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Ubatheehet Ep 5


Although this episode is more of the same from the last few and there is not much to report, I do enjoy the fact that Aroon is starting to feel conflicted at how he feels about Whitney now. Perhaps all of this prodding from everyone that they have feelings for each other is starting to come to fruition. Cool.

In Aroon’s office Non is confronting him about the invitation to the charity show this evening. She refuses to attend because of her friend, Gusuma’s constant pestering about how Aroon really wants to see Whitney as Snow White. I don’t understand why both of them aren’t adding two and two, and determine that Gusuma is the root of their problem. Shrug.

It gets worst, Gusuma lies to Non that she’s taking her aunt to the hospital and she won’t be able to join her at the mall. However, she actually contrives for Aroon to invite her to the play instead. So she dresses up the way Non would, hooks her arm around Aroon, and acts like she is his girlfriend. Even after Aroon picks her up from her house and learns from Gusuma’s aunt that she’s been longing to see Aroon so they could talk about dowries, he still doesn’t do the math. Gusuma is shameless and annoying at the party, even people who are there thought she is Aroon’s girlfriend.

The catwalk commences and the coordinators are in need of a replacement model. They recruit Nut, whom they disregarded earlier. She’s a wreck, her stage fright getting the best of her. But upon reaching the runway, Nut simply transforms and impresses everyone. Even Dekcha is slack jawed at her appearance; he never imagined she could be so pretty.

Back at Non’s house, she is crying and furious about her boyfriend. But she remembers their good times together and decides to give it another shot. She gets ready and makes her way to the hotel where the charity show is held.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs play opens with the queen hurting Snow White. The audience watch with merry as Snow White meets the seven dwarfs, and finally when she takes a bite of the apple, and falls to the ground. Before Prince Charming could revive her with a sweet kiss, a ruckus erupts. Her mother and her cohorts barge into the ballroom. She had read in the newspaper that Kongkaew is trying to match make her daughter up, so she brought her own prospective son-in-law (a rich Chinese man,) she isn’t about to let the stepmom take control over her daughter’s life. The man pulls Yoting away (who is the Prince) before he could kiss Whitney. A fight breaks out and Whitney finds herself in between her mom and dad, being tugged both ways. Finally, Whitney explodes and tells them that she’s not a doll to be pulled in any direction, she’s human. Before she has a meltdown in front of everyone, she runs out of the ballroom.

Aroon follows her and calls after her. When he finds her outside of the hotel, she’s in tears. When she glimpses his face, Whitney wraps her arms around his waist. Aroon is shocked but he tries to comfort her. She begs him to take her away from this place. Dekcha and Nut walk out of the hotel in time to see the embrace. And matters get uglier when Aroon drives out of the driveway, and Non sees them in the car together. She simply loses it. Yoting finds her on the ground crying. When he tries to help her, Non keeps yelling at him. Her sister and Dekcha come across her with Gusuma in tow. Non lays her eyes on Gusuma and she notices the dress that Gusuma wears. This isn’t the first time that her friend has tried to dress like her and lied to her. But much to my chagrin, Non forgives her yet again. Serves her right to be brainwashed then!

Aroon takes Whitney to the man made basin by the pretty bridge. His phone rings and Whitney pleads for him not to pick it up. He tells her that her family is concerned about her, but Whitney just shakes her head, her face wet with tears. He thinks that Whitney is seeing her family in a bad light. Whitney looks at Aroon and says to him that her parents never gave her what she needed the most. He asks her what that is.

“Love,” she says. “My father thinks that by providing for me, it is sufficient. And my mother is merely using me as a way to get back at Kongkaew.”

She tells him that she wishes she’s not part of the family. Aroon explains to her that we can’t choose our parents, can we? And the same goes for them. He advises her that the best way to find happiness is to love them for who they are (not what she needs or wants them to be.) He tells her that they are not ideal but they are who they are. The Abbott once lectured him that we cannot find happiness until we learn to accept the reality. How insightful.

