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Ubatheehet Ep 1, Part 2


When Whitney does something totally unintentional and wrong, she feels badly for having done them. If she was a true diva, she would be a snob and wouldn’t give a rat’s ass whether she offended anyone. But upon taking the Mercedes out for a drive, Whitney teases the driver too much and accidentally hits an outdoor potted plant. She winces at her mistake but when her step mom glances at her with irritation- thinking that she’s taking her car to spite her intentionally- Whitney hits the accelerator and makes a run for it.

On the road, in an oldie that could barely play music, Aroon is driving with his friend, Dekcha (Es Kantapong), who complains that the car has done its time. He thinks that if it were a human being, it would have already been put to rest. Whitney is jamming out in the Mercedes behind them, totally distracted with the navigation on her phone and doesn’t realize the driver in front of her is slamming on his brakes. Her front bumper goes careening into his car, causing his taillight to hang on its hinge.

“Again?!” she exclaims, lol. Earlier she hit a potted plant.

Aroon gets out of his car to examine his taillight. This is just what he needed, additional damage to his already ancient car.

Whitney gets out of her car too and squats down to look at her damage. She scoots back, not realizing he’s directly behind her, and reveals her shapely back to him. Aroon is forced to look; irritated that she’s all up in his business. She turns around and he looks up, caught by her pretty face. He isn’t spellbound like his friend Dekcha though, who mutters “Nang Fah” (angel) under his breath.

She doesn’t immediately yell or shout that it’s his fault like a lot of hi-so people would have done. Instead, she says, “I’m really sorry. I was looking at my phone and didn’t realize that you stopped.”

“It’s ok,” Dekcha replies for his friend.

But Aroon isn’t having it. Her irresponsibility gnaws at him. He gets up, “It is not ok! Are you not aware that the law dictates that you cannot use your phone while driving?”

“Well I-“

“Don’t claim ignorance, it’s a waste of time.”

“It’s not like that. I was going to tell you that I do know (the law)- but it’s really unintentional,” she explains.

“I am aware that you didn’t intend to hit my car, but it doesn’t lower your offense.”

“Take it easy Aroon,” his friend coaxes him.

“I know that I’m wrong. That’s why I am prepared to pay for the damages.” She reaches back into her car for her wallet.

They are drawing by-passers to the scene.

“How much do you need? Let’s make a deal right here, no need to call the cops and waste our time.”

Aroon is insulted, but before he could say anything, his cellphone rang. It happens to be his girlfriend Non, who is wondering when he would arrive to her sister’s graduation ceremony. He tells her that he got into a minor accident.

Whitney is looking on with urgency and asks Dekcha if his uncle is always like this. “My uncle?” Dekcha says with confusion.

“I heard you call him ‘uncle’.”

“Ar-Roon,” Lol, “he’s not my uncle, his name is Aroon.”

“Good, then I won’t be shy,” she proceeds forward and takes the phone away from Aroon, who is just telling his girlfriend that he’ll try to hurry.

“What’s your deal?” he says.

“What part of “I’m in a hurry” don’t you understand?” Whitney asks.

“What about you, are you familiar with any manners?” he retorts. “Give me back my phone.”

“Not until we’ve made a deal.”

Undeterred, Aroon wrestles her with the phone until she loses the grip and it goes flying into the street. A truck passes by and runs it over, shattering the screen into pieces.

Whitney hides her face behind her purse. Oops. But Aroon’s livid by now, first his car now his phone. She tells him that she didn’t mean it, but he was too busy talking on his phone, and she didn’t know what to else to do.

In an effort to solve the problem, she pulls out all of her cash and hands it to him. “Here, take all of this. It should be enough for the car and phone.”

“Rich people like to solve their problems with money,” he says.

“What do you want me to do then?” she asks him. “Kowtow to you? Fine, that can be arranged,” she starts removing her high heels.

“Wait wait!” Dekcha stops her, he solves the problem by taking her money on his friend’s behalf.

“Well that settles it,” Whitney says and she pokes fun at him, “what, you don’t want a new phone?”

“Hey come back here!” Aroon calls after her, apparently they were not done in his book. Lol.

She gets into her car and takes off.

“She has horrible features and bad manners!” Aroon exclaims after her. His friend wonders if he has problems with his eyesight. Aroon says that he won’t use her money, preferring to donate it to the temple so he could wash the bad luck away- and so that he may never see her again. Lol.

Regarding his oldie, it’s not so bad. With a fresh paint and some work on the engine, it’ll look brand new. Besides, oldies are all the rage in the US these days. But apparently, in Thailand, one prefers a more modern car. To each its own.

Whitney finally arrives on the street she was seeking. After confirmation, she pulls up to a gated house. It’s quiet, but the door is unlocked. Letting herself in, she calls out, “Mom! I’m here to visit you..”

