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Ubatheehet Ep 15


Role reversal today; Whitney is giving Aroon a taste of his own medicine. What I find unconvincing though, is how quickly Aroon is revealing to the world how much he cannot live without Whitney. Does deflowering a woman change everything? Perhaps learning that she was an innocent helps him clean up the misconceptions he has about her? What if she wasn’t? It makes me wonder if he will be as “devastated” as he appears to be. But Aroon is moving along the lines of forgiveness and fortunately, Nut is also.

The most interesting development in this episode is the relationship between Nut and Dekcha. These two are so much more fun to watch. Keep in mind that they grew up together, has been neighbors since grade school. They bicker and banter, but at the end of the day, they are meant to be together. Nut has a crush on Dekcha for a long time, but he only sees her as his younger sister. When he feels overprotective or concern, he attributes that to his brotherly love. Yet, the platonic relationship slowly changes one evening.

Nut is angry and hurt that Dekcha canceled their time together for Whitney, who is currently residing in his room. Jealousy is making her push his buttons. He doesn’t explain to her that Whitney only considers him as a friend and that he has stopped hoping that more could come of it. He just lets Nut think that there’s still a chance. She retaliates by going out with a coworker who is a playboy, to put Dekcha a little over the edge. She returns home that evening to find him waiting for her at her gate.

Dekcha reminds her that she should be happy for him.

“Why should I be happy for you?” she asks. “We’re just neighbors. We’re not even related.”

This makes him angry. He tells her not to go out with the playboy.

“You have no right!” she explodes.

Dekcha does what a “brother” should not do. He kisses her. “No do I have a right?” Heeh.

Whitney witnesses their exchange and feels badly for being the cause of it. But her stay with Dekcha is brief. Her mom’s boyfriend tells Yoting where she is staying and Yoting reports to the cops that Dekcha is withholding Whitney.

After it’s all said and done, Whitney finds herself back at her parents’ home, with her father promising to do better. He says that he has been paying for his actions, he loses sleep every night. She finally relents and says, “thank you for making me feel like I mean something to someone.”

“You always mean something to me,” her dad replies and envelops her in his arms. They cry tears of joy.

At the beach town, Aroon is depressed and gets drunk every night. He tells Jan that Whitney is his life, without her, he could not live. This sort of came out of left field for me. A little too over the top for a man who has been cold to her for so long. I understand that they are using the “deflowering” method to change the way Aroon thinks about Whitney and invariably, his actions towards her. However, with the time they take to drag and cause misunderstanding, they could use some of it to show us a convincing revelation.

Even at this time, Aroon has no idea what transpired that night or what caused Whitney to leave him. But soon, he learns that she is back at home and he immediately rushes back to see her.

Khun Amnui does some damage control by inviting the reporters to interview Whitney on her return back to work. He lies that his daughter has been traveling and has just returned. The reporters questioned about the news clip regarding her run away with Aroon. Yoting steps in and denies it because how could she run away from her fiancé? Whitney could only stand there and look on like a deer caught in the headlights.

Aroon confronts Whitney at the steps of her house.

“Why did you leave without saying goodbye?” he asks. “What happened?”

“You really don’t know then?” she asks, skeptical.

“It was the night I was drunk, right? What did I do?”

She mentally places a barrier in front of him. “You only made me realize that there’s no point for me to stay there further.”

“What do you mean?”

“You should just leave,” she tells him.

“No. Not until you tell me what I did wrong,” he admonishes.

“I have nothing to give to you!” she yells at him. Ha, fancy that. That’s the exact words he used with her. “You are the one who told me that I have nothing left. Not even my body!”

“I said that?” he asks, not remembering it.

“Yes you did! And you acted very satisfied for hurting me. So you can leave now!”

She turns around and finds her dad standing there weakly.

“Did you really stay with him?” he asks his daughter.

Aroon replies for her, “Yes. She stayed with me. She’s my wife.”

Whitney glares at him.

Khun Amnui’s heart gives under and he blacks out. His wife and daughter cry in fright as they quickly usher him into the car and transport him to the hospital.

Aroon visits her at the hospital and when he notices her tears, he tries to wipe it away with his handkerchief. She slaps his hand away.

“Are you satisfied that you made my father like this?”

“I didn’t mean to.”

“What do you want from me?” she glares at him. “Did you not torture me enough, and now you want to torture my family too?” She looks away. “Just leave, I don’t want to see you again.”

“We need to talk,” he pleads.

“It’s over. We’re over. There’s nothing left between us,” she says with finality.


“Because no matter what I do for you, in the depth of your heart, you’ve never forgiven me. I give up. I’ve already lost everything. Let’s just separate.”

