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“Why can’t it be these two?” Ep 7 Recap of This Land is Our Land


Ah, what a great episode.

I love Aunt Kaew, she’s the mediator between the people in the house and the rest of the farm. Today, as Darunee and Grandma were setting the table for lunch, she reported that Athit won’t be joining them. He’s all about work these days- super quiet and keeps to himself. Aunt Kaew feels exhausted on his behalf because he’s working so hard. Grandma reckoned that he’s making himself busy so he won’t think about his problems. Aunt Kaew also mentioned that it was a good thing he already has a wife in Pakchong and doesn’t have to marry Thongprasri for real. Why is it that no one wants to know more about this mysterious “wife” of Athit’s?! Darunee listened with fervor to their conversation as concern etched her face. Feeling sorry for the enemy aren’t we?

Ah, but Athit is becoming less of an enemy to her as she tries to make up for her guilty conscience. This shows her true character and that ultimately she’s a responsible person and trying to make things better for someone she inadvertently affected. So Darunee is found watering Athit’s vegetable garden- she knew that he would be so busy with his other responsibilities. Singing and dancing to a song she learned as a child, Darunee did not see Athit behind her. Athit enjoyed the view before him; she is so fresh, young and vibrant. It brings a smile to his face despite his situation.

Embarrassed, Darunee turned away from his smile. He thanked her for helping him out but she brushed it off by saying that grandma told her to do it. Yep, just because she’s slowly turning over a new leaf, doesn’t mean that she wants him to see it. Stubbornness is still her strong suit. Athit still likes to tease her but he soon ended his friendly mood by telling her that he knew she would never help him on her own accord and that next time he will remind himself that when he sees her doing something for him, it’s only because grandma ordered her to do it.

You silly man, you give yourself no worth. Darunee looked on with apprehension; she wanted to say something like- No! I willingly did it for you! Grandma didn’t order me to! But instead, she thought maybe she can lighten the mood by spraying water on him. Maybe he’ll play along? Athit jumped at the surprised spray but did nothing, totally unaffected. Darunee turned her face with a pout. She tries again, this time using more water. But instead with a grimacing face, she smiles, showing him that she wanted to play. Athit did not participate and walked around her. She immediately frowned, wondering why he wasn’t playing with her- which goes to show that Athit has lost a little of his teasing and playfulness. It’s now all serious and depressed. Can she make him smile and tease her again?

Thongprasri and parents came to grandma’s home to tell everyone that she and Athit will have a wedding tomorrow. Tomorrow?! They were afraid he would run away. Everyone looked on with surprise except for Athit who said that it doesn’t matter whether they get married today, tomorrow or next year. They would eventually get married and he allowed her to do whatever she wanted. Lol, as if it will be her wedding and not his. The belligerent family cheered and left. Grandma told Athit that originally she feared that Athit would run away like his father and leave her, but now she almost wished he did so he wouldn’t have to marry Thongprasri. Nice one grandma! Athit said that he won’t run away, he’s living his dream of being a farmer now and he wouldn’t have the opportunity to do so if he left. What a dedicated man! Grandma offered to buy him a groom’s outfit for the wedding, but Athit declined politely, saying that the wedding day is like another day of work. (Lol)

Back to business, Athit asked if she could permit him to plant additional vegetable farms. Grandma asked if that would be too much work- but Athit said that he wanted to work hard so he could sleep well at night and not worry about things. Grandma agreed and told him to pick out the land and for Darunee to accompany him. (Yippee!) Then grandma asked her what she did all afternoon- Nee blanched since she didn’t want Athit to find out she actually helped him on her own- but everyone was against her this afternoon and ratted her out. Athit looked surprisingly at her, albeit a little shyly. Darunee looked like she wished the grounds would open up and swallow her.

Thonprasri’s parents announced the wedding with excitement, letting everyone know that their daughter would be marrying Athit. Viyada and family came to visit grandma- the parents could not attend so both Viyada and brother would be attending the wedding. Viyada could not believe her P’Athit is getting married to the scumbag. Her brother teased her that if he doesn’t get married today with that girl, he’d eventually get married with another girl that is not her (meaning Viyada.) Lol! They are so completely harmless.

That night Athit noticed a tear in his shirt and remembered that someone had sewn a previous shirt for him so he thought to see if Tod would sew this one. Apparently Tod did not fix it and they both assumed grandma did. Unable to sleep that night, he went to the big house and decided to ask if grandma would mind sewing this one for him. Surprisingly to him, he learned that Darunee was the one to patch his shirt! It seems like she has been surprising him a lot lately. He chided himself for bothering her again as he walked out- while Darunee chided herself for wanting to fix it for him immediately, lol. These two, they can’t help but be drawn to each other!

