In Darunee’s condo, Toon is shameless, staring at Athit like he’s meat on a stick. She said that he is good in farming plants, fruits and can cook. Darunee added that he could fix tractors too.

Athit, uncomfortable and embarrassed with the attention from Toon, stumbles over the garbage. She overtly smiles at him, couldn’t take her eyes off of him. And Darunee is looking at both of them as if she couldn’t be happier, her plan may just come true.

The three sat around the table, prepared to eat the cabbage meal he prepared. Toon kept flattering him about how she loved everything he cooked. I don’t think Athit could handle all of this attention and flirtation fraught on him at one time, so he chokes on his food. Not that he appeared to not to like it, just that he looked uncomfortable and shy. Heck, she makes me uncomfortable looking at her looking at him. What’s a guy to do?

After their meal, they sat in Darunee’s living room while Toon stared at him. Trying to make conversation, Athit told her about the benefits of the stalky leaves she held in her hand. He continued that it was high in vitamin E and helps your eyesight. Toon said that she should eat more of it everyday so she could keep looking at him for a long time to come. (Gag anyone? She’s turning into Vey, maybe they would be perfect together.)

Embarrassed at her flirtation, Athit looked at his watch and said it’s getting dark and he should leave. Toon told him to stay at Darunee’s but Athit didn’t want people to talk.

As he walked down the hallway, Vey comes rushing in, about to pummel his face in when Vilai tells Vey to take it easy. Vilai wanted to know where he took Nee all day because he brought her home so late. She reminded him that he liked Darunee like a sister. Vey is furious, accusing Athit that he took Darunee to a hotel. Athit told them that they didn’t go anywhere- but before he could finish Vey accused him yet again that he was sleeping with Darunee in her bedroom! Appalled, Athit grabbed Vey by the wrist and told him to respect Darunee like a sister and not insult her with his assumptions. Vilai is standing by the sidelines shocked at the scene before her. Vey has a dirty mind! Methinks Vey is upset because he has never been invited to Darunee’s condo, lol.

Athit turned to his aunt and told her that he wasn’t alone in the condo with Nee, she invited her friend for dinner as well. When he mentioned Toon, Vey got angry and asked Athit if he wanted both girls? Since Vey was unsuccessful in winning over Toon lol. I can’t take Vey seriously; he’s such a pansy and gets jealous because Athit is getting all of the attention.

When Athit left, Vilai asked about Toon. Vey said that Darunee wants to match make Toon up with Athit. Happy, Vilai said that it meant Darunee doesn’t have feelings for Athit. But Vey said they weren’t suitable because Toon is rich and pretty- she doesn’t match well with a farmer like Athit.

Upstairs, Toon was in a good mood and singing a song about how she wants to hear him say that he misses her often.. the girl is sprung! Darunee examined the plants that Athit left for her, and muttered that he does such a good job. And that a good person like her P’Athit, only deserved someone who is cute like Toon.

In Athit’s hotel room, he receives a phone call. It’s Toon! Wow, this girl is making all of the moves. She told him that she forgot to tell him goodbye before he went to sleep so “goodnight and sweet dreams.” Then she hung up, leaving Athit in mid sentence. Toon tells Darunee that she’s shy too, not sure how to comport herself. Then she freaks out again because she forgot to take a picture with Athit. Wow, maybe I haven’t been around too many teenagers (they are college students in this case) so I forget how boy crazy they are, lol. Darunee promised to take Toon to visit Athit when they finished school. Toon is motivated and tells Darunee that she will finish her studies in three year’s time so she could volunteer herself as Darunee’s sister in law.

In the morning, Darunee gets ready for school when she notices a sheet of paper on the floor. Then she receives a phone call that someone was waiting for her downstairs. Athit had forgotten to give her a check for her allowance last night and hope that she doesn’t get irritated with her guardian. She teased him that her guardian is getting forgetful (probably due to the events last night..) Before he could offer her a ride to school though, Vey stepped in, all pompous and loud that he had scheduled to come and get Nee and that Athit should head back to the farm in case the plants die. Nee chastised Vey on why he’s so hassled when Athit was going to head back anyway. Athit can only watch them walk out of the door together.

