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“New Beginnings” – Hong Sabat Lai: Ep 5


Wow so much awesome dialogue, my recap is getting longer and longer. Didn’t realize that so much can happen in one episode, which goes to show that this lakorn is invigorating and maintains its fast pace.

Episode 5 Recap

It was the start of a new day for Kwan. It was her birthday, and a good day as any to encourage this hermit to leave her room. It circled back to a time, ten years ago when Kwan and Nay celebrated her birthday and promised to be best friends forever. Even though much has changed since then- they were no longer in their student uniform and their youth was lost forever- they still had each other.

Slowly the group: Nay, Rabin, mom and dad cajoled her out of her comfort zone, like teasing a scared cub out of its cave, with a promise of a new life, a new adventure. Kwan was scared but she followed them to the outdoors, curious. A new face wished her a happy birthday with a beautiful bouquet of lilies; it was from Wichate, the towering Officer with a patient smile. She accepted the flowers cautiously and tucked her head back towards her mom’s shoulders.

They sang her a happy birthday song and for a moment, Kwan was not so scared, not so frightened. She peered at Rabin, the silly man; at Nay, her supporting friend; and Wichate, a man with power, as they all settled around a table to enjoy the cake and each other’s company.

Nay was beyond ecstatic; she overcame one of the hurdles to claiming justice for her family and friends. Small steps, small accomplishments that will take her closer to her ultimate goal. But she couldn’t help but reminisced about the injustice that was brought upon Kwan’s family. Her face immediately darkened at the thought but there was Rabin, the constant in her life these days, who never forgets to remind her to be glad for the things that she currently have. She smiled at him, this great bodyguard of hers who was as rare as her friendship with Kwan. Rabin quickly blushed and told her that he was embarrassed by her intense perusal. Nay laughed, Rabin has an amazing ability to lighten any serious moment.

While they were taking pictures for Kwan’s birthday, their moment of happiness ended. Kwan became frightened when she saw Ittiharn and his minions lurking by the gates, which angered Nay who had worked so hard to get Kwan out of her comfort zone. She wanted to storm over to Ittiharn and give him a piece of her mind, but Rabin halted her with a firm hold on her arm. He wanted her to take Kwan back to her room while he and Wichate deal with Ittiharn.

Ittiharn, who used his guns and muscles more than his brains, pulled a gun at Rabin after Rabin had bested him in his own skills. The idiot thought he was so big that he didn’t consider an officer of the law pointing his gun at him. Wichate wasn’t going to be undermined and told them that his gun wasn’t afraid to shoot at the villains.

Kwan and the family looked on from inside of their house. Kwan wanted to retreat back to her room, but Nay told her to be strong. She held on to Kwan’s shoulders and told her that the more afraid she appeared, the more they would bully her- and they would have fun doing it too. If however, she stood her ground, one day it will no longer be fun for them. But Kwan shook her head in denial; she said that her household is already living as if they are dead. Nay told her that if they died, at least they went down with a fight, as oppose to dying without a cause.

Rabin voiced how idiotic Ittiharn and his minions’ actions were. “You really like to do idiotic things and right before the camera no less.”

The three finally remembered that there was a surveillance camera installed in front of the house.

Wichate warned them that he was not afraid to take them in. He was just waiting for the right time, with enough evidence to keep them locked up. Rabin continued, “This is really going to affect your father’s support, you know. How would your father be perceived if his son was willing to do stupid things even during the elections?”

Ittiharn was undeterred, “Earlier you guys might have survived my wrath- because my hired hands weren’t as skilled- but I guarantee you, the next time there will be no evidence and you two will have already been reincarnated.”

“That was clear,” Rabin looked at Wichate to confirm, “You’ve heard it loud and clear right?”

“Pristine,” Wichate replied with a smile.

“I think you guys only know how to mess with people who are weaker than you,” Rabin said.

“You just remember this, you will not survive next time,” Ittiharn threatened and retreated to his domain.

Wow, only in a lakorn you can outright threaten an officer of the law and walk away unscathed.

As they walked back to the house, Wichate asked Rabin if he knew Parn from the past. Parn had said to Rabin earlier that he was playing with fire.

Rabin explained to Wichate that Parn was his brother’s best friend. His brother had gone missing for a while now and ever since then, Parn has changed so much. Wichate asked if he wanted them to investigate the disappearance, but Rabin declined, indicating that he and Parn could not even look at each other’s faces. He didn’t want the law to destroy any remaining semblance of their friendship. As for his brother, P’Gong, he was going to investigate on his own whether the older man was still alive.

