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Ubatheehet Ep 16


The second appropriate title for this drama can be called “misunderstandings,” because that is the very backbone of this drama, lots and lots of misunderstandings. Typically, this is a tool used in many lakorns, a method to keep the leading characters from reconciling. But in Ubatheehet, they have it in spades. One factor that at least moves the story along (in this episode) is Aroon discovering Gusuma’s secret, creepy fascination with him.

This episode opens up with Whitney’s mom deciding to move in temporarily while her father is incapacitated. She and Kongkaew go at it, fighting over the room and you wonder how long Whitney will stand to see them fight. She rushes out of the house, preferring to see to her father at the hospital.

Once there, she finds Aroon sitting by his bedside. She asks him why he was there.

“You weren’t here yet so I thought to watch over him for you. Did you eat anything yet?” he asks. He stands up and goes to the fridge, indicating that he brought her some food. Whitney refuses to eat and dismisses him, but of course he refuses to leave.

“Why are you trying to drive me crazy?” she asks.

“That’s what you did to me when we first met,” he says. Whitney pulls at his arms, trying to usher him to leave.

“I already told your dad that I will sit here and wait on him until he wakes. The way you did for me.”

“I’m his kid so I will do it,” she injects.

“I’m his kid too-“ he says slyly. “His son in law.”

Aroon pulls her onto his lap and tells her to be quiet as not to interrupt her father’s sleep. Whitney pinches him to release her and admonishes that he could stay if he keeps his hands to himself.

After Whitney completes her shift at the hospital, Aroon takes her home. He wants to invite himself into the house for a drink of water but she refuses him.

“Why are you always refusing me?” he asks.

“Why are you bothering with me?” she retorts. “Do you think what you’re trying to do will make everything better? There’s no point.” She finally lets it out, “You might feel badly right now that you’ve hurt me, but in your heart, you will never forget Non and you will never forgive me. You’ll find ways to hurt me later, I won’t live in peace. I can’t take it anymore,” she admits. “I don’t want to be your punching bag.”

With that being said, she walks into the house, only to witness another fight between her mom and Kongkaew. Her mother is so annoying and intrusive, Kongkaew decides to move out temporarily. Whitney apologizes on her mother’s behalf- at least her attitude towards Kongkaew is changing a tad.

The situation between Aroon and Whitney- her refusing to see him, he persisting with angst- goes on for a few more times. Meanwhile Yoting and his mother are trying to take over the company. Even though Whitney goes into work a few times, she allows them to make decisions and help her out. She feels that since her father trusts Yoting with the job, she should too, when she never liked him from the beginning. Whitney then settles with her mom and tells the older woman to live in her own house unless she stops throwing card parties. Eventually she is able to get rid of her.

For a moment, it appears as if Aroon and Whitney will make peace.

He comes to see her at the hospital again and notices her crying. She’s overcome with concern that her father is still unconscious.

“What’s wrong?” he asks her.

“Don’t bother with me.”

“Your dad will get well soon, trust me,” he consoles.

“But it’s been days, if everything is ok, how come he won’t wake up?”

“Do you remember when I was unconscious for many days? You stayed by my side. That time, did you think I will get well?” he asks.

“I don’t remember it,” she denies.

“Let’s do this. I know a way to give you some peace of mind.”

They arrive at the temple and lit a few incenses. He tells her that he went to the temple and prayed when his mother was sick.

“Did she get well?” Whitney asks.

“Of course. She even told me that when she slept for that long period of time, she heard my prayers and that she must return to me. Unfortunately her body is too weak and not many years later, she passed away.”

“Will my father hear my prayers?” Whitney asks.

“I think so. I heard your voice when I was sick.”

“But I didn’t pray,” Whitney says uncomfortably.

“You were always crying and I heard that.”

Gusuma spies on them from the corner and goes a little nuts, she contrives to beat herself up and lies to Aroon that her aunt kicked her out of the house, and she needs a place to stay. Aroon allows her.

