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Evil Lesson Turn Willing? -Ep 14 Ubatheehet


The toughest lesson Whitney learned today is that moving on isn’t easy. Forgiveness is possible, but forgetting deems almost impossible. Especially when things were starting to be wonderful, and she was hopeful that things may be alright between her and Aroon, yet only to find scar tissues forming beneath the wound.

Whitney and Aroon made merits together at the temple. He peers at the laughing children in the courtyard, reminiscent of his youth. Whitney wishes out loud that if her parents had brought her to the temple when she was little, she wouldn’t have been so lonely. Aroon laughs at her simple wish because girls cannot live in a temple. Whitney begs to differ because she thinks girls can live with the nuns. Aroon explains that it would require the girls to convert. But Whitney recalls studying at an all girls school once and the nuns were not impressed with her. They felt that she was clumsy and rebellious. Aroon says that it doesn’t surprise him.

As they try to drive back to the big house, they meet torrential downpour and Aroon’s car breaks down. They decide to seek shelter in a secluded hut for the time being, until the rain lets up. The recent bad events and weather made Whitney speak out her hunch.

“Do you think Non’s spirit is still mad at me?” She asks, which in hind sight is probably a mistake, digging up the past. Rehashing old wounds.

Aroon frowns. “For what?”

“Everything,” says Whitney. “From the moment she was alive until now. She’ll see that I’m always around you. Sometimes I wonder if those obstacles I meet are an indication that I haven’t been punished enough.”

“Nonsense,” Aroon admonishes. He moves towards the windows, but the next thing she said ruffles his feathers.

“She’s still mad at me that I brought up Yoting’s name.”

Aroon spins around in agitation and suspicions. “What does Yoting have to do with this?”

Whitney doesn’t answer. Aroon repeats his question in a higher octave.

“That day when I spoke with Non, I told her that I saw her having a meal with Yoting. She was very displeased to hear it.”

Aroon denies it, “that’s not true.”

“Someone sent a picture of Yoting and Non to your email. I saw it first so I erased it. I was afraid you would quarrel.”

“You’re lying,” Aroon says in anger, “that’s not true. Why are you bringing this up?” He comes to her corner and grabs her by her arm. “What do you want?”

She’s hurting from his grip and tells him so. He’s still very sensitive with subjects regarding Non. “Never mind. Just forget it. Consider me overreacting,” she says.

“What is it that you’re over thinking?” He’s more persistent and urgent with his questions.

“I told you to forget about it.”

“What are you joking about now? All of a sudden you bring up Non and Yoting. What’s your angle? Are you trying to say that Yoting and Non were deceiving me?” He laughs with a shake of his head. “Impossible. They don’t even know each other!”

“Are you sure they don’t know each other?” Whitney asks. Why is she goading him? Is she trying to enlighten him or make him furious? “Gusuma was sure they were intimate.”

“Impossible!” he repeats.

“Like I said, just go on thinking the way you do.”

“So you know what’s going through my mind?” This infuriates him, “you’re trying to justify her death!”

“I’m not!” she defends.

“You are!” He accuses.

She was tired of it all too. “Fine,” she explodes. “I am then! I think she should die because I fell in love with you and I have no idea how to break you and Non up so I decided to run her over with my car!” She glares at him, “isn’t that what you want to hear?”

“You are turning me into a madman,” he warns.

“I’m just saying what you actually think. Everyone makes mistakes but not you. You are always right.”

“And what about you?” he persists. “Are you that much more special than me?”

“No,” she retorts. “At least I can accept my true colors. Unlike some people who prefer to close their eyes!”

He’s real pissed now, gripping her arms tightly. “That’s right! If I close my eyes even for a bit- just a bit more- do you know that I can cease being a straight lace guy, stop being a gentlemen? I’m going to teach you a lesson. A lesson you will remember until your last breath.”

Whitney is afraid of the look in his eyes. “If this is what you think. It’s not called a mere lesson. It is an evil score.”

“Then you deserve it.” Aroon pulls her face in for a forced kiss.

