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Ubatheehet Ep 6- A Piece of (My) Mind


What is the straw that breaks the camel’s back? Unfortunately I’m still waiting for the pin to drop, or any proverbial ending to this teeter tottering of relationship between Aroon and Nanontre. What I would give to cease this incessant screaming by Non.

As Nut has said to Dekcha regarding the situation between her sister and Aroon: they are fighting again over the same things. And as a wise man once said (Einstein), insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Coming from a man who went insane himself, that is quite insightful and an advice everyone should heed, before you know, heading into insane-ville. Which is where a few of the characters in this lakorn is headed.

So Yoting tries to take Non home with him but she awakens slowly and fights him off. He uses a different tactic to rein her in, begs her to take her home and apologizes for his actions. He was drunk and behaved badly. He even convinces her that she could call the cops on him anytime, and hands her his cellphone. Non believes him and hops back into the car. He’s working on Whitney as a future wife, and Non as a prospective new toy. His family is getting so desperate now that his mom has to sell her car. The only option for them is to either mortgage their house or get Whitney to marry him soon.

It is clear that Nut is developing some feelings for her longtime neighbor, Dekcha. They are probably the most normal couple in this drama. They chat with each other through the window with a tin and long string. And tonight was no different when Dekcha and his brother stayed with her while they waited for Non to come home. Dekcha falls asleep outside of her bedroom door and as she tries to make him comfortable, he ends up sliding his head on her lap. They make a cute couple. We also see how jealous Nut gets when she sees Dekcha with Whitney, because she knows that Dekcha has a crush on Whitney.

The club scene from the night before goes viral the next morning. Bystanders had taken a video of the fighting scene (which they labeled “rich girl fighting over a man”). Whitney walks in and overhears the gossip regarding the video. She immediately searches for the video on youtube and to her horror, doesn’t remember anything that had happened that night. Her father calls her into his office, along with Aroon and Non to get to the bottom of it. Whitney confesses that she doesn’t know what had happened that night. Aroon explains that it was just an accident. Apparently that is the theme of the whole drama. Not that everything happens for a reason, but everything that had happened is due to an “accident.” Non tells the President that Whitney was very sick that night- and he asks them what about the “fighting over a man” issue? Aroon explains to his boss that he and Whitney are only coworkers. Whitney turns around to look at Aroon, and she sees that he has his fingers linked through Non’s. Aroon continues to say that he and Non still love each other.

Does it surprise you that Aroon is giving his girlfriend another chance? Non tells him that she behaved badly last night and she is sorry for that. But she did it all because she was afraid of losing him. Deep down Aroon can’t help but feel that his girlfriend is changing and becoming more and more the envious monster.

Whitney finds that their love to be true when she sees them hugging in his office just moments afterward. Feeling dejected and saddened by the image before her, she walks over to Dekcha and invites him for lunch. Aroon and Non happen to go to the same restaurant as Dekcha and Whitney, and we get our onset of jealous glances at each table. Aroon keeps looking over at Whitney, feeling sad that she’ s having lunch with Dekcha, while Whitney keeps glancing at Aroon, thinking about his “coworker” comment.

Dekcha is infatuated with Whitney but things are not working out well for him. When they were at lunch, he tries to hint that he cares about her but Whitney takes his message as a form of friendship. She even thanks him for being her true friend. Dekcha’s smile faded because he obviously wants to be more than that. He even pretends to be her “boyfriend” when she wanted to trick her mother’s match make family to thinking that she is unsuitable for marriage to their son. She dresses skimpy and wears a blonde wig- not to mention that her boyfriend is a punk rock guy. After successfully helping her steer them away from her, instead of being the benefactor, Whitney could only think of Aroon. She tells Dekcha that it was Aroon’s original idea to make herself unsuitable for the prospective groom. She asks Dekcha what she should do to repay Aroon? Dekcha could only look at her with glum.

Gusuma learns that Aroon and Non are good with each other now and she frowns. But we see a change in Non when she is around Gusuma now, she’s wary of her. I hope she catches the other woman’s game soon, at least before it’s too late! Her second attempt to break them up is when Non gets invited for lunch with Yoting, and Gusuma takes a picture of the two dining together. She then emails the photos to Aroon. But thankfully Whitney was taking care of his email while he’s meeting a client, and deletes it immediately. She knows that he would be hurt if he saw those pictures, and when you care about someone, you wouldn’t want them to be hurt right? This scene shows that Whitney truly has feelings for Aroon.

