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A Sweet Reprieve- Ep 13 Ubatheehet


Is it the calm before the storm? Hopefully not because our duo is having such sweet moments in this episode. Typically, a sweet moment for Aroon, is followed by some misunderstanding. But he has made progress- whatever mental barrier that stopped him from fully trusting her, has shed slowly- and he’s going to bat for her more than she could ever expect. The tide has changed from last episode- Aroon showing his affection towards Whitney- and now Whitney, having some reservations towards Aroon because of her guilt towards Non. Let’s see how adept Mr. Aroon can turn this table.

The sun that promises a new day rises above the sea, shining brightly the following morning. Whitney is on her knees, praying that Aroon will get well soon. Then she hears Jan’s voice announcing that he’s home. She smiles aptly and retreats to her hut. But upon learning that she is not part of the group that welcomes him home, Aroon seeks her out.

He opens the door of the hut to find her on the ground, working on the shell chimes.

“Aren’t you aware that I’ve returned?” he asks.

She peers at the length of his body, “You look well now. I’m happy for you.” She returns her attention to her work.

He squats down to maintain eye level with her, “I heard you stayed at the big house?”

Whitney panics, thinking that that he would be mad, “There was a severe rainstorm-“

“Then I heard you stayed by my side at the hospital,” he adds. He reaches for her hand and surveys her callouses. He mentions that her hand is all cut up; if she doesn’t tend to it, it won’t heal properly. He orders her to stay at the big house with him- of course, that is the whole point to begin with.

“I’m fine,” she pulls her hand away, “Staying here is more comfortable.”

“Did I ever allow you to disobey me?” he questions.

Then because she doesn’t agree nor disagree, he hauls her into his arms and makes their way to the big house. When he sees the housekeepers walking towards them, he puts her down slowly. He orders Chai to take down the hut because Whitney will be staying at the big house from now on. Chai could only beam at the thought. And to Jan’s horror, Aroon carries Whitney all the way to the big house. Lol.

He places her down on the sofa and seats himself across from her. She looks very confused at him. After handing her his prescription medications, he tells her to sort them and give them to him.

“This will be your role every day,” he tells her.

“Why does it have to be me?” she asks.

“Well you did it at the hospital, you can’t just stop doing it.”

He looks tenderly at her and takes her hand. “And since you’ll be caring for me, I’ll take care of you.” Aww.

Whitney’s face is stunned.

“From now on, you don’t have to work so hard. I will take care of you myself,” he admonishes.

He takes the rubbing medicine and tends to her cuts. She’s smiling at his kindness.

That afternoon, Whitney changes into a different outfit and makes her way to the yard. She finds Aroon attempting her work.

“What are you doing?” she asks.

“Your work. Your hand still hurts,” he replies. He shows her his handy work, “How is it, pretty?”

She studies his work and smiles widely.

“What is that smile supposed to mean?” he asks.

She takes a seat on the bench and laughs, “The pattern is all over the place, who’s going to buy it?”

He thinks she’s insulting him by laughing at his hardwork. “If you’re so great, why don’t you teach me then?”

She calmly shows him how it’s done and as they complete their work, she tells him that his chimes are pretty, in a strange way. He beams at her compliment and tells her that he has something for her. He takes out a shell head piece he made for her.

“You don’t like it?” he tries to take it back.

“No! I do.. I like it very much,” she says, touched.

They decide to make their own food for dinner since the housekeepers are unavailable, and shops at the fresh food market. The vendors recognize Aroon and Whitney immediately, and made her feel uncomfortable.

“I should wait in the car..” she starts.

“No,” Aroon takes her by the arm, “I don’t know what you want to eat.” He urges her along to a different area. They tease each other with the fermented shrimp paste.

Aroon cooks that evening, showing off his culinary skills- and they have a romantic, candle light dinner.

A nice stroll on the beach follows as they open up a little more about themselves.

