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Kitchen Scholar Ep 12 Finale


Amika is writing her script but is pensive. She asks Nong, “Have you ever loved anyone before? I’d like to know when you love someone, how does it feel?”

Nong replies “Why are you asking me this?”

“I’m a little confused at my character.” (so are we! Lol)

“You should be the one who knows the answer better than I do! Well when you love Pong, how does that feel?” Nong asks her.
Amika looks away.

“Don’t tell me that you don’t love Pong!” Nong declares.

“That’s not it-“ she evaded the finger pointing- “but the love I have with Pong is not the same kind of love that I’m currently writing about. My nang’ek (leading lady) already has a boyfriend but she is confused because she thinks that she loves the pr’ek (leading man).”

“And does this pr’ek love the n’ek?” Nong asks.

“I don’t know,” she replies. “I’m not sure either. Sometimes he appears to love her but sometimes it doesn’t seem like he loves her.”

Nong smacks her hands together with certainty – “but I say he loves her.”

“Really? Why do you think so?”

“Well- he’s the pr’ek. And pr’eks must love nang’eks.”

“Hey Nong!” Amika screeches with sincerity- “stop acting, I’m talking about the real deal here.”

“What?! You’re serious? I thought you said you were writing a script?”

Amika gets up from the couch, “Well of course I’m referring to the script.” And gets back to her work.

Nong is left confused at whether her friend is referring to a lakorn or herself but we all know it’s the latter.

Days pass by as our Cha-aim struggles to finish her script and our Mr. Tum go on with his life, focusing on making the day go by faster by working endlessly, yet he too looks miserable.

Khun Cheun approaches her husband and shares with him that she is thinking about engaging Khun Aon with Mr. Tum. Her husband on the other hand, disagrees. He tells her that the duo does not love each other. Khun Cheun doesn’t see that as a deterrent, she wants them to be engaged first then they can get to know each other better and love will inevitably follow. Khun Phi tells her that it isn’t easy to force people to love each other and he advises her to cease the match making. But Khun Cheun explains to him that she cannot stop, during the burglary when they apprehended Khun Aon, her heart nearly stopped. She can’t let anything happen to her daughter. But she underestimates her daughter by saying that she’s a very helpless person so she needs someone to take care of her. I’m pretty sure Khun Aon has two feet, two hands and a brain. I’m sure she could fend for herself. Khun Cheun is still adamant that Mr. Tum is the only man that Khun Aon will marry.

She stalks off to talk to her daughter.

“I will not get engaged with P’Tum!” Khun Aon exclaims, “I don’t love him! And he doesn’t love me! How can we spend our lives together, mom?”

Her mom tells her that she should practice thinking on simple terms. She is trying to find a good man for her.

“For me?” Khun Aon repeats, “or for yourself?”

Khun Aoy walks into the poolside area and sees her mother and sister arguing.

“Why are you talking to me like that?” Khun Cheun asks her daughter.

“In my entire life mom, since the moment I was born, I’ve never chosen or decided anything on my own! Not even the little things, I must walk on the path that you’ve created. You’ve never asked me once whether I’d like to do them. Whatever you liked, I must like it too!”

Khun Aoy is peering behind her, their voices escalating. She turns around and goes back into the house to find her father.

“Whatever you hate, I must hate it too!”- Khun Aon continues. “But this time, I refuse to abide by your wishes anymore. I won’t do it, I won’t do it!”

Her mother grabs her by the shoulders- “stop!”

“Mom, marriage is the biggest change in one’s life. We must live with a person we love and who loves us back. If I must stay with the person you’ve chosen, then I will be tormented for the rest of my life!”

“Aon-“ her mother interrupts.

“I need (to be with) the person who loves me and that I love too- someone who is willing to protect me. I’d like to choose the man that I will marry.”

Then Khun Aon yells, “can you stop interfering with my life?!”

Khun Cheun slaps her daughter across the face. Khun Phi and Aoy walks in on time to see it. Khun Aon cries and walks away. Khun Cheun warns everyone not to follow her. If she dare leave her, then let her. This makes her heart heavy and she nearly passes out.

