The next morning came all too quickly at grandma’s farm. Vey and Toon approached their prospective partners and demanded their answers. All Athit and Darunee could do is stare at them with pause and uncertainty. This is it, the moment of truth!

As Toon and Athit sat under a pergola, she told him that her mom has just arrived from Australia and would like to meet with him, if he had some time. The three stooges tiptoed through the trees to eavesdrop. Toon continued asking him if he still had any concerns left for the farm? Athit merely answered that Darunee is more than capable to take over his role and Vey can soon help her. Whether he goes or stay, no one will have any qualms. Toon takes his hands and told him to go to Bangkok with her. Athit removed his hands (which made Toon frown) but he stood up and announced to the three stooges to tell Darunee of his whereabouts: he was going to Bangkok with Toon. Upon hearing this, Toon was ecstatic. Tod asked him how long he was planning on being there. Athit replied that he doesn’t know, maybe a year or two or never returning…

His three wives are left sobbing in the corner.

Vey and Darunee are walking along the trees when Darunee asked him if he truly loved her. Vey wondered how she could ask him that and quickly confirmed that he “really” did love her. Darunee asked him if he knew what she liked to eat, what she liked to do.. what she dreamed of doing? Essentially, does he know the essence of her? Vey couldn’t answer. “You don’t know because you don’t think to ask those questions,” Darunee said, “and you don’t ask those questions because you’re not really in love with me.” Vey immediately told her that he does want to know, all’s she has to do is tell him those things, he’ll do whatever she wants, because he loves her.

Calmly, Darunee told Vey that love isn’t simply doing whatever one side wants, it’s both side being involved. Yes, love is in fact a two way street. The understanding, friendship, concern, forgiveness and respect should exist between one another but most importantly, Darunee told him, is the loving kindness and mercy. She turned to Vey and asked him that between everything she has described, has he felt that way about her? Vey stuttered and looked away, and can only say that he have some of those feelings for her. He also went on the attack and said that she must have someone else in her heart that is why she is turning him down. He also knows who that person is but tells her that it is impossible (for her to be with that person) because he is going to be with someone else. Vey, you’re such an asshole, as if telling her that will up any chances with you. Haven’t you heard of ‘don’t slander of the competition?’

Daruneee’s tears threatened to fall but she turned to him and said, “that is the most important aspect of love. You should be happy to see that the person you love is happy.”

Vey looked angrily at her. Darunee excused herself. What maturity on Darunee’s part to not make decisions about her future just to spite someone. She allowed Athit to be with “someone who makes him happy” and not succumb to ruining her own future by marrying someone she doesn’t love.

Athit and Toon said their farewells to Aunt Kaew and Uncle Kreang as they proceed to the car for their journey to Bangkok. Athit looked as if he has accepted his fate. Aunt Kaew asked him if he doesn’t feel sorry Darunee, in which he responded that she has Vey (you’re leaving someone you love in Vey’s hands? I mean if he was capable and can measure up to you, I’d understand.. but you’re so much better!)

The three stooges and the farm workers sat around moping. Darunee walked by and noticed their solemn faces. They told her that Athit has left for Bangkok with Toon. When she realizes that he is gone gone, the sadness hits her and she walks away.

Purposefully striding through the long, dried grasses, Darunee angrily muttered, “you’re just going to leave? Without even saying goodbye?!” Tears streaked down her face. She runs along the hilltop where she sees his car driving away.

At the blossom garden, the car came to a halt.

“Did you forget something?” Toon asked him.

“I really cannot leave this place, Toon,” Athit said.

Her face fell.

“I know that a couple of years is not a long time, but I just realized that at this moment, I cannot even leave this place for a day. I cannot abandon grandma’s land.”

“Because if you leave this place, you’re leaving your heart too, is that right?” Toon asked him.

Athit swallowed.

As they stood in front of the car, Toon confessed that she knew where his heart lies. She has tried to convince herself that he loved her, because well, every other guy is in love with her more than Darunee, so she’s not wrong in thinking that way right? (Omg, wrong!) But Athit nodded his head in agreement. Except, she continued, those men are not him.

