Sigh.. there’s a lot of that going on, from yours truly. Not the satisfied, happy variety. But the more, frustrated and exasperated kind. It was a rough episode, to say the least. Lots of unspoken, hidden emotions; Darunee being too self-sacrificing; and Toon constantly throwing herself at Athit! Brace yourselves as you watch this episode, it will be heart wrenching!

When Athit and Toon finally pedaled their way home, Vey wanted a word with Athit. He scolded Athit that he stepped out of bounds with Darunee, he didn’t have any right to be on the bike with Darunee when Vey, who was her “fiancé” (delusional aren’t we?) never had the opportunity to do that. Vey wanted to warn Athit in case he forgets himself because as a man, Vey knows what another man thinks. Athit was unaffected and told him that the difference is their perception, which angered Vey and he forbidden Athit to be alone with Darunee until he has married her. What Vey continued to say irritated me as much as Toon’s inconvenient appearances: Vey brought up that grandma wanted him and Darunee to marry, does Athit wish to deny her last hope? (Well I don’t see it written down anywhere!) Then Vey proceeded to confirm Athit’s insecurities, telling him that he is not suitable for Darunee, whether it is his job, education or even place in society. Then he deftly reminded Athit that Darunee is his grand-aunt- but Athit had the last laugh and told him that if Darunee is his grand-aunt, that makes her Vey’s grand-aunt too, because his dad is Vey’s uncle, which got Vey doubly mad.

Athit entered the farmhouse and collected his belongings to reside back at the worker’s quarters. Darunee noticed this and asked if she made him uncomfortable. Athit denied her statement but told her she might be uncomfortable having to share the same bathroom with him and it wouldn’t be suitable if he showered outside and stayed in the same house. Darunee is still confused why it would be uncomfortable to live in the same household so Athit explained that because they are have different genders, it is not suitable. Hey, if all else fails, just blame on the gender difference. Athit relented that when things are settled (comfortable) then he would move back in.

Darunee asked him if that is the time she is no longer around? If that were the case, she would be more than happy to move out. (She’s sad because he wants her to move out, whereas he thinks she wants to move out quickly for other reasons. Seriously people, tell each other what you really think!) He insinuated that Vey’s house must be a happy, comfortable place. She replied that he must want to stay at the farmhouse with someone in particular (Toon). One look at their faces and it is easy to see that their misconstrued statements hurt them, but of course, they are not able to recognize what is beyond their own pain.

Vey tattle-tell on Athit to his family but the adorable Vi defended Athit as usual. His father believes that Athit already knows the truth that Darunee is not grandma’s sister but he’s just keeping quiet. Which, in Vilai’s opinion, leaves them with the only option to deter Athit from pursuing Darunee: they needed to make him believe that it’s really grandma’s wishes that Darunee and Vey end up together. Her husband doesn’t believe her statement (I’ve always liked the uncle), and gave her a piece of his mind- about not forcing people to be together. Which lit a fire under Vilai and she decided they needed to put a plan into action before the second will is read. And Vi has found Dharma, although she studied it primarily to courting a guy.

The next day at the farmhouse, Toon is wondering if Athit would join them for lunch but Darunee said that he must have joined the workers for a meal instead. Back when grandma was still around, she had to get him for lunch all the time (I do miss those times..) and Aunt Kaew added that they were so cute together, always bickering and everyone wanted them to be an item. This worried Toon, but Darunee consoled that everyone were just cheering. She understood how hard Athit worked so she thought to bring a pretty girl to keep him company, which got Toon smiling and finally, she is off to chasing Athit.

At the rice fields, Toon flattered Athit profusely. She continued to say that he seems very dedicated with his work and she asked if he was dedicated to love as well? As he helped her across the fields, she tripped and fell into his arms; they looked into each other’s eyes. He’s clearly attracted to her, who wouldn’t when a willing woman is gazing so openly and hungrily into your eyes? She decided that she would sing him a song while he worked and dedicated the song to him. The song is about meeting someone for the first time and knowing that he is the one. As she’s singing this, she grabs his attention by placing both hands on his neck and turning him to her. Darunee was also there, and watching this unfolding before her eyes. Not able to stand the scene, she walked away. Then Toon told him that she feels exactly that way about him… ugh, so painful.

