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“Actions Have Consequences”- Ep 5 Recap of This Land Is Our Land


Athit was really excited that grandma gave him a plot of land so he could grow a banana farm. Each stroke of the picks and sledgehammers moved him closer to building security for his family. Grandma was also going to give him the earnings he would make from selling these bananas. Things were going great for him; he has earned respect from the farm workers and grandma, minus one person.

Little did he know that one particular person was plotting his demise. Darunee, knew that the bananas he received were wild bananas- inedible- but she has decided to sit back and watch Athit fail. In her opinion, it would give him a piece of the humble pie.

In episode 5, both learned a valuable lesson, actions do have consequences.

To start with, Darunee knew grandma was going to see Athit plant the banana roots that morning so she schemed grandma to go into town with her and help her look at her finances. As grandma changes her clothes, Athit came by the house to see if grandma was ready.

Darunee however, reprimanded him for trying to exhaust grandma, implying that he could not do it on his own. Athit said that he was merely there to tell grandma that he was planting the bananas that morning and grandma had wanted to go there to encourage him. He also added that no grandchild would want his grandma to be tormented.

Darunee couldn’t help herself and added that before he thinks about doing anything, he should be wary that just because he could plant vegetables, that doesn’t mean he could plant everything.

“I think it is better to try something,” he started, “then to stand there and just watch and talk.”

“But standing there and just talk doesn’t hurt anyone,” she defended.

He answered, “I would rather get hurt because at least I will have gained the experience in life. It is better than some people who everyday just exercise their mouth and not their head.” Lol.

Offended Darunee pointed her finger at him, “Are you referring that to me?”

“I’m referring it to people who are judgmental. Because I am sure that I am here to work honestly. If you’re not that type of a person, then don’t be troubled.”


“Well I’m not going to be troubled- the only person who will be troubled is you- remember that!” she retorted.

“What are you referring to?” He asked.

She looked away then replied pointedly, “I wish you good luck with your endeavor.”

Athit confused, walked away.

Once he got back to the farm, the three workers (more like three stooges) stopped by to deliver food and see if he needed any help. Athit was adamant that he could do it all himself. They asked him where he bought his banana roots. He told them that he didn’t actually buy them; he received them from the nearby banana farm. The three stooges were flabbergasted as they realized that he had received wild bananas instead and were going to tell him, however the manager stepped in. He pulled the three workers aside and told them that they would be making themselves enemies of Darunee if they told Athit the truth. Threatened, the three remained quiet.

Soon after however, the secret could not be contained. Many farm workers stopped by to see the progress of the banana farm when they noticed that he was planting wild bananas instead. They erupted with laughter and Jingjaew immediately told her mom, Aunt Kaew, whom told grandma that the workers were causing a ruckus.

Everyone surrounded Athit, laughing. Grandma came in time and was furious on his behalf. Looking at each faces, she questioned them, “Are you having a good time?! Does my grandson look like a joke to you? Why isn’t there a person who has the heart to tell him that these are wild bananas? How can you allow him to plant so many acres already? What are your hearts made of?”

Everyone looked at the ground, Darunee became tearful. Grandma turned to look at Athit, who dropped the pick and walked slowly to her. “I’m sorry..” he uttered then he looked away and ran off.

It was an emotional scene and grandma was spot on.

Grandma wanted to get to the bottom of this. She asked the manager what had happened and the manager told on Darunee. Looking shocked, Darunee kept quiet. Grandma however scolded the manager (saving the scold for Darunee later) that he didn’t have the mind to think of what is appropriate and what is not. As a punishment, the manager was to remove the wild bananas and plant the sweet ones instead, and he was to do it himself.

Devastation and hurt could not begin to describe how Athit felt. What he feared came to reality, that he was the laughingstock of the farm, that he failed in proving them wrong. As he raced through the farm, images of laughing faces flashed through his mind, Darunee being the last one he remembered before he ran to town.

At the house, Darunee approached grandma and apologized, “I just wanted you to see that Athit was no more special than anyone else, he’s just someone who can make mistakes too.”

“You have selected a time to tell me, why must you select a time to destroy someone’s attempt and hard work? Did you see how long he has spent planting the bananas? He has wasted precious time. The body strength that was wasted can be regained, but the internal strength that was wasted cannot or may not come back!”

Darunee said between tears, “I didn’t intend to destroy his internal strength or motivation.”

“Well think about it, if you were in his shoes, wouldn’t you be hurt too? Then all of a sudden everyone is laughing at your attempt and hard work. How can a person know everything? I am this old and I don’t know the intricacies. And Athit is only older than you by 3 years, how do you expect him to know everything? He has never seen certain trees or plants- he doesn’t know- is that wrong?” Grandma asked.

“I didn’t say he was wrong..” Darunee muttered.

Grandma stepped closer to her, “And was it worth it- your hilarity in Athit’s expense?”