Athit still tried to deny it but Toon is absolutely sure that he and Darunee are in love with each other. He is almost shocked at her words. Toon said that he always has Darunee in his eyes and heart.

“I’m sorry,” Athit said.

“Don’t be sorry. I came because I needed to face the truth and to see your face one more time before I go abroad.”

Athit said that he didn’t have that much worth.

Toon wished that she had met Athit before Darunee met him. Athit told her that she has a great future ahead of her. Toon agreed, she said that honestly she’s not really suitable for the farm life, where would she find the time to do her face? He consoled her that she will meet even a better man than him. Toon said she hopes so but it would be difficult because her first love is the nicest and cutest. Athit told her that she is a good person and cute too. But not good enough for him to love, she added. Well, I’m glad we cleared that up!

Athit is saddened by the prospect of hurting her. Because you know, he is the nicest and cutest. Crushing dreams and breaking hearts are not his forte.

Back at the rice fields, Darunee is crying and asking grandma (out loud) if she was there. She told grandma that she would take care of the land in Athit’s place. More sobs escaped her. Then a voice came from the corner and asked grandma if he too could take care of her land. Shocked, Darunee looked to the right.

“P’Athit,” she uttered.

“There was a particular someone who didn’t want me to stay here. And I’m asking grandma if I could stay for another day or two.”

Darunee tried to say something but she was still overcome with tears so she looked down. “And what about Toon?”

“She’s gone,” he said, not taking his eyes off of Darunee.

“What about you?”

He didn’t answer, but stepped closer and wiped her tears away. “Don’t cry, my good person,” he said.

She grasped his hands, “And you’re not going with Toon?” she asked, needing him to confirm.

He looked at her with almost a teasing smile, “I’m going, just not today.”

She turned away with a pout, “since you’re still going to leave, why don’t you just quickly follow her?”

“I need to close out all accounts first and make sure the workers are paid. It’ll only take a couple of days.”

“Thank you for thinking of the workers before you leave.”

Athit inched closer, “when I’m done, you will go with me?”

Darunee peered at him, “yes, so I can congratulate your happiness with Toon.”

Athit looked disappointed at her answer so he turned her body around to face him. “Thank you, Nong Nee.” Oh, he’s such a tease, not telling her the truth.

The workers congregated around the haystack concerned at what is going to happen now that Athit was no longer there. When they saw him walking back with Darunee, they cheered but Darunee told them that he was only here for a couple of days then he would follow Toon. Athit just merely nodded his head, lol. And when she’s not looking at him, he can only look at her with a smile! The workers walked away dejectedly.

At the airport, Toon is crying and Vey is wondering why two perfect people like themselves are heartbroken? He continued to say that the other two people are just farmers so that must be why they turned down hi-so people. Vey then proceeded to let out a cry and Toon looked on with pity. They pass the hankerchief back and forth, lol. This made Toon laugh.

Vilai is furious that Darunee refused Vey’s marriage proposal but Vi convinced her mom to let it go, that just means Vey and Darunee were not soul mates. Vilai blamed everything on grandma, in the end. Her husband stood up with anger, he forbid her from speaking poorly of his mother again. Vilai ran to her room, crying, like a baby, lol.

Back at the farmhouse, on the balcony, Aunt Kaew was confused why Athit didn’t just go to Bangkok if he were already planning on leaving with Toon. Darunee is knitting the sweater for him, while the sun shined down on her face. Athit walked in on time to overhear the conversation and stood by the banister.

“It’s their own business, so I don’t want to intrude.”

“What about Vey? What have you decided?” Aunt Kaew asked her.

“I respect Vey like an older brother. Whether Athit stays or goes, that doesn’t change how I feel about Vey.”

Athit stood by smiling with glee.

“I’ve already refused his offer.”

Athit was so happy with her words, he accidentally made his presence known and started meowing like a cat, lol.

Aunt Kaew is also happy.

Thongprasri’s dad is a drunken idiot and decides to take advantage that Athit wasn’t around the farm.

