Ubatheehet is a weekend installment on Channel 7 starring Aump Patcharapa and Om Akapan. If the title is any indication, we have ourselves a drama on our hands. Accidents, whether intentional or unintentional results in death, injury or some sort of serious effects.  Let’s just hope our leading characters don’t get themselves in an uba-thee-het and you know, have a tragic ending and all- sending my romantic heart to raging oblivion. After all, I’m going to make this my new recapping project, so there better be some fluff.

Interthaipop has a summary of plot and cast list, so feel free to give it a gander if you’d like a teaser. I’m always curious to learn whether a lakorn will stay true to a summary that has been released prior to its debut. I hope not because this will be a very long, very rough ride indeed. I’m already wary of Channel 7, but for sanity’s sake, I’m choosing to be in a positive, happy place.

Before we commence our journey, I’d like to mention some boundaries- I know, who likes those? But to maintain somewhat of a life (and since I do have a real job and my pr’ek to dole out attention to) I am going about this recapping business in a leisurely fashion. Since this lakorn has aired up to nine episodes already, what’s the big rush? So what that means is, I’m releasing each episode recaps about three times a week. Unless this Aump&Om pairing has got me fangirling so much- thereby causing live posts and social life negligence- I will refuse to take any responsibility for it! Cheers and let’s su-su this together!

Watch raw episodes here.

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