April showers bring May flowers.

It’s an endearing term we use for Spring, one of the more pleasant of the four-seasons in North America, depending on who you ask. I love this time of the year: beginning of second quarter (if you’re in any industry that measures your performance based on quotas), end of tax season, tulips and blossoms galore, not to mention the wake of sports again. What I love most about it though, is the fact that I will be here to enjoy it. As oppose to last year, where I hijacked life in the state to live abroad in SE Asia.

You may have gleaned bits and pieces of my life through my lakorn posts but I’m still in the dark about you, the readers, fellow lakorn fans and kindred spirits. I’ve gotten the pleasure to get to know a few of you in the last year, but there are the majority of you, which surprisingly spans the globe- that I would love to know better.

Who are you?

Where are you from?

Tell me about your life.. and what you love about lakorns.

Silent readers, frequent visitors, and friends alike.. talk to me. If you have a blog or website, feel free to include as well, I love discovering new sites to explore.