Athit is playing the instrument for Tawan at the lunch break. The farm workers are depressed and still sad that he’s still going to leave. They begged him to stay but Athit is still closed mouth about his plans, whatever that may be.

Aunt Kaew pulled Uncle Kreang over to see if they could conjure a plan to save the farm. Aunt Kaew wants to give Athit and Darunee a love potion, lol, but Uncle Kreang said that it is sinful.

That night, Darunee finished up the sweater she knitted for him. Athit mischievously smiled and said that in the event that he is her Guardian, he wanted to know how the wedding plans with Vey were faring.

Darunee said that it hasn’t started but they were definitely going to marry.

Athit asked her how she wanted her wedding to be. Darunee said that there are two ways to get married, in the reality or in her dreams. If it were in the reality, the wedding would be at the farm, because she was born and raised here. Athit asked her about her dreams. Darunee replied that she wanted to marry in the sea. She has never been to the sea before. It would give her great pleasure to walk hand in hand with that particular someone. Athit wanted to know who that “particular someone” was. Darunee told him it was Vey but her eyes were saying something different. Athit looked on with a knowing smile.

In the corner, Aunt Kaew was eavesdropping.

Darunee wanted him to try on the sweater she just finished. She helped him into the sweater and Athit stared at her the entire time (ah so cute!) She adjusted the collar and he sniffed her hair. “Who said that you didn’t smell good?” Athit asked her.

Darunee changed the subject and looked shyly away, “it fits well,” she said.

“But does it look handsome too?” he asked.

“Handsome in a way that suits Toon’s beauty,” said Darunee who told him that it will be finished by tomorrow, upon which, would be time for him to go after Toon. Darunee tried to convince him to go to bed since it was dark.

Athit just ignored her comment and smiled.

Aunt Kaew immediately intercepted nervously and said that they haven’t drank her orange juice before they go to bed yet. She made them sit down and promise to wait for her.

At the kitchen, Uncle Kreang gives Aunt Kaew the love potion. She puts a drop into both glasses. She watched the two drinks and forced them to empty the glasses. Then she excused herself to go to bed, lol.

The two went for a walk outside, as they descended the stairs, she peered at the moon and said that she missed Toon. But Athit only stood behind her, smelled her, and looked at her with great need. Darunee spouted how great Toon is and asked Athit if he felt that was true. They’re not truly paying attention to what the other is saying, only in tune with the electric atmosphere. (She said, even Vey was into Toon but she wanted to keep Vey away from Toon. He asked is it because she was jealous? Darunee said it’s because she wanted to reserve Toon for Athit- and asked him if he understood? Athit said he understands perfectly, because she’s his Nong Nee. Lol, they are too cute and speaking about two different things entirely!)

As he leaned down for a kiss, Darunee walked away shyly. I can’t stop smiling!

The three stooges vowed that they weren’t going to let Athit go to Bangkok but Uncle Kreang stopped them in time.

They walked through the orange farm and Darunee continued talking about Toon, she said that he was Toon’s dream man.

Stopping under a tree, Athit said, “I can be anyone’s dream man, but I’d like to be the real man for one specific person. Do you want to know who she is?”

“Who else can it be aside from Toon?”

He looked questioningly at her.

“Don’t tell me that you are secretly seeing someone else!? That will make me mad! Toon really loves you,” Darunee said, totally oblivious with his hint.

“But I want that person to love me more than Toon loves me,” Athit said.

“So exactly who are you in love with? Tell me or I will pinch your nose,” as she reaches to touch his nose, Athit grasped her hand.

“Go ahead, I wanted my nose pinched.” The two look into each other’s eyes.

She didn’t know what to make of his words, not daring to hope. Athit inched closer and kissed the spot above her eye, her nose. She looked pleasantly shocked by his actions. He then kissed her cheek and said the words she was yearning to hear, “now do you realize who is the person that I love?”

He takes her chin and leans in for a kiss to seal the deal, under the darkened night sky.