She slaps him across the face and turns her back to him.

His breathing is ragged due to the exertion of their argument. The reality of what he was about to do sinks in.

“Whitney.. I’m-” he turns her around to face him. He touches her face tenderly and looks into her misty eyes, resting his forehead against hers. He leans down and kisses her. Slowly, he lays her body on the bed, and lowers himself on top of her.

And then he claims her.

Aroon used to be old fashioned, preferring to wait until they are married. Rejecting his ex girlfriend who threw herself at him. But with Whitney, there is just too much emotion involved, both love and hate. Waiting is not an option when the timing is right, with the right person.

Aroon finds himself alone in bed the morning after. He panics, thinking she must have left him. But Whitney is merely sitting outside, contemplating.

He takes a seat beside her, putting his arms around her. “Last night,” he starts. But Whitney cuts him off. “Forget about it. We don’t need to speak of it.”

“I must, otherwise you won’t understand.”

“I do,” she says. “I’m not angry with you. If I’m mad, I should be mad at myself for letting it happen so easily.”

He holds her. “But I’m happy it did happen, because at least it makes me know that-”

She abruptly stands up, not able to handle his “virgin” talk. “We should head back.” And she leaves him sitting alone.

Aroon is getting possessive by the second and paranoid that she would leave him. They made it to the mechanic shop, and Whitney takes a gander at the street.

“Where are you going?” he asks.

“I’m not your prisoner,” she replies.

He still think she’s trying to run away. “Come back with me- or do you want me to carry you?”

“I am searching for a public phone so we can call Chai and Pen about our whereabouts so they don’t have to worry.”

He breathes a sigh of relief and joins her. At the phone booth, he stands right next to her.

“You don’t have to get this close,” she says. “I’m not going to run away.”

“I’m not afraid you’ll leave,” he says, “I just want to be close to you.”

He takes the phone from her and tells Chai and Pen that he has been going out with Whitney (on their “honeymoon.”)

Chai and Pen are ecstatic but Jan nearly bursts an artery.

Jan finds Aroon’s cellphone in the living room and notices a text message from Gusuma. And things start to spiral downwards again.

Meanwhile that evening, Aroon follows Whitney to her bedroom. He jumps into bed with her and decides to make himself comfortable.

“Husband and wives should sleep in the same room,” he says.

“Don’t say that,” Whitney doesn’t relent.

“It’s true.”

Whitney decides to sleep in another room, but Aroon follows her again.

“That evil lesson- wasn’t that enough for you?” Whitney asks.

He pleads with her, “Can you forget about that? I spoke badly to you, I didn’t mean it. You can slap me however many times you want.”

She turns her back to him but he urges her around.

“Whitney, I may have done bad things to you before. But I’m sorry for them. I won’t let it happen again. I won’t hurt your feelings again,” he cajoles.

“Because I have nothing left for you to hurt,” she says.

“That’s not true. It’s because I don’t want to hurt myself actually.”

They look at each other poignantly.

“You don’t know that every time I see you cry,” he says, “it hurts me more than it hurts you.” Aroon pulls her into his arms.”I used to have naive thoughts that the hurt would disappear. But it returns with a vengeance. Until I was warned that I might lose you altogether. It made me realize that I’ve been wrong.”

She looks into his eyes, “You don’t hate me anymore?”

“I never hated you,” he replies. “I used stupid means to try to change you. But my heart is stubborn. You win.” He peers at her, “what about you? Do you hate me?”

She shakes her head.

He leans down for a kiss to seal the deal, and they embrace each other.

Whitney rises early the next morning and takes a walk on the beach. Aroon follows her there some time later and she scolds him for missing the sunrise. He covers her shoulders with a wrap and leans in for a kiss.

“It’s ok, I can see the sunrise tomorrow. Lately, I have enough encouragement.” Aww.

But their sweet time only gets interspersed with some bad ones. Jan announces that there is someone here to see Aroon. And what do you know, Gusuma comes running into the beach with a luggage. She latches onto his arm and lies that Dekcha is the one to tell her his whereabouts.