“I’ve never really gotten the opportunity to walk on the beach like this before,” Whitney says.

“Why not? Were you that afraid of me?” Aroon asks.

“I was afraid you’d chase me out again,” Whitney says tritely. She admires their surrounding. “Khun Wirot’s home is so pretty right by the water. I’d love to have a home like this.”

“You can go home and ask your dad to buy one for you,” Aroon says genuinely.

“I told you already that I don’t have anything left anymore. No money or family.” She decides to change the subject. “By the way, how did you and Khun Wirot meet?”

“We went to school together when we were young- and we’d always come to his beach home. Now that he’s living abroad, he allows myself and Dekcha access to his home.”

“Too bad he’s gone now..” Whitney says regretfully, meaning to say that it would be nice if they all get to know each other better. But Aroon gets jealous, hah.

Their feet are immersed in the salty sea water. “They say that the sea is good at healing the wound,” he tells her then unceremoniously tries to throw her into the water. They tease each other for a while until he walks away to hide behind a tree. He checks his phone, but as he looks up, she was nowhere to be found. Aroon panics and searches for her.

Whitney shows up behind him and pushes him, thereby ruining his phone again. They reach the porch leading to the big house.

“This is the second phone you broke,” he says.

“I’m really sorry..”

“The last time you did this, you had the money to pay for it. Now you don’t. How are you going to pay for it?”

“I can clean your house..” she says.

“That’s not enough.”

“I can wash the dishes. Make coffee for you every morning. Wash your car.”

He shakes his head and says, “you have to do everything I tell you to and that will be enough.” He smiles and walks away.

Whitney is elated with the turning in events. He’s friendly to her again. But soon, she questions why. Jan confronts her in the dark. She tells Whitney that Aroon is only being nice to her because he’s repaying her for what she did for him in the hospital. She further mentions that Aroon will never forget what she has done.

Bright and early the next morning, Whitney stretches before the sunlight.

Aroon approaches her and takes note of her early rise.

“I remember you saying that you can gain energy from the sunlight. I’m trying it. I want to start a new life.”

“Where are you going to start this new life?” Aroon questions.

She frowns, “you already know that I have nowhere else to go.”

He smiles, “Then I’ll take you to a place. Pack your things.”

Whitney panics, it must be what Jan tells her. He’s going to get rid of her, send her off to another god forsaken place.

They meet up sometime later at the boat. He’s bringing a backpack, and she, just herself.

“You’re not taking anything with you?” he asks.

“I came empty handed and so I’ll leave empty handed,” she says plainly.

He takes her to a small, stranded island off the beach. When they arrive and her feet hit the sand, the isolation is clear. She panics. “Do you want me to stay here?! (as in forever?)” She starts to tear up.

He’s all nonchalant about it. “Yeah, it’s a good spot.”

“There’s no hut.. did you want me to build one?!”


“Then where do you expect me seek shelter when there’s a rainstorm? If you’re going to torture me like this, then you can just leave!” she stammers. “I don’t need anything because in a few days I will die anyway.”

He’s looking at her with confusion.

“You can leave now. I’ll try my best to survive… if this is where you want me to stay.”

“I don’t get it,” he says. “I brought you here for a picnic.” LOL. “I brought you here because it’s really pretty here.”

This shocks Whitney. She wipes her tears away, a little embarrassed. “Let me help you with the things.”

He asks her why she thought he would leave her stranded here. Whitney explains what Jan said to her. “I thought now that I’m no use, you’d want to get rid of me.”

He laughs at her.

They make a picnic on the beach and he tells her to eat a lot so she has the energy to cry. LOL.

The sun sets. “What do you think of this place?” he asks.

“The air is cool and the view is beautiful,” she says.

“Do you want to stay here then?” he teases.

She glares at him, and he laughs.

Sleepily, he orders her to build him a hammock. When he pretends to fall asleep, Whitney tries to mess with him by drawing something on his face. They chase around the hammock and tease each other.

