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A mother’s love? – Ep 9 Love Scheme Evil Scheme


Is a mother’s love as wide as the ocean, and as deep as the sea? Khun Dara is faced with difficult decisions, should she do the right thing by turning in her child, or should she protect her child despite knowing the whole story- or part of the truth? This episode focuses on answering those questions, as well as finding the culprit who killed Grand Aunt, and uncovering the importance of the ring. The romance story between Korya and Khun Id however, is being shoved to the back burner, teasing us with only a single scene, making me wonder if pursuing this lakorn is even a good idea. Don’t they know that Toomtam and Charebelle is the only reason why I’m watching this? So not fair.

It is Grand Aunt’s funeral and Khun Dara starts to get suspicious on why Mae Cheun is disregarding Payia the way that her aunt has. She questions Payia on why she thinks Mae Cheun is giving her the cut direct, but Payia simply replies that the old lady doesn’t like her. This makes Khun Dara feel badly- obviously she wants everyone to like her daughter, and is coming to the realization that her daughter is an evil bitch- so she begs for forgiveness from her late aunt, telling her that she knows Payia is not a good person, but that she’s her daughter. Hm. Korya notices Khun Dara is distraught, so she consoles the older woman and tells her that her tears will not let Grand Aunt rest in peace. Mae Cheun begs to differ, she says that Grand Aunt will not rest in peace if the person who killed her is still alive and hovering in Whang Siwalai.

Mae Cheun has a private conversation with Korya at the back of the temple, she asks Korya what Grand Aunt wanted to know prior to her death. Korya says that Grand Aunt was adamant about the ring. Mae Cheun nods her head and agrees that the ring is important, and that she will fill her in on everything once she finds the ring. Korya explains that she’s trying to find it, Khun Id doesn’t remember where he put it. Their conversation is cut short when Khun Dara appears, very curious about their “important” discussion.

Khun Id finds Korya at the funeral and decides to get her back into his house.

“I’ve been thinking about this,” he starts, “I’d like you to leave this Whang.”

But Korya is unrelented, she explains, “Aunt Dara is very sad right now, I don’t want to leave her.”

Khun Id tugs at her arm, “Right now Whang Siwalai is not safe anymore. If the culprit can hurt Khun Ying like that, they can hurt you too.”

“I agree,” she says, “and that is why I must stay at Whang Siwalai. Until they try again. I will catch him.”

“Are you nuts?” he exclaims, frustrated. “Leave this to the police.”

“I think I can help,” she insists.

He shakes his head and turns away.

“And you can help me,” she continues.


“My ring. If I have my right back, we may know who is behind the murder and what he needs.”

Khun Id laughs, more like smirks. “That’s nonsensical. Are you telling me that the person who wants to kill you and everyone else in the Whang, wants the ring that Chisanu gave to you?”

This confuses Korya and she calls Chisanu to join their discussion.

“It’s not my ring,” Chisanu admits, “it is yours.”

“But Khun Id said that..” Korya looks to Khun Id for clarification.

“Well, I said it was my ring because I wanted him to believe that we..” Chisanu starts to explain, but pauses.

She waits for his answer.

“That we used to be an item,” he finally says.

Khun Id jumps in with glee, “I knew it! You lied!” well Khun Id, I don’t mean to burst your bubble there but you seemed pretty convinced just an episode ago that the ring came from Chisanu.

Chisanu glares at Khun Id with irritation.

Korya turns to Khun Id with a puppy face look.

“Ok, I got it. No need to pout,” he says. “But I have a condition.” Of course he does, lol.

“What is it?” she questions.

“I will return your ring if you move out of Whang Siwalai, and move back in with me.”

Chisanu is pissed.

Id smiles cunningly. “What say you?” Oh how I love this guy! He’s never beneath using anything to his advantage.

That my friends, is the end of our cute scene between Toomtam and Charebelle.

We get into the search for the culprit. It starts with the new wife (Khun Sakkuna) who decides to wear her generous new find to the funeral: the gaudy pearl earrings and ring. The minute Payia gets a look at it, she freaks out and spills hot tea on Khun Sakkuna. Khun Dara notices the ring too and later seeks the new wife in the restroom. She asks to take a closer look at the jewelry set, and upon deciding that it does belong to her aunt, she questions the new wife on where she found such an exquisite set. Khun Sakkuna merely explains that it was a woman’s secret. Which is probably not the best answer, because shortly thereafter, Khun Dara and Grandpa sends a couple of police officers to Khun Id’s house to uncover the identity of the person who sold Khun Sakkuna the jewelry set. In a dire situation, we discover that Khun Sakkuna will rat out anyone to protect herself.

The cops go after Nop, but he is able to get a heads up from Payia first. Khun Dara, with the final pieces of the puzzle put together, she confronts her daughter when she thinks that she’s making a phone call to the perpetrator. This is a dramatic scene that takes Khun Dara to the point of no return, and she makes her decision on how to proceed with her daughter.

“Give me that phone,” Khun Dara warns. When Payia doesn’t Khun Dara wrestles the phone out of her hands. She notices the name on the phone, “who is this man?” Payia doesn’t answer and wrestles the phone back, she shoves her mom onto the bed, and runs into the bathroom where she proceeds to soak the phone and breaks it.

