Episode 2 Recap

Tamrong (uncle) peered over the bridge and contemplated the events past, while stunning shots of Paris played as a backdrop. He recalled the moment he and Nay’s father uncovered the guilty party’s (Ponglert) true intentions in running for office. Tamrong advised Nay’s father to remove his support before it’s too late. Nay’s father had already contrived a plan to unveil the truth; but he would need Tamrong’s help in order to carry this through. The plan has not been revealed to us however, as Tamrong promised out loud, in present time, that Nay’s father was a brave and honorable man and that he (Tamrong) would carry on the burden of keeping Thailand in clean hands.

As it stands, it was their last day in Paris, before they were homebound back to Thailand. Siwat and Nay took the opportunity to officially welcome Rabin on board as Nay’s bodyguard. Nay even sweetly thanked Rabin for saving her life earlier.

The group stood before the grand mansion, their new home in Bangkok. It was the start of a new and fruitful chapter for all of them. Tamrong reiterated how much this meant to them and that Siwat needed to do his best as a candidate for office.

Being on Thai soil again deemed all too much for Nay as she stepped aside. The visions of her parents murdering before her eyes came in rapid succession. Siwat consoled his fiancé by holding her close, and Nay said to him that no matter how much time has passed, it couldn’t erase what has instilled itself in her memory. Tamrong told her that it was time for her to take back the sweet life that should have been hers. She needed to steel herself to face what will come. Siwat promised her that he would stand by her side, until the day she gained everything back.

“Everything..” Nay said, “especially justice,” and the camera zooms in on her stunning and serious face.

Rabin looked on with his cool, stark aviator glasses, not realizing just what he signed up for.

Siwat had arranged a room within the mansion for Nay, but Nay declined it because she claimed it wouldn’t be proper for her to live with him prior to their marriage. Although that wasn’t the case in France, they were in Thailand now, and needed to heed traditions. Besides, he was involved with politics and shouldn’t show his oppositions any weaknesses.

Rabin takes his job seriously as he is now bodyguard and driver, very stubborn and set in his ways on how he wanted to operate.

On the streets of Bangkok, Or asked Don why he needed to work at this “special job” part time and go to school at the same time. Don, who was the wiser and older of the two, said that he didn’t want to ask their father for money and that Or could not tell their father what Don was up to. Or immediately wanted to help out too because they promised to be together through thick and thin- but Don told her that her priority was to study and getting into her major.

As Rabin drove the two lovebirds to go house hunting, Nay recognized a young man who was crossing the street. Thinking that she must have mistaken him for someone she has been thinking about and looking for.. so they continued on with their plans.

As they were house shopping, Nay decided that she just need space enough for two maids along with Rabin, which threw him off guard because he didn’t expect to live with her. Nay said that it was necessary so he could know her whereabouts at all times. Good thinking Nay, I totally like the sound of that. Of course Rabin relented while Siwat gets called away again.

The story sets up the separation of the lovebirds and brings Nay and her bodyguard closer together.

House hunting with Rabin appeared to be interesting. He paid attention to only windows, floorings and beds, while Nay considered the whole package. They were like an old couple shopping for a home and the real estate noticed this and voiced her assumptions out loud. She said that they were a cute couple and there is a special promotion for newly weds too.. lol. Nay declined the offer, telling Rabin that she didn’t like to take advantage of people, even when it’s just getting a promotion, because she wasn’t married to Rabin. While he on the other hand, was totally ok with getting a good deal. I can get used to this new couple, haha.

Meanwhile back at the mansion, poolside, Siwat phoned his father to learn of his whereabouts. A woman in yellow heels sauntered closer to him and looked him up and down. He didn’t realize that she was too close, so as he prepared to turn around, he ran right into her and they both went cascading into the pool.

Tamrong is fundraising and asked for the support from a powerful man. His niece Tee, is the girl who fell into the water with Siwat and before she could be introduced, she was already making eyes at him. They met when they were children but haven’t seen each other since then. Siwat couldn’t help but be attracted to her obvious flirtations.

Word reached the bad guy’s ears that they were back in Thailand. He has a hunch that they were after him but wasn’t going to allow any of their plans to come to fruition.

