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Playing the Amnesia Card- Ep 17 Ubatheehet


This episode gives a closure about Non’s involvement with Yoting, as well as a playback/reminiscent of how the possessiveness from Gusuma came about. Whitney figures out the best option for her to deal with Aroon, and how to push him away forever. They both are, in different circumstances and episodes, so ruthless with each other. Such a sad, toxic love they share.

Yoting hires Achit (Whitney’s mom’s boyfriend) to search Aroon’s condo for the cd of his indiscretion with Non. He gets caught by Dekcha and Nut who are visiting Aroon that afternoon. Without determining whom the intruder is, Aroon could guess who sent the man. He says that they did not obtain what they were looking for. He shares the video with Dekcha and Nut, but before it could be finished, Nut begs for him to turn it off. She turns her head into Dekcha’s shoulders, upset by what she has seen.

“I don’t want you to see her in a bad light,” Aroon says, “but I don’t want to hide it from you or have you find out from someone else.”

He looks away, remorse. “It was my fault, if I gave her more attention, this would not have happened.”

“Who took that video clip?” Dekcha asks.

“Gusuma,” Aroon replies.

The two are stunned.

Nut sits on the nearest chair, “I feel badly for P’Non, who had a bad friend and met a bad man.” She turns to Aroon, “What are you going to do with the CD?”

“Nothing can be fixed now,” he says. “I won’t be the one to destroy her honor, she has already lost so much. I’m going to give it to you and you can decide what to do with it. And we will never speak of this again.”

At the end of the day, Dekcha tells Nut that bad people will receive their punishment. It may not happen as fast as they’d like, but no one can escape karma. He advises her to destroy the cd and breaks it in half. Nut looks on with understanding.

Aroon reminisces on his friendship with Gusuma, how it started and where they are at now. He could now see how much she has forlornly followed him and loved him.

Meanwhile Vivian learns that she is pregnant with Yoting’s child and decides to confront him at home. Kon Ying pays her to get an abortion but Vivian refuses. Which causes Kon Ying to go behind Yoting’s back and hires Achit to take care of Vivian. Unfortunately as Achit prepares to kill her, she oversteps and pummels into a ditch. The man assumes that she is dead.

In the morning Whitney does a blessing with the monks who do their morning visits.

She sees Aroon’s car veering into her driveway. She tries to walk away but he stops her.

“What do I need to do so you will stop bothering me?” she asks.

“Nothing,” Aroon explains. “Just listen to me first.”

He brings up that night, where she brought up the topic of Non and Yoting. “What you were trying to tell me- when we were stuck in the storm together- do you remember?”

She peers at him.

“Now I know the truth,” he says, “I’m sorry that I-“

She cuts him off, “No need. It’s none of my business.”

“And you’re still going to marry Yoting even though you knew he’s not true to you?”

“I don’t determine someone by a mistake they’ve made once, unlike you,” she spat.

He grabs her by the shoulders, “Don’t you remember what went on between us?”

“Nothing happened between us except for an accident! I’ve already paid for it, so we have nothing-“

He interrupts her, “There is something between us. What about this?” he pulls her in for a searing kiss. “I don’t believe that you’ve forgotten it!” He pulls her in again for another kiss.

She pushes away and slaps him. “It’s meaningless to me.”

He grits his teeth, “we’ll see about that!” he lifts her into his arms and deposits her into the car. “I’m going to take you to a place where we can be alone.”

She fights him and before they could make it out of Bangkok, she runs out of his car. Whitney tries to cross the street but a motorbike gets in her way and she stumbles back, falling onto the ground where her head hits the pavement.

And we have another hospital visit! I’m not sure how many times the characters in this drama has visited the hospital, it is almost a typical setting for them now lol.

Yoting tells the cops that Aroon kidnapped his fiancé so the cops had to apprehend Aroon. Gusuma wants to bail him out but he refuses, telling her that he doesn’t want anything to do with her now. Dekcha and Nut promises to look after Whitney and give him daily reports. Nut tells Gusuma not to meddle with any of them anymore. She confronts her about Non and how she backstabbed her best friend. Gusuma glares at Nut and says that Non deserved it. She even goes as far as saying that karma did it to Non. Nut tells Gusuma that one day karma will get her as well.