Meanwhile Nut receives a new admirer- the same Chinese man who was into Whitney. A swarm of his family enters the car showroom to look at cars and they refuse to get anyone else’s help except for Nut’s. Much to Nut’s dismay however, she knew he was trying to court her and doesn’t mean to buy the cars. She asks Dekcha to pretend to be her boyfriend so she can keep the Chinese man away.

Instead, Dekcha pretends to be her husband and Nut is forced to play along. Even his entire family played along lol. Once they succeeded, Nut is alone with his mom and the older woman tells her to be daughter in law already, so they don’t have to create scenes to make it look like it was true. Lol. Unfortunately, Dekcha only tells her that they are brothers and sisters, and he would always help her.

Yoting decides he needs to take drastic measures, such as ending Khun Amnui’s life once and for all- because when he approaches Whitney about marriage, she tells him that she doesn’t want to think about it until her father wakes. To make matters worst for him, he sees Aroon around Whitney’s premises again. He tells Aroon to stay away from her and that he would gladly take his sloppy seconds. This insult pisses Aroon off and they get into a fight. Whitney backs up Aroon and tells Yoting to leave- Yoting asks why Aroon could stay and Whitney answers in a satisfactory manner, “Because I want him to stay!” Lol. Yoting relents and as he gets into his car, he calls his mom to put the plan into action.

Whitney tends to Aroon’s cut on his lip.

“Does it still hurt?” she asks.

“It stopped since I saw your face,” he replies.

“You’re always looking for trouble.”

“I knew you were staying alone so I was worried,” he says.

“Worried about what? I still have the maids. And besides, I’m used to being alone.”

“Well, I admit then, that I miss you,” he says. “I wanted to see your face.”

“And why did you quarrel with Yoting?”

“Forget about it. Just don’t meddle with that thug,” Aroon replies.

He lays his head on her lap and proceeds to close his eyes, telling her that she must have given him some medication that made him sleepy.

They have a friendly bicker and a sweet moment.

“You can go home and rest then,” says Whitney.

“I can’t stay here with you?” he implores.

“Don’t borrow trouble. Go home,” she says with a smile.

“I’m asleep,” he lies.

“Fine if you don’t want to leave. I’ll find something for you to eat then.”

“I can find food anytime,” he says, “but I can’t find the time with you. I want to stay here with you, like this for a while.”

He takes her hand.

“Don’t, I’m embarrassed,” she says.

“Then we can go somewhere else, upstairs?”


He kisses her hands. To distract him, she pretends to call for her dad and Aroon gets up quickly.

“You tricked me?”

She nods her head with a smile.

“Are you going to go back to Khun Wirot’s house?” Whitney asks him over a small meal in the living room.

“Only if you go with me,” he says.

“With my dad in this condition, I won’t go anywhere. It’s time I step up and help out until he’s well, so he doesn’t have to be so tired anymore.”

“You’re not the same Whitney I know anymore,” Aroon comments.

“The old Whitney is gone with the sin she has committed. However, the new Whitney is still paying for its price.”

“Stop blaming yourself,” Aroon tells her.

“If not for this reason, I don’t know what other rationale to explain why my father is so hurt right now,” Whitney confesses.

“You need to be strong and look ahead.”

Whitney admits, “I don’t know if I can be strong enough..”

He places his arm around her shoulder. “I am here to encourage you, I will take care of you myself,” he says.

He leans down and kisses her forehead. “I promise.”

Later that night she walks him to the front door. He tells her that he wants to be her chauffeur or even bodyguard, and they make a pact for him to pick her up the following morning. Before he leaves, he tells her to call him any time if she needs anything.

Little did Aroon know that this comment and what happens after, will cause another big misunderstanding to the point of hopelessness between them.

Yoting hires Whitney’s mom’s boyfriend to kill Khun Amnui by suffocating the man. However, Kongkaew walks in on time and fends him off. Word reaches Whitney and she panics. Immediately she picks up the phone and dials Aroon’s number. Gusuma picks up and tells Whitney that she has moved in with Aroon. She fabricates that they’ve been sleeping together since Whitney left the beach town. Gusuma even texts an image of Aroon’s sleeping face to Whitney. This was the last straw for Whitney.

