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Take me with you- Ep 9 Ubatheehet


To what extent does one have to pay for one’s crime? This often objective question becomes muddled for each character in this drama. Whitney killed Non accidentally and in essence effected everyone around her. More importantly, this incident dissolves her friendly relationship with Aroon, the one person she feels knows her the best. But where did she think her life was going? Her fixed attitude of disregard for her own family and life- and way of thinking- is inevitably the catalyst that caused destruction.

But often times, one’s happiness comes from someone else’s destruction.

Non’s death will propel Whitney and Aroon closer, even when Whitney may not feel that she deserves it, nor Aroon, who tells himself to hate her.

But he tried. And he’s so mean. At times I feel that he’s so stupid, because after all, he was so logical and level headed before. Now when he’s around Whitney, he erupts with anger and torments her. I can’t help but think that he’s gullible. So I’m glad he explained his behavior to Dekcha.

In their first confrontation, he says that it doesn’t matter whether she did it intentional or unintentional, she must pay. From the beginning of the trial, he knew they cannot win the case because they don’t have evidence behind accusing her of manslaughter (as Nut has tried to do.) So the best way to make her suffer for what she has done, in his opinion, is to defame her. Turn her into the she devil and laughing stock of society. Which really shows how much he knows the essence of Whitney. Whitney cares too much, contrary to what people perceive her to be- someone who doesn’t care. So this recent blow deteriorates her will to fight. What’s the point? She has lost everything.

In the second confrontation with Dekcha- after the final trial- Aroon further explains that he has to take Nut’s side. She is alone in this world now, and someone needed to go to bat for her. Which probably made Dekcha feel like the biggest jerk because he spoke up for Whitney and in effect severed his relationship with Nut (she cuts the string that attached the tin can, their form of communication.)

So we have to see that Aroon has taken his revenge on her (I hope that is it!) because he has seen how much pain she has gone through. Her psychiatric condition is shakey at best, her reputation is smeared, and she has been hospitalized from anxiety. He can’t help but feel sorry for her. He saw her at the temple where Non’s casket is housed. Whitney is weeping on the steps, begging for forgiveness and how sorry she was. Her last statement of, “Every breath I take has no meaning. If I could trade places with you, I would,” that touched him.

Days later, he comes to bid his farewell to her at the hospital. He asks the caregiver if she has been eating well. The caregiver could only reply that she’s pitiful and has to be forced to eat. He walks into her room, where she is sound asleep.

“It’s all my fault that you are in this condition.. I’m sorry,” he says. “But you can start a new life now. Your nightmares will be over. Good luck.” He reaches for her hand but a couple of visitors came in and kicked him out, thinking that he is there to harm Whitney. But Whitney wakes and runs after him.

She sees him down the spiraling stairway. “Why don’t you just come and kill me now?! I don’t know how to deal with this or accept your punishment. Just come and kill me now!” she cries, falling to her knees. Tormented, Aroon pushes out of the nearest exit.

They meet again at Non’s last ceremonial day. They stand on the dock by the riverside. It is a familiar spot, first a birthday, now a funeral.

“I came to do the merit blessing for Khun Non,” Whitney says.

“You didn’t need to,” he replies. “No matter what, the law has determined that it was unintentional.”

“Because it truly was unintentional. I did the merit blessing to ask for forgiveness,” she says.

“Non is not a vengeful person. Right now she is happy in her new place.”

“What about you, will you avenge me?” she asks.

He looks away, conflicted.

“Answer me please, I want to know.”

“It’s irrelevant,” he replies, “because no matter what, we will have nothing to do with each other anymore. We will lead our new lives separately.”

He turns to leave and she stops him. “It’s important to me,” she presses, “I’d like to hear your answer, even if you tell me you won’t forgive me. I can take it. I want to know what to do next.”

“Will my answer help you start over?” he asks.

She nods her head yes.

He steps closer. “Then I won’t give it (the forgiveness.) I don’t want you to start over. I want you to go on living in gloom, to pay for what you have done.” Oh, you don’t mean that, Aroon…

She tears up and he walks away. And she decides that she will live her life in gloom. She won’t refuse anyone anything and continues on her self destruction by agreeing to get engaged with Yoting.

This makes Aroon angry because he thinks she’s marrying for happiness. While she thinks that she’s punishing herself. Despite not caring, Aroon seems quite jealous. Every time he sees her, she’s in the arms of another man. So it begs the question, is the anger he’s emitting due to Non or his jealousy? Heh.

But even if she believes that by marrying Yoting, she’s not doing herself any favors, she quickly learns that he’s downright abusive and cruel. At the wedding convention (where the dress fitting and etc would take place) Whitney severs her engagement to Yoting, he did try to rape her!

Her father hears of the news and it was the last straw. He doesn’t know what to do with her anymore, and kicks her out of the house. She goes to her mom’s but it’s no better. Her mother scolds her for leaving all of the wealth behind. And so, the only place she knows and feels comfortable seeking, is Aroon’s.

The subject currently being discussed, is packing up his condo for a move into the countryside. When he sees her, luggage in tow, he refuses her.

“Take me with you,” she pleads. “I don’t have anything left here either.”

A sheet of paper falls to the ground. It is a picture that she drew. It touched her that he still kept it, but he ignores the pang. He asks the security guards to send her away.

When he drives away from the condo, he sees her sleeping in the corner, drenched in the rain. Aroon’s resolves dropped. He hauls her body into the car, and they make way for a journey to the countryside.

*screenshots from sleepy20’s YT

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