Realizing that the feelings he had for Darunee refuses to be suppressed- the snakebite scene only confirmed his feelings for her – Athit changes course and makes some move. But Darunee is relentlessly tiresome with her attempt to bring up Toon in every waking breath- but when the tables are turned and Athit is paying her the attention- she loses her wits around her. Until they both are reminded (again) of their internal battle and must make a decision of who they’ll spend their lives with. More conjectures from yours truly at the end of this recap. For now, enjoy!

Darunee finds herself explaining to Toon that she was misunderstanding Athit regarding Thongprasri and her son. Toon questions Darunee’s motives however, because it took her two weeks to reach out to her- does Darunee want to make sure Athit could survive without Toon first or not? Darunee emphasizes that she has tried to call her but Toon did not pick up her phone. Soon we glean a little more about Toon’s background. In all honesty, when Toon had some time to ponder what had transpired, she was not angry with Athit or Darunee. She admits that she left the farm rashly and without a second thought because she was angry at herself- back when she was a child, she recalled her father leaving her and her mom for another woman. From then on, she had promised herself that she would not do the same to another child. When she was confronted with Thongprasri, she couldn’t handle the fact that she has become someone she despised.

And she was willing to hear Athit out if he would come to see her in Bangkok. Darunee promises to talk to Athit and reiterated how happy Athit would be to hear this.

At the farmhouse, both Athit and Aunt Kaew wondered where Darunee disappeared to when she wasn’t working at the farm or at the house. Soon enough Darunee reappeared and told them that she had just returned from Bangkok after chatting with Toon. Athit could only look on with surprise while Aunt Kaew blew out an exasperated breath. Darunee told Athit that she was tired of seeing him working without his heart so she thought to bring “his heart” back to him. Looking so severely pleased with herself. Athit asked her what Toon thought about all of this and Darunee replied that she could only soften her resolve because the story with Thongprasri wasn’t true. Athit looked relieved. Darunee took out a picture of Toon and told him to embrace it all night and tomorrow morning, he could go and hug the real person. Aunt Kaew, disgusted with the scene before her, left the room. I would have done the same thing.

But that night the atmosphere in the living room became charged and their awareness of each other increased. Darunee is knitting something while Athit is working on paperwork, but he can’t seem to focus because his attention kept going to Darunee. Aunt Kaew walked in with glasses of orange juice and asked her what she was knitting. Darunee told her that it was a sweater and offered to make it for her. Aunt Kaew encouraged her to give it to Athit instead because he doesn’t have one. Darunee said she would need to measure him first and as they both stood before each other, they became aware of each other’s proximity.

She loops her arms around his waist with the measuring tape and Athit looked shyly away. Aunt Kaew was enjoying the spectacle before her. Then Darunee measures the width of his back, the length of his arm, and she turned him to face her and measures the size of his neck, whereby, they are caught in a mesmerized and shy gaze at each other.

The two dispersed back to their seats but the lingering awareness remained as Athit peered at her from his notebook (it’s upside down lol) and Darunee looked back at him with a smile. When he looked at her again she was gone and he glanced around for her, only to realize that she had moved to sit next to him and peering over his shoulders. She said that he must have been working so hard because he’s reading the notebook upside down. Darunee said he could go to bed and she can take care of the books since he needed to wake up early tomorrow to see to Toon. She hands him Toon’s picture and tells him to have a sweet dream. But Athit could only accept the picture, and looking at her shyly as if their time together would be the one to give him sweet dreams. Cute! He doesn’t look too excited about the prospect of seeing Toon again, lol.

Darunee smiled on as she watched him walk away but her smile soon faded because she remembered that Toon would like to have a family with him and make lots of babies. Don’t forget, she harped to herself, their (Toon and Athit’s) happiness is her happiness.

In Bangkok, Vey visited Toon with a bouquet of flowers. They were going to have dinner but she turned him away because she needed to wake up early the next morning. Vey learned that she needed to get ready because Athit would visit her tomorrow morning. The door shut in his face and he cursed Athit again.