Great scene!

Khun Aon has run away from home, her mother hospitalized from the anxiety and Khun Phi asks Mr. Tum to help him find Khun Aon. He also explains the situation to his nephew.

Ah, I love how this problem comes back full circle. Will this be the first time that Mr. Tum is reaching out to our Cha-aim for help? Khun Aon recommends that he calls Pong because perhaps Khun Aon had gone looking for him. Tum thinks that it is a good idea, but he doesn’t have Pong’s number. The number he does have is Cha-aim’s.

Meanwhile Cha-aim is at the bus station preparing to leave the city so she could clear her head and finish her script. She receives a call from Mr. Tum but doesn’t answer, forcing him to stalk her. He discovers where she’s at and stops her before the bus could leave.

She refuses to leave when he orders her to, lol.

He tries to pull her out of the bus. “Don’t waste other people’s time!” he exclaims.

“You’re wasting other people’s time!” She retorts.

“If you don’t get out of this bus, I will kiss you in front of everyone!” He threatens. Oh do it please!

“Do you want to try me?” he asks.

She hesitates for a second, which gives him enough time to act- he leans down and kisses her squarely on the cheek.

“Are you mad?”

“Yes, I’m mad. I’m mad because of you!”

The bus finally leaves with Mr. Tum and Cha-aim standing on the sidewalk. He looks mighty satisfied with his actions. He doesn’t let her hand go and tells her that he doesn’t want to bother with her that much either if he didn’t need her help. He tells her the situation with Khun Aon and that he wouldn’t have been here if she answered her phone lol.

“I turned my phone off,” she explains.

“Turned it off or didn’t want to pick it up?”

“Why are you trying to start something with me?”

“I am not!”

“But that’s the truth right?” he asks.

They look away in frustration with each other.

In another place, Khun Aon is sitting on the steps with Pong. She thanks him for coming out to see her, and that she honestly didn’t know who else to call. Like his typical self, Pong tries to help her relieve her stress. He shouts from the top of his lungs and tells her that she would feel immensely better if she did too. After some hesitation- and since they’ve always done silly, embarrassing things together without being embarrassed- Khun Aon tries it. Before she could tell him what is truly bugging her, he receives a phone call from Cha-aim. He doesn’t answer and gives her his undivided attention- her problem is the most important thing to him right now. Aww. But a text message stops him in his track. They learn that Khun Cheun is in the hospital and they immediately make their way to the hospital.

Khun Aon feels responsible and remorse for her mother’s condition. Khun Cheun pulls the pity card and begs Mr. Tum to promise to take care of Khun Aon. Mr. Tum replies that he will be taking care of her anyway because she’s like his sister. But we all know that that isn’t what Khun Cheun is referring to. She made it clear when she pulls their hands together and says that she wants him to marry Khun Aon.

The two people who are standing outside hear this- Pong and Aim- and they both realize how much it hurts and leave the scene.

Mr. Tum gently tells Khun Cheun that this is a big decision and that they should wait until she is released from the hospital first to talk about this.

When Khun Cheun is well again, she and her husband visits Mr. Tum’s mother. Khun Cheun is straightforward and says that she wants to discuss about Mr. Tum and Khun Aon’s engagement. Which of course, takes his mother by surprise. The next thing we know, Tum’s mom tells him that Khun Cheun came to see her and that she agrees with the engagement. (Perhaps thinking that finding him a suitable wife who agrees to marry him is a good step.)

Tum adamantly refuses, “That is impossible, mom. I only see Nong Aon as a sister.”

“And you see Khun Cheun’s former maid as the person you love then?”

“You are bringing her up again.”

“Then you tell me that you don’t love her and I won’t bring her up again.”

Tum doesn’t reply.

“So you don’t dare say it?!”

“Good, then prepare yourself to be engaged with Nong Aon.”

The professor shares with Nong that Mr. Tum’s office has seek their help for a campaign focused on sceneries for weddings. It’s an important campaign across many universities and provinces. He wants Nong to manage the campaign and she accepts with glee. So it is only natural that Mr. Tum is assigned to cooperate with Nong’s school and sees Cha-aim. They can’t get away from each other even if they wanted to, hah.