It is another sunny, beautiful day at the orange farm where Athit is busy making a bow out of strong leaves for Tawan. Tawan is sitting snugly to his left while the farm workers wondered why he didn’t just buy a toy from Bangkok. Athit replied that for one he didn’t have time and secondly they were all made out of plastic and he didn’t want his son involved with that. Awe, Athit is such a dedicated father!

Thongprasri watched from afar with Aunt Kaew. She was looking prettier, I must say, well it was all wardrobe change that helped. She said that Athit is doing such a good job raising Tawan, teaching him what’s right and wrong. She told Aunt Kaew to tell Athit that she’s going to have him take care of Tawan for a while until her husband could move closer and she would take Tawan back. Aunt Kaew said to go whatever she needed to go, Athit loved Tawan like his own. They both watched Athit, Tawan and the farm workers horse around.

More time passes by as Athit continues to manage the farm and factory while Darunee takes one exam after another. She carries the little flower that he had given her as her good luck charm.

And the moment she finishes college arrived. Glasses were clinked as Darunee and Vilai’s brood celebrated her accomplishments. She finished college in three years time, they all pointed out. Darunee was a bit more humble, she said that they should wait for the results first then they can celebrate later. Everyone thinks it’s a moot point. Vilai also wanted to celebrate another great day. She can now go and ask for someone’s hand in marriage to her son. Darunee wondered who it was not realizing that they were talking about her. Darunee looked uncomfortable but Vilai said that Darunee should start thinking about fulfilling grandma’s wishes. That’s so underhanded! Confused, Darunee asked what it was. Vilai (delusional) tells Darunee that grandma had wished that Nee married Vey so they could take care of the farm together.

Darunee explained that she wasn’t yet ready to start a family. Vilai asked if she had someone else in mind? Darunee replied that there is no one, so of course Vilai said that they should spend more time getting to know each other then. Before they could discuss this further, Vi’s new love interest gets introduced!

That night, Darunee writes a letter to Athit, sharing her good news and that she kept her promise of finishing her education in three years. If everything goes smoothly, they would see each other by Sunday.

Athit read the letter in the midst of the rice field, where the green of the field and the blue of the sky just hurts the eyes. But he’s happy and smiling, especially when he read that she’s coming back for good. She is also bringing a little “love” for him and that he should prepare to welcome her.

And that little love interest has arrived with Darunee. She was disappointed however, when Athit did not pick them up at the airport.

At the cabbage farm, Darunee came to greet Athit. He apologized for not picking her up but he was tied up with a customer. He welcomed her back home. Darunee tells him that she has brought a little love for him. Toon appeared with a wave of her hand. She hopped closer to them and said that she missed him. (omg.)

Apparently Uncle Kreang wasn’t very pleased that Darunee took Toon to meet with Athit. As he stood around chatting with the other farm workers and Aunt Kaew. He also told them that it appears that Toon is going to be here for a long visit. Irritated, he said that Toon is smitten with Athit because she kept talking about him. Aunt Kaew excused herself to see to Darunee.

Darunee introduced Toon to Aunt Kaew, this was the best friend she had talked about. Tawan came by to greet them and Darunee gave him a squeeze. Toon said that he was so cute and wondered who he belonged to. Immediately, Darunee stopped Jingjaew from telling the truth and said that Tawan was a relative’s kid and grandma had decided to raise him. Aunt Kaew looked questioningly at her. When they were alone, Aunt Kaew asked why she didn’t tell her the truth. Darunee wanted them to get closer and fall in love before she tells Toon the truth. Aunt Kaew asked if Darunee wanted Toon to court Athit, lol. Darunee explained that she wanted to redeem her bad behavior in the past by hooking him up with a good person. Aunt Kaew was adamant that Toon and Athit were not suitable. Darunee was sure that once they fall in love, Toon would be able to accept everything.

Darunee brought Toon to grandma’s room to give respect to grandma when they realize that Athit is currently sleeping there now. Toon apologized for entering his private space. Darunee relented that soon it wouldn’t be his private place, that someone would accompany him here. Ok, aren’t we laying it on a bit too thick here, Darunee?

Toon freaks out again when she learned that they will be sharing a bathroom and that he’s only a doorstep away. Darunee told her to behave herself because Athit has never really dated anyone so he may just have a heart attack if she doesn’t tone it down a bit. Toon said that he is totally her type.