And the tide is changing. Everyone could feel the optimism rising from another success: Siam Prattana Party has overcome the opposition and gained the most voters. As for the villains, this too is a new beginning for them; they are experiencing something that they never thought they would feel: fear.

The campaign committee for Siam Pattana cheered for their accomplishments.

Don and Or cheered when they heard the news, the power has finally landed on the right hands.

That is the case for now.

Now was also the right time as any, to seek out his sister. Don and Or made their way to the campaign headquarter and tried to see Nay. Unfortunately the security guard advised that only reporters with a badge were allowed inside.

The press conference was fully under way as the media grilled Siwat about his policy. Nay and Rabin appeared from the doorway and realized how much Siwat was surrounded by reporters.

Rabin encouraged her forward, “this is the time that you will muster enough courage to present this flower to Khun Siwat, in front of everyone. Don’t be embarrassed.”

Nay nodded her head, “I got it, you’ve been drilling me since we were in the car.”

Right when Siwat closed the conference, and right when Nay proceeded forward with the white roses in her hands, Tee showed up, very much ahead of Nay and stopped Siwat in his track.

Siwat accepted the bouquet of flowers from Tee and forced to smile with her attached to his arm as the media snapped their pictures. Nay witnessed this from the back of the room, pain etched her face.

The bouquet fell from her hands, like her beloved dissipating from her grasp.

They arrived at a restaurant surrounded by a calming stream with the backdrop of mountains and green landscape.

“What a relief,” Nay said to Rabin as she leaned against the banister, “I’m so glad you brought me here, otherwise I’d be too uncomfortable at the conference.”

It was as if he understood. He told her that they were here now; they needn’t speak of what made her uncomfortable.

Nay smiled and sat down.

“The atmosphere is so great here,” she complimented him, “you’re so good.. you know all of the pretty, quiet and romantic places. Do you come here often?”

Rabin’s arms were folded across his middle; it didn’t seem the location gave him any peace.

“I used to come here often,” he replied. “I used to sit here too.”

A flashback of his time with Aim, his late girlfriend appeared where he was holding her hand across the very same table. The scene was tinted with pink, a nostalgic score playing in the background. He had inquired about when they would get married, he was anxious to carry their child. Aim smiled her lazy smile and told him that if he would only get his parents to ask for her hand in marriage. Rabin was excited to hear her response and told her that he would have his older brother come in their wake instead- and that Aim would be waiting. A memory filled with promises and a future, only to be kept in the past.

Now Rabin is sitting in front of Nay, someone who is very much alive.

Nay looked at him with concern and asked if he was alright, she had been calling his name for some time, but all he did was stare at her.

“Nothing is the matter,” Rabin replied.

“Were you thinking about your girlfriend?” Nay implored.

This question caused Rabin to leave the table. He walked across the lawn as Nay followed him.

“I’m just asking about your girlfriend, don’t be a diva and walk away,” Nay chided.

“Well like I said, nothing is wrong. If you keep insisting then I won’t bring you back here again,” he warned.

“Even if you don’t bring me here next time, I can come alone,” she teased.

Her cellphone rang to disturb their chatter, it was Siwat. He had wondered why she didn’t appear at the conference but she said that she met an old friend and couldn’t make it. When she told him that she’s in the countryside having lunch, he told her to let him know her whereabouts next time because he would be worried- and that he loved her. He spoke as if nothing transpired earlier. Nay could only leave the phone conversation feeling heavy hearted, unlike the many times before, where the conversation left her happy.

Tee was coming on to Siwat aggressively, by the pool, asking to swim with him. She pushed him towards the pool and they both cascaded into the water together.

Meanwhile Or was working as a Healthy product representative, dressing in a bright green dress. For a brief time, she was able to make a lot of money. When she met up with Don later that day, she handed the money to him, but he refused it, telling her that she was old enough to keep her own money.

On their way back from their drive, Rabin pulled into a nearby gas station to freshen up. Nay was fast asleep so he pulled his jacket from the back seat to use it as a blanket for her. She awakened briefly but he told her to go back to sleep and that he would wake her once they reached the house. It was a cute moment!

The next morning Siwat and Nay made up. As she fixed the collar on his jacket, Siwat said to her, “I can’t do this on my own anymore.”

Nay looked at him, “What do you mean?”

He smiled, “Well, the country needs a first lady, right?”

