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Qi Pao- Quick 1st Impression


I get scared easily but funny enough, I watch scary movies anyway. So it’s not surprising that Qi Pao- while watching it at 10pm before bed- gave me some serious chills. It is such a pleasure to see Anne Thongprasom on screen again. It felt like ages since Sood Saneha- I did not watch Chaloey Sak or 365 Days of Love- so I was drinking in her superb acting and beautiful countenance. The biggest surprise though from Qi Pao, is Mart Krissada’s charming face (ok why not call him for what he is, gorgeous) and his improved acting. The role of Jao Ming Tian is quite befitting to him. Overall, I am quite pleased with the first episode and I hope that with Anne having to do anything with it, it will continue to take us on a smooth journey.

Qi Pao is based off a novel by the same writer as Roy Mai, another fabric series. The difference is glaring though because Roy Mai evokes a tale about two couples who has been reincarnated to finish the loom in order to tie up loose ends. Qi Pao on the other hand is very similar to a murder mystery: May Lee, the owner of the Qi Pao forces her look alike, Paeka (Anne Thongprasom) to uncover her killer and bring justice to her death. There’s suspense, mystery and hopefully, lots of romance. I am very curious how Jao Ming Tian and Paeka develop their relationship. Obviously Paeka and May Lee are so different, one is feisty and sharp and the other demure. Even though Jao Ming Tian claims that no one can fare against May Lee, we could already see that he can’t help falling for Paeka’s charm. At the end of the day, Paeka and May Lee is portrayed by Anne so we get double the fun!

The love between May Lee and Jao Ming Tian is so sweet, from what we’ve been given. Every time Ming Tian thinks about his beloved, he almost chokes from the longing. Mart won me over with his eyes (and of course his wardrobe. I’m a sucker for well-dressed pr’eks!)

I’m not going to read the entire synopsis on Wiki because I don’t really want to be spoiled, not yet anyway. You can find Eng Sub on YouTube and read recaps at DarknessLakorns. At any rate, I’ll be watching this series unfold, laugh and cry with Kitchen Scholar (even though it’s ending next week) and be quite happy that the lakorn world is gifting us with such quality lakorns lately.

What about you? What are you currently watching, spazzing over? Better yet, what’s going on in your life? School? Work? No school or work? Then I’m jealous..

*pic credit to Qi Pao FB

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