As Athit was walking back to the worker’s quarters, through the orange trees, he looked at Toon’s picture. Meanwhile, at the farmhouse, Darunee was spouting how tomorrow Athit and Toon would reconcile and he will be happy again. Aunt Kaew said that she was getting real tired of Darunee- Athit was really happy being with her! Exactly Aunt Kaew! It’s tiresome. But Darunee was convinced that she spent the most time with him and she always sees him working- she figured that he was working hard so he doesn’t have time to think about Toon. Inside, he could be crying. Aunt Kaew rolled her eyes. She said that people who are meant to be would end up together. Darunee agreed (misunderstanding that Aunt Kaew was referring to Toon and Athit and not her and Athit) and said that even if two people are taken apart, they would find their way back together. Aunt Kaew emphasized with a huff that if two people are not soul mates, then they could never be together.

Through the dark pathway, Athit turned around to look back at the farmhouse. But a large, scary cobra peered by his footstep, ready to pounce. The minute Athit took a step forward; the cobra reacted and bit him, unleashing its venom. Athit yelped in pain and fell to the ground; two bite marks appeared on his ankle. He called out Darunee’s name as he howled in pain. Darunee heard his voice and ran to him. She found him on the grass, where she immediately tied her scarf around his calves and proceeded to suck the venom out of his ankle- Athit told her not to, it was dangerous but she didn’t listen as she spat out the blood from her lips. Athit suddenly passed out, which worried Darunee as she pleaded for him to be conscious. She instructed Aunt Kaew to have Jingjaew get Uncle Kreang and they would carry Athit back to the house. Aunt Kaew couldn’t help but pocket Toon’s picture that was lying on the grass.

Uncle Kreang examined Athit and told them that he has cleaned the wound and applied some medicine. They would need to keep a close eye on Athit and make sure he gets enough rest. Aunt Kaew relented that it would probably take 2-3 days for him to heal but Uncle Kreang said it might just take a day or two, which angered Aunt Kaew, lol, because she wanted Darunee by Athit’s bedside to care for him. Also, she didn’t want Nee to take Athit to Bangkok and see Toon the next day.

Darunee towel washed Athit’s body to keep his temperature down. Then to keep him dry, she lathered powder onto his chest and changed him into a shirt. He slowly awakened and she asked him how he was feeling. He thanked her for always being by his side whenever he was sick. She replied that it was all right, she just want him to get better. Athit asked her why she decided to suck the venom because it was very dangerous. She told him that she didn’t have time to think whether it was dangerous or not, she simply did what she could to remove the poison for him. Athit reached for her hands and held it, “were you afraid that I would die?” he asked her. Darunee responded that she didn’t want anything to happen to him, otherwise the workers and the farm would suffer and whom would she find to work in his place?

Athit smiled, “I see, so you have to take very good care of me? Including towel washing me, powdering me and changing my clothes?”

Darunee looked embarrassed, “well your temperature was high..”

“I’ve never been sick and feel so good about it. Thank you, Nong Nee.”

She shyly tucks him in and took the washbasin back to the kitchen.

Athit looked at her with a smile.

Morning came and Darunee was making breakfast for Athit but Aunt Kaew came in time to relieve her so she could check on Athit’s condition.

In Athit’s room, he’s stirring awake and gets up. After examining his leg, he noticed how powerful Uncle Kreang’s medicine was. He was able to walk and stand. Just then, Darunee opened the door to his room and asked if he was able to walk now. Athit faked a pain in his leg and she comes running to assist him. Awe so cute! He told her he was trying to go to the restroom, and Darunee scolded him for not asking for her help. He felt that she took care of him all night and wanted to do a few things on his own (sure) but Darunee said that next time, he doesn’t need to feel that way, she will help him. That’s when Aunt Kaew walked in and she saw Darunee holding Athit. They both explained that she was helping him into the bathroom. Aunt Kaew wanted to kick herself for interrupting their cute moment.

Darunee walked Athit to the dining room while Aunt Kaew crumpled Toon’s picture in her hands. As Athit sat down, Aunt Kaew presented the crumpled photo and mentioned she didn’t know who would do something like this (lol.) Darunee suspected it was Aunt Kaew’s doing and insinuated it, Aunt Kaew looked away guiltily. Athit didn’t seem to care too much about the state of the photo.

While Darunee was working at the production house, she immediately calls Toon to let her know what had happened to Athit. Toon begged to come take care of him at the farm. Darunee agreed and thought it was a good idea.

The scene where Vey stood waiting for Toon to notice him was funny. He said on the count of three, if she doesn’t turn around, he would move on from her. If she does turn around, that means she may have some feelings for him. But she did not turn around at the count of three, she noticed him after that and comes running to ask him to take her to the airport. She wanted to go see Athit. Vey was disappointed once again.