The following morning, Athit was getting ready for work when he noticed his shirt was folded nicely on the patio. He picked it up and looked at the patch work. Darunee snooped behind the cabin watching him trying on the shirt. Tod came around and teased him for wearing that shirt on his wedding day. He just didn’t know that Athit did not care for this auspicious day.

The preparation for the wedding was in full swing- Thongprasri donned her Thai gown and everyone was excited. Little did they know that Athit had not planned on going to the wedding- he will be working that day and picking up the vegetable seeds that he would be planting that day. Thongprasri is gilted at the alter again! Only this time, it doesn’t matter that the groom was not there, it’s still implied that they are “married.” Fortunately for her, they found a guinea pig and made Vey her pretend groom so she can save face! Vey gets forced into the ceremony, lol.

Grandma and Darunee were both shocked that Athit decided not to attend- Darunee hoped that Athit and Thongprasri could have a “normal” life- maybe so she could feel less bad about the whole situation? That is a little selfish because how could she hope that Athit would fall for a woman who manipulated him into a marriage? Grandma mentioned that it was nice for Darunee to wish him well- and relented that Darunee could only be nice for a short period of time.

She sure knows her granddaughter well!

As Darunee was studying under the tree- and very vocally at that- Athit came by to look at the land. He stood by the tree to listen to her recant of her lessons. She apparently got stuck on a concept and he helped her complete her sentence. When Darunee realized that it was NOT her voice recanting the lessons, she jumped up and became pissed off that Athit was on her territory.

“It’s my playground!” she screeched.

“Everything seems to belong to you.. this playground, the land, the house.. grandma.”

“I love everything here, especially my grandma!”

“Not everyone can hold on to things for that long..” Athit said and gave her a reality check, “At one point in time, something can belong to you, but then it can change hands and belong to someone else.”

This angered Darunee, “Are you telling me that you will take everything away from me?!”

“I’m not referring to myself,” he replied, “I meant it to everyone. We can’t own something for a long time. Everything is up to the Heavens. Do you understand, Darunee?”

“I do not!” she continued. “Grandma will always be my grandma.”

Then she noticed that grandma has returned from her errand, and immediately rode her bike to see her. You see, Darunee simply cannot be nice for long, lol. She is after all, still a kid and a very childish and possessive one at that.

At Thongprasri’s house, she’s crying her eyes out and her parents asked her pointedly if Athit raped her or did she rape Athit for him to be so careless and disregard of their reputation. Thongprasri vowed that she will make him her husband!

That evening, grandma made Darunee bring some snacks over to Athit. The three stooges were there as well and contrived to bring the two closer together. As she was about to leave, they told her that they saw a snake beside her. They feared for her safety and didn’t want her to walk home alone, but they too were scared to take her. So naturally Athit volunteered. Darunee told him that if he didn’t want to do it, he didn’t have to. Athit responded curtly that he didn’t do anything he was not already happy to do! Love the bickering!

So they walk through the farm, the night creeping in. Finally Darunee noticed a freaky snake slithering closer to them. She told him to stop and motioned to the snake. Both afraid, they remained rooted in their place. Athit brought his hands together and began to pray, he chanted out loud. Darunee followed suit and closed her eyes. As they pried their eyes open, the snake was still there. After awhile, Darunee was afraid that they would stand there all night so she told him that they needed to speak in plain terms- maybe his incantation was too fancy? They decided on her simple method, as she prepared and screamed from the top of her lungs.


Athit closed both ears and cringed, the trees were rattled, the grass was shaken and the snake too decided to run away.

Athit walked Darunee to the house and they bickered again because his teasing ways are back. She was worried that he would walk into the same snake but Athit told her that she scared everything away already, including the oranges. Lol.

Aunt Kaew watched them from the corner and could not smile from ear to ear. Grandma caught her watching them and they both sighed, why can’t it be this couple? Yes.. why can’t it?!

The next morning, Grandma and Darunee went to help Athit plant his new vegetable seeds. After learning that they can make a lot of money once they grow out, Darunee immediately jumped on the ship and told him that he could pay her too. It was an adorable moment because for once, Darunee decided to openly help him. Even grandma made this observation. Of course Thongprasi appears and ruins the pretty moment. She wanted to help and the three stooges put her to work, in her tacky outfit and umbrella. While they were planting, Darunee kept making remarks that Athit is slow because he keeps looking at his “wife.” Jealous aren’t we? Athit looked into her eyes and asked her who he was looking at now, which made her look away shyly. Athit, you sure know how to make a woman blush!

Frustrated by the lack of attention she was receiving from Athit, Thongprasri complained to her friend, whom recommended that she needed to change her focus. She needed to bring attention to herself by making nice to someone he holds dear to his heart.. (grandma!)

