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Changing Tides: Ep 12 Ubatheehet [Eng Sub]


This video is dedicated to Whitney and Aroon’s scene in episode 12. Leading up to this Aroon has been somewhat bipolar in his efforts with Whitney. He doesn’t know how to deal with her. He takes a job as a sea leg and tells Chai that this was the only way to make sure Whitney leaves him alone, on her own accord that is. But he always fails to understand that Whitney is stubborn. Being on the sea is treacherous as Aroon topples over the boat due to a severe rainstorm. In this scene, Whitney stays by his side, does all she could to make sure he gets the financial/doctor’s help as he needs by selling her jewelry, and finally, picking up an extra job creating shell shingles to make extra money. Her condition and resolve weakens and this action shows Aroon how much she cares about him- and it shows himself, how much he has been running away from his feelings for her. The tides are changing, and we are seeing the revelation on Aroon’s part. Which is about time!

I’m English subbing this episode because out of all of their scenes thus far, we actually get a scene where I don’t want to throttle the main guy. Besides, the majority of this episode is filled with the antagonists screwing each other- who wants to read/see that anyway? Do enjoy.

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