Darunee is back at the farmhouse, hurt at what she witnessed. Of course Toon walked in with Athit (with her arms attached to his) and asked if Darunee was alright. Aunt Kaew said that she must have been starving because she had prepared a picnic basket for Toon and Athit and had delivered it. Before Aunt Kaew could elaborate, Darunee said that she didn’t make it there (to cover up from her embarrassment of being caught watching them) and said that she had a minor headache and came back. Athit was worried about her, that was nice to know Mister, since you were so enamored by the attention you were getting earlier! It was bitter sweet though to see the concern in his eyes. They look at each other, with the awkward knowledge standing in between them. This scene was so sad to watch, Toon feeding Athit in front of Darunee, and Darunee watching them, then Athit watching Darunee watching them, sigh.

It gets worst. Vilai stopped by to speak to Athit. She wanted to let him know that she’s asking for Darunee’s hand in marriage to Vey- this is just for formality purposes to save him face since he’s the Guardian- but she indicated that she had already spoken to Darunee before she graduated. Now that she’s settled down and done with school, Vilai said that there shouldn’t be any problems. Athit said he would talk to Darunee but Vilai interrupted and told him that since Darunee respected him, he should be able to decide for her. Athit will not decide anyone’s future and insisted that he would speak to Darunee. Vilai added her final comment, if he truly loved her (like a sister) than he should be able to realize that Vey is the only person who is suitable for Darunee.

Athit visited grandma’s gravestone to comfort his mind. And people with the same hearts think alike, Darunee was also stopping by to show off her newly acquired dessert cooking skills. Athit felt this was a good a time as any to bring up the conversation he had with Vilai.

“It’s an important issue (that has to do with you)” Athit started but has a hard time continuing, “Aunt Vilai she- she is asking for your hand in marriage- to P’Vey.”

“How did you respond to her?” Darunee asked, needing to know his thoughts.

“I- I couldn’t really respond, aside from discussing this with you first, as your Guardian.”

Darunee darted her eyes away. “How do you think I should respond to her?”

“She told me that she had already spoken to you about this.”

“Yes.. but that is not important,” she looked at him, “The utmost important thing to me – is what you think I should say to her.” Darunee looked as if she wanted to hear him say, no.

“I can’t tell you how to answer that.” But you know you want to!

“Where does your happiness lie?” Darunee asked him.

“My happiness? To see you happy,” he replied.

“So is that with Vey then?” she asked pointblank.

He looked away and said, “Well Vey has everything that is suitable for you.”

“And he has a house in the city, you want me to live there right? Because you have someone here now,” she asked him, thinking that he wants her to marry Vey so he could live in the farmhouse with Toon.

“It’s not like that,” he uttered, pained.

“I understand now, if you want to stay here with Toon, alone. I can go live with Aunt Kaew. But I beg you, don’t force me to go anywhere else. Please don’t be that cruel to me.”

She walks away and he runs after her. Pulling her back he utters, “Nong Nee,” they look into each other’s eyes for a long time then he finally says, “if you don’t dislike it, I’d like to take you back.”

But he didn’t say what she wanted to hear, as she turned her face away, saddened by the prospect that he might not care for her the way she wanted him to after all. Ah, so sad.

He’s pedaling the bike while she sat behind him, silent the whole way back.

Back in Darunee’s room, Toon asked her if she had any feelings at all for Athit since they’ve lived together for so long. Darunee convinced her that she didn’t think about anything because they were siblings, even if they weren’t real brothers and sisters. Toon kept asking her if she was sure, and Darunee repeated the same answer, knowing full well she’s denying it! But really, a friend should evaluate another friend’s reaction not based on what she tells you all the time, but her demeanor too.

At the worker’s quarters, the three stooges try to help him decide who he should choose, in the end they recognized that Nee has always worked along side him and and never left him. Athit said that it can never be.. but he finds himself walking over to the farm house and standing outside of her window. Looking up at the light that has yet to go out. Darunee was still awake while Toon is fast asleep. But as she walked towards the window, Athit was turning back and she sees his retreating form. Thinking to herself that he was here to see Toon.

