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Next Recapping Project: Dao Reurng (Summary)


Woot! In this lakorn remake, Dao Reurng, starring Por Thrisadee and Yaya Urassaya, we are going to leave the fancy pants in Bangkok and don our plaid shirts (with a gun holster) in the upcountry. From No Problem Production by Mam Thitima and director P’Num Krit, which brought us the lakorn that went straight to my heart, Phoo Yai Lee Gup Nang Ma, Dao Reurng will encompass the quirky, funny and adorable aspect of countryside comedy, but with a different flare.

Things are much more abrasive, a tad more dangerous and all the more torturous for our pr’ek Por Thrisadee. He plays Jin, a newly enthusiastic, inexperienced Deputy (Bpalat) from Bangkok who gets stationed in the countryside. This particular village is a tough gig, not many Bpalats have survived it for more than a couple of months. But Bpalat Jin is up for the challenge. The village is still backwards in their ways and is run by a bunch of ruffians. There are two opposing groups, Phu Yai’s son and Dao Reurng. Bpalat gets entrenched in their warfare. But he is determined to improve the village and their regressive ways.

I have seen Johnny Anfone’s version awhile ago, but I don’t recall the specific subplots (not the way that I did for Maya Tawan hehe) so I am excited to watch this year’s version. Especially having spazzed over Por Thrisadee as Phoo Yai Lee and now he’s going to be Bpalat, what’s not to love? His character is quite lovable and you’ll probably feel for him a lot since he will be tortured by Dao Reurng, but I am more curious to see how a Deputy will reform the village and the pain in the ass, Dao Reurng!

The teasers and behind the scenes have shown that Por T and Yaya are compatible and charismatic together. And for that, I will be recapping this lakorn! No specific air date yet, but I’m definitely anticipating this one- and you can read the recaps here 🙂


Behind the scenes:

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