Athit walks grandma around the new plot of land he decided on turning into another farm. They have a heart to heart conversation about lessons in life.. Athit thanked her again for giving him the opportunity to prove to everyone that he can farm. He won’t promise that he won’t fail again.. only that he will try his hardest. Grandma told him that if he uses his failures as a lesson in life and don’t repeat it for a second time, that is all she could ask for. Athit reflected that before he came to the farm- he said that he felt bad that he didn’t pursue his education- but he now feels that he made the right decision because working on the farm- doing what he dreams and loves- is like being in a classroom and receiving an education. Grandma has taught him the value of the land and he doesn’t feel like he is missing or lacking anything in life. And he goes on both knees to give his grandma respect. How can you not love a grandma that is making your dreams come true? How can you not love a grandson who is a hard worker and such a good person?

Their moment together bothered Darunee. She was in the kitchen, cooking and waiting for grandma to return- she felt that she was gone for too long. Every minute with Athit makes Darunee afraid that he will steal the love away from her, lol. Viyada and Vey was trying to get Darunee to go to the Korean concert with them, but she wasn’t into that kind of thing.

Grandma finally returns with Athit and Thongprasri’s family came to bother them again. They demanded that Athit make an appearance at their family meals too. Athit told Thongprasri to stop bringing her family to bother grandma again. He told her to live her life the way she normally does and he storms out. Thongprasri cries unmercifully. The parents requested that Thongprasi move in to the farm. Grandma didn’t mind- then the family asked what will happen should the “other” wife show up? Grandma said it was none of her business and she won’t intrude unless it harms anyone on the farm. Thongprasi’s mom sticks her finger in grandma’s face and totally disrespected her. Yelling and being obnoxious. Grandma was not having any of it and walked into the house.

The next afternoon, Darunee came to get Athit for a meal at the house. Athit said that he would eat with the workers but Darunee told him that grandma made the meal with her own hands so he needed to go. Of course that guilt him into going. The three stooges grinned ear to ear when they saw the two walk away together. Why can’t it be these two? They asked out loud. Exactly, why not?!

As Athit rode the bike with Darunee sitting behind him and was prepared to ride down the slope- Darunee stopped him. She remembered the last time they went down and she was holding on to him and screaming. She told him that she would be the one to drive it. Then she imagined Athit holding her as they go down the slope and changed her mind again. Exasperated, she told him she needed time to think about whom will be the one to drive down the slope. Athit then decided to walk the bike down the slope himself. Why didn’t I think of that? Darunee asked herself as she followed him. Because you’re too busy thinking about him holding you!! Haha.

At the dining table, Athit was ensconced with the meal, he thought it was delicious and thanked grandma. But grandma told him that she didn’t make it, Darunee did. Surprised at her ability yet again, Athit said he didn’t think she could make something like this. To prove him wrong, she recited how she cooked the meal. Grandma flattered her and told her that she will make someone a great housewife down the road. Aunt Kaew added that it’s too bad there’s no “man” in the picture. Darunee told them that she’s only focused on school so she could finish quickly and help grandma with the farm. Then she insinuated that some people may not be around much longer to help with the farm. Athit looked stoically at her and asked if she didn’t want him around? Darunee merely said that she didn’t think he would want his family to be in this difficult environment. Athit adamantly told her that he won’t leave the farm.. unless someone wants him gone. Darunee perked at the thought and firmly said to him, “Just remember what you said today.” Oh you can be so mean, Darunee. Give the guy a break! But then again, we already know that Darunee cannot be nice for too long.

The end of episode 7 takes us to Darunee’s grandest moment: she has to take her extrance examination. This is the most important day of her life thus far, not only that, it will mark the beginning of her adulthood. Nothing can bring her mood down. She’s determined to pass the exams.

Grandma wished her luck and reiterated that she will not be disappointed if Darunee does not pass. Vey came to take her to school and the two made their way down the farm. The car stopped at where Athit and his three farm workers were standing. The three stooges did a good luck, cheerleading dance for her. Excited, Darunee got out of the car and walked over to them. With cheerfulness she thanked them for the kind thought. Athit had picked a pretty, small blue flower from the grass and was holding it between his fingers. She immediately took note of that and plucked it off his fingers. She looked in his eyes and thanked him for it. Her contagious smile made the three stooges and Athit smile back as she skipped back to the car.

Athit waved at her as the car steered its way along the road. The three stooges looked at him and grinned like fools. It is nice to see that Darunee can make him smile again 🙂

That was a sweet scene, a great closure to episode 7, definitely uplifting from the earlier cloud that was hovering over our two main leads. They are slowly realizing that they are doing ridiculous things for each other, but can’t seem to realize why! Fondness is starting to develop and if their scenes continue to be so damn sweet, I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself!

*pictures credit to Barry.Ya and Thoranee2012 FB

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