I wonder if Chompoo Araya ever gets tired of playing a celebrity in lakorns? In her latest installment, Num Baan Rai Gup Wanjai Hi So, she is Nupdao, a wealthy socialite and celebrity who graces the front page of many magazines and newspapers. She was born into wealth however is currently experiencing some financial difficulties. Yet she continues to live her life the way she normally does, spending recklessly to save face. Until one day, when her fame ends and she is forced to find a different way to make a living. How will miss hi so cope?

After ten years since his first lakorn, Peter Corp Dyrendal has finally made an appearance. And I must say, what a pleasure to see his smiling face. Heck who am I kidding? He is as gorgeous as always, in his usual laid back and casual attire. He could grace a tractor magazine and still look hot. Must be the Thai-Danish blood. Anyway, how about his acting? Peter plays Prap, a Vet who loved animals more than humans, he’s giving yet is known to be “paak rai tae jai dee” which literally means “bad mouth but a good heart.” His character is very much that, he’s curt, honest and upfront. I appreciate that kind of character, at least you’ll always know where you stand with him. He’s not a sugar coater, to say the least.

He has a daughter, another beautiful new actress who I’m thinking they’re trying to promote and train. She and Peter make a good dad-daughter pair, and when you add Chompoo in the mix, we’re talking crazy family genes. So anyway, his daughter idolizes Nupdao and begs her father to get an autograph. Because she has no mother, Prap tends to spoil her and tries to give her everything to make up for the loss. At this time we’re not sure how he had his daughter, was she adopted, left behind by an uncaring mother or did her mother die? (Although Inw hinted that she was adopted so that explains the next mystery…)

Which is.. when Prap and Nupdao first met they recognized that each were the other’s nightmare as a child. They had a run in a long time ago when Nupdao’s dad brought her to his farm to negotiate and discuss business terms with Prap’s dad. The two did not see eye to eye. Unfortunately we were left in the dark about those negotiations, however the end of the conversation between the dads’ indicated that maybe things will change and they may grow up to like each other.

Methinks it has something to do with an arrange marriage? That is why if his daughter was actually adopted then it makes sense, that way, he’s not actually breaking his agreement. Although at this time, both are not aware of any agreement. Heck, if all we know, I’m just blowing smoke.

Anyway, Nupdao and Prap make a great pair. So far we haven’t seen a lot of their run in’s as episodes 1-2 is focused on introducing the characters and creating the plot. The preview for episode 3 however seems very interesting and I can’t wait! I noticed Nupdao will be making her way towards the farm, perhaps the old negotiations between their dads were revealed? She needs the money and he needs a mom for his daughter.. how will their love story fare? Especially when his daughter has decided to hate Nupdao now, since she insulted her dad, and will probably do things to make her life miserable. Not to mention Nupdao’s celebrity nemesis, Amy, who isn’t going to stand by idly watching her be happy, with anything. It’s not a lakorn unless you have a bitchy showdown.

Despite that, I like this lakorn so far because it’s light hearted, fun and easy going. I also liked Prap and Nupdao’s bickering. Maybe we’ll see Chompoo get her nails dirty, and maybe Peter will be the one to do it. Just saying.

What think you? Have you seen it yet?