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To love or be loved – Ep 14 Pon Prom Onlaweng


If you can’t be with the one you love, should you love the one you’re with? That seems to be the consensus for Tanyong and Dr. Pathawee. One would think that after everything they’ve been through; they would do away with the misunderstandings and insecurities. I mean, Nong May died so that everyone could have their happily ever after. And one episode away from the finale, we get people moping around, uncertain about their next steps. Give me back my Nong May then! At any rate..

In the previous episode, Tanyong is released from the hospital. She hasn’t seen Dr. Wee since her sweet dreams earlier, so the onset of this episode has Tanyong craning her neck looking for Dr. Wee, but to no avail. This man is like a ninja, he will only be seen when he wants to be seen.

Piram thanks Dr. Neung for walking them out and for all that she has done. He even sends his gratitude to Dr. Wee too. Oh Mr. Piram, even I’m getting tired of your pretentious attitude. Dr. Neung is all smiles, happy that her patient is finally healed, and ecstatic that she’s out of her hair.

Dr. Wee isn’t too far away, he’s staring down at Tanyong from his office window, and the show, as they say, must go on. We watch Dr. Wee and Tanyong get on with their lives, in a sad, unhappy manner. It is like they are just going through the motions: Dr. Wee training the interns, deleting the research files that have to do with Tanyong’s case. While Tanyong, sulks in the dark, wondering where her Uncle Wee is. If there are two people who are avoiding a confrontation, these two takes the cake!

But Tanyong has to decide something soon, because during lunch, while her mind floats to the time she and Dr. Wee had lunch together, her fiancé drops a bomb on her: “I have to travel out of town. I could be gone for a year or longer,” he takes her hand, “Can we marry before I leave?”

“Why so soon?” is all Tanyong could muster.

“I want to take care of you. I don’t want to be away from you,” he replies. “I will wait to hear your answer.”

This question leaves Tanyong depressed that night. Her best friend is spending the night and notices her crestfallen face.

“What’s the matter?” Bie asks.

“I feel guilty (about Piram),” Tanyong admits.

“Aren’t you just thinking this on your own?”

“Piram talked to me about the wedding today. What should I do? I’m so confused,” she says.

Her friend could only advise, “You need to ask yourself. This is your life. I want you to think very carefully before you make up your mind. If you only have one day left in this world, whose face would you like to see last- between Piram and Dr. Wee?”

A very good question.

Dr. Wee thinks about the time Nong May asks him in the car, why love is not always beautiful. He had responded that for him, if he were to love someone, he would be the giver and not expect anything else in return. This sets the wheel turning for him, and he turns to something that he had been meaning to do since medical school: be a volunteer upcountry doctor, charity work essentially. Perhaps a great thing, but deep down, he wanted to be away, needed to be away.

People, stop running from your problems!

After waiting for her friend to decide (which doesn’t seem to be the case), Kru Bie decides to take matters into her own hands, not knowing that it will only backfire.

She arranges for Tanyong to confront Dr. Wee at his house, letting the heart tell her what to do, essentially. Gotta love a bestie who is always looking out for your best interest.

Tanyong pays respect to grandma first, who feels so connected with her just by looking at her. Next, she finds Dr. Wee in the backyard, facing the man-made pond.

“Uncle Wee ka,” she calls out. I love hearing those words..

So does he, as he smiles at her.

“Uncle Wee,” she repeats, preparing to make her way towards him.

But another feminine voice appears, “Wee ka,” that belongs to Dr. Neung.

Dr. Neung latches her arms around Dr. Wee, “Khun Tanyong, how did you get here? Would you like to have snacks with us?” Hands off lady!

Even Bie is stunned, who is watching from afar, embarrassed at the reconciliation scene she tried to create.

Hurt, Tanyong runs off. Dr. Wee follows her, confused by her presence.

As she reaches the backyard, Dr. Wee catches up to her, “You came to see me,” he replies stupidly.

With tears in her eyes she says, “I didn’t think you were with Dr. Neung. You never thought of visiting me at all, huh?” she accuses. “Even when I was in the hospital..”

He looks away from her and nods his head. “You already have a fiancé.” Yeah well, what can you say to that?

Tanyong walks away crying and gets into her friend’s car. Kru Bie gives both Nawin and Dr. Wee a blistering look.

That worked out well.

Bie pulls over to the nearby park.

“I’m sorry,” she says, “I really made things worse.”

“I don’t blame you,” Tanyong replies. “It’s my fault.”

