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Forgiving Yourself – Ep 18 Ubatheehet


We are an episode away from the finale, where Mr. Aroon and Whitney can finally hash out their twisted, angsty love and give us an answer on whether a tragic death- a shared history in which one is responsible for killing the other’s beloved- allow them to end up peacefully together? And preferably minus any further accidental deaths, or contrived memory losses. And it is becoming even clearer towards our finale, that the bigger question is not whether Aroon can forgive Whitney- because he has- but it remains in Whitney’s interpersonal conflict, can she truly forgive herself? There’s certainly a lot of smooches on her journey to figure it out!

We continue on from last episode where Aroon is found sitting on the bench in the hospital, having to decide whether he should persevere or throw his hands up in dismay. Gusuma peers at him from the corner, disgusted at the love that she will never receive.

While Aroon contemplates his next move, Dekcha and Nut try their hands in different careers: Dekcha serving as a cab driver, while Nut attempting to be a cook. Both later realizing that it’s not their calling. However, they become the two that helps move the story forward to its climax, acquiring enough evidence to incriminate both Yoting and his mother.

They receive news regarding Vivian and immediately goes to see her. She admits the whole truth about Yoting and his mother, in front of Aroon, Dekcha and Nut. She tells them that they are the ones who hurt the president and is after his wealth. Aroon is terrified for Whitney and tries to see her at the hospital but she has already been released. On his way to Khun Amnui’s room however, he notices a man sneaking in. Before he could inject the poison, Aroon stops him in time and comes face to face with Achit. They quarrel it out until Achit gets away.

Aroon decides to make Whitney aware of her father’s second murder attempt, but she refuses to see him, allowing the housekeeper to keep him at bay. Dekcha advises him not to give up and they proceed with their plan of acquiring the evidences. Dekcha and Nut return back to work and accept the lowered position as security guard and maid, as means to obtain evidence. Unfortunately they couldn’t find anything incriminating at the office so Vivian advises them to search Yoting’s condo. It is a risky attempt because Yoting brings over a lover the same time they are searching for the documents. Nut is able to snag an envelope before they are discovered. But fortunately, Yoting is not aware that they took anything important.

Gusuma is insane. She tries to pour acid on Whitney, hoping to mar her beauty so Aroon could love her less. But she fails and ends up falling into the acid herself, damaging her forearm.

Kongkaew confronts (albeit quietly) Whitney. She catches her drift and says that Whitney is not really amnesiac. The doctor mentions that she does not have any of the symptoms that typical amnesiac patients have. Whitney admits to the lie and begs for her stepmom not to tell anyone. She confesses that this is the best way to get rid of Aroon. If she could, she would continue with her amnesia for the rest of her life. Kongkaew only hopes that Whitney does not regret her decisions.

The following morning Aroon tries to visit her father at the hospital but a security guard greets him. Yoting has hired a guard to keep Aroon away from Khun Amnui. Angry that Whitney would think that he would ever harm her father, Aroon immediately rushes to see her at the house.

“Do you really believe that I would hurt your father? Why do you hate me so much?”

“I have no feelings towards you, whether it is love or hate. I don’t remember you.”

“I’m starting to suspect that,” he grabs her arm. “I’ve been trying to be a gentlemen, but all I get is your spite. How bout I try my own method and see if this will jog your memory?!”

Aroon pulls her face in for a searing kiss. “Does that ring a bell?” He kisses her again.

She pulls away and slaps him three times.

Well, that worked out well for you, Aroon.

The day before the wedding rolls on and Whitney is taking professional wedding pictures with Yoting. She keeps placing his face with Aroon’s face. And at the same time, Aroon is hurting himself by watching them from afar.

He returns back to his condo only to find Gusuma instigating again. She shows him a newspaper article about the pending nuptials between Whitney and Yoting. He’s furious and tells her to get out. This infuriates her and she goes to see Whitney who is visiting her father at the hospital. Gusuma hands her two gifts, one for her father and the other for her wedding. She hesitates to open it, but Gusuma forces her too, and she sees a small picture frame with Non’s picture in it. Gusuma laughs insanely and says that it will remind her that she is able to get her wedding day while Non will never be able to. Kongkaew saves Whitney from the wrath of psycho Gusuma.

Whitney finally reconciles with Kongkaew. She says that she finally realizes why her father fell in love with Kongkaew- it’s because Kongkaew loves him very much and unconditionally. She has proven herself to Whitney and Whitney is willing to accept her. She even asks Kongkaew to run the wedding day as her sister.

That night Aroon uses the final method to talk to Whitney- he climbs the gates and sneaks into her room.

Whitney spins around in shock to find him there. “How did you get in here?” she asks.

“Don’t scream,” he says.

“I told you I don’t want to see you!” she replies.

“You can’t marry him! He’s cheating your company. This is not a joke,” he adds.

Aroon gives her the sheet of evidence. Without even looking at it, Whitney tears it apart. She doesn’t believe him and even calls the cop that someone has broken into her room. Aroon is forced to leave.

The three people, Aroon, Dekcha and Nut decide that the best option is to reveal the truth in front of everyone in the wedding.

Later Aroon came to see Khun Amnui’s sleeping form. He tells the older man that Whitney is getting married, and that he doesn’t want her to get married. Aroon knows what Yoting and his mother is up to and he will do everything in his power to stop the wedding, no matter how much she will hate him for the rest of her life.

As Aroon stands to leave, he notices Khun Amnui’s finger moving.