Before they retired from house hunting for the evening, Nay asked Rabin to take her to one more place. Soon they stood before rod iron gates, peering at a mansion. Rabin asked her where they were at, but Nay could only gaze through the gates with wistfulness. It was the house she grew up in. She could imagine her brother Wee, running into her arms when she got home from school. But right now, the house has been overtaken by the enemies. Nay told Rabin that she would tell him all about it later, while Rabin could only look on with confusion and curiosity.

It gets even more interesting for Rabin as they made their way down the street, to a much smaller gate opening to a house surrounded by greeneries. Rabin wanted to know what she was doing as she entered the premises. She told him that she used to stop by this house all the time when she was little. Her best friend lived here. Nay recalled sweet memories of her and Kwan, blowing a cake and promising to be best friends forever. Her memories were soon awakened as the front door burst open and an angry lady stepped out.

When she recognized who was calling on her family in the middle of the night, she became even angrier. She was Kwan’s mom, who yelled at Nay to leave them alone, that she and her family had done enough damage. A man in a wheelchair appeared shortly after, but less angry than Kwan’s mom. He didn’t blame her for what had happened, she did lose her family too, instead he left the blame on fate. Bad things were meant to happen to them. But Kwan’s mom was still bitter and accused Nay for living an easy life abroad while they all suffered. Which wasn’t far from the truth. But she didn’t realize what Nay has buried in her heart. She asked Kwan’s father if she could stay with them. She wanted to take responsibility and to bring back the happiness that was once in this household. But Kwan’s mom adamantly refused. Telling her to leave them once and for all.

Amidst the confrontation, Rabin was still in the dark. He kept asking what is going on, but Nay kept telling him that she would explain later. Until a quiet figure appeared from the corner of the room, peering at Nay questioningly. Nay ambled closer and asked her if she was Kwan. There were some recognition from Kwan’s face but her mom rushed in, screaming, telling Nay to leave her alone. Kwan panicked and closed in, grabbing her head. Kwan’s mom pushed Nay away, Rabin caught her before she fell, and they watched Kwan’s mom ushering Kwan away.

Then he demanded to know what had transpired in this household. There is some serious good acting going on.

Ten years ago, when Nay’s parents were murdered, Kwan’s mom had observed from the balcony, strangers leaving her neighbors house. Unfortunately, she made eye contact with one of the strangers. She immediately reported this to her husband and they decided to take a look. Before they could even leave their home, some thugs paid them a visit. They were warned to not take any action or say anything about what they have seen or heard. And to ensure that they never move out of the house, the thugs shot both Kwan’s father’s legs (whereby making him handicapped) and raped Kwan’s mom, while Kwan looked on with abject horror. From then on, Kwan became mentally disturbed and didn’t trust another man except for her father. It is hard to fault Kwan’s mom for being angry and bitter, because what happened to her family was really quite sad and unfortunate.

When Nay learned of this story, she was furious.

Later that night Nay shared her findings with Tamrong and Siwat. Tamrong asked Rabin what his thoughts were regarding this turning of events, especially Nay’s desire to move in with her best friend’s family. Rabin replied that he didn’t think that Ponglert’s men would dare do anything drastic or risky because the election would commence shortly. Ponglert’s men are smarter than that. Rabin would not allow anything to happen to Nay, as he will do his best to protect her. Tamrong was pleased with his answer and told him to keep a close watch on Nay at all times.

Siwat is frustrated because he couldn’t help his own fiance, he needed to focus on the election.

At the smaller house, Kwan’s parents debated about Nay. Kwan’s mom didn’t think a small woman like Nay could bring back any happiness to their family much less go head to head with Ponglert. Kwan’s father assured his wife that Nay told him that Ponglert’s power would end soon. His wife is losing it, she tells him that she can’t manage it anymore; things are falling apart at the seam. Kwan’s father said to her that they have nothing to lose now, it is time to take back what was rightfully theirs: a peace of mind.

The following morning Nay received the answer she wanted to hear. She was moving in with her BFF! Only this time around, things are slightly different than when they were children.

Rabin recommended that before they move in, they ought to buy some gifts for Kwan’s family. So the duo went shopping at the mall. As with any awesome mall in Bangkok, it is a one-stop shop. Their final destination was a grocery store and that’s when she caught a glimpse of someone she recognized, hoping that he was her long lost brother. She immediately ran after a man who was putting away the carts. (It was Don at this part time job.) But right when she reached him, he wasn’t her brother “Wee” that she had thought.