The meaning resonated with Nay. “I don’t want to be a first lady,” she said. “I want to be the only girl for you.”

“But I’ve had only you for a long time,” he said.

Nay turned away and sat at the nearby sofa.

“What’s the matter?” Siwat asked.

“What about Khun Patiporn? It looked like she’s helping the party.”

Siwat came to sit beside Nay, “About that- my dad is arranging everything. Please don’t talk like that. It makes me unhappy and besides, I don’t think of Nong Tee that way at all.”

Nay didn’t look convinced but she relented.

“There is nothing, or anyone who will change the way I feel about you,” Siwat said as he grasped her hands. “And it will be like this forever.”

Nay gave him a soft smile, “Ok.”

“I have not forgotten our promise that we would marry as soon as possible. I want to wake up and see your face the first thing in the morning,” said Siwat.

Nay looked at his hands on hers and then into his eyes, “I love you, P’Siwat.”

They embraced and he reciprocated the words.

Their happy moment ended soon as Tee walked in on them. She wanted to escort him to the interview, but before that, she stood closely beside him to fix his tie- then glanced at Nay from across his shoulders.

Nay saw the overt attempt but steeled her face. Wow, Tee is shameless!

Tamrong watched his son address the media regarding the party’s plans moving forward and he smiled with triumph. Chulongorn stopped by for a chat with Tamrong, the opposition is clearly up to something. She thanked him profusely for making time for the losing party.

Back at the headquarter, Nay and Rabin stood on the side of the podium, where Siwat was addressing the media. Rabin whispered that Siwat is gaining a lot of interest. Nay replied that it was because Siwat will not disappoint the people, she knows him well. Rabin added why he thought Siwat will not disappoint the people- it is because he received encouragement from her. Which made her smile.

Tee gallingly walked over to Siwat and stood beside him, insinuating further that they are an item. Siwat could only look on with surprise.

Rabin was frustrated on Nay’s behalf. He told her to take some pictures with Siwat too, but Nay said that she didn’t want to steal Tee’s thunder.

“What thunder?!” Rabin exclaimed quietly, “He’s your boyfriend- she’s stealing your thunder. There are times you have to claim your man.”

Rabin is so right. But Nay didn’t want to make Siwat uncomfortable.

With his trained eye, Rabin noticed a bouquet of flowers out of the norm. He recalled Ittiharn’s terse words from the day before. Immediately, he shouted for everyone to be careful as he used his body to shield Nay from the incoming explosion.

The blow knocked him unconscious as blood seeped from the back of his neck.

Back at Tamrong’s office, Chulongorn was ready to make her bargain. We know she is flirting and making her moves on Tamrong, who succumbed to her charms but gets interrupted with a phone call. They learned of the bomb.

At the hospital room, Rabin came slowly to consciousness but kept his eyes closed. Siwat asked Nay how Rabin was doing, not realizing that Rabin was not asleep.

“He is hurt because of me,” Nay said.

“That is his duty, but luckily he’s not injured too badly,” Siwat consoled. He held her close and told her that he was the one who was hurt from worrying about her.

“I was worried about you too,” Nay said. She couldn’t believe that something that would benefit the country could drive people to kill each other. “But don’t worry about me,” she told Siwat, “Do your job to the best of your ability. We have come this far, we must surpass the danger.”

“Thank you for always understanding me.”

“I will always understand you.”

They hug it out but overheard Rabin grimacing in pain. He sat up from the hospital bed- while Nay told him to take it easy- but Rabin relented that he didn’t want his paycheck affected, lol. His job was forbidden to be sick, get hurt or die. Deeming himself well enough to leave the hospital, he started to remove the tubes attached to his hands.

They could not stop him so Nay was left remarking on how stubborn he was.

Apparently the bomb was Ittiharn’s handy work. Ponglert tried to contact his son to no avail.

The next morning, Don, Or and their dad visited the temple where Don’s parents were rested. Don prayed for his parents to protect his sister. Don told his dad that he wanted to see his sister soon but his dad mentioned that if they didn’t know who the bad guy was yet, then they couldn’t risk it. It’s quite sad that they are still in the dark about the true villain.

Kieng, their dad, remembered a conversation he had with Don’s father. The kindness the older man had- assisting him when his own son was severely ill. Kieng wanted to raise Don to be someone just like his father. Kieng told Don to prepare for the anniversary of his parent’s death, as he wouldn’t be able to make it.

That night, Rabin was trying to clean his own wound when Nay stopped by his room to offer her help.