At the farm, Darunee was managing some of Athit’s task. While she was at the rice field, Tod asked her how Athit was doing. Uncle Kreang was there also when she told them that he’s doing better but still needs help walking around. This made Uncle Kreang wonder why when all of the other workers who used his medicine were able to walk the next day. Tod smiled and surmised that it didn’t have anything to do with medicine; it was more of someone’s intentions on getting Darunee to assist him. Darunee became flustered and denied it because she thinks that Athit would want to get well soon so he could see Toon. Which makes me really think that she’s still so stuck in her head- does it need to be spelled out to her?

Vey is driving Toon to the airport but he’s taking his sweet time. Frustrated, Toon took matters into her own hands and grabbed the steering wheel- which is a really stupid thing to do- and they almost hit a motorcyclist. As he slammed on the brakes, she rammed her wrist and head against the dashboard accordingly.

And Athit is finally making his moves towards Darunee- hallelujah! I hope he starts realizing that the more she keeps pushing Toon on to him, the more he needs to make her realize that the one he wants is her!

During lunch, Darunee caught him walking and he immediately pretends that his leg hurts again. She noticed that Aunt Kaew was nowhere to be found (since she’s making sure the farm workers had food to eat) and Athit told Darunee that he had to prepare his own lunch. His sad puppy face at the prospect of eating alone was so cute. As Darunee scooped some rice onto his plate, he touched her hands and asked if she would join him for a meal. The three stooges were eavesdropping at the floor below and keep murmuring how fake (and cute) Athit was being!

Darunee of course brings up the fact that she has called Toon and explained about his condition. She told him that Toon would be making her way here so he could get well soon. Athit quickly avoided further mention of Toon by appeasing her and saying yes. Then he looked into her eyes and said, “Some people may help make me heal faster. But the person who makes me want to keep on living and refuses to let me die like last night, is you, Nong Nee.” That is so sweet!

Nee could only look at him with a touched smile.

“Do you know that everything you have done for me is very meaningful to me? It makes me want to continue breathing, so I can wake up and see you everyday.”

The three stooges all made puking noises, lol. I’m totally enjoying what I’m hearing, it’s about time!

Aunt Kaew appears with a washbasin full of water so he could towel wash himself. Athit looked surprised at first but decides to use it to his advantage. He walked slowly over to the window and throws the hot water onto the three stooges who ran away scalded and screaming. Darunee helped him back to his chair and they proceeded to eat, he cannot take his eyes off of hers! Golly, when they look at each other, yours truly just simply, well, spazz!

Back in BKK, Toon is hospitalized with a brace on her wrist. She and Vey argued the whole time, Toon blaming Vey that now she can’t go and see Athit. Vi happened to stop by and noticed their bickering back and forth and she smiled.

Darunee walked Athit to the patio and he asked her if he could go to the farm too, he wanted to help. But Darunee told him that he needed to wait here for the nurse- indicating Toon. Athit looked at her and said that he’s not sure what is the best way to say this- but he wanted to thank her for everything that she has done for him- then he has a hard time getting the words out- he could only say I, I… Darunee interrupted him and said she knows that he can’t get the words out. But he said that his wound itches! Lol. She had him sit down and she pulled a strand of her hair to scratch against his wound. And they had some really cute moments looking at each other.

He begged her again to go to the farm with her, promising to only stand still and cheer the workers on. Darunee finally relented.

The teasing between the three stooges and Athit was plain hilarious. The scene where Athit was trimming a stick, Uncle Kreang finally caught wind of his leg pain. Darunee relieved Athit of his job and he walked slowly and painfully towards Uncle Kreang. Once there, Uncle Kreang acknowledged that Darunee is a hard worker and very dedicated, any man would be lucky to have her. Uncle Kreang asked Athit if he wanted to be that lucky man? Athit said yes without realizing it, then Uncle Kreang teased him that he can stop pretending that his leg hurt then, lol. Athit looked on guiltily and smiled while he watched Darunee.

At the strawberry farm, Athit was adamant that he could help out. She asked him why he wasn’t at home waiting for Toon, she should be here by now. Athit told her point blank that he’d rather spend time with her! Darunee looked at him with a surprise look on her face. (I’m sure she liked hearing that too!) Athit realized he said it out loud and covered it with, I just wanted to work. Darunee said he could take a few days off – and Athit asked her if she was afraid that he would die? They looked at each other all embarrassingly. Instead, Darunee said that she was afraid Toon wouldn’t want to marry him for the rest of her life, and she walked away.

