The show is not over until the fat lady sings.

Airing in mid December, our new weekend primetime, Nuer Mek 2 (Beyond Comparison II) may just make it to my top 2012 lakorn list. From the production team, Metha Lae Mahaniyom- which brought us one of my favorite lakorns in 2011, Tawan Deard, a story about one man’s vendetta- Nuer Mek 2 examines the theme of good versus evil, amidst the political, philosophical and science fiction field. The story centers on Special Agent Sangkla, alongside his quirky employee, Sargeant Saming and they must stop Winyoo, the dark science (black magic) guru from finding the four divine weapons and reaching his full potential power. In the smaller scheme of things, Winyoo is the personal advisor to the Deputy Minister (sort of like Vice President, if you will) named Jak who wants to overtake Meka, the Prime Minister.

Now why have I found a new obsession in this lakorn and where does the romance tie in all of this? It’s because of Mark and Mint, of course.

Mark plays the hot headed, talented Sangkla who is an orphan but sponsored by a good man who encourages him to be a cop. Sangkla earns his way to the special investigative unit under Commanding Officer Rawee who dislikes him and sends him to get psychological analysis at INTS because she deems his personality unsuitable for police work. This is where he meets the ever bright, ever whiz kid, Dr. Praepailin who runs the show at INTS. And this is where upon first encounter, sparks fly. He thinks she is too young and inexperience to be a doctor and most definitely not capable enough to run the facility. He condescends to her by calling her “nong” instead of her title, to make her feel that he is older and more experienced. But Dr. Praepailin did not get to where she is at by being intimidated. She is bright and tough, so their entertaining, speculative banter is quite cute. I also like how they can gauge each other’s weaknesses just by making keen observations.

In addition, I love the hotheaded Sangkla with a side of anger management issues. He is too flipping adorable and the best part is, they have chosen the perfect pr’ek to play him. Mark is Sangkla to a tee. His fearless, badass attitude and teasing banter with Dr. Prae just ups the fangirling for me. All of their encounters thus far are fangirling worthy, I kid you not.


Especially the scene where he “checks up” on her by breaking into her house at night. She thinks the bad guys are after her so she sprays him with pepper spray, only to find the incorrigible special agent at her feet. Sangkla proceeds to make himself at home, continues to annoy her by calling her “nong” and himself “pi,” and tease her effortlessly. I like that both have something in common, their drive to prove themselves in their field as well as their sharpness and attention to detail, which attributes to their overall appeal. Who doesn’t love a smart and hot pr’ek, as well as a brilliant n’ek?

Three episodes in, I find that Nuer Mek 2 is incredibly fast paced, other subplots and interpersonal relationships are also done well. I enjoyed the inclusion of previous leads in Nuer Mek, like Chakrit and Cherry, as well as witnessing the aftermath of Meka and Nappa’s as well as Art Pasut’s relationship. In short, I am surprised by how quickly I have fallen in love with this drama, and especially with Mark and Mint’s characters. With the two together, it certainly makes the heart flutter and the weekend go by faster.

Clearly this is my new obsession. What a great segue into the holiday seasons. Happy lakorn watching, folks!

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