“From now on, holler for me if you need any help, don’t feel bad,” Nay said.

Rabin looked awkward and shy. He told her that she was his boss and he, her employee, shouldn’t be inconveniencing her. Their bodyguard-boss relationship is becoming even murkier by the minute: a little too much attachment from the bodyguard and a little too much concern from the boss. I like!

“Rabin,“ Nay paused, “Thank you so much for saving me. If it weren’t for you, I would be the one who was hurt.”

“It is my duty to protect you,” he replied. “If I’m hurt and you’re not, I deem it successful.”

“But wouldn’t it be better if I’m not hurt and you’re not hurt either?”

Ah, who is the one trying to joke with the other now? It is as if Nay is using Rabin’s tactic to coax him.

“In all honesty, with your skills and talent, you don’t need to risk your life as a bodyguard,” Nay said. “If you return to work for the government, you would be in a very high position by now.”

“I will never be a cop again,” Rabin said.

“Why not?”

Rabin gets a flashback of Aim saluting her role and her assignment. While protecting a child and not realizing a hidden gun from the bad guy, she gets shot mercilessly. He remembered holding her cold, dead body between his arms as he cried with anguish.

No, he will never be a cop again.

“Some feelings that has been diminished can never be brought back,” Rabin said firmly, a pained expression crossed his face.

“What do you mean?” Nay prodded.

“I’m sorry,” he turned around in his chair, “it’s personal.”

Nay gave a reluctant smile. “My apologies. I won’t bother you then, rest well.”

When she left his room, she couldn’t help but be pensive.

Rabin looked away and said, “I must apologize to you too.. Khun Nay.”

Chulongorn has moved her charms on Tamrong, using her body to gain his interest, and approval for Ponglert’s cooperation in their party.

Ittiharn finally came to see his dad. He learned that Ponglert will be joining Siwat’s cause. Ittiharn was pissed because they were used to being big, and now they’re succumbing to another’s superiority. There’s a first time for everything, Ittiharn. Ponglert feared that if he didn’t cooperate with their politics, they would reveal his transgressions in the past. A lasting word to his son: whose hands the power lies is also where justice lies.

While Nay and Siwat are strolling poolside, Siwat received a call from his father that he would like Ponglert to join their party. Siwat was disbelieved and thought it was a terrible idea, it would be like letting in a tiger. Nay looked on with curiosity. Tamrong was adamant that Siwat would do as he had planned out. Allowing Ponglert into their party would let them keep a closer eye on him. Siwat left it to his dad (ok, who’s the future prime minister?! Siwat has no guts!)

It was a full moon. The sky was clear and black, allowing the moon to shine brightly. The foursome: Wichate, Kwan, Nay and Rabin, enjoyed their evening coffee outside, admiring the moon.

Nay got up from her seat to stand by Rabin, “so does your farm house have a beautiful moon like this?” she asked.

“Even more beautiful,” he replied.

“And when will you take me there?” Nay asked.

Kwan jumped in the conversation, “that’s right, one day, can you take me and Nay to visit your house?”

“But it’s far,” Rabin said.

Kwan was not afraid, as long as Rabin and Nay went with her. Rabin teased her that she didn’t think about inviting the officer too? Lol.

Wichate looked on with a smile. Kwan apologized for being inconsiderate, then asked if he would go with them? This made Wichate grin from ear to ear.

Later that night, Rabin and Nay contemplated about Wichate and Kwan.

“How is it strange that they were looking at each other?” Rabin asked.

Nay surmised that the way that Wichate looked at Kwan was different; Nay thinks that there is something more.

“And what are supposed to do about that? Play cupid and match make?”

“I don’t know yet, but that is certainly a cute idea. Khun Wichate is a good cop, he would be able to take care of Kwan.”

“Well that also lies on Kwan, whether she will like Wichate too,” Rabin added.

“I think that is the problem,” Nay agreed.

“I think we should just leave it up to fate,” Rabin replied. “The lonely souls, no matter how much they try to evade each other, if they’re meant to be, they’ll end up together. And if not.. no matter how much they love each other, they will inevitably be separated.”

“What is the matter with you?” Nay asked. “Anyway, you haven’t told me the story about your beloved yet. Every time I ask, you evade.”

If one is not interested in another person, why probe for more answers? Heeh.

“My girlfriend is an angel,” he told her.

“An angel?! For which airline?” lol.

“She’s not a flight attendant,” he said, “don’t you pay any mind to me. I’m not very interesting.”