Toon is at the hospital bossing Vey around, Vey told that no woman dared to tell him what to do except for his mother- but he abided by her wishes anyway.

Back at the farmhouse, Darunee is assisting Athit with his walk. He clearly enjoys her holding him, lol. When he sat down, Darunee suddenly blacks out for a moment and falls but Athit catches her in time as they stood eye to eye, she in his arms. Ah, so cute! She excused herself to wash up. As she walked away Aunt Kaew and Tawan stopped by and teased Athit for his leg “pain.”

Darunee is not feeling well. As she enters the rest room, she feels lightheaded but continues to disrobe and takes a shower. But she couldn’t get her wits around her and faints, hitting her head against the bathroom floor. Athit walked into his room in time and hears a thudding sound. Concerned that something happened to Darunee, he rushed into the bathroom and found her naked, on the floor. He grabbed a towel, puts it over her body and carried her to bed. Once there, he tucked her in bed and removed the towel from around her body. He is so worried about her when he wiped her forehead and dried her arms. Darunee muttered grandma in her sleep that she was cold. Athit piled more blankets on her and rubbed her hands. Then she utters his name in her sleep, which surprised him and he blew into her hands to warm her.

Darunee finally wakes up and notices Aunt Kaew sitting beside her. She wondered what had happened. Aunt Kaew explained that she worked hard all day in the sun and when she reached the cold shower, she became shocked and fainted. Aunt Kaew said that luckily Athit heard it and rescued her in time, otherwise she’d be cold and her condition would worsen. Darunee realized that would imply that he has seen her naked! She looked at her shirt, and Aunt Kaew confirmed that Athit dressed her. Darunee freaked out and said how will she face him the next time she sees him? She hears him knocking on the door and pretends to sleep, embarrassed.

That night she came out for a drink of water, wanting to know if Athit was around. She couldn’t face him just yet, still embarrassed. But little did she know that she would embarrass herself further. Aunt Kaew told her that Athit had to see to a farm worker and won’t be back until late. As Darunee talked, Aunt Kaew walked away to fetch her a pitcher of water and Darunee didn’t realize she was talking to herself. She said that Athit is only a few years older than she and had to take over grandma’s responsibilities to watch over the farm and its workers. If she could help him any way, she would. Athit walked in on time when she said that she would like to help him for the rest of his life. The words touched him as he peered over her shoulders and said, really? Darunee turned around with her cheeks red, embarrassing herself once again.

“You’ll help me for the rest of your life? Promise?”

She looked up at him, “I promise. But you must promise too that you will let me help you forever, even though you may have Toon by your side.”

“I promise,” he said, “this is a promise between us.” They pinky swear in front of grandma’s picture.

Aunt Kaew is standing on the side, giddy. Notice how he never brought up Toon..

But of course Darunee blows the bubble. She said that she would call Toon and find out what happened because she hasn’t shown up yet.

Vilai caught wind that her son was getting too close to Toon so she stormed into the hospital room and demanded that Vey finalize the engagement with Nee. It’s funny to see Toon standing up to Vilai, giving her back what she got. Toon was in a hurry to return to the farm and to receive an answer from Athit. Vi, who apparently became wise after finding Dharma, asked Toon why she was going back to the farm, when both of them (Toon and Vey) are fully aware.. Vey interrupted his sister to inquire what she was talking about. Vi continued that if they weren’t blind, then they should have noticed how Athit and Darunee truly feel about each other.

Vey and Toon look at each other with worry. Toon explained that Nee was adamant that she and Athit were only brothers and sisters. Vi relented that Toon knew full well in her heart that it is not true. Whatever the case may be, Vi confirmed that Toon should know now and needed to think about it. She further explained that it’s really a simple ending to this story, everyone just needed to open their hearts and accept the truth, that is all. Amen! Toon said that she was sure that Athit loved her and will choose her. Vi just looked at her with a scoff.

In her room, Toon thought more deeply about the interactions between Athit and Darunee, especially Athit’s actions. It goes to show how much he cared for and considerate to Darunee.