Amika pulls her friend aside and says that if she knew she was to work with Mr. Tum, she wouldn’t agree to. But at the end of the day, she’s a professional. So Mr. Tum and Amika are the bride and groom for this location shooting and he finds her spellbinding in a white wedding dress. It’s hilarious that Nong contrives (innocently and without us knowing) for them to be the models.

As they pose, Mr. Tum whispers to her, “If I knew you were the model for this shooting, I wouldn’t have helped Nonglak.”
Amika retorts, “If you’re uncomfortable, you can stop.”

“It just so happens that I can separate work from personal issues.”

Nong asks them to act like a couple and pushes them closer. They start to pose like a couple- I thought when he held her hand and look at the ring, I bet he’s wishing that it were real. So cuute.

In their final shooting, Mr. Tum holds her by the waist and pulls her closer to him. She starts to fidget.

“What, are you afraid your boyfriend would be jealous? I thought you trust each other?” he asks.

“If you don’t talk, no one would say that you are a mute.”

Pong decides to make an appearance at the photo shooting and makes his way to the scene where he sees Mr. Tum holding Amika.

Mr. Tum pulls her fully in his arms and dips her, his lips getting ever so closer to hers.

That is when Pong interferes and punches Mr. Tum in the mouth. Everyone holds Pong back. Amika stands in the middle, looking at the two men.

Nong is furious; she chastises Pong for hitting Mr. Tum and that no matter how displeased he is, he has no right to hurt Mr. Tum. Pong looks on with anger, in his eyes, they knew that Amika is his girlfriend and they failed to think how he would feel.

Nong asks him, “Did you hit Mr. Tum because you were jealous or because you were acting like a dog worried about its bone?”

“What is that suppose to mean?”

“Jealousy is because you love Aim but you can’t stand her being close to another man. But acting like a dog worried about its bone means that you don’t love Aim but you’re just worried because you used to love her and don’t want anyone else to have her.” Ouch. She hit the nail on the head!

He denies being a dog worried about his bone.

“Lies! I’m asking you, you don’t love Aim, correct?”

Pong has a hard time answering.

“You both are my best friend, I don’t want to see either of you hurt.”

After further prodding, he finally admits, “I don’t love her!”

Hah, wonderful revelation! He wasn’t sure about how he feels but he certainly knows now.

Nong tells him that his feelings for Aim is due to a friendship bond, not true love. She knows that he loves Khun Aon (remember she witnessed them at the fashion show?) and thereafter have noticed how he feels. She advises him to let Aim go, let things develop naturally on its own. He shouldn’t try to interfere and do the right thing.

Cha-aim tries to nurse Mr. Tum’s wound and apologizes for Pong’s actions.

“It’s ok, I understand,” Mr. Tum says. “He must be really worried about you.” And he whispers to himself that getting hit is a good thing- what, so he could be reminded that she’s taken? Mr. Tum gets up to leave since his lips are bleeding, they probably couldn’t continue with the photo shoot. Cha-aim could only watch his retreating back.

Pong and Amika have a heart to heart conversation.

“Aim, I have something to tell you. In the past, you’ve been everything to me. You were the person I think that I would spend the rest of my life with. But today, that’s not true anymore. Maybe I thought this way because I was so used to having you by my side. It makes me think that this is love and that I love you. But when I met Khun Aon, it makes me realize that the feelings I have with you is friendship. But with Khun Aon it’s.. it’s more than that.” He takes her hands and tells her that she could be angry with him, hit him, do anything she wanted because he feels he have wronged her.

“I understand, Pong.”

“You do?”

“In all honesty, I feel the same way you do. But you are much much braver than I am. Let’s just be friends.”

Pong beams at her and agrees. A huge load was removed off their backs. He apologizes to her for his constant interference with Mr. Tum. He was out of line. She tells him to apologize to Mr. Tum later then.

And what happens next is pretty flippin hilarious.