The next morning, Aunt Kaew is frustrated with the turning of events, she complains to Uncle Kreang that Nee is trying to hock her friend off to Athit. Uncle Kreang said that maybe Nee has fallen for Vey now, since he has been pursuing her for 3-4 years while in college, maybe she has succumbed to his charms? Aunt Kaew thinks that there is no way that Nee would fall for Vey, she feared Athit would be falling for Toon first. But Uncle Kreang wasn’t telling her what she wanted to hear, lol.

Darunee was walking along the trail with Toon when Toon opened a can of worms. She asked Darunee if she was planning on getting married soon? Darunee looked at her all confused and asked why she thinks that. Toon said that she overheard Athit telling the workers that Nee has a fiance now and is getting married. Shocked, Nee told her that it wasn’t true. Toon added that Athit also mentioned that Nee would be moving with her fiance soon too! Oh no he didn’t!

Furious, Nee went searching for Athit. She found him at the lavender farm.

She parked her bike and went up to him, “Toon told me that you told the workers that I have a fiancé now and am getting married, is that true?”

He looked up at her from his seat on the ground, “It’s true.”

“How can you say that?” she asked.

“Why are you angry at me? It’s the truth right? One day you will marry.” he said.

“Even if that will be true, you have no right to decide for me. You have no right to offer me to anyone!” But you’re offering your friend to him.. on a platter!

Athit stands up. “I know that I have no right to you,” – wait no, that’s not what she meant! “I’m just acting as your Guardian, that’s all.”

“A guardian.. a guardian is not the owner of my life!”

“If you think that I’m too involved with your life, then I apologize for that. From now on I will not bother with your life again.”

“P’Athit!” she called after him. “Do you really want me to marry P’Vey?”

“Do you want Toon to be my girlfriend then?” Hey wait that’s another matter entirely different then what we’re talking about.

“I want to see you happy. And I know that Toon will make you very happy,” she said, -wait, how will you know that?!

“You will be happy with Vey,” he responded.

“If that’s so, I will do whatever you want,” she told him.

“And regarding Toon, I will do whatever you want.”

Good god they’re handing each other off to the other person!

Darunee is in tears, “Fine then.”

She walks back to her bike.

Athit is near tears and turns around to watch her walk away.

It’s all wrong!! But I liked watching Nadech standing there with his hands in his pockets, definitely eye candy!

At the orange farm, the three stooges thought he had reconciled with Darunee. Can’t they tell that he’s upset? Lol, they deserved to get their butts kicked. Athit was not in a good mood.

When Darunee got back to the house, Toon said that Athit had promised to take her to the waterfall. Nee told her that she would take her to see Athit. Tawan came in and Aunt Kaew was trying to get Toon to realize that he’s Athit’s son, but Nee tries to avoid the conversation.

Golly it’s so tiring to watch Nee pushing her friend on Athit, she even brought Toon over to where he’s working and asked him to take care of Toon- and not to forget what they’ve talked about! Gee whiz, I get it, you want to be nice, but can’t you tell you’re punishing on yourself and him? It’s stupid and a little too self-sacrificing for me. He tells her that he won’t forget, he will do everything according to what she wanted (sigh.)

As Nee watched them pick the oranges, she remembers the time when they were friendly (and no Toon around) and their closeness. She remembered him telling her that he won’t leave until she kicked him out. She retorted that a hard worker like him is hard to find, lol. Then added that he’s the heart of the farm, and they cannot live without the heart. Athit asked her if “we” included her? Absolutely, she said. She placed the orange to her heart and tells him that he is her heart! Awe! He’s smiling from ear to ear. I love how the flashbacks are all new, so we get to enjoy new conversations and scenes between Nee and Athit. But as she walks away from the reality, Athit can only look at her retreating back. Sigh.