The following morning, Toon showed up at the farm but Athit doesn’t look too excited about seeing her. This time around, the atmosphere is different. When they’re sitting at the dining table, Toon tells everyone that she’s planning on studying abroad in Australia for two years. She would be willing to forgive and forget if Athit would follow her there. They could get married there or come back to Thailand for the wedding. Aunt Kaew said that it’s too long and he wouldn’t do it. Athit and Darunee looked at each other back and forth. She’s giving him a night to think about it. Darunee could only look sadly back at him but tries to force a smile.

In comes Vilai- she also wanted an answer from Darunee about the wedding- she would get it tomorrow morning as well. Athit doesn’t look pleased about hearing this. So yes folks, we have a deadline!

At the worker’s quarters, Athit thought about what Vilai and Vey has said to him in the past, voicing his insecurities. Then he thought about the rough conversation he had with Darunee a couple of episodes ago. As for Darunee, she too thought about Athit. They both have said that their happiness lies in seeing the other happy, why not just be together and consider it done? They both are thinking about obstacles that aren’t really there- just in their minds! By the way, I felt that they don’t need to have these flashbacks; they’re wasting precious lakorn time!

Toon spoke out loud, “I love P’Athit the most. You do know that, right?”

Darunee tells her that she knows.

And we take a step back from our progress..

The sun is rising, casting beautiful orange and pink colors in the sky. Athit stood on the patio watching the sunrise and he noticed Darunee walking by.

“You’re up so early or did you not sleep yet?” Darunee asked him.

“I had a lot on my mind and couldn’t sleep so thought to come here and watch the sunrise,” he said. He turned around and walked to the bench. “Take a look. No sunrise anywhere else is as beautiful as grandma’s spot.”

“You speak as if you’re trying to remember this image, is it because you are not going to be here any longer?” Darunee asked him.

Athit turned to her, “I want you to remember this image too, because not much longer, you will leave this place too.”

“Yes, I’ll probably leave not much longer than you.”

“I used to tell you that I would never leave this place-“

“Don’t be stuck with your words if your mind wants to leave-“

“Nong Nee! I’m not the type to rescind my words! I will only leave this place if the people here no longer want me around.” As if he’s waiting for her to tell him not to leave.

Darunee looked at him with tears in her eyes. Toon watched them from afar.

“I don’t want you to stay here. You should leave. P’Vey and I will take care of this place,” said Darunee.

Ouch. She must go there.

Athit’s eyes are swimming with tears, hurt from the words he was already expecting.

They both do not mean the things they say to each other. Toon notices this.

And that wraps up episode 15 for us. I feel a little frustrated at this teeter-totter of emotion that we’re being put through. Just when I felt that Athit is going after her and showing her that he didn’t need Toon, that he wanted Darunee- we get a setback. They’re both confronted (yet again) with the same obstacle, Toon and Vey, and can’t seem to get pass that point. But this time around, we are not at a total standstill- we are given a deadline and an ultimatum. Athit and Darunee needed to make a decision by tomorrow morning whether they choose the other person or not. With the ending of this episode, it appears that they are choosing the “other person.” Although we all know that they just want to be happy, together.

I’m thinking the director will throw us a bone soon, to help with the dilemma, because Toon is starting to realize that Athit does not love her and if she truly loves him and Darunee, she needed to step aside. Maybe she will be the one to get them together because god knows Darunee will never cross her friend. And that makes her (Darunee) the most frustrating person in this lakorn to watch, despite how beautiful she is.  They both need to sit down and have a heart to heart conversation! But no, this is a lakorn so we must have a lot of unspoken emotions and desires. And it can’t be realized until a third party gets involved, like secondary characters. Because apparently the pra’nangs cannot come to their own conclusions! I’m really just venting about lakorns in general, not so much this specific one, although this one has reminded me of it.

At any rate, next week (our finale week) we’ll be getting what we want, after all. There will be reconciliation and more sweet scenes to come. Episode 16 indicated that Darunee and Athit would be frolicking in the beach, teasing and laughing. They will go through a final hurdle regarding the farm and its workers as well as the reading of will #2. I believe the finale is split up between a full episode for episode 16 (Friday) and a brief closure in episode 17 (Saturday)- followed by the premiere of Rak Kerd Nai Talad Sod starring Mario and Margie.

I simply cannot wait to see the beach scenes and their happily ever after, as bitter sweet as it may be, since I don’t want Torranee to end. What about you, what think you of this weekend’s episodes?