Indeed, Pong is much much braver than Amika. He brings his father- Mercedes and sirens in tow- to confess his true identity to the family. His father is a very highly ranked police lieutenant general, and funny to boot. He scolds his son for doing a very wrong thing indeed- parading as a servant and lying to everyone- how will he ever be ready enough to marry? This term brought sadness to Khun Aon. She walks in the garden when Pong came to see her. She refuses to open the door for him so he climbs the wall.

“There is nothing to discuss. You’ve told me everything- who you are and that you’re getting married, Pong! Wait,” she corrects herself, “I should call you Khun Pong, right?”

“I’m sorry Khun Aon for lying to you.”

“You make me look like an idiot when I’m already an idiot.”

“You’re not an idiot, Khun Aon. You’re just naïve and a good person.. and very cute too.”

“Don’t pretend to compliment me, I won’t fall for it.”

“I’m not pretending, just want to tell you the three words.”

“Which is borrow-your-money, right?” LOL. “I’m not giving it to you!”

“That’s not it! The three words I wanted to say is I-Love-You.”

Before fully comprehending it she exclaims, “You don’t need to love me!”

And the realization settles in.

“What did you say?”

“I love you Khun Aon. I truly do. I’ve loved you for a long time now.” Aww.

“Don’t kid with me,” she’s near tears, “it’s not funny.”

“I’m not joking, Khun Aon, I’m sincere.”

“But you’re getting married…”

“That’s all my dad’s planning, I don’t know anything of it…And the reality is, I’m single.”


“Absolutely! I can swear it too!” He’s still sitting at the top of the wall.

“No need to, no matter how much you swear, no matter if you are as single as you say you are, I still must be engaged with P’Tum.”

“I know that and I don’t plan on taking you away from Mr. Tum. I just want you to be aware of my feelings for you.” Ahh, I love Pong, he’s so honest and brave. “And now I’ve said it. So I will be leaving now. And I won’t come back so you could see my face again.”


He misses a step and falls on the ground. Khun Aon freaks out and cries, hugging him to her. She finally tells him that she loves him. Pong hears this and hugs her back. Angry she accuses him of testing her. He says that if he doesn’t test her, how would he know how she feels? She hits him a few times before Pong asks her if they both love each other now. Khun Aon denies it but eventually concedes when he tries to leave. They are so cute.

Arm in arm, the two confront her parents, which takes everyone by surprise. Khun Cheun is not overly pleased though and it all comes down to her thinking only of herself. Khun Phi tells her to rescind the engagement but Khun Cheun says she couldn’t, otherwise she would loose face. He asks her whether she loves her face or her daughter more? He reminds her that Nong Aon has done everything she wants her to in the past, it is time for her to do something for her daughter now. He has never seen Khun Aon so happy like she is today. He tells her that when you meet someone you love and loves you back, it is not an easy thing indeed and that they should support it. Besides, it’s not like Pong came from a bad family.

Khun Cheun braces herself to concede. She admits to Pong that the only outsider who they are familiar with is Mr. Tum so that’s why she trusts him and is willing to put her daughter’s life in his hands. She never imagined that another man would truly love her daughter. She takes hold of their hands and clasp them together. She asks him to take care of her daughter for her. Khun Aon throws her arms around her mother, then she holds her beloved. So cute! At least at the end of the day, we can see that Khun Cheun does love her daughter.

Khun Aon tells Mr. Tum about her and Pong- Mr. Tum is not angry just merely surprised. He didn’t think that there was anything going on between the two.

“What about Cha-aim?” he asks.

“Pong says that they’ve already cleared it up.”

Mr. Tum smiles.

“I’m really happy for you. I’m glad things worked itself out.”

“Me too.” And they give each other a friendly hug.

And the moment the students have been waiting for has arrived. For 2.5 months, they’ve all been enthralled in a script writing contest that have come to a head now. The students assembled themselves before their professor, as he is getting ready to announce the winner of the contest. Who will earn the bragging rights and a fellowship in New York?

The final contestants are Apichet and Amika.. and the winner is.. Amika! Her ultimate dream came true but she doesn’t look too thrilled. She walks on stage.