The next morning Aroon goes to pick Whitney up from her house but learns that she left with Yoting. Confused and angry, he returns to see Whitney at her work. Previously, Yoting told Whitney that the potential killer is someone who has returned to revenge against her father. Aroon walks into her office and asks her why she didn’t wait for him.

“Why should I wait for you? You don’t work here anymore.”

“We made an agreement,” Aroon reminds her.

“I no longer need it.”

“What’s the matter?” Aroon asks.

“I should rely on Yoting to take me to work instead. He’s the one who has been helping my father with his work,” she says. “Are you really not aware about last night?”

He shakes his head.

“I tried to call you. Last night someone tried to kill my dad. Su picked up your phone.”

The implication settles in between them and he tries to explain, but Whitney refuses to listen. She tells him to leave but when he refuses, and when Yoting walks into her office, she links her hand through Yoting’s, proclaiming that they are engaged.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Aroon asks.

“We are getting married soon,” she says. She tells him to leave again.

“Not until you give me a chance to explain.”

She calls the security guards to remove him.

Dekcha and Nut comes to Aroon’s rescue and Yoting tries to fire them, but Nut has a video clip of the fight and threatens to send it to the cops and see if they can determine who started the fight. Yoting relents and lets them go.

The two tells Aroon not to let Whitney marry the duchebag because he’s secretly having an affair with one of the workers.

Aroon returns to his condo and asks Gusuma about the phone call last night. She plays innocent and Aroon decides to stay with the Abbott for the time being.

As he meanders around the temple, he recalls all of the sweet times he had with Whitney, and her last comment that she’s marrying Yoting. He feels responsible for the misunderstanding, because he knows that she’s only marrying Yoting to spite him. Whitney is also thinking about Aroon through tears.

It only gets worse.

Aroon encounters Gusuma’s aunt and his revelation about Gusuma finally arrives. The aunt tells him that Gusuma ran away from home and tells him that he should know her whereabouts since he’s her boyfriend. This floors him. He goes to his condo but Gusuma is nowhere to be found. Sitting in her luggage is a box that condemns everything. He looks through them and sees pictures of Non’s face scratched out. Pictures of him and Non, with Gusuma’s face taped on top of Non’s. Just creepy, psycho stuff. In the bottom of the box, he spots a dvd. This was the final straw. It was a dvd of Non talking to Yoting about their night together.

Gusuma walks in and finds him watching the video.

“Why did you record it?” he wants to know. “You’re her friend! Why can’t you walk up to her and talk to her?”

She shakes her head in denial when he calls her a backstabber.

“You should be mad at Non!” she yells.

He shows her all of the pictures and there was no way to deny it. She tells him that she met him first and Non took him away from her. It was unfair, she has always been in love with him. Even if Non is still around, she will fatefully wait until one day he has a change of heart.

Aroon is speechless with her obsession.

He finally finds his words, “I can’t feel that way about you.”

“Non wasn’t true to you! She doesn’t deserve you!”

Aroon looks at her differently now. “I can’t stay here anymore. You should go home. Your aunt told me everything. How do you dare do this? Contriving to hurt yourself so you can trick me. You lied to your aunt who raised you.”

He walks out angrily and makes his way to the company, preparing to pummel Yoting’s face in. Rage takes over him and he beats the crap out of Yoting.

“How much do you know Non?”

“She came to see me because she was angry with you. She offered herself to you but you didn’t receive her.. so I received it instead,” he says with a smile.

That was a mistake. Aroon punches him again, until Whitney walks in and calls him a brute. When he tries to go at Yoting again, she slaps him and tells him to leave or she will call the cops. She won’t listen to Aroon, only to Yoting’s lies. She misunderstands that Aroon is still angry about the last time and is just a hooligan, expressing his anger. Even though she knows that he’s not that type of a person, she misunderstands anyway.

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