Aunt Kaew is determined to talk some sense in Darunee. She told her to think carefully about what she’s doing. Nee answered that Athit doesn’t love her, he only thinks of her as a sister. Aunt Kaew asked her if she really didn’t know or if she’s pretending (lol.) I say the former! Darunee said she knows that Athit likes Toon and they’re well matched. Aunt Kaew is exasperated. I’m exasperated. Darunee believed wholeheartedly that Toon could live here and change herself because she loves Athit. Aunt Kaew asked her where she planned on living then. Nee mentioned that Vey is not a horrible person, “everyone” says that they are suitable. Aunt Kaew wanted to know who “everyone” was.. and continued that suitability is not as important as love. She wanted Nee to stop thinking about that and ask herself if she truly loved Vey and if she was willing to lose Athit to Toon. Otherwise it might be too late. Good one Aunt Kaew! Couldn’t have said it better myself.

At the waterfall, Toon admired the scenery. She loved it all, especially Athit. He could only stand by the tree, looking uncomfortable. She kept trying to invite him to play in the water but he said he had work to do. Athit told him to tell her about his work, he was managing a project between Australia. Toon said that her mom is in Australia and she will be studying there. He said that it is such a coincidence. Toon couldn’t resist saying that everything that is happening between them is more than coincidence, it’s fate. He looked shyly at her.

Darunee is strolling towards the waterfall, the conversation with Aunt Kaew heavy on her mind. She finally said to herself, “I’ve made up my mind, Athit and Toon’s happiness is my happiness.” She walked closer to the waterfall..

Toon confessed to Athit that he was her dream man (she has been literally looking for him for so long.) Athit tries to change the subject and remove his arm. But she’s planning her next attack and falls into the water. As he goes in after her, she held his face between her hands and went in for a kiss.

Darunee walks by and sees them kissing- this solidified the pain in her heart. I think she can handle it if she doesn’t see it, but now that the glaring reality is in her face, it’s not that easy! She ran all the way back to the farmhouse where she cries and cries. Her plan came true, they’re an item! But she’s not happy! That should teach her to stop wishing for things she can’t handle!

She was in the midst of her thoughts when Vey came in to see her. He wanted to invite her to celebrate one on one. Celebrate? Vey reminded her that today was her birthday! Lol, she almost forgot. Aunt Kaew said that she didn’t forget, she has already invited everyone to come celebrate with her this evening.

Toon and Athit showed up, soaking wet. Ugh, must we be reminded of their frolic in the water? Aunt Kaew reminded Athit that they’re celebrating Darunee’s birthday that evening. Athit was walking away when he said that he has never forgotten, and by this time, Nee is in tears.

Tod witnessed Toon and Athit’s kiss at the waterfall and was recounting it to the boys. He said after that, Athit just asked to go home. Tod wondered how Athit could kill the flame so fast, if it were him he’d take it all the way, lol. Tod is afraid that at this time, Toon wasn’t willing to let him go. Athit walked in on time and they all wonder why a person who should be happy isn’t happy. Cause he was kissing the wrong girl?

In Darunee’s room, she is found crying but tries to cover it up when Toon walked in. Toon wishes her a happy birthday.. but she didn’t have a birthday present for Nee so she planned on singing her a song.

And the birthday party commences! Darunee walks in looking all adorable with her hair in a high bun. She tries to smile, but it doesn’t reach her eyes. Everyone sang her a happy birthday song and Vey presents her birthday present- in a pink box. He opens it and a beautiful diamond ring presented itself. Vey tries to put it on her left hand, but she hands her right hand instead and he kissed it. Toon watched Athit’s expression and he was not happy. They asked what he got for her, but he merely kept quiet about what’s in his pocket and said that he had a song for her instead, lol. Nee just looked at him, solemnly. Toon looked awkwardly at the two, noticing the tension.

In grandma’s room, Darunee came to pray to her grandma. She wished for happiness for Athit and Toon- then Athit showed up and added that he wished for happiness for Vey and Nee too. Golly! Darunee turned around, she was caught off guard.

“I understand now how much you want me to end up with Toon,” he said.

“Yes,” Nee replied, “everyone is gone now, right? Are you staying here tonight?”

“No just walking Toon back then I’m heading to the workers quarters.”

Awe, so sad. Sigh.

Toon was waiting outside to say goodbye to Athit.

“Did you forget something?” Athit asked her.