“I appreciate very much this reward. But I’d like you to rescind it. At first I really wanted this award because it is my dream. But upon becoming a maid, it made me realize that I don’t want this- because the lessons and experience I’ve gained from being a maid is so much more meaningful.” She turns to her fellow classmates.

“A maid’s profession- a profession that many deem insignificant- has given me the biggest lesson in life. I learned that we should love the profession we’re in. Humans are people and each should be invaluable, no matter what they decide to do.”

Apichet looks at her differently now. He nods his head in concurrence with her statement. This project apparently has taught them all a lesson in life. Her professor is uber proud and tells her to accept he award. But Amika says that the person who deserves this award the most is Apichet. He is stunned upon hearing this and walks slowly to the stage. She gives the large boarding pass to Apichet. Still competitive he says that his script is not inferior to hers (lol.) He shakes her hand and they make peace.

After the assembly Nong asks Amika that since everything has been resolved, what’s going to happen between her and Mr. Tum? Amika doesn’t know either but she doesn’t want to think about it right now. She wants to go home. She tells Nong not to let Mr. Tum know her whereabouts should he ask.

Mr. Tum comes running into the school, looking for her. Nong couldn’t tell him and Mr. Tum doesn’t press her. He asks her to tell Cha-aim that he needs to speak to her. Poor Mr. Tum walks dejectedly away.

At the airport Amika gets a call from Nong that she felt sorry for Mr. Tum who had asked for her. She doesn’t answer when Nong asks her what’s going to happen with them now?

Yes, what will happen?

In Chiang Mai, her parents notice her somber expression and demeanor. They think that she might be lonely. They plan on throwing a party for her next week so she could cheer up. Her parents invited Khun Phi’s entire family because he has helped with the research so much, including Mr. Tum.

We waste no time as the party arrives to the governor’s house in Chiang Mai.

I’m so nervous! The moment has arrived. All of the guests are seated at the immense dining table. Traditional Chiang Mai music is playing in the background and everyone is in a merry attitude. Even the maids have a table on the side, enjoying their appetizers.

The governor announces that there will be a performance from his daughter as a way to thank the guests for coming. As Amika prepares and sneaks out a look at the crowd, she sees Mr. Tum. Amika is freaking out whether she stays or goes out to perform, she will be screwed so she uses the umbrella to cover her the best that she can.

Her sweet voice sings to the crowd as the umbrella covers her face. Everyone peers around, trying to see her face. Mr. Tum leans over to whisper to Khun Aon, “doesn’t her voice sound familiar?” he asks. Khun Aon agrees but she can’t put her finger on who. Meanwhile the servants of Khun Cheun’s household are veering back and forth trying to look at the singer’s face.

The performance completes and Aim tries to walk away but her parents call her to them. Everyone peeked at the name “Aim.” Mr. Tum surmises that the governor’s daughter must be really shy. Her mother tries to take the umbrella away. But she’s wrestling it with her and finally, the umbrella drops and her face is revealed. Everyone exclaims “Cha-aim!”

The governor reveals that this is his only daughter Amika.

Mr. Tum could only look on with shock while everyone faints. Amika tears up and Mr. Tum is pissed.

They all stand in the hallway as Amika apologizes to everyone. Mr. Tum could barely look at her. Khun Cheun takes it pretty well and says that she understands. She speaks on everyone’s behalf that no one is angry. But Mr. Tum’s face says something else altogether. He’s staring daggers at her.

The governor apologizes if his daughter has caused any hardship. Aunt Sompit immediately rats on her, lol, that she has broken so many things when she was first hired but she has learned and improved so much after that. The rest of the servants all join in the complimenting. The family tells her parents how she has solved so many of their personal problems. Khun Pae, Khun Orathai and even Khun Aon all chime in. Mr. Tum doesn’t chime in, doesn’t utter a word. Amika peers at him quietly, noticing his solemn face.

They take a group photo and Mr. Tum walks out of the room, not wanting anything to do with all of the cheerfulness.

She follows him to the front of the house.

“What is it, Khun Amika?” he says sarcastically.

“I know that you are angry with me,” she starts.

“Correct. I am angry with you. Very angry too. I don’t understand why you weren’t willing to tell me that you’re the governor’s daughter.”