Beneath the orange tree, he lies on her lap and kisses her hands. “I love you,” he said, “I love you so..”

She beamed at the words that she wanted to hear for so long.

They made their way back to the farmhouse, as he carried her in his arms.

In her room, he said that he could change her shirt for her, it was damp. After she refused him, she told him to go to sleep and he immediately lay on her lap, lol. But she told him to go to bed in grandma’s room because he will be heading over to Bangkok to see Toon the next morning.

Athit doesn’t say anything, he just walks away. But as she prepares her bed, he came from behind her and hugged her tightly. He asked to sleep with her because he was afraid of ghosts. He laid her on the bed and said to her that they’ll have to change shirts, his shirt is damp too- and he goes in for a kiss, laying on top of her.

The morning after, Darunee woke up in Athit’s arms (still fully clothed..)

She asked him why he didn’t go to work yet and Athit said that he wanted to stay with his wife (so I guess the dirty deed was done!) he wanted to hold her all day.

She told him that she would pack his bag so he could go see Toon. (Wth?! You just slept with your best friend’s prospective husband and you’re still handing him off to Toon?)

Ah, Athit has got to be the man with the most “wives” in lakorn history, lol.

Omg, their conversation continues like this (and it sounded so wrong!)

Athit said that she’s doing her wifely duties well (by offering to pack his bags.) But Darunee said the real wife is in Bangkok. Athit asked who Darinee was then, and she said, his sister. His beloved sister? Sleeping with her brother? Disgusting but you can’t help but laugh! Athit asked to “love” his sister one more time and tries to pull her back to bed.

They are still so, very cute together, despite their exchange in dialogue.

Before he left her room he said he understood why grandma wanted him to stay in her room. If he knew this from the beginning, he would have moved in from the onset!

She looked at him with a smile. He told her not to look at him that way or he won’t be able to go work; he embraced her fully and kissed her cheek. Golly they’re so cute!

Darunee looked so happy, even though she knows that it was only for a short while, before he leaves to see Toon.

Back to work we go, Athit evaluated the rice field and said that they would have another week before they would harvest it. He muttered to himself that he has enough time..

Tod wondered enough time to do what?

He asked Uncle Kreang to watch over the rice field and left. Tod wondered why Athit appeared like he’s not in the mood to work. He asked one person to care for the cabbage, the other for the bananas, etc. delegating work as if he was going to be gone for a bit.

I’m curious to learn what he has up his sleeve!

As she packed Athit’s bag, Darunee is saddened by the prospect of losing him. Athit hugged her from behind and was excited about where they were going. He asked if she packed her bags, but Darunee relented that she was only seeing him off. “So do you really intend to see me off and let me be with someone else?” he asked her. “You are so cruel.”

“Who is cruel?” she asked, “what happened between us last night, can you forget it?”

He held her hands and looked sternly at her, “don’t talk like that again. I will never forget last night. Because I have never forgotten us, from the moment we met.”

The three stooges wondered about the turning of events, because Athit never took time off from work.

Back at the farmhouse, as Athit tied his shoelaces, Aunt Kaew appeared and asked rhetorically if he was planning on taking Nee to BKK and have her drive back alone? Athit gave her a peace of mind that he wasn’t going to allow her to drive home alone, even after she has kicked him out of the farm, he was still here. They’ll go on like this forever. This comforted Aunt Kaew and she wondered if Darunee knew? Athit shook his head, which got Aunt Kaew smiling and telling him that he’s so bad (for not letting her know.) She said that Nee was very sad and depressed, had asked her for some medicine to help ease the pain. Athit looked concerned.

Darunee came out, ready to see him off. The three stooges are below the balcony again and Athit overhears them. He noticed the mug of hot coffee and emptied it over the three stooges again. Lol, they never learn!

On their drive, Darunee is quiet. He learned that she might not feel so well (due to the medicine) so he stopped the car to adjust her seat. She thought he was leaning in for a kiss and told him that she doesn’t want to feel worst than she already is (when it comes to cheating, I suppose?) but he laughs and said that it’s probably not wrong to adjust the seat. Before he was done, he gave her a kiss anyway, lol.