Sometime later, they return to the boat. But before they leave, he tells her to look at the pretty sunset.

“It is as if time is flitting away,” he says.

“But there will always be a new day,” she adds.

“We’ll always have time to start a new life.”

The two look at each other with a smile.

What will the new day bring? A stirring of trouble but at least this time around, Aroon is on her side.

That trouble presents itself at the beach town. Dekcha learns from Wirot that Whitney is with Aroon at the beach house. He decides to pay them a visit because he was afraid Aroon is torturing Whitney. Nut is suspicious of Dekcha and decides to follow him. Trying to stall for time, Dekcha makes them to miss the caravan to the beach town. This caused the two to be stranded and robbed. They are able to seek shelter at the nearest temple.

They finally make it to the beach town where they discover the truth. Nut is furious that Aroon seems to be smitten with Whitney. Not only that, he’s protecting her. She accuses him of forgetting about her sister. Although she wanted to head back to Bangkok, they could not as they’ve been robbed of their wallets.

That night Aroon and Dekcha have a man to man talk by the dock.

Dekcha tells Aroon that the reason why he came is to make sure Whitney isn’t tormented. He wants to see for himself. “You stopped being an idiot,” Dekcha says. Lol.

Aroon questions himself for being weak and Dekcha tells him to stop caring about what other people think, and to only worry about how he feels.

“You’ve been running away from your feelings,” Dekcha adds.

Aroon seeks Whitney in her room, wondering if Nut has been mean to her.

“Don’t bother with me,” she says, “I can take care of myself. You should go take care of Khun Nut. She needs your understanding… I don’t want her to be even more sad because you are nice to me.”

He tries to stop her. But before she closes the door on him, she says, “Don’t make me feel like I’m more troublesome than this.” Aroon continues to knock on the door, “Don’t do this, Whitney.”

Meanwhile Nut cries to Dekcha. She walks into the comfort of his arms. “I shouldn’t come here right?”

Dekcha advises her that it is best to accept the truth when you see it. But the two are heartbroken.

Jan is evil as always and blows Nut’s ears. She tells her that Whitney is lying to the people in town that she’s his wife. This makes Nut furious. Jan further tells Nut that she should let Whitney’s family know her whereabouts so she could go home once and for all.

Just when Nut is about to make a phone call, she sees Whitney. Whitney tries to keep her steady because she notices a snake slithering its way towards Nut. But the younger woman doesn’t listen and moves, so Whitney could only use herself as a barrier. Nut stares in shock at Whitney’ unconciouss body on the ground, the woman just saved her life.

At the hospital, Nut sees how much Aroon cares about Whitney. He’s holding her weak body in his arms, crying. Even though “the other woman” saved her life, she couldn’t bear seeing them together and decides to leave. She tells Aroon that she has felt a loss from her sister before, now that she’s losing Aroon too, it hurts less.

Dekcha visits Whitney before they leave town. Whitney begs for him to promise not to tell her father. She doesn’t ever want to return. Dekcha tells her that Khun Amnui is sick with worry. She tests out this theory by calling her home phone, but she learns that her father is on his way to Japan for a business trip. So much for caring. This crosses her mind and she cries from the disappointment.

Aroon brings Whitney back to the big house when the doctor released her from the hospital. He plants her tenderly on the bed. He leaves and appears some time later with a gift for her. It was the jewelry she had sold to pay for his hospital expenses. This touches her. Aww. She decides she wants to bathe, but Aroon says that she can’t do it herself yet. “Let me wipe you down then,” he suggests. Whitney looks at him in horror. Hehe.

What a sweet reprieve.

*A quick note: I wanted to english sub this episode (well the main character’s clips anyway) but the software I use isn’t cooperating and I just got fed up. Hopefully you are able to enjoy a recap instead. There is a reason why I am not meant to sub! It frustrates me too much. Hats off to those who do.

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