“I wanted to, but I couldn’t find the opportunity.”

“Plenty of opportunity, you just didn’t want to tell me.” He stops her from saying anything further. “You’re just like this-you never consider my feelings. I’m like an idiot who gets fooled by you time and time again. I’m tired. So tired of trying to figure out what is real and what is a lakorn!”

Amika tears up, “I don’t think that you’re stupid. I’ve always been sincere with you. Think about it carefully, how many times have I tried to tell you, but you don’t listen? You are the one who has looked at me in a bad way the whole time.”

Tears are threatening to flow from her eyes.

“So I’m wrong and you’re right then?”

“Or isn’t that true?” she interrupts, “I know that you hate me. In the past, you’ve never trusted me. You look down on me, scold me, do you think you’re the only one capable of being fed up?”

Tum looks at her.

“It’s because you’re like this,” she continues, “that makes me decide not to tell you the truth. I just want everything to be over.” The tears are falling now. “So we no longer have to see each other again.”

He stops her before she could leave. “We need to talk about this.”

She lets his hands go, “I have nothing to say to you anymore. I’ll just consider that this never happened. I will forget everything as soon as I can! Don’t you see, I will forget everything!” she pushes at him and screams at him and there was only one thing left for him to do.

He pulls her face in and kisses her.

He lean his forehead against hers.

“When you tell me that I hate you- I don’t hate you, Cha-aim. I love you, actually.”

He wipes her tears away, “The closer I get to you the more I am in love with you. But you keep lying to me and this- this is what hurts me the most.” Aww, he just wants her to be honest with him. “If I can turn back time, I don’t want to get to know you, so that I may not be so hurt like this.” Ouch.

He looks at her lips one last time and steps back. She’s crying profusely now that he’s walking away. She touches her lips.

In their own quarters, they are tormented, thinking poignantly about each other.

The following morning her mom is preparing her to return back to Bangkok to study abroad. It just so happens that Mr.Tum’s mom came to visit and the encounter is so classic. If you recall, Mr. Tum’s mom is anti Cha-aim and has made it crystal clear about that. Obviously she didn’t realize that the younger maid is actually her ideal daughter-in-law. Speechless, she looks at Amika. But Amika is so nice and explains to her mom that this is the first time they have met. Mr. Tum’s mom looks a mixture of awkward and embarrassed. As she should be!

All of Amika’s best friend congregate in the lunchroom. She’s said that she has to study abroad for a year. They try to cheer her up that there’s social media to help her keep in touch. She says that she has them still, but she doesn’t have “him.” Amika starts to cry and tell them that she just learned that Mr. Tum loves her. And how can she be happy if she leaves and doesn’t tell him that she feels the same way? Her friends advise her to call him, but she has tried every method to reach him but to no avail. They asked her if she knows that he loves her, why is she trying to go abroad? She thinks that he hates her so she wants to be out of his sight. She repeats what he said to her, that if he could choose, he would choose not to know her. And how could she stand seeing someone she loves, hate her?

Later Pong and Khun Aon try to get a hold of Mr. Tum to let him know that Amika is leaving for abroad tonight. But they can’t get a hold of him either.

At Tum’s home, his mother reports to him that she was so embarrassed earlier today. She realized whom Cha-aim is now and that the world is so small. She asks him if he remembers the masquerade ball a few months ago, and she takes out her phone, and tells him that Amika was the girl that she wanted to introduce Tum to. She shows him a picture of Amika during the ball. He’s surprised again. It is indeed a small world.

In the airport Amika bids her farewell to her family and friends. Pong and Khun Aon try to stall for time so Mr. Tum can get there in time and he’s trying his darnest to beat traffic. He listens to the voicemail from Pong and Khun Aon as he’s driving. They tell him that the past is not important, what is of the utmost importance is that they both have strong feelings for each other. He tells Mr. Tum that Aim loves him and Pong knows that Mr. Tum loves Amika too. The feelings confirmed, we see Tum racing through the airport, jumping over barriers.

She hugs everyone goodbye and heads to her gate. By the time Mr. Tum reaches the gate though, it is too late.