On her way to escape dinner with Yoting and his mother, Whitney finds Aroon on the side of the road, his car broken again. He was on his way to a new development open house. Whitney was tired of being the third wheel with her dad and stepmom and she tells him that she’s looking for a place of her own too. They decide to go house hunting together and this cute scene only shows us how compatible and like minded they are. The agent mistakes them for being newly weds and shows them a few bridal houses. The two are to embarrassed to correct her (which will only be more trouble for them down the road!)

She takes them to a cute house with a small yard in the front and back. They sit on the grass and have another heart to heart conversation, something they tend to do when left alone. Whitney tells Aroon that a home like this is what she would call a real home. He agrees that it is cozy and full of warmth. He asks her whether her childhood home is still around. Whitney says that it is, just not the same anymore. Aroon comforts her by saying that at least she has a picture of a home in her memory, because for him, he could never imagine what that would look like. He’s always showing her that she should appreciate what she has.

Whitney plays the house wife when they are inside, donning an apron and holding a spatula. She says that the kitchen is so cookable. He wonders if she could cook then. With a smile Whitney tells him that she is used to do everything on her own when she studied abroad.

The next stop was a child’s room. She adores it and calls him in to see the room. But Aroon tells her that if bought the house, he would get rid if of the kid’s room and expand the master. This confuses Whitney (her expression was something like “why would you ever do that?!”) but Aroon quickly explains that he would like to be close to his kid from the start. He wants his child to feel the love and warmth from its parents. This touches her heart and she nods her head, “so they don’t feel so empty like me when they get older.” Aroon adds “like the both of us.” Including himself in her loneliness. Aww..

Upon sharing with Non the house plan and brochures, Non seems snobby about it. She tells him that she doesn’t like it and that it’s too small. She’s also afraid of bad neighbors. Nut tries to talk her into it or at least to give it some thought before she completely disregards it. Non eventually folds and agrees to see the house with Aroon since he’s being so smitten with her lately. When they appear at the open house, the agent immediately recognizes Aroon. The agent brings some water to Non (while Aroon is conveniently away) and surmises that Non is Aroon’s neighbor. She made a comment about seeing Aroon’s pretty girlfriend earlier and that they were shopping for a bridal house. Non just loses it. As Aroon walks back to her, she throws her entire glass of water in his face. Without listening to his explanation, she takes off.

But she doesn’t go home, she goes to see Gusuma instead. She’s crying her eyes out while her friend is plotting her next demise.

Aroon doesn’t know what else to do anymore. He tells Nut that Non is becoming too hot headed and doesn’t listen to his explanations. Nut promises to talk to her sister for him.

The next morning Whitney wakes up to her foreign friends wishing her a happy birthday (25 yrs old.) She smiles and prepares for the monks and a birthday blessing. But her morning only went downhill because her father forgets and has already left for work. Angry, she decides to forego the lucky blessing and goes to work. But once she reaches her office, her mother and belligerent boyfriend wants to ask her for money. Now even her mother has forgotten her birthday. She writes her a check but her father catches wind of it and takes the check away. Right in front of the driveway, her parents get into a verbal fight to the point that her father has the security guards escort the disorderly people out. Feeling down, Whitney slumps in her chair. This is how Aroon found her. She tells him that it’s her birthday but her parents are fighting. It is not an important day for anyone. Aroon looks speculative then he tells her that she’s going out with him today. When she asks where, Aroon merely replies that she shall see.

Well at least the end of this episode promises a potential birthday scene between Aroon and Whitney in the next episode. But even so, I’m feeling that this lakorn is insanely draggy. Let’s just get on with this! I’m a little fed up with Non and Aroon.

And I’m going to do a little overthinking about Whitney’s character. I get that she is the product of a broken home. But she’s 25 years old, after 18, one cannot blame one’s parents anymore for the outcome of one’s life. She has total double standards for her parents. She’s always nasty to her father, but with her mother, she forgives her. The only rationale for this behavior is that she sees her father as someone who is more capable, an authority figure who could do more for her, for her mother, but chooses not to. She pities her mother more because she has less and thus does not know better. I see where she’s coming from, but at the end of the day, adults should take responsibility for their actions. She’s an adult and she chooses to act that way. She can totally improve her own life by simply moving out and focus on her own happiness (such as creating her own family.) She’s so caught up in feeling sorry for herself, and craving so much attention that even though I like Whitney at times, her overall view of life is pretty pathetic. That is why she is meant to meet Aroon who is not only someone who needs just as much love, but someone who has the patience and wisdom for it. With him, she will learn to eventually grow up. Golly, the surface level problems of socialites. I do wish Whitney has more going for her than her sulky view of her parents and their lack of love- or the love that she “needs.” At the end of the day, that is Whitney on face value- a woman who appears to have everything- except for what she needs the most.


*screen shot from sleepy20’s channel YT

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