go home.”

Khun Id fakes a yawn.

I’m so in lakorn heaven.

“Remember tomorrow we have something important to do,” Korya reminds him.

He finally concedes, “Fine. And what is your plan by the way?”

Korya gives Khun Id her cunning look.

The plan involves Korya texting Khun Dara. Korya has a hunch that Khun Dara knows that she’s in danger and that she has the same suspicions regarding Payia. Unfortunately, Payia, the dictator, has been fielding the communication. She sees the text message, even has the gall to read it out loud to her mother.

“You don’t believe her right?” Payia questions her mom.

Khun Dara doesn’t answer and Payia continues reading: Tomorrow I will stop by the Whang to pick up the stuff (hair of Khun dara and Payia for the DNA test.) No more than 5 days, the truth will come out and you can decide on how to deal with Payia.

“What are you going to do?” Payia questions, as if Khun Dara has options.

“I want to test it too,” Khun Dara replies.

She explodes and surmises that Khun Dara rather believes someone else than her own daughter.

“If you’re really my daughter, you shouldn’t be afraid,” admonishes Khun Dara. “Just a test and you will get everything. Everything that is mine.”

Such luring words.

Payia seems to get an idea for something, “Are you sure?” She smiles evilly and takes out a notepad. She makes her mom write a new will, shouldering all of the inheritance to her.

Meanwhile Chisanu is able to buy himself some time from America. He makes Taeng report to his parents that he will follow them just as soon as he takes care of some urgent business. His parents hands are tied, so they ask where this important business is, and Taeng replies with “Chiang Mai.” Hm..

The following day, Korya and Khun Id park their van by the front doors of the palace.

“Did you get a response back from her?” Khun Id questions.

Korya shakes her head.

“How do you know she’ll do as planned?”

“Whether she believes it or not, she ought to trust me and come out to see me regardless,” Korya mentions.

In the Whang, Payia reads the will- but it’s not signed. Khun Dara makes a deal that only if she takes the test, then she will sign. But Payia doesn’t cave in; she says that she will only take the test with if Khun Dara signs. We are at a standstill, what’s going to happen? Payia hands the new will to her mom, but will the good Khun Dara offer her John Hancock? We shall see. Until next week!

Preview for Ep 13

Chisanu goes to see Khun Dara, he says, “Khun Mae Wan Pen told me that Payia never had any locket or ring on her for the whole time she was at the orphanage.”

“Where did she get it from then?” Khun Dara asks.

“It belonged to Korya,” he answers. Khun Dara is shocked.

Next we see Payia answering a phone call and she says, “What do you want Korya?” but her mom is on the other end. “Mom,” she uses her stupid baby voice. Khun Dara is in the same room as Korya, with Khun Id perching on her chair again. (I’m all smiles.)

“I want to see you,” Khun Dara says, luring the evil girl out.

“Where, tell me and I will go and see you,” Payia says.

Then finally, we have Korya waking up with a scream.

I’m so glad that we are getting more Id-Korya scenes because how can you not spazz when they are together? Just the look across the room, the proximity, the fact that they are always seeking each other, just makes a girl happy. For that, we shall thank the director, but only demand more for the next episodes.

Plot wise, we are moving closer, ever so closer to our finish line. Perhaps Khun Dara will finally know that Korya is her daughter and not Payia. Perhaps Korya will get her memory back, if her nightmares are any indication, and lastly, perhaps Korya will know everything about Khun Id- the fact that he kicked her out of the nunnery- and we get a love story arch. Whatever is on the horizon, I’m still, so in.

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