365 days later, 1 exact year later, but just a few seconds for us, Amika is back in Chiang Mai. Her friends all came to greet her. They ask her if she is planning on telling Mr. Tum. She tells them no since they are nothing to each other. Her friends are relieved to hear that because Mr. Tum is married now. She is shocked then becomes angry, “I thought he said that he loves me?! Just a year and he can’t even wait for me?!” Lol. She starts bitching at him. Her friends are laughing at her response. Her friend tells her that if he were Mr. Tum, he wouldn’t wait for her either.

Next scene takes us to a black bmw driving against the shore. She recalls her friends’ words of following her heart and stop being so sulky.

She makes her way to Mr. Tum’s beach home, searching for him. She spots him walking to his boat. Amika runs after him and shouts, “Hello!”

He turns around and sees her, after a year hiatus. He drinks in her appearance.

“Who are you looking for?”

“I’m here to apply for work.”

“What work?”

“I’d like to apply to be a maid.” She runs in front of him and takes the bags from his hands.

“Stop-“ he tells her, “if you’re applying as a maid, it’s going to be very difficult because I’m selfish.”

“It’s ok,” she replies, “it just so happens that I’m very patient so no matter how selfish you are, I can handle it.”

“Stop messing with my head, Amika! You’ve been like this all year long? You haven’t thought about anything! I’m the only crazy person here.”

She looks at him with confusion.

“I went all the way to the airport, do you know how it feels to want to send someone off but you can’t? And you didn’t even send any communication! You are so mean.”

He walks around her.

“You’re mean too! I was gone for a year and you don’t communicate anything to me either!”

They bicker and argue, still frustrated for the year hiatus from each other.

She climbs the boat and exclaims to him that he is the sulkiest man she has ever known. Lol.

Angry, Mr. Tum reaches around her waist and hoist her on his shoulders. “A year and you’re still mouthy!” He spanks her. He carries her back to the shore.

He puts her down once they reach the sandy beach. She exclaims that it’s not like she wants to be a maid, doesn’t he realize how exhausting and hardworking it is? She walks away, done with the argument.

“Wait! I thought you were applying to be a maid?”

She stops in her track and secretly smiles.

“Are you not mad at me anymore?”

“I won’t be mad if you agree to be my maid.” Haha.

“Oh, so in the end, you just want me to be a maid?”

“That’s right,” he steps closer, “because right now, I’m in need of a maid. But not an average maid. I need a maid to share a life with me.”


She starts to laugh, he too laughs at his comment.

“I never thought a man like you could say something like that.”

She laughs even harder and he tells her to stop by pulling her into his arms. He burrows his face into her shoulders. The laugh dies out of both of them.

“I’m serious,” he says. He releases her and holds her at arm’s length. “Let me ask you something. Have you felt anything for me?”

“If I don’t feel anything for you, I wouldn’t be here,” she says. “Right now my heart is not with me, so I must find it.”
“And where is it?”

She points at his chest, “It’s right here.”

He clasps her hand, “then we are the same, my heart is no longer with me either.”

“Where is it?” she asks him in return.

He points to her chest, “it’s right here.”

He leans in to give her a kiss but she turns her face with a smile.

Something crosses his face, “Wait right here ok?” he says and takes off.

Amika makes her way back to the beach house.

He shows her a box where her pair of shoes from the masquerade is resting.

“Do you remember the masquerade ball? It is the event our mothers wanted to match make us. That is the day we first met each other.”

He sits down and places her on his lap. Then he proceeds to take her sandals off and slide her sparkly pumps on her feet. We get a flashback of the masquerade ball where she was in his arms.

They pull into a kiss while she’s still sitting on his lap. He takes her hand and tells her to promise him that they will never part.

She promises him that they will never part and he kisses her knuckle. Mr. Tum kisses her squarely on the cheeks and she returns the favor, all the while in his arms. He carries her to the edge of the beach house and kisses her again.

Our Mr. Tum and Amika hold each other as they live happily ever after. Oh so sweet.

Do watch the final blooper scene that follows, as well as my final thoughts for this lakorn.

* pics credit to asianfuse wiki forum

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