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A new life? Ubatheehet Ep 10


We’re not driving off into the sunset yet. There’s still a lot of things that both Whitney and Aroon need to work out. But what better than to do so on a beach house?

Aroon’s intentions were to remove himself from the familiar, get away from it all and recuperate. That’s why he didn’t tell anyone his whereabouts. But he ends up taking Whitney along with him, against his better judgements. She becomes feverish so he takes her to the nearest hospital where the nurses and doctors think he’s her husband. This misconception deems all too much for Aroon, the wound still fresh, Non’s death still lingering in his mind, so he did the thing he knew best, walking away.

The nurses and doctors are appalled he took off, leaving his “wife” to fend for herself. But the said wife was not surprised, she only was apprehensive about where she will go next. You can almost see the two sides of Aroon warring against each other. The hurt side tells him to leave and never come back. But his good side still propels him to come back and rescue her.

“Why did you come back and get me?” Whitney wants to know.

“Do you want to stay here then?” He retorts.

“It’s not that, I’m just curious.” She’s looking up at him with those big, brown eyes.

“At first I wanted to leave you, but I didn’t want to commit a sin by making you someone else’s burden,” he says.

“Thank you for making me your burden,” she smiles.

Meanwhile, some development in the not so good bits of this drama. Psycho Gusuma and Delusional Yoting.

Gusuma is going down the deep end- not only is she not mourning her bff’s death- she’s parading around like she owns Aroon. When Aroon doesn’t play with her and disappears, she assumes he’s staying with Nut. She storms to Nut’s home and accuses the younger woman for wanting to steal Aroon from her older sister and contriving for Aroon to be with her. Psycho. I’m glad though that Nut is now aware Gusuma has been pining for Aroon. Dekcha is not surprised, only that Gusuma is making it more clear after Non’s death.

As for Yoting, he’s real desperate. Helping Whitney through her court troubles really caused him a lot of money and now she broke off the engagement and disappeared. He’s still pretending to think they will marry, so he’s trying to win over her parents. He even partnered up with disgusting boyfriend of her mom, making him scare Nut to the point of leaving her house (fail), and now he’s doing everything he can to track her whereabouts. Khun Amnui, Whitney’s dad is growing more concerned, and sicker because of the anxiety (he gets hospitalized). Unfortunately he trusts Yoting and allows the younger man to help him find Whitney.

I find Dekcha and Nut an endearing couple, even if she can be gullible and stupid at times, at least their scenes are adorable. They are meant to be together.

So on with our main duo, they made it to the mysterious beach town and Whitney is like a kid in a candy store- she has never been to a beach in Thailand before, thus overjoyed. He allows her five minutes to play in the water. She regrets the fact that she doesn’t have a camera, and as Aroon notices her smiling face, he tries to sneak a picture. he immediately pretends that he wasn’t when she turns around though. Heh.

Later they arrive to the beach house that belongs to Aroon’s good friend who is currently living abroad. The housekeepers arrive to greet him and wonders (especially the annoying Jan) about Whitney, who stands there smiling. Her smile fades somewhat when Aroon introduces her as someone he just met on the street. She didn’t have a place to stay so he’s just taking her in for the time being. This gives enough reason for Jan to treat Whitney poorly, but at least the other two housekeepers are friendly enough to her.

Aroon’s battling with his conscience again, when she’s trying to help him with his stuff- since he didn’t bring along her luggage. The box opens revealing Non’s smiling face and Aroon loses it. He feels as if he is betraying his late girlfriend by having her killer live with him.

“You can’t stay here!” He grits his teeth.

“What….” Whitney utters, not sure of his mood.

“You just can’t stay here- I brought you here and that should be good enough! Now you must find your own way out.” Then he made her leave his room.

Some time later, he hears a knock at his door. Whitney’s sullen face greets him.

“You haven’t gone yet?”

“I don’t know where to go,” she replies. I love her shameless attitude. She asks if she could stay in front of the house then.

He’s furious now. “Don’t you understand that I don’t want you close?! I dislike it,”

She begs to stay but he tugs her to a hut across the yard.

“Stop begging me!” He explodes, “I have nothing left for you!” He storms out of the yard, leaving her alone, standing before the sad looking hut.

Well Whitney, if it’s any consolation, there’s a view of the beach?

She is determined to make it livable at least. As she lays down on the straw mat, above the freshly cleaned ground, she mutters to herself, “I can do this. I must do this.” Where else could she go? And that in itself, is the saddest prospect.