“But nothing is clear,” Bie adds.

“No, it’s crystal clear. I shouldn’t think about him anymore. I should think about Piram. We need to end it here, it’s enough.”

And it just gets worse.

Nawin tells his friend to follow his heart, that everything doesn’t require rationalizations.

“What can I do? She already has someone taking care of her,” Dr. Wee reasons.

“Listen to me- love is about your feelings, not reasoning.”

“But everything requires reasoning to me.”

“Don’t you realize your own feelings (for her)?” Nawin questions.

But Dr. Wee is a black and white kind of guy, no gray areas for him. Bottom line is, he’s just stubborn and wants to take the high road by hurting himself. Ugh, I don’t think the loss of Nong May taught anyone anything. Sadness.

And that Dr. Neung is a sneaky lady. After knowing Dr. Wee for ten years now, if he’s still not into her, what makes her think that she will have any chance? But this lady is holding on to any semblance of hope. She does a little preventative warning towards Tanyong, because she knows how Dr. Wee feels about the patient.

Tanyong is seeing Dr. Neung for a follow up appointment. After Dr. Neung says that she seems to be back to normal, she throws in a personal jab, which is completely unprofessional! This lady is paying you to do your work, not to talk about your personal problems.

Dr. Neung looks at Tanyong and says, “I don’t know how you and Dr. Wee know each other, but he and I know each other for many years and we are very close. I just want you to know that. Also, you already have a fiancé, why are you attached to Wee?”

Dang bitch, take it easy. This doctor has claws.

“I-“ but Tanyong couldn’t get a word in edgewise.

“Wee and I won’t be able to go any further (in our relationship) if there is anyone who is attached to him. I love him very much. I can’t live without him. I beg you,” she pleads coldly to Tanyong, “Consider another woman’s heart.”

Wow, talk about being underhanded. “Give me your word,” she adds.

When she walks Tanyong to the lobby, she says in front of Piram, “I wish you both the best.”

Piram decides to poke and prod as well, he questions Tanyong if she has made up her mind about their situation.

“I-“ Tanyong starts.

“I’ve already looked into dates. Two days before we travel abroad.”

She recalls Dr. Neung’s curt words.

“We’re engaged,” Tanyong says, resigned, “so we should get married right?”

For normal couples, yes.. but if your heart is not truly in it, steer clear!

“You agree then?” Piram asks, delighted. He embraces her. These two, Piram and Dr. Neung, just reek of desperation. They’ll take what they can get.

Even her parents are allowing their marriage, but soon, they start to see that their daughter doesn’t appear to be the happy future bride. They try to approach and ask her many times, but she seems to be indifferent to it.

Meanwhile Nawin makes up to Kru Bie and sends a video of his success to his friend. Dr. Wee shakes his head over his friend’s silliness, but it helps him do one final hurrah before he decides to volunteer as an upcountry doctor.

He drives over to Tanyong’s house, which is really bad timing.

As he walks to her driveway, he sees Piram leaning in to kiss Tanyong, sealing the deal. Hurt and angry, Dr. Wee makes up his mind.

So towards the end of this episode, we have our duo going their separate ways. Dr. Wee is in the countryside, where medical help is nonexistent, and Tanyong is preparing for her wedding.

I sure love the discussion between Kru Bie and her man though.

“Are we really not going to do anything?”

“About what?” Nawin asks, knowing full well what Bie is referring to.

“Don’t be irritating,” Bie warns, “I just know that Yong doesn’t love Piram anymore. She loves Dr. Wee.”

“If she doesn’t love him, why is she marrying him?” Nawin questions, which is legitimate and fair.

“I feel sorry for her and Dr. Wee,” Bie comments. “You need to help them.”

“No. I don’t want to meddle.”

But her Nawin couldn’t hurt her feelings more than he could say no, so he decides to meddle anyway. At this time though, even a bull couldn’t convince Dr. Wee, who seems to enjoy the upcountry life. It’s simple and he has lots of time to write in his journal by the fire.

Dr. Neung decides to join him some time later at the countryside.

Tanyong’s mom decides to ask her daughter one last time, “Do you love Piram?”

Tanyong doesn’t reply.

“If you marry him for his goodness, I don’t want you to do that. I want you to marry for love. I have only one daughter; I want you to be happy.”

But Tanyong continues to let things go. She tries on her wedding dress.

Good gad this episode is depressing. They do want us to suffer until the finale, because really, losing Nong May apparently was not enough. No pain no gain. Stay tune for the end!

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