At the dinner table, Toon asked Athit why he didn’t utilize any cellphones, ipads.. technology. Athit adopted the same values as grandma and knows that they’re important but for the type of work that he does, it’s not necessary. Toon thinks that he should have at least a cellphone so he could communicate with someone special. Athit explained that the signal is bad here and it would take too much time out of his work. Toon flattered that he is so dedicated to his work, and said that every time they talk he always mentioned work. Athit asked what else does a man say to a woman? Lol, you innocent. You’re going to be eaten alive by the tigress!

Aunt Kaew couldn’t help but insert that Athit works all the time and doesn’t have time for any females, except for Darunee. Toon is blind to the message and kept staring at Athit. Aunt Kaew is not happy.

They went outside to watch the moon, but Toon was too busy watching Athit. As they walk along the orange farm, Toon wanted to know who she needed to ask if she wanted to work there. Athit said she needed to ask the future owner of the farm- Darunee but they both tossed it back and forth. In the end, Darunee said that if Toon could stay here forever, it would be even better.

The farm workers spied on the love triangle but Athit used his gun to scare them away. Darunee wondered why he was carrying one. Athit explained that these days, he carries one at night to protect himself. There are thieves and wild animals about.

The moon is bright and beautiful, Toon offered to sing a song to them, she picked one about the moon. It was the same song that Athit’s father usually sings to his mother and the family. Toon has a pleasant voice, serenading to Athit. Lol, she’s taking out the big guns.

Bright and early the next morning, Darunee walked in on Athit while he was shirtless and brushing his teeth. They embarrassingly turned away.

Later Athit takes the girls on the farm tour, as they walk through the orange farm he told them about the new species of orange that smells good, sweet and the best seller. He walked towards the tree and pointed at one, it is called Darunee #1. Upon hearing this, Darunee was touched. She never knew he named a tree after her. He told her that he created it when she first went to college. Toon said that she wanted a tree named after her too. Darunee encouraged her to stay longer and surely Athit would. Then Toon attaches herself to his arm and said she wanted to go with him on the tractor. Ugh, I think I’m going to be sick. To top it off, she climbs in to sit in between his lap while riding the tractor truck.

As Darunee prepares the meal for the afternoon, Vey stops by and learns that Toon was here for a visit as well. He immediately asked for Toon, lol. Aunt Kaew instigated that it sounded like he really wanted to see her. Vey said he doesn’t have eyes for anyone except for Darunee. He then followed her every step. Aunt Kaew is frustrated, it’s all wrong in her eyes. (Mine too! How about we switch couples?)

When Athit sees Vey with Darunee after they delivered the lunch, he looked solemn. But doesn’t really stay that way for too long because Toon reached out her hands for him to hold. While at lunch, she decided to spoon-feed him. Poor guy, he hasn’t been in a romantic relationship with anyone so was caught off guard. Upon reaching the farmhouse, she continued to remain attached to his arm and they went to prepare dinner. Love Aunt Kaew, she stopped Toon from going with him by asking her how she made her famous tuna salad.

When Athit walked to the porch outside, he noticed Vey coming in with Darunee. He couldn’t help himself but throwing a jab about how soon enough Vey would have someone to cook for him. Jealous aren’t we? I like it! Darunee watched him walk away with concern.

Athit wanted to try the dish Darunee made for Vey when she visited his home. He came to the workers cabin and demanded that they make it for him, lol. Unfortunately none of them had any.. the workers want to celebrate with him that he had a beautiful girl who’s riding tractors with him etc. I love the interaction between Athit and his workers, they’re hilarious.

That night, Darunee brushed Toon’s hair while Toon spouted how awesome Athit is. Tell us something that we don’t know, Toon! Toon soon fell asleep while Darunee thought about what occurred earlier. Maybe she didn’t like to see Toon and Athit together as much as she thought she would?

Early the next morning, Athit and her opened the bathroom door at the same time. She told him to go first because she knows that he takes fast showers. Athit wondered how she knew that. She reminded him that after they got in the water fight, grandma had him shower in the back, didn’t he remember? Athit then said she must have been spying on him, lol. Caught! Embarrassed, Darunee told him to call her when he’s done. They both stood on opposite ends of the door, smiling.