He changed the subject. “You mentioned that you wanted to honor your parents’ anniversary of their deaths. Have you thought about when and how so I can best prepare?”

“Prepare yourself indeed, I’m going tomorrow.”

The next day, Nay is at the fresh food market shopping for flowers and supplies for the temple. She advised that they separate so they can be done at the same time- and even though Rabin hesitated- he let her have her way. They were at the market after all, with that many people, who dared do anything?

But as he walked along the aisle, Parn greeted him.

“What are you doing here?” Rabin asked, cautious.

“I’ve come to warn you.”

“You’ve already warned me. I’ve warned you too.”

“After the bomb and being close to death, why don’t you think a little harder? Let me tell you something, just because Siam Pattana won the election, it doesn’t mean that everything is over. My bosses will do whatever it takes to take everything that was theirs back.”

Rabin laughed, “Theirs? Have your bosses misunderstand something?” Rabin stepped forward, “This land, this country belongs to every Thai person, bro. This country is not a cake where you can slice up the pieces and eat them!”

“Arrogance!” Parn exclaimed. “If you weren’t Gong’s brother, you’d be dead by now.”

“Let’s have at it then,” Rabin challenged.

“This game is long,” Parn said, “if you don’t quit now, you will surely die.”

Rabin glared at the older man’s retreating back.

When Rabin walked back to the flower aisle, Nay was missing. Panicked that Parn might have abducted her, Rabin went in search for her. Fortunately she was just around the corner and he could breathe a sigh of relief. He removed her from the market immediately.

They ended up walking to the temple instead.

“I can’t believe it has already been ten years. Time has flown by so quickly. I don’t even know how I’ve survived.”

“It’s because you’re strong,” Rabin said.

As she kneeled by her parents’ gravestone, Nay spoke some sad words and tears fall from her eyes. Rabin kneeled beside her and tried to comfort her. But Nay said that she was fine, she will always be fine until the bad guys pay their consequences.

But before she could finish, Rabin whisked her away as he noticed Parn walking through the temple. Furious, Nay said that she wasn’t done paying respect to her parents.

“Listen to me,” Rabin pleaded, but they heard one of the thug’s voices so he pulled her to a corner, his arms wrapped tightly around her. As he tried to tell her about those men, Rabin and Nay came face to face. Close enough to hear each other breathing. Rabin pulled away and told her that it was safe to return to the gravestone again.

Don and Or happened to be paying respect to his parents as well. When they walked towards the gravestone, they noticed homage on the ground.

Nay and Rabin were walking back in time to see people at the gravestone. The teenage boy turned around and Nay recognized him. Their eyes locked and they stepped forward, the shared past flashing before their eyes. She had been waiting so long for this moment.

“Wee,” Nay croaked.


She held her brother in her arms as they both cried, with joy, with suffering and with the years of separation, to finally be reunited.

“I never thought I would see you again,” Nay cried.

“I’ve missed you so much. I’ve waited so long for this moment,” Wee said.

She nodded her head and they held each other tightly again.

Or and Rabin stood from the sidelines, elated for the brother and sister’s reunion.

Or and Wee/Don later brought Nay to visit their dad- another beautiful reunion! My my, Alex and Janie make a good looking brother-sister pair.

Meanwhile back at the political table, Ponglert and Tamrong shook hand on their new agreement.

Ponglert’s belligerent son however, caused a scene outside. He pulled his weight around and took out a gun to threaten the security guards. His father yelled at him to put his gun away.

At their house, Ittiharn was furious how his father was giving up his power. He warned the older man to watch his back; they would be finished if Tamrong and son brought up the past. Ponglert told his son to lay low.

“Dad, what are you so afraid of? If you’ve finished everything off since the beginning, it wouldn’t be like this today,” Ittiharn admonished, still furious that his father didn’t have the guts to do what he would have done. “I say we turn them into dead bodies, then everything will be over.”

“But the truth doesn’t go away with the bodies,” Ponglert said. “You must cease thinking about this!”

Ittiharn left the room in a flurry.

And that closes out episode 5!

Nay accomplished so many things- brought Kwan slowly back to the world, reunited with her long lost brother and her boyfriend managed to win the election! But as these goals were reached, more obstacles occurred. It’s stimulating and keeps me curious to learn more.

Most importantly, the depth of the relationship- Bodyguard and Boss- has shifted somewhat. She’s caring for him more than how a boss should really feel about her employee.

The only recommendation I have is that Por should always, always wear black. Hot!

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