Toon realizes her dream man is not so perfect after all and isn’t willing to accept so she leaves. Athit mourns his heartbreak but realizes he’s not all that heartbroken after all. Darunee on the other hand, feels plain sorry and responsible.; she gets even closer to him to recant. And we have a beautiful revelation in the making.

“Does this (ring) have an owner yet?” Toon asked Athit as he examined the ring on his pinky finger.

“No one would want an invaluable ring like this,” he replied, examining his crafty work.

Toon tells him that it is valuable to her because he made it with his own hands. He considered her face and asked her if she really wanted it.

“Yes, please give it to me,” she said.

No, please don’t.

But he slides it off his finger and takes her left hand and slides it into her middle finger.

She throws her arms around him; he smiles lightly and hugs her back.

“Thank you,” he said, “for loving a normal person like me.”

They stroll down the orange farm and saw Darunee working. Toon immediately shows off her new, DIY ring.

Darunee’s face fell when she sees it, and only to be worsen by the comment Toon made, “It’s an engagement ring that P’Athit gave me.”

Athit looked panicked at the words but doesn’t deny it.

“Really? Who is engaged with whom?” Thongprasri’s voice intercepted their show, walking in hand with her son, Tawan. Darunee stands up with a panic.

“Athit and I are,” replied Toon with a smile.

“You shameless hussy!” Thongprasri spat, ooh, never thought I’d say this but I do like you Thongprasri, you’re my new hero!

Darunee runs up to Thongprasri and demands her to leave and take Tawan with her.

“No!” Thongprasri said, “I’m not going anywhere.”

“I’m confused, what’s going on?” Toon asked, looking at Athit and back at Thongprasri for an answer. She faced Darunee, “Nee, who is this woman?”

“You dare ask who I am? I am Athit’s wife!”

All three faces turned to her.

“Is that true?” Toon asked Darunee.

“Don’t listen to her!” Darunee relented, begging Toon with her eyes.

“Khun Nee!” Thongprasri yelled, “you know what’s what. Yes, I’m not good, I’m aware that I’m not suitable for Khun Athit, but why must you bring your friend here to steal my husband?”

That’s when Athit stepped in, “leave this instant.”

Lol, but Thongprasri doesn’t stop there, she threw her arms around his middle, “Husband! You’re going to leave your wife and kid for that girl? What kind of a person are you?” she referred to Toon, “you’re pretty and all but you can’t find your own husband?!”

Toon is shocked and keeps asking what is going on. She looked at Athit for confirmation, “do you really have a wife and kid already?”

“Yes!” Thongprasri answered for Athit and she grabbed Tawan’s hand, “And this is Tawan, he’s mine and Athit’s son.”

Toon’e eyes grew larger, disbelieved.

Athit is trying to remove Thongprasri’s arms from around his middle. Toon looked reluctantly at Darunee, and finally ran away. Darunee follows her.

“How much more are you going to destroy my life?” he asked Thongprasri. But in this instant, Athit, I disagree; she’s only trying to help!

Athit is still thinking about his son and being a responsible father. He picks Tawan up and gives him to Tod to care for the moment. He turns to Thongprasri to scold her without Tawan witnessing it, “Don’t let me see your face again. If I see you again,” he warned, “I can’t promise to remain still- go!”

He runs after Toon.

Toon runs into Darunee’s room, sobbing and replaying the scene in her head as well as other scenes of people were trying to cover up that Tawan was Athit’s son.

Darunee is at the door, pleading to explain everything to Toon. But Toon can only ask why Darunee set her up for this.

“I didn’t mean to lie or hide anything from you, I was waiting for the right time,” Darunee explained.

“And when is the right time?” Toon asked, “Would that have been on my wedding day?!”

She has a point..

Athit came to the door as well, “Please open the door for me. Allow me to explain.”

“No, just leave!”

“Not everything the woman spouted was true-“

“Then what part of that is not true? Tawan is not your son?”

“I am his father but-“

But she wouldn’t let him continue, “I’m never going to get in between a father and his son! Get out!”

Athit looked warily at Darunee, probably more sad because he was the one to hurt her.

Toon cries on the bed, all her hopes and dreams going out the windows.

Well darling, you don’t even know all of him prior to being heads over heels in “love.”

Aunt Kaew and Thongprasri meets up after the event, she tries to give Thongprasri money but Thongprasri refused it because she was indebted so much more to grandma. But Aunt Kaew admonished that this will prove to show whether Toon truly loved Athit or merely sprung. Thongprasri relented that the “truth” isn’t really the “truth.” Aunt Kaew continued that if one side cannot accept the truth from the start, then their lives together would be doomed.

Athit is sitting at the patio of the farmhouse, beating himself up (hypothetically speaking.)

“Take it easy P’Athit, Toon is just hurt right now. Let some time pass and I will explain everything to her,” Darunee consoled.

“I had thought you already told Toon about Tawan and Thongprasri.”

“Well- I didn’t want you to lose your form, so I didn’t tell Toon.. it was my fault,” Darunee admitted.

Athit told her it wasn’t her fault, it was his- he must have committed some sins in his past life to have so many disappointments now.
Darunee feels terrible, “don’t give up, Toon is a reasonable person.”

“I hope that is the case. I’ll wait here until she cools down,” he said.

“I’ll sit here with you.”