Back at the farmhouse, Aunt Kaew couldn’t help but laugh out loud with her pleasure. She thanked him for the love potion. Uncle Kreang said that it wasn’t a love potion, lol, it was merely liquid nectar from the plant in the backyard. He also said that they loved each other for a long time now, they just hasn’t realized it. Uncle Kreang also confessed that he loved and bonded with Aunt Kaew a long ago too, lol.

Arriving not in Bangkok, but at a beach, where crabs crawled and the fresh breeze played with Athit’s denim shirt. Darunee is still asleep in the car. She wakens slowly and noticed the sea. Amazed at the vision before her, Athit asked for her hand. She asked about Toon, and Athit told her that they can talk about that later.

Hand in hand, they walked along the shore. What a sweet and beautiful scene. He stopped her, looking worried.

“There is one thing I cannot stand,” he told her (after saying that there were many things he could handle.)

“It is?” she asked.

“I can’t stand being alone anymore,” he confessed and reached for her hands. “Be with me.”


“Marry me!” He pleaded her with his eyes.

“What about Toon?”

“She’s already aware that this day will come- that I’m asking for your hand in marriage- no one else has any problems. Only you.. what do you say, my good person? Will you marry me?”

Darunee looked into his eyes as the love showed on his face, reflecting the love on hers. She nodded her head, still in shock. He cheered, elated that she said yes. Running towards her, Athit pulled her into his arms and swung her, around and around in his arms.

They held each other with tears of joy. Later in the water, he teased her for swimming funny. She admitted that she has always been on the land, so she doesn’t know how to swim. She held both hands up to swear and he said that one hand is good enough, as he takes her left hand and kissed it. Sliding the gold band into her ring finger. Darunee looked surprisingly at it, as the ring and gesture overwhelmed her.

“With this ring, that may not have as much monetary value as other rings, but I have saved every penny and money that I have in order to obtain it.. for you.”

She looked at the ring and then at him, “this ring may not be expensive but it means so much more to me because it came from your hard work and sweat. I will wear it until I die.”

“Thank you, Nong Nee,” Athit said, “thank you for everything.” He leans down and goes in for a kiss, but she pulled away.

She told him if he could catch her, then she’ll let him kiss her three times. If he loses, he gets one kiss. If he is willing to lose, then he gets nothing. She immediately takes off and he chased her. They frolic in the water with laughter and fun. Athit, trying to grab her lol. Then finally, he was able to lift her in his arms.

At Bangkok, Vey is pursuing Toon, telling her that he could be her personal driver, or even assistant because he knows how she likes her coffee and when she likes it, lol. She told him that he wasn’t her type, he said they should try it out first otherwise they would never know.. she agreed and he’s ecstatic.

Back at the beach house, Athit is drying his hair, smiling at the recent turn of events and his proposal. Browsing through her cookbook, he noticed the flattened small flower that he had given her when she first left for school. Ah, it’s coming full circle! Indicating that she felt the same way about him, a long time ago. He smiled at the knowledge.

Darunee came out of the bathroom and thanked him for arranging everything. He offered to dry her hair. They discussed what they’d be doing back at the farm, as she flipped through her cookbook, searching for the little flower. She panicked at the thought that it was gone. Athit asked her if that was the flower he had given her. She denied it. He said that she must have liked him since that time, because she kept it for so long. Darunee smiled and said that she kept it because it was cute, not that she secretly liked him or anything.

He said that she didn’t need to be embarrassed that she crushed on him. He felt that same way about her, from the beginning. She wanted to know when- and he said that he doesn’t know exactly when, but at the restaurant, when he first saw Vey giving her a hug, he felt already uncomfortable, as if someone was cutting him off, lol. Darunee said that if she knew that was the case, she would marry Vey. Athit told her to apologize this instant, if she says that she won’t do it again, she’ll get kissed three times. If she says that she was wrong for saying that, she will get kissed two times.

“I—“ Darunee started, “agreed that I’ve lost.”