The day of the wedding arrives and the bride and groom walk on stage. Meanwhile, Dekcha and Nut pass around a sheet of paper to the guests. Kongkaew takes hold of one and rushes to the stage.

“What is the meaning of this?” she asks Kon Ying. “Did you really cheat Khun Amnui’s company?”

“That is true!” Dekcha announces from the back. “There are more condemning evidences and we have already sent them to the cops.”

Vivian makes her appearance which shocks both Kon Ying and Yoting, they thought she was dead, and she reveals their intentions of killing Khun Amnui to take over his company.

Whitney stares at them in disbelief, “It’s true then?” she asks Yoting, rhetorically. But Yoting denies it.

“Stop lying!” Aroon shouts from the back room. As he steps aside, a wheelchair reveals Khun Amnui sitting there weakly. He tells everyone that Kon Ying and her son has cheated his company and is responsible for attempting to kill him. He tells them that they will both go to jail.

The cops appear from the entrance and apprehend Yoting, but his mom runs away. Yoting chases after her but it is too late. She is running and does not look ahead, a large van comes barreling across the street and runs her over.

I digress, this lakorn is aptly named. Accidents galore.

Back at the reception, Whitney runs into her father’s arms, so glad to see him safe.

“How come no one told us you were awake?” she asks.

Aroon says that he was the one to tell the nurses to keep quiet for fear of it leaking to the Yoting’s. Khun Amnui thanks Dekcha, Nut and Aroon for helping him, especially Aroon, for saving his life. Everyone then wonders what happened to Achit.

The following morning Aroon visits Whitney’s mom’s house to see if Achit is around. He spots the man trying to run away with a backpack. They tussle around until Achit gets out a gun and starts shooting. He jumps on a motorbike and makes a run for it. Aroon makes chase but fortunately, Achit falls into the cops’ hands and he gets apprehended.

They learned that Waew, Whitney’s mom is in the upcountry and is safe. This offers a peace of mind for Whitney. Aroon returns the bag of jewelry to her, since it may have belonged to her mother’s. She examines them thoroughly and adamantly says it belongs to her mom.

“Are you sure?” he asks her.

“I remember these things.”

“So your memory is back?” he asks.

Whitney stumbles on her words, “I used to see her wearing them.”

“And she wore them all at once?” he questions. Lol.

Khun Amnui watches them from across the room with a smile. He tells his wife that he is giving Aroon the green light. Kongkaew questions whether that is a good idea since Whitney is pretending to have amnesia to get rid of him. Khun Amnui replies that for a while now, he has been pushing her to a man he doesn’t really know that well. While he’s been trying to stop the man whom he knows is a good man. It turns out, Khun Amnui now believes that Aroon is the best man for Whitney. Kongkaew apologizes and owns up to the fact that she didn’t know the mother son duo all that well either, and shouldn’t have been so quick to support them.

They listen further to Whitney and Aroon’s exchange.

“I’m just wondering why you can remember some things, but then nothing that has to do with me?” Aroon asks.

“It’s because they are all bad memories,” Whitney replies.

“They can’t all be bad. They are meaningful to me,” he says. “Now that bad things are over, you should know that I’m not like what Yoting and his mom accuses me of. How come you can’t give me a chance?”

“You want me to open my heart to a new man right after my fiancé is apprehended?” she asks.

“What should I do?” he asks in return. “We are not strangers.”

“Just stop trying,” she advises coldly.

“I’ll just consider that you’re tired and you don’t mean it. I’ll leave and come back another time.”

As he leaves, Khun Amnui approaches his daughter.

“You were the one who told him to leave, why are you sitting here all hurt?” he asks. “I heard everything from Kongkaew now. Why are you tormenting yourself?”

“It’s the best way out. We cannot end up together,” Whitney replies.

“Why?” her father asks. “He seems to love you.”

“He doesn’t love me. He just feels remorse for what he has done.”

“How do you know that?”

“Because how can one accept a woman that made one’s girlfriend die?” Whitney questions in return. “Even the thought depresses me. What about him? He must feel the same way. Today he might forget but over time it’s only going to come back and hurt us.”

Khun Amnui offers a piece of advice to his conflicted daughter. “That is no reason to torture yourself this way, girl. Let the self-recriminations go. Don’t hold on to it by throwing away your potential happiness.”

Whitney turns to her father, “I don’t believe I deserve to be happy.”

As we see her crying into her pillow, she hears her father’s voice in her head, “our lives are short honey, suffering and happiness are recurrence in our lives. If we’re still breathing, we will encounter these two states. I believe that in the time that has passed, you have been taught many life lessons. Therefore, it is time to forgive yourself.”

The next morning Dekcha and Nut contrive to bring Aroon and Whitney together. They invite both over for dinner and proceed to put some sleeping pills into Whitney’s drink. Nut believes that good memories are not easily forgotten. Dekcha is sure that if Aroon takes Whitney back to the place that gives them good memories, she will in turn remember him again.

They blindfold her and put her in the car. Aroon at first doesn’t support this, but eventually gives in and drives her off towards the beach town.

Whitney slowly wakes up on their way to the beach town. She thrashes in her seat and tells him to remove the hand ties. Once arriving to the beach house, Aroon asks her if she remembers where they are. She tells him that she doesn’t have any memories that pertain to him. He promises her that if she stays here with him for a bit, she will recall everything.

Whitney dashes out of his sight but he catches her before she could scream for help. As she continues to fidget and call out, he kisses her to shut her up. Kekeke.

Tune in for the finale recap!

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