We are introduced to another part of Whitney’s life: the lack of warmth and attention from her parents. They were divorced since she was young, her mother a drunkie and a gambler. Her father was fed up and takes her away. It appears that she hasn’t seen her mother in a long time (probably ten years) ever since she left for a life abroad. She looks sadly at the house- it’s not dilapidated by any means, just not monstrous like her father’s.

She walks slowly into the house calling for her mom. Her voice wakes up a man who stirs up from a drunken stupor. He stumbles slowly down the stairs and sees a sexy female looking at the portraits and immediately decides to hold her.

Whitney is caught off guard. She starts to wiggle out but to no avail. But she’s feisty and doesn’t let anyone capture her. She manages to break free and uses the closest weapon on hand to beat him- an umbrella- and she goes to town on him. Their voices carry to the outside where her mother and maid are walking in.

It’s been too long. Whitney drinks in her mother’s appearance. Maybe there’s one person left in the world that still wants her and cares for her? Much to her surprise though, even her mother has moved on. Her current love interest happens to be the drunkie who tried to molest her earlier. She wants to move in with her mother but her mother is sneaky and tells her that she needs to make claim on her inheritance. If there are some expensive items she wants to protect, she could let her mom take care of it, lol. Whitney merely nods her head and goes home- it is a lonely world for her. I feel for our girl.

We are introduced to a few new characters: Dekcha (whom we know is Aroon’s friend and neighbors with Non), Niranut or Nut (starring Pooklook Fontip who is Non’s younger sister) and finally, the psycho Gusuma (Benz Punyakorn) who pines after Aroon.

Nut just graduated from college and is a lively, dutiful kid. Her sister Non was the one to send her through college so she vows to send her own nieces and nephews through college too. She finds the perfect brother in law in Aroon. Meanwhile during her graduation, her affection for him seems to be more than what a girlfriend’s sister should express- at least in the eyes of Gusuma who secretly loves him. When she learns that Aroon wants to marry Non in the future, she tries to sabotage Non in Aroon’s eyes (and the other way around) by blowing their ears. She doesn’t think Non is good enough for him and in a psychotic scene at night, she pastes her picture on Non’s face. We have a lose granite on our hands folks, I’m sure there will be lots of manipulations and psychotic scenes to follow.

Back to Whitney, her father is quite ashamed of her lol. It seems whatever she does, even innocently, is viewed as being devious. One morning, her father was looking for her to join them for breakfast, but she’s in the park dancing aerobics with the public. I flippin love it lol because many people in SE Asia actually do this. But her father forbids her and tells her to go home and get ready. She is going to work with him.

Her first day on the job is, well, funny. Her father runs a renowned car company (probably even dabbles in manufacturing as well) and as she walked into the company with him, the employees immediately assume that he brought his mistress with him. They were floored at how open he is about it all- especially when he just got married. When Whitney peers around the showroom, the employees there think she is an e-nu (mistress) of someone rich, she couldn’t possibly afford an expensive car like that. She showed up with scandalous attire, definitely not suitable for work. There, Dekcha notices her and immediately recognizes her from the collision earlier. He is the car salesman, but when she asks him if he works here, he lies that he’s the son of the President of the company. Whitney smiles bemusedly at his blunder. Dekcha tells her that she could buy from and he’ll give her a good discount. She asks for a very large discount and he panics, asking her how is he going to feed his family? Lol. Whitney says that since he’s the president’s son, his family won’t suffer that much. Before she could tease him further, she gets called away. Later he discovers he was biting on the hand that feeds the mouth (lying to his ‘supposed’ boss mistress.)

It is a small world. Khun Amnui tells his sales manager, Aroon, that he found a new assistant for him. He introduces the two- without telling Aroon that Whitney is his daughter- but merely that she just returned from studying abroad. Earlier Aroon heard from the employees that Khun Amnui brought his mistress to work today- so we can assume that Aroon thinks Whitney is his boss’ mistress. Fun stuff.

Khun Amnui tells Aroon to train Whitney since she is new to the workforce industry. As Whitney spins the executive chair to face Aroon, they both gasp in shock. They deny recognizing each other. Whitney tells her dad that she doesn’t want to be an assistant, but Khun Amnui says that she has to learn the workings of the company first and once she has acquired some skills, they can decide what position she will take on.

And there we have it, the onset of our working relationship between Whitney and her new boss, Mr. Aroon. Who doesn’t like the closeness that could develop from a boss and his employee?

I’ve enjoyed the first episode- especially Whitney. I love how she doesn’t care about what people think of her nor does she care about correcting what they think of her. She could easily say “don’t you know who my daddy is?” But no, she lets them think what they will. Which could be good and bad in the future. She will probably let her family go on thinking badly of her. As for Aroon, not much to think of right now. We know he’s loyal to his girlfriend and he’s an old fashion kind of guy. Hopefully we’ll get to see more appealing quality to our pra’ek. As we stand right now, Whitney or Aump, is stealing the show, and someone I’ll be watching for.


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