She told him that she forgot to say goodbye to him. Then she walked closer and kissed him goodbye (on the cheeks folks, no need to hyperventilate!) She told him to dream of her. Toon is baring her heart in the open, said that she is brave in offering her self to him because she loves him. That surprised both Athit and Aunt Kaew who overheard her confession. Toon asked Athit if he loved her. He said he’s not the kind of guy who has everything, can she accept a person like him? She came in closer and puts her arms around him and told him that they should start a family together. Wah, moving a little fast, aren’t we? Aunt Kaew made her presence known and broke the little party.

That night Athit was examining the gift he intended on giving to Darunee. It was a ring but he didn’t think she would like something that has no value like the diamond ring that Vey gave her. Tod reminded him that Nee wasn’t that type of a person, she valued the thought more than the gift itself.

In Darunee’s room, she listened to Toon gush about Athit and her starting a life together. Nee asked if Athit asked Toon to marry him and Toon said she would be so happy to marry him. Nee is frozen with the news, she could only muster “congratulations” and “you’re so lucky..”

Athit revisited the idea of presenting the gift to Nee. He walked back to the farmhouse in the middle of the night, hoping to catch a glimpse of Nee. As he waited outside the patio, Nee finally came out because she couldn’t sleep. She asked him if he came to see Toon. As they sat across from each other, she told him that she missed grandma, if the older lady was still around, she wouldn’t feel so lonely. Athit comforted her and said she still has this older brother. He then said that he didn’t give her a birthday gift yet. As he takes out the ring, Darunee interrupted him and said that he has already given her a gift- the fact that he asked Toon to marry him, that is the best gift he could have given her. She added that when you see the person that you love the most have happiness, that is the best thing. Athit kept trying to tell her that he didn’t give her a gift yet- but Nee said that she was sleepy now and tries to walk away.

“Does your heart really want me to marry Toon?” he asked her, again, frustrated.

“I thought we’ve already agreed on that. You agreed with me, otherwise you wouldn’t have asked her to marry you to this extent,” the tears were starting so she tries to walk away.

But as he stopped her, he held onto the hand that has Vey’s ring on it. “I shouldn’t have asked,” he started, when he saw the ring, “You and Vey, you guys beat me to it.”

“Yes,” she confirmed. “Please excuse me.”

“Happy birthday,” he said. “I wish you the greatest happiness.”

“Thank you..”

Darunee ran into her room, sobbing. But he doesn’t know that, for all he knows, she’s in her room, excited about her new diamond ring. He took his ring out and looked abysmally at it.

Aunt Kaew watched on with wariness.

Darunee realized that she was making a lot of noise crying, so she ran towards the window where Athit stood watching her room. He finally tells himself to stop dreaming and stop thinking for once.

The following morning, Darunee is still sad about last night but when she saw Aunt Kaew, she plastered a smile. Aunt Kaew tries to tell her that grandma wants her and Athit to end up together (so do I) which confused Darunee because she said that Aunt Vilai told her one thing and now Aunt Kaew is telling her another. Aunt Kaew says that she’s close to grandma, so she would be the one to know. But Darunee is convinced that his opinion matters more than what grandma wants, “he loves Toon, not me.” Aunt Kaew said that she was the one who keeps pushing Toon to him! Aunt Kaew is frustrated and I don’t blame her. This scene propels Aunt Kaew to do something, and fast!

At the strawberry farm, Athit feeds Toon with a strawberry. (Well, she told him that if he feeds her, she would try it.) She noticed the ring that he wears on his pinky. He told her that it was a ring that he made. Toon thought it was adorable that he can make rings and take care of 10 siblings. After further thought, he said that no one would want a ring like this. Toon said that it is a valuable ring to her because it is a ring he made. He asked her if she wanted the ring? And appears to seriously consider offering it to her..

Ugh! Don’t give it to her!

If it’s any consolation, at least Athit is not in love with Toon. We know where his heart lies, no matter how afraid or unworthy he feels towards Darunee, he’s merely doing this to make her happy, as she tries ever so hard to shove Toon down his throat!

If the preview is any indication, it’s going to get real interesting.. so stay tuned!

*pic credit to BarryYa FB