The following morning, she tags along to the market. Aroon asks her if she wasn’t embarrassed about not fitting in. She wonders at the comment and looks at her clothing.

“Well I don’t have any clothes..”

He points out the clothing boutiques. Her face glows and she starts picking out the clothes that appeals to her. Realizing she doesn’t have any money, she asks the vendor if she could pawn off her ring. Aroon grasps her ring from her, “Won’t you regret it?! This is more expensive than the clothes.”

She tells him she doesn’t have any money so he pays for her things. They visit other shops to purchase necessary items and again, are mistaken for being lovers. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her when she is wearing her local clothing, a colorful sarong with a soft top. After lunch, he scolds her for disappearing to change into her pretty clothes.

“Thanks for complimenting me,” she says with a smile.

He’s caught off guard, “I’m not complimenting you.”

“Then thank you for buying me clothes, I’ll pay you back.”

“That won’t be necessary since you’re leaving soon, right?”

You just can’t win with him, Whitney.

The fun, easygoing afternoon fades when they return to the beach house. Aroon opens the gate and tells Whitney to drive into the yard. She looks at the steering wheel reluctantly. She slowly sits in the driver side and grasp the steering wheels- Aroon is motioning her to drive forward. Her feet steps on the pedal and she gets flashbacks of the time she hit Non with her car. She panics and her feet slams on the gas. The car goes heralding into the side of the fence, Aroon jumps away in time. Whitney’s face is pale and she’s shakey.

Aroon made sure she is ok before he launches a verbal attack. “If I didn’t jump away, I would be the next to die right?!”

“I didn’t mean it,” she replies shakily.

“That’s all you can ever say! You use this as an excuse for everything!” He explodes. “I came away this far, thinking that I can be rid of it- but you’re still here to torment me!”

He glares angrily at her, the wound still fresh. “Get out of here! Just go!”

They may share the pain from the loss, but she’s so alone in her nightmares. People don’t think that she too may be traumatized by the accident. And for that, I feel badly for her.

Whitney walks away glumly back to her hut.

From afar, the housekeeping couple surmises that something must be going on between the two, how could two people who just knew each other have such an explosive interaction?

In the late afternoon, Aroon looks for Whitney. When he couldn’t find her at his house or at the hut, he begins to worry and searches for her on the beach.

He finds her collecting shells in the corner, and like an angry parent (heh, someone who cares) he scolds her, “next time if you go anywhere, let me know so I don’t have to go looking for you.” Relief is evident on his face.

“Why were you looking for me?” she asks, curious.

Now he’s annoyed. “The water is rising! Do you want to fall in it? Such a kid!” He of course, walks away after saying the last word. Leaving Whitney in total confusion.

Jan tampers with Whitney’s meal, but it only backfires as her sister in law knows her game. Jan had add fish sauce to the meal, so when Whitney takes a bite, she has to force it down so as not to offend the cook. The housekeeper wonders why she is making a bad face. At Aroon’s house, Jan is dining with him and she bad mouths about Whitney, that she’s being a diva and demanding that they serve her. This angers Aroon- no surprise there because he’s already prejudice against Whitney, and any comment made to reference her “poor” behavior only adds salt to his wound.

Aroon goes to her hut and tells her that from now on, she has to find her own meals. He invites the housekeepers to dine with him at the house instead. This is when Jan’s brother takes a bite of the food, and learns that it isn’t edible. The other housekeeper does it also and they discover that Jan must be the one who tampered with the food. They chase her out angrily, leaving Aroon to wonder about the state Whitney is in. He takes a bite of the bad food to confirm, and decides his next course of action.

He made his way to her hut, where she’s balled over with hunger. But she could be stubborn like the best of them.

He places a bowl of food and bottle of water on the ground. “You didn’t get to eat earlier, right? Eat before you’ll starve to death.”

“I’m full,” she lies. Still laying on the ground.

“Full? You didn’t eat much.”

“Everything I do is wrong in your eyes,” she says.

“Then from now on you’ll go eat with me so people don’t have to serve multiple times.” He’s watching her from the entrance.

“I’m not hungry.”

Aroon doesn’t give up, he tells her that he will feed her then. He inches closer and raises a spoon to her mouth. She straightens and takes the spoon from him, opting to feed herself. As she eats, she keeps turning away so he doesn’t see how hungry she is.

Aroon could only look at her with a smile. And I could only look at them with a grin.

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