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“What’s not to love”- Mam Gam Dang


Oh, what a tease.

We’ve gone from London to Bangkok to the island, yet before all of the fun begins, we shall await for Friday.

There are so many reasons to love Mam Gam Dang. It is easy going, funny, enjoyable and utterly silly. Yet it dares to contradict the contrary. Most importantly, I think I have fallen in love with Matt Peeranee. The character she plays, Ana, embodies the ideal female with a weakness that is easily overlooked because she’s so real. The decisions she has made in life are warranted. I get it. She’s a girl you can hang out with, a girl you can call a friend.

Then we have Chakrit who plays Nadol and vindicates why he remains as one of my favorite actors. He’s spot on with his gruff, Neanderthal ways. From the outside there is not much to love- he’s brutal but respectable. Yet deep down, he’s so vulnerable and has so much love to give. We get to see more of his sweet side, which I just about melted.

Together, Ana and Nadol is a match made in heaven.

At the end of episode 8, I find myself falling even more in love with this simple, twisted storyline; the plot of which a brother in law is slowly falling for his make belief sister in law. The development of their affection for each other is done so well. Hats off to Great Warinthorn who wrote the script! A man who dares to flip a typical pretend-to-be-married plot into something so much more!

So they are off to the island in which Nadol plans on buying.. what will happen next week? We see May and Pat conjuring up a plan to hook Ana and Nadol up (not realizing how crazy that sounds to normal people, since he would be messing with his pregnant sister-in-law..) Then the scenes brought Ana and Nadol drunk, in bed. Will Nadol’s conscience get in the way? The final scene shows Nadol telling Ana that he’s locking himself on the island.. away.. to ensure he doesn’t commit anymore sins (like falling in love with his supposed pregnant sister in law??) Is that a little too late? I’m afraid our handsome, gruff Nadol may have already taken the plunge.

I cannot wait for Ep 9!

Be sure to