This woman is delusional and going down the deep end. She dresses up as Non one morning and even calls herself “Non.” She immediately acts like she owns the house and decorates the entire living space with Non’s pictures. This makes everyone uncomfortable. At first, it appears as if Aroon is concerned about how this is making Whitney feels, but he doesn’t utter a word to make Gusuma stop.

That night she confronts Whitney at the beach.

“Did you see Aroon’s face when I brought Non’s name up? He’s sad. This means that he’s still thinking about her,” Gusuma persists.

“You know that and you still want to hurt him?” Whitney asks, flabbergasted.

“I want him to feel ashamed.” She directs her hatred at Whitney, “What about you, don’t you feel ashamed?”

When her bullying doesn’t work, she seeks extreme measures by hiring thugs to hurt Whitney. Luckily Aroon returns home in time to save her.

Whitney decides to spend the night at Chai and Pen’s house so Aroon is left alone with Gusuma that night. He wakes up the next morning with psycho Gusuma asleep next to him! She reasons that she went to the bathroom at night and locked herself out of her room. So she came to sleep with him and didn’t want to wake him. Omg, why aren’t people thinking that she’s a little crazy?

Aroon does tell Gusuma that she needs to head back to Bangkok. Gusuma gets angry and speaks badly about Whitney.

“Don’t talk about her like that,” Aroon warns.

“Why, do you love her then?”

Aroon doesn’t answer and Gusuma takes it as an agreement. “You do love her!”

Aroon walks her to the van pick up area and says goodbye. But after getting rid of Gusuma, things only serve to remind him of Non and make him feel guilty.

The dock workers invites him to a wedding celebration and as he dines with him, he hears that the bride and groom has known each other for seven years. Their story and love deems to much for Aroon to handle so he starts drinking himself into oblivion. Stinking drunk, he returns home (where Whitney has been waiting up for him.)

He honks for Whitney to open the gate and in his drunken stupor, starts to rev the engine. This scares her and knocks her to the ground. He thinks he’s being funny and walks out of the car, “Now you know what it feels like to be hit.” (He didn’t exactly hit her.)

“Did you really mean to hit me?” she asks. Then she realizes how drunk he is and tries to help him.

She carries him to the couch where he says that he is dead inside. Then he points to her chest and tells her that she is just as dead. He laughs, “You have nothing left.” (He’s referencing to her innocence.) He starts kissing her then passes out. Whitney could only hold him and cry.

What a messed up relationship.

As she holds him, she thinks about what Gusuma says to her, what Jan says to her. It is not easy to move on. It is hard to fully heal a wound, especially when scar tissues form. The final words she remembers is that Aroon will never forget what she has done.

This settles her resolve and she makes a final decision to leave the beach town.

Aroon wakes up, hurting from the night before. He stumbles around looking for Whitney. When he discovers she is nowhere to be found, he panics and makes the housekeepers help him search for her. Jan advises him to not care and forget about Whitney, upon which, Aroon glares at her and proclaims in front of everyone that Whitney is his wife.


Whitney goes to the one place she can count on: Dekcha’s house. This upsets Nut (because Dekcha bailed out on attending a concert with her) and she tells Whitney to learn how to solve her own problems instead of going from one person to another. She warns Dekcha that Whitney is like someone who is troublesome, and will bring trouble to any place she goes. Ah, isn’t that the truth? The words hit Whitney and she tells Dekcha that she will find another place to go.

She seeks out her mother’s home, but much to her chagrin, her mother is having too much fun throwing a card party. Whitney feels dismayed and walks forlornly along the road. This is where her mom’s boyfriend spots her and remembers Yoting’s mom guaranteeing him money if he could make Whitney marry Yoting. The man follows her with an evil grin.

Aroon is devastated that Whitney ran away. But really, could you blame the girl? Aroon’s constant hot and cold can make anyone scratch their heads with confusion. Let’s see how he can woo her back. So much unnecessary drama! *shakes head*

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