Aunt Kaew watched this and made her way to grandma’s room to apologize for her behavior. She just wanted to help them along because it will make everyone happy. She didn’t know whether Toon is a good or bad person, but she knows that Darunee is a good person, that she loved the farm, Athit and everyone here. Kaew wholeheartedly believed that Athit loved Darunee too. If she were wrong, it would only be meager, right? She’s taking one for the team, lol.

The three stooges all felt badly for their boss and wondered if the future bride would forgive the future groom.

In Darunee’s room, Toon is packing her bags. Aunt Kaew came in with a glass of juice and asked why Toon was crying. (Nice- she pretends like she doesn’t know.)

Aunt Kaew digs in a little more and Toon tells her that she’s going home and to not tell Darunee or Athit.

Back at the patio, Aunt Kaew learned about what happened earlier from Darunee. Aunt Kaew pretends to be offended and Darunee said she would ask Thongprasri what the heck overcame her when she had no right to do this. Aunt Kaew panicked and told her that she didn’t need to look for Thongprasri, she had came over and dropped Tawan off and will be staying with her husband in a different province for a month.

Darunee wanted to see to Toon for lunch but Aunt Kaew told her that she had already left.

“What do you mean (she left)?” Darunee asked. Athit stood up and walked over to them.

“Well she asked me to find her a driver and to take her to the airport. She’s gone by now.”

This surprised both Darunee and Athit and they raced down the road, hoping to catch her before she left, but the car had already disappeared around the bend.

At the airport, Vey is also there, preparing for his flight when he hears someone sniffing behind him.

It was Toon who was heartbroken, remembering how she met her prince charming, her one sided love at first sight and their scenes together.

Vey finally turned around and realized it was Toon. She turned to her side and wiped her tears.

Vey asked where Darunee was, since they were always together. But this caused Toon to cry even more. He didn’t know what to do when he saw her crying.

Athit went to grandma’s gravestone to talk about his problems.

“You once told me that love is a pure and most beautiful thing that humans have for one another..”

Darunee walked in on time to hear him say, “but why does a love that is pure and beautiful destroy us like this? Can you give me strength?”

She walked to his side and kneeled down, “We should follow Toon.”

“We’d better not,” he said, “If she can’t accept me today, she wouldn’t be able to accept me tomorrow or any other day.”

“It’s not that she cannot accept,” Darunee said, “it’s just that she misunderstood.”

Athit stands up, “I’m not sure if Toon would want to hear me out. If she was willing to do so, she wouldn’t have left like this.”

“But if we try to make her understand-“

“Nong Nee,” Athit turned around, “there are slight differences between trying and knowing when to walk away. I choose to embrace the pain than to be the cause of anyone’s distress.”

Darunee held his hand to comfort him: Athit looked poignantly at her. Golly, the way he looks at her… the eyes say it all!

At the farm, all of the workers wanted to know how Athit was doing. They asked Aunt Kaew and they contemplated that he was heart broken somewhere.. lol but he’s standing behind them and asked if they didn’t have any work to do? Our heart broken man.. is not so heart broken after all! He told him that if he were not near death (or at death’s door) he would not stop working. His responsibilities are much more important than his feelings.

When the workers dispersed, Aunt Kaew told him that she was happy that he wasn’t hurt to the point where he couldn’t work. Athit said that he is hurt but life goes on. He can’t make his problems be everyone’s problems. He can only hope that one day she would be willing to hear him out and understand him.

Darunee had been listening to their conversation and stepped out of the trees when he walked away.

Life after Toon goes on as normal to Athit, one cannot really tell that he is heartbroken. But he doesn’t smile as much anymore and the three stooges try to make him smile. Gosh, their dog show was hilarious. He doesn’t pay them no mind, but Darunee watched him from afar and was sad that she caused so much strife in his life.

During lunchtime, Darunee and Athit sat before a tree, on a picnic blanket. Athit was quiet but he glances at Darunee a few times, looking both pensive and slightly uncomfortable, Darunee just feels badly in general about everything that had transpired. They have a silent lunch and Darunee continues to watch him work, work and work to the point that she couldn’t stand it anymore and calls her best friend, Toon.

Toon doesn’t pick up.

Days go by and Darunee brought him lunch at the orange farm. He could only look poignantly (I know, it’s that word again, but it’s really poignant!) He has always had a deep feeling for her that he cannot explain, even if he’s hurt and sad, she stuck around and consoled him, always there for him. He dared not think but he can’t help but express everything in his eyes. Before he could thank her, one of the workers called her over. He could only watch her interact with them.

It’s daytime in Bangkok when Darunee approached Toon at her home.

Toon turned around when she heard her name. She looked apprehensively at Darunee.

“I won’t take much of your time, I’d like to speak with you,” Darunee said.

And we are cut short for episode 14!

Tomorrow’s episode finds us at the threshold of Toon returning, willing to forgive him under one condition: she will be studying abroad for two years and wished that he would follow her. Vey would be requesting Darunee’s answers regarding their pending nuptials. Finally in the dark of the night, amidst the farm trees, Athit takes a step forward. He said to Darunee, “I can be anyone’s dream man. But I want to be a dream man in real life to only one person.” Nee looks at him and he continues, “Do you want to know who that person is?”

I’m raising my hands, I do! But I have an inkling who that person is..

Tune in folks, to Ep 15 tomorrow!

*pic credit to BarryYa FB