At the rice field, Toon came running, calling his name. But she trips and fall, Athit helped her up. Nee wanted them to spend more time together so she told Athit that Toon wanted to see the strawberry farm. Athit told her that he had some business to attend to at the orange farm, but Darunee told him that she could take care of it. As they walk away, Darunee looked on with mixed feelings.

At the strawberry farm, the two are left to enjoy the atmosphere.

Aunt Kaew was not pleased that Darunee let them spend alone time together at the farm. Darunee told her that was the only way they can get to know each other. Aunt Kaew felt that Toon would fall in love faster than she would get to know Athit, lol. And Athit has never met anyone like her, how could he not be attracted? Darunee said that was a good thing, she would be able to hold a niece/nephew soon. Awe Darunee, you don’t even realize you are saying things that are hurting yourself.

Back at the strawberry farm, the worker that Athit and Darunee helped with the baby came to greet Athit. He immediately asked for Nee and wondered when Athit and Nee would get married and have kids of their own. Toon looked at Athit questioningly. Athit said that Nee has already been spoken for. Toon felt relieved to hear it from Athit’s lips.

Aunt Kaew noticed Darunee standing by the door, looking out. She surmised that Darunee missed Athit and said that what if Athit and Toon falls in love for real? Wouldn’t Darunee cry her eyes out? Darunee said that she would only have smiles for them.

Toon walked in with Athit, still holding on to his hand. She wanted to go everywhere he goes. Athit invited Darunee to go too because she has never seen the lavender farm before. Aunt Kaew said that he planted it especially for Darunee.

At the lavender farm, Darunee was amazed. She imagined what she would do with it, she could make shampoo, bread, etc. Athit teased her that she’s always thinking about sweet stuff. They teased back and forth, so natural and cute. Toon noticed this and her face fell and decided to interrupt their teasing moment. She wanted to take pictures instead. Darunee had them pose romantically so she could take their photo. Athit was stiff so she had them take several more. As she tries to find a better spot, she suddenly tripped over a rock. Immediately, Athit pulled his arm away from Toon and rushed to rescue Nee. Ha! Toon looked all surprised because he looked so concerned for Nee.

Darunee rode the same bike as Athit while Toon rode on the other one. As they breeze through the path, Darunee put her head against his back as she remembered what Toon had said about Athit- that he smelled good. She leaned even closer to sniff him and smiled widely. I bet he smelled good! But she realizes that she’s acting out of the ordinary and pulled her head back (because she liked it too much? lol.)

Vey came speeding behind them in his car and said he didn’t want Darunee riding on a bike because it’s dangerous. Darunee said that she grew up on the farm, she’s used to it. Athit didn’t like seeing Nee climbing into Vey’s car. She turned to look at Athit with a half smile. Toon was happy to be alone with Athit once again, but noticed that Athit could not take his eyes off of the car that Darunee was in.

As much as this episode was almost painful to watch- Toon practically throwing herself at Athit- it did serve to show Darunee how much she cared for Athit and that she liked him more than just a brother. We already know that Athit has feelings for Darunee, and it’s nice to see that even if he’s distracted by Toon’s attention for a fraction, he still gets jealous when he sees Vey with Darunee.

A relationship that is too hot too fast, is an infatuation, not true love. We shall see how this plays out.

I was sad that Athit and Nee didn’t have a lot of “alone” screen time, but when they are together, I do cherish it. Especially when she tripped and Athit became so worried about her where he practically rips Toon’s hands away from his.

And Toon is starting to see the kindling fondness (that is not due to being kins) between Athit and Darunee.

Preview for next episode: it looks intense!

It will be Darunee’s birthday and Vey presented her with a ring. Next, we see Athit giving Darunee something from his heart- I’m just saying that because it’s not as valuable as Vey’s. And Toon is in for the kill! We see her touching Athit’s face and going in for a kiss. We can hear her voice saying that what is happening between them is fated. Darunee happened to walk by the stream and saw them kissing. The final scene showed the farm workers surrounding Athit, Toon, Darunee, Thongprasri and Tawan. Toon asked Darunee who Thongprasri was, and Thongprasri immediately said, “how dare you ask that- I am Athit’s wife!” Darunee glared at Thongprasri.

Can’t wait! In the meantime, let’s discuss. What are your thoughts on today’s episode? This week’s episodes?

*Pics credit to BarryYa and Thoranee 2012 FB