As they walk back to the car, Whitney encounters a turtle and decides to set him back to his environment. Aroon watches her free the turtle into the water and catches her before she falls. They have a momentarily sweet moment.

Aroon drops her off at the hotel where her car is parked. He tells her to keep trying. Whitney glances at him and utters that she will keep fighting if she has the encouragement. Aroon says that he will be her encouragement. Aww.

Whitney does not open her door for her father when he wants to see her that night. Kongkaew tells her husband to try again tomorrow.

The funniest part I found about this whole episode is the sign on her door. It says “rule #1: I’m always right. Rule #2: If I’m wrong, please look at rule#1.” LOL.

Whitney thinks about what Aroon has told her. And meanwhile in Aroon’s room, he only thinks about how she hugged him and how he caught her before she fell. Heeh. Someone has a crush!

The next morning Non rips Aroon a new one. (Her friend Gusuma is telling her not to give in.) She’s boisterous and makes a scene at the showroom. Aroon tells her not to talk badly about Whitney, which makes Non even angrier because he’s protecting her. Whitney overhears from the break room and tries to explain but Non walks way. Whitney asks Aroon if he wants her to keep trying. Aroon says that it is not her fault but Whitney feels guilty. The day is not starting off well for Whitney, especially when Yoting came to see her and asks her out to lunch. She is ready to refuse, but she sees Non in the corner of her eye and decides to give in.

Yoting asks Whitney if she is willing to chat with one of his juniors who is interested in studying abroad in Paris. Whitney relents and learns that the “chatting” will be done in a club. Also during lunch, Aroon and Dekcha talks about Whitney. Dekcha asks him if he cared about Whitney more than Non now? Aroon is confused at the question, but his friend tells him that he should start being honest about how he feels. Aroon could only look conflicted because just earlier, he was guilty of thinking about her. I like how Dekcha is putting his friend in his place- this will only make Aroon ponder more deeply about how he feels.

Gusuma tells Non that one way to get back at Aroon (and not letting him off the hook) is to join the girls at the club to celebrate one of the girl’s newly acquired singlehood. Non hates the club and Aroon thinks it’s not appropriate for good girls, so to spite him, she ends up going. Yoting has the bartender drug Whitney’s cocktail so he could take her home with him, but she heads to the bath room feeling weak and ill. Non finds out from her sister that Aroon is on his way to come get her and is ecstatic, but Gusuma warns her that she needs to play her cards better. Non remains in her seat, while Aroon enters the club. He sees Whitney on the ground and helps her to the patio outside. Aww, he’s always rescuing her. But his heroic endeavor is seen- in Non’s eyes- as his interest in Whitney.

She catches wind that he’s caring for Whitney and it is the last straw. She screams at him and pushes at poor Whitney, who is already weak from the drug. Whitney falls on top of Aroon. He is overly concerned and braces her fall. This drives Non bonkers and she tells him to not bother with her again- is she breaking up with him? I hope so. She runs back into the club and downs a few drink to mock her newfound singlehood.

Aroon takes Whitney back to her house, her parents are a gawk at her condition. Her father is only capable at yelling at her. They thank him for helping her yet again. As Aroon drives away, he tries to call Non to no avail. He soon receives a call from Gusuma (the hyena) that Non is angry and went home. But Gusuma needs a ride. Aroon, our Mr. Nice Guy, agrees to take her home.

Non is pretty plastered now. She runs into Yoting at the club. She yells at him for not controlling Whitney. Non is afraid of losing her boyfriend completely. Yoting admits that he and Whitney are not an item, so it is not like he could forbid anything. Non is fed up with the scene and wants to go home. Yoting drives her home, but before they reach anywhere, he looks conniving at her. Hm, what will become of Non?

All I have to say is that someone should check Gusuma into the loony bin. That woman is psycho. Hopefully everyone’s meltdown in this episode will lead to something drastic. Do stay tune.

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