Darunee said that she knows that she’s wrong and that she’s sorry.

“It’s not me whom you have to apologize to, it’s Athit, got it?”

Darunee nodded her head slowly.

Unfortunately for Athit, things only got worst from here- funny, but worst. He will soon see that his own actions (or lack thereof) will have its consequences.

Upset and disheartened, Athit found a makeshift bar (it’s what I like to call it..) and decided to get drunk. It happened to be Thongprasri’s family joint and she just discovered that she is pregnant-with the jerk who left her. Prior to meeting the jerk, she had set her caps on Athit before meeting him. Now that she has seen him face to face, she has decided that he will be her baby’s daddy.

She kicked the rest of the clients out of the restaurant, deeming that they were closing, and persuaded her sisters to help her take Athit to her bedroom- where they took pictures of the two in bed. Athit did not make it easy however and funny scenes of their attempt to take off his clothes ensued. In the end, Thonprasri gave up trying to take his pants off and let him sleep like that.

Meanwhile the whole farm went looking for him, unsuccessful as it might be.

Several hours later, Thongprasiri’s mom caught her in bed with Athit but became excited when she learned that Athit is grandma’s grandson. You could see dollar signs flashing in hir eyes!

Upon waking up, Athit was disoriented and confused. He just learned that he had “raped” Thonprasri in his drunken stupor. To get his head straight, he told them he needed to go home and that a real man would not run away from his responsibilities.

As he stumbled through the trees, making his way back to his cabin, he could feel his dreams slipping through his fingers. Devastated from yesterday’s debacle and now this- can a man take on more bad news? Worst of all, he felt that he has shamed and disappointed his parents and family. Athit fell asleep in the midst of the orange trees.

Grandma and Darunee caught wind of the news that Athit is back and they went to see him. Since he spent the night outdoors, Athit caught a cold and grandma immediately put everyone to work in helping him get better.

Athit dreamed of the lessons that his mother imparted in him- that he needed to be a good role model and to stay away from alcohol. Should he find himself drinking it, that he would drink it with a conscience. He regretted being drunk and apologized to his mom in his sleep.

Meanwhile, Athit’s uncle heard from one of the cops that Athit made someone his wife! The man was also at Thonprasri’s restaurant and witnessed that Athit was very drunk. They’re keeping it under wraps for now. Viyada didn’t think that Athit was the type to do that but the rest of her family believed it.

When Athit woke up, he saw grandma beside him. He apologized to her again. Grandma assigned Darunee to cook, feed and clean him. The feeding scene was really cute, I know we’ve seen snippets of it during the behind the screen shots, but watching it play out was even better. We see Darunee annoyed that she had to do everything for him, lifting him, feeding him and cleaning him. Athit looked alert yet uncomfortable under her ministrations, but he cannot stop looking at her. When he was alone with grandma, he wanted to tell her of what had happened the night before. But he could not as Darunee walked in with his lunch.

When he felt better, Athit took a breather outside. A really cute, amending scene occurred. Grandma sat the two down and had a heart to heart conversation. She told them that they were the two that she loved very much. “Even though you both are my grandchildren, I love you like my children. You both are the last of my hopes, so you must work with each other to watch over the land when I am no longer with you.”

Darunee pleaded for her to stop, “please don’t talk like that.”

“I’m being realistic, Nee, I also want you both to accept the reality that people are born, they get hurt and they die,” she turned to Athit, “I know that you are here for not too long, but your father never wanted anything from me, aside from stealing my money long ago. My other kids have received so much from me. Athit, you will receive the plot of land that your father should have gotten. As for you Nee, I’ve raised you and loved you like my own child, I have decided that whomever I die with will receive my inheritance. My inheritance is not money, but land. If you care for it well, you can feed your children for eternity. Only you both can carry out my responsibilities.”

She placed their hands together. “Can you help each other? I beg you. Especially Darunee, don’t be envious of what I give to Athit. What you will receive is enough to feed you for the rest of your life.”

Darunee defended herself, “I’m not jealous. I just feared that you will love Athit more than me.”

Grandma laughed.

Athit told grandma to love him less than Darunee, “love her 99% of it and just love me for the 1%.”

“Just don’t take back your words then,”Darunee chided.

Grandma didn’t forget about Darunee’s actions earlier. She told Darunee to apologize to Athit about the banana fiasco. Darunee did it half-assed but got scolded. Then Grandma wanted Darunee to call Athit, P’Athit- to showcase that he’s older with respect.

Athit told grandma not to force Darunee. “If I can prove to Darunee that she can call me P, then she will do so on her own.”

Happy, Darunee hugged her grandma with a smile. What a cute brat.

It was a very cute scene but only makes you wary of what is to come. What about Athit’s uncalled for consequences of something he didn’t even do? It’s just not fair..

Stay tuned!

*Images credit to BarryYa FB

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