Fed up, Khun Dara exclaims from behind the bathroom door, “Come out or I will call the cops!”

Payia finally comes out of the bathroom and questions her mother on what she thinks she is guilty of.

“Why did you hurt your Grand Aunt?”

Payia begins to cry.

“Must you kill her because she doesn’t like you?!”

“I didn’t do it! You are misunderstanding,” Payia cries.

“The evidences are clear. You gave drugs to the security man so he can pass out, you tricked Grand Aunt to come out and then you made this Nop fellow kill her!” Oh indeed, that is pretty clear.

“I- I didn’t mean to!” she shouts. “It was an accident, I didn’t mean to..”

She confesses the story to Khun Dara, fabricating the ending.

“He used to be my BF but when I learned that he’s a bad person, I broke up with him. He followed me here and he knows you have a lot of money. So he threatened me- he told me that he will sell my pictures to the newspaper if I don’t give him the money! I was afraid to ruin our family name.”

Khun Dara doesn’t pity her, “So you were willing to kill your grand aunt?!”

“I don’t have any money!” She bullshits. “Grand Aunt caught on and she followed me out. When she threatened to call the cops, he killed her. I couldn’t stop him in time.”

“And how come you didn’t tell me?” Khun Dara asks.

“He told me that he would kill me if I told anyone. He also said that if he’s in jail, then I will be in jail too. I don’t want to die or go to jail!”

She crawls over to her mom, “I’m sorry.. you can kick me out or sever our ties, but please don’t tell anyone.”

“You ruined a person’s life- and you want me to remain still and do nothing? Not gonna happen. You messed up and you will be responsible for it.” You go Khun Dara!

“Then I will die so I can pay for it!” Payai threatens.

Khun Dara starts walking out of the room when Payia takes hold of a box cutter and tries to slit her wrist.

Khun Dara stops her, “If you die, who am I supposed to go on living with?”

Ugh, Payia wins again, and pulling her mom into being another accomplice.

Meanwhile, Nop escapes in time but the cops discover his identification card. Korya sends the card over to Chisanu who has Taeng and the uncle search for the culprit in Chiang Mai. On their way back to BKK though, Taeng spots Nop at the gas station and calls Chisanu to make his way there.

Khun Id has the ring in his hands and keeps spinning it around as if he’s still contemplating.

“Love,” his assistant began his typical lecture, “is about giving. Love exists within honesty and trust. No tricking or lying.”

That smart comment earns him another smack on the head.

“And most importantly,” he continues, “Love is about sacrificing. I know that you love Khun Korya. But if she used to be engaged with Khun Chisanu, then you must be willing to give her up like a man.”

“You are nuts,” Khun Id remarks, “It’s not an engagement ring. They didn’t used to be engaged.”

He pauses for a moment and continues with a good look at the ring, “But I’m just curious. Think about it. She is an orphan. She grew up poor. If this ring didn’t come from Chisanu, then where did it come from?”

Well, Mae Cheun and Korya is trying to figure that out too. They have another secret discussion at the temple. Korya tells the older woman that Khun Id found the ring.

“Where is it?” Mae Cheun questions with excitement.

“He’ll bring it to me tonight.”

Mae Cheun immediately tries to find Grandpa to discuss the goings on, but Khun Dara finds her first.

“I know what you’re trying to do,” Khun Dara says, “You are about to tell dad about Payia.”

“Yes. I know that she’s responsible for hurting Korya and for killing Khun Ying!” Whoa, there’s no slowing down there.

“Mae Cheun! You are talking about my daughter here!”

“She is not your daughter!” Mae Cheun exclaims, then calms herself down, “You’re protecting her even when she’s trying to hurt us all.”

“I know she’s wrong but she’s not the murderer,” defends Khun Dara. “I know that you love grand aunt, and I do too, but I also love my daughter. I beg you, stop meddling with this.”

Mae Cheun straightens her back, “I’m doing this because of my loyalty to you and your dad. But you think I’m meddling.”

“Let me confess the truth to dad myself, she will be punished. But you need not meddle,” says Khun Dara.

She tries to get Mae Cheun to focus on something else (trying to get rid of her.)

“No need to,” Mae Cheun says, “If you tell me to stop meddling, I will. The truth is the truth. Even if I don’t speak of it, it will reveal itself shortly. You will know what’s what. And you will regret what you’ve done to me.” Nice one granny. You tell her!

But all is not meant to be for tonight because Chisanu calls Korya and tells her that they have seen the culprit, and if she wanted to join him. She is stuck in a position of choosing whether to find the culprit or to get her ring back.

And what did she decide?

Well, to disappoint our poor boy, of course, who shows up at the funeral only to learn from grandpa that his beloved went with another man in an “important” business. Imagine the disappointment. Imagine the fury. Ah well, she’s got priorities, bro, and you’re not it.

Will they catch Nop before he takes off again? Will Korya ever get her ring back? And how will Khun Dara realize that she’s protecting the wrong person? I just have one request, more Korya-Id scenes pretty please!

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