Her words scare him. He doesn’t know what to do. When she calls on one of the guards to help her keep him away, Aroon could only leave.

Khun Amnui learns that it is the truth. He decides drastic measures are needed. He calls Kon Ying to announce that they need to speed up the wedding plans.

Aroon seeks Dekcha’s wisdom that afternoon. He tells Dekcha that he has fully forgiven Whitney and that she is the one who hasn’t forgiven him.

“You need to do something to make her realize that the wound is healed.”

“It will never heal,” Aroon says. “But I’m trying to move on.”

“Then you need to prove to her that you can do it.”


And for once, Dekcha removes himself from their problem. “I don’t know. It’s your problem. You should know best what she needs.”

Later, Dekcha reports this turning in events to Nut.

“Then if they get back together, wouldn’t you be heartbroken?” she asks him.

“I’m not hoping for anything with Whitney, she only likes me as a friend. I’ve learned to accept the truth a long time ago,” he admits, then continues, “I won’t look at the airplane anymore. I’m going to look at the cars nearby.”

“Who?” Nut quietly asks, hoping that it was her.

“No one in general,” Dekcha lies, “No cars around yet.”

As he walks away, she mutters that she thought the “car” was her. Cute.

Khun Amnui is back at work and perusing through his accounting books. He is pissed. Ever since Yoting came on board, the numbers are suspicious. He orders Yoting to his room and throws the books on the table.

“How dare you,” he accuses. “You’re cheating my company. If I didn’t look at these books, I would be an idiot for a long time to come.”

Yoting is scared and denies it.

“Your lover has already admitted to it. And I don’t know what you did with all that money, but I’m going to give you until tomorrow to return it, or I will have the cops take care of you.”

Khun Amnui calls his wife to stop further wedding plans, but he doesn’t fully tell her the reasons because Khun Ying was standing next her.

Later that night, Yoting tells him mom. He’s terrified that they will go to jail, his mom tells him to do something.

Yoting hires Whitney’s mom’s boyfriend to help him hurt Khun Amnui. They ambush the older man when his car broke down on the side of the road. But Khun Amnui was able to throw in a few punches and pull the mask from Yoting’s face. Unfortunately, as he tries to run away, a white car (driven by Yoting’s mom who doesn’t trust that he would get the job done) tries to run him over. Before they could make sure he’s dead, a cab’s headlights forces them to run away.

Dekcha and Nut were going to a concert when they had to return before it ends because Nut forgot her purse. They found Khun Amnui bleeding on the side of the road and immediately rush him to the hospital.

Whitney is devastated by the news. She tells Dekcha and Nut that it must have been the sin that she created (her killing Non.)

Sometime later when she is about to leave, Aroon came to see her at the hospital. She has been by her father’s side for a while and her step mom came to relieve her.

“Did you get any sleep? I’m worried about you,” he says.

She keeps fending him off, heading out of the hospital doors.

“Did you bring your car?”

Her mom had just taken her car for a drive about town.

“I can find a way home.”

“I’ll take you,” he persists.

“No need,” she replies. She stumbles over a step and he catches her before she falls.

He takes control and tells her she needs to go with him otherwise he would just carry her away.

She finally relents and they arrive at her house. He refuses to leave until he sees her eating.

As he walks her to her room, he tells her the one thing that reaches her resolve, and it shows that he cares.

“I want you to get enough rest. You’ll be taking over for your father while he’s recovering, and there’ll be lots of things that will require your brain power and energy. Get lots of rest please,” he says, and takes off, leaving her to stare after him in befuddlement.

Nut rings the old school tin telephone to rouse Dekcha. They chat about their suspicion that Yoting has a lover. She feels it is necessary to tell Whitney. Dekcha wonders why the change of heart?

She tells him that when she sees Whitney crying, she felt badly for her. She knows what Whitney is going through, she’s been there before. And since so many bad things are happening to Whitney, Nut doesn’t want this to add additional pain.

“I am so proud of you,” Dekcha says, regarding her progress. “This really means that you’ve forgiven her.”

“That must be it,” Nut agrees quietly. “I’m taking the Abbott’s advice. You can’t find peace if you are always angry.”

Dekcha says the sweetest thing “Nut korng pee” which means “My Nut.” Aww.

They decide to help Whitney overcome this together.

By the end of the episode, Gusuma re-enters the scene, storming into Aroon’s condo. She is angry that he would leave her alone at the beach town. When Aroon tries his best to steer her away, she glares at the screen and promises that he will never get rid of her. Golly this woman is so annoying.

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