“Then you’ll get kissed everywhere!”

Their teasing turned smoldering as Athit kissed her, everywhere on her face, just as promised.

That evening, Athit brought Darunee to meet his family.

The two participated in a quick ceremony to seal the deal (religiously) in front of Athit’s family. They all gave the two well wishes. It was a sweet moment with the parents.

Vilai finally gets a wake up call from her husband. That morning Vey asked for their permission to study abroad- and in a different field. She thought he had always wanted to be like his father. But her husband told her that because her son loves her very much, he was willing to do whatever to please her. She not only controlled his future, she controlled his feelings for a long time. If she went back look in the past, she should realize that Vey hasn’t done anything to displease her. This brought tears to Vilai’s eyes as she realized that she needed to love him as much as he loved her. She needed to let him go and be himself- to grow into himself. They hugged and cried. That was a sincere scene.

Back at Athit’s hometown, they signed their marriage certificate. Legal! Upon looking at the certificate, Athit realized that his father just advanced in his position. His father wished them well in their marriage and future endeavors together.

Athit and Darunee came to see Toon off. Their relationship is fraught and awkward, with the one man they both loved in between them. Darunee feels badly but Toon apologized for thinking only of herself. They discovered that Toon would be studying abroad in Australia, where her mom lived and she may stay there forever if it suits her. She encouraged Nee to have a baby soon so she could come back to visit. They hugged it out as their friendship, essentially, will never be the same again.

Vey appeared and told Toon that he booked a flight together with her and will be going to the same college. She said that it was a good thing, so she can order him to get her a coffee. Vey knew exactly how she liked her coffee and has arranged everything for them, lol. They turned out to be a cute couple.

Athit and Darunee watched on with bittersweet happiness, as Darunee rest her head against his shoulders.

They finally arrived back home, at the farmhouse and are met with a final hurdle. Sintorn was causing an uproar and trying to convince all of the farm workers to work abroad- in a different country. Everyone will be paid handsomely if they went. This scene comes back full circle to grandma, and what it means to the farm workers to work there. Can Athit and Darunee sustain the land that grandma had left for them? Along with the workers?

Athit appeared and asked how he has taken advantaged of the workers?

Sintorn is flustered. Athit explained how they were like family, he has treated all of the workers like his brothers and sisters and they work together to keep the farm going. He’s not stopping them from leaving, but he wanted them to think carefully, that being a farmer may not be a rich or glamorous endeavor, but they will always have food on the table and doing what they love. Reiterating his own passion about agriculture.

Athit also said that no matter how rich you become, you’d still eat rice, from the farmers who grew it. The workers agreed and all chanted their approval.

He wanted to know if it was worth it to get the money when you would have to leave your family and land. People don’t die because they don’t have enough, only people who are greedy. The workers began considering how much they would lose by leaving and decided it was best they stayed. Darunee spoke up as well, that they needed to work together.

It was decided that whoever wanted to stay at the farm with Athit and Darunee, they would follow their footsteps. And they did.

Vilai came to see both Athit and Darunee, with regards to will #2. Vilai hasn’t recanted, she’s still nasty and Vi had to calm her down. She kept insinuating that Athit was after grandma’s inheritance. They agreed that next month they will open the second will.

In grandma’s room, Athit wondered why Darunee looked so down. Darunee worried that if grandma hasn’t left any inheritance for her in the second will, would Athit stop loving her? Athit didn’t want to hear her say that. He said that grandma has left the inheritance in Darunee all along, grandma has taught her to be a good person, manners etc, so he felt that he has gained so much more than money. He also believed that they could create their own inheritance (meaning land, future etc.) with their own hands. Darunee thanked him.

In their room, they opened a box that Toon left for them. Darunee said that it was a dress that Toon intended to wear to her wedding with Athit. Darunee opened the letter that was addressed to them, that Toon hoped Darunee would wear this dress as she stands with Athit on their special day. Darunee shed a tear as she thought about her friend. Athit held his wife in his arms to comfort her.