When she arrives home Gusuma phones Yoting and tells him to remove his complaint about Aroon with the police. Yoting doesn’t acknowledge and instead comes to her home to search for the video clip. He doesn’t give up when he finds nothing at Gusuma’s home, and decides to search Aroon’s condo himself. Of course there isn’t anything to find (since it’s been destroyed), only a fisticuff between him and Aroon, before Aroon points the gun at Yoting and tells him to leave the premises.

Even though no one wants him to visit Whitney, Aroon is still persistent. He feels responsible for her condition and wants to make sure she is ok. Kongkaew tells him that he has caused her enough pain. If he truly cares about her, he would stop meddling in her life. He should stay away.

Not that he would heed any of that advice. He finds a way to see her for himself.

When Whitney gains consciousness, she looks at Kongkaew and Dekcha as if they are strangers. She tells them that she doesn’t recognize their faces or know who she is.

Upon hearing this, Aroon feels remorse and wants to see her. He arranges for Dekcha to help him. They meet in the hallway, where he grips her forearms.

“I don’t remember you,” Whitney says. “Who are you?”

Dekcha introduces Aroon as one of her friends, then he and Nut leaves the hospital.

“My friend?” Whitney asks.

“We’re not just friends,” Aroon places her hand at his heart, “Do you remember the sound of this heart? You used to listen to it.”

“Why?” she asks, looking perplexed.

“We love each other. You used to love me and I love you- some time ago you stayed with me in a beach town, then you left me,” he says. “I don’t need anything, I just want my beloved back.”

She shakes her head.

He pulls her in for a hug. “And do you remember this hug?”

Before she could respond, Yoting turns him around and punches him.

And from the way she holds on to Yoting’s arm, we know that Whitney is merely pretending that she has amnesia. She’s intentionally pushing Aroon away. She tells him that how can she believe that there is anything going on between them when she is engaged to Yoting? In front of her, Yoting and his mom tells her that Aroon is revenging against her because she killed his girlfriend. They advise her to stay away from him. Which is an empty advice since she has already planned on pushing him away.

But Aroon doesn’t give up. He feels responsible for her and is determined to help get her memory back.

Meanwhile Dekcha and Nut are demoted in the company. If they won’t accept their new position- a security guard and maid- then they can leave on their own accord. The two opt to leave. Dekcha surmises to Aroon that maybe Yoting and Kon Ying are the ones responsible for trying to take control over the company and hurting Khun Amnui. Nut agrees because if they hadn’t planned it all along, how could they accomplish it to this extent? They are practically running the company.

Meanwhile Vivian is discovered alive but she had a miscarriage.

That evening Whitney walks the hall of the hospital thinking about how Aroon held her in his arms earlier. She stumbles momentarily and Aroon comes up behind her to steady her.

“Let me take you where you need to go,” he says.

“I was just going for a walk,” she replies. “Let me go.”

“I have something to show you. Maybe it can help joggle your memory. Don’t you want to get your memory back?” he asks.

They sit down on a bench in the hall and he takes out a box.

He reveals an iPhone. “This is the first phone you broke,” he tells her about the story when they first met. Then he takes out a journal that she has drawn on her first day of work. They were pictures of Satan and a dinosaur. And finally, he shows her the wind chime he made in the beach town. It was enough for her to stop him, “I can’t remember them. I don’t know whether they are true or something you’ve fabricated.”

“But I’m not lying to you,” he says.

She decides to bring up Non to test him, “what about the time I ran over your girlfriend? Tell me about that, since I don’t remember.”

Aroon stares speechlessly at her.

“This must be the truth otherwise you wouldn’t make that face. Are you trying to revenge me like what Yoting says?”

“I’m not angry or want revenge from you anymore,” he says.

“Then why are you bothering with a killer like me? I don’t believe that you’ve fallen in love with someone like me. There is no way,” she admonishes then walks away, careful not to show the tears that are rolling down her face.

Aroon could only sit there, hopelessly.

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