Rabin had chased after her and he noticed that she got the wrong person, he asked her if there was anything else that he didn’t know about her, lol. Yeah, surprises are bad for a bodyguard. She ignored Rabin and walked away, only, that was when Don pushed a set of carts behind her.

Just because she let them stay at the house, it doesn’t mean she liked it. Kwan’s mom made it clear that if it weren’t for her husband, she wouldn’t have allowed them to stay. It was cute when Rabin and Nay whispered to each other that they will be ok living in that house!

At the food cart, in the corner of the street, Don was on his third bowl of rice. Working at the supermarket was hard work. By nightfall they were crossing the bridge when Don said to Or that he is now a man with muscles- and he proceeded to show off his muscles, lol. She told him to put them away, it was embarrassing. But when she grabbed his hand, she noticed the blisters that will soon form into calluses. Don said it was nothing to feel sorry about, he intended to help their dad work and support her through school. Awe so sweet. Or looked on with concern and admiration.

Don is such a good kid and you can’t help but feel badly for him. He’s working so hard and going to school at the same time that as Or rambled off his schedule for the next day, he quietly fell asleep.

Meanwhile Rabin is a cleaning busy body. He has practically scrubbed and dusted Nay’s room to a shiny gleam. He’s so flipping cute. Nay said with a smile that he didn’t need to take care of her to this extent, she could have done her own cleaning. But Rabin said that she wouldn’t have time, she spent nearly an hour chatting with her fiancé over the phone. Rabin said that he pointed it out only because he thought it was cute. He even displayed some flowers on her desk so she could be happy. He’s so charming.

Nay walked over to the window and looked at her former house. So close, yet so far away. She became sentimental, and told Rabin about her younger brother and that they used to run around in front of the house. Rabin asked her where her brother was now and Nay could only answer that he was safe. Someone had taken him, hid him for his safety.

A car drove through the gateway and Nay immediately perked up with anger. “There they are!” she told Rabin. She indicated to Rabin the taller guy, “that’s Ponglert’s son. He thinks because his dad is big around here, he can act like a mafia. He’s horrible.” Rabin asked her if she could recall the faces from that night. Nay stared hard at Rabin and told him that she will never forget their faces.

The thug in black turned around and showed his face. Nay told Rabin that he was the man who had killed her parents. Rabin memorized his face.

The next morning, Rabin prepared massaman curry for Nay and the family. He said that if they wanted to eat anything else in the future, they need only to pick a recipe from the book and he could duplicate it lol.

The next task for Rabin and Nay was to approach Kwan. Nay promised Kwan that she would bring the happiness back to her family but Kwan said that their happiness was long gone. She was meek and fearful but she allowed Nay to come into her room. But when Nay wanted to introduce a new friend to Kwan, Kwan immediately shook her head. When she saw Rabin, she received a flashback of another time when she almost got raped by Ponglert’s son. She freaked out, pushed the tray of food from Rabin’s hands, and told him to get out.

This didn’t deter Rabin. Slowly both Rabin and Nay attempt to get Kwan out of her shell.

They even went to the extent of video taping Rabin so Kwan could get used to his face and voice without having to be in his proximity.

And several meals and days later, Kwan was warming up to him.

This experience not only showed Kwan that Rabin is a nice and good person, but it showed Nay even more what type of a person Rabin is.

Prepping for the elections have approached with a vengeance, as Siam Pattana Party throws a fundraising/introduction event for the press. Nay also made an appearance during this event, showcasing her stunning outfit. Her reappearance in Thailand caused curiosity and gossip about the ordeal surrounding her father. But according to one of the reporters, this will only enhance the Siam Pattana Party among the voters.

And that’s a wrap for episode 2, stay tune for episode 3 and watch how this enthralling lakorn will unfold.

Hong Sabat Lai is a fast paced ride thus far. Janie is simply stunning in every angle and her natural chemistry with Por and Art is fantastic. The episode is setting up the intriguing plot, carrying us further into the storyline. There’s tragedy and sadness in the mix, but there is still an underlying hint of hope and optimism.

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