The farm is in a flurry of movement, everyone pulling their weight to improve the farm. Even Thongprasri’s family are involved and it’s a pleasure to see everyone making peace.

Athit, Darunee and Tawan played in the farm, while the workers watched on with happiness.

Thongprasri and her husband are back in town and wanted to take Tawan back. Darunee was saddened and she reluctantly hands Tawan over to his mom.

And the reading of will #2 commences!

Grandma’s cash gets dispersed evenly among her offsprings and grandkids. She was also generous in giving each farm workers money too. Some of the profit coming from selling the fruits would go to educating the farm worker’s children.

As for Athit and Darunee they would receive all of the land that grandma has. If they can’t agree to care for it together, they could sell all of it and split the profit.

Vilai gasped, shocked- because all of the land didn’t go to Darunee as she has expected, but split evenly with Athit.

Back at Vilai’s house, she’s crying and fuming with the “injustice” of it all. Her daughter and husband shook their heads at her state. Even though she received a lot of cash, she was still pissed that Athit and Darunee got the land, which equates to so much more money than what they got. It’s funny how her daughter lectures her on how she could focus on her own strengths and create her own wealth. She needed to stop focusing on seeing other people’s downfalls. This cheered Vilai up and she couldn’t wait to start the new business with her daughter.

At the vast expanse of Athit and Darunee’s farm, they met with the workers whom they had helped given birth to. Athit asked her if she was ready to have her own kids soon. She warned him that she would pinch his nose if he keeps talking like that. Athit wanted his nose pinched, lol.

Darunee couldn’t help but miss Tawan after see little “Darunee,” the little girl whom the farm worker named after Darunee. Athit said that it was an easy problem to fix; they should start reproducing little Tawan- five or six of them! She said that was too many!

“You don’t want to see what they look like?”


“Well I do!” Athit chased after her, calling her his grand aunt again.

They found their way back to grandma’s gravestone. Kneeling before their late grandma, they thanked her for loving them and entrusting the farm in their care- the land in which she has created with her own hands.

As they walked arm in arm, Athit asked Darunee if she knew why grandma didn’t assign which farm land goes to whom?

Darunee doesn’t know.

Athit admitted that he didn’t know either but just learned from Aunt Kaew that grandma wished that they would end up together. She wanted them to marry and take care of the farm together.

“And now we have done what she wanted us to-“ Darunee started.

“With great pleasure-“ Athit added.

They smiled at each other, and Athit couldn’t help but ask her, “and are you doing this willingly as well?”

He kissed her forehead while she thought of an answer, and held her close.

Darunee became wise with her response, “grandma intended for us to think that this land is our land, because we all plant and farm so we can work and provide a living. So we can support ourselves over time.”

“Over time,” Athit added “we have enough to share with our fellow people.”

“We need to send this message to everyone, especially people who are close to us.” Darunee said.

“The people closest to us would be our kids and grandkids. You should help me think about how we can have many kids and grandkids. To make this world beautiful.”

She shyly looks away while he holds her from behind.

He asked grandma to help him but then answered that grandma won’t help, she told them to help each other.

“Can I ask for your participation? My little grand aunt?” Athit asked Darunee.

They looked into each other’s eyes as Athit dipped his head down to kiss her. He examined her face and pushed a hair strand out of her face. Arm in arm, they walked through the garden.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

We are given a poignant story about two people’s intertwined lives and taken on a journey to watch their character blossoming and their love growing. A sweet finale with no rocks left unturned (well maybe a few things, but will divulge that in a review later), we still get a sense of completion and resolution.

We can now close this last chapter of Torranee Nee Nee Krai Krong- This Land is Our Land, with a big sigh, the happy and satisfied variety.

I thank you for taking the time to read, comment and go on this journey with me-as we watch Athit and Darunee have their happily ever after- leaving us nostalgic for the past time they had together but excited for their happy and fruitful (albeit make belief) union to come.

Enjoy the beautiful, spectacular moments in the finale:

*An in-depth review to come in the next week or so!

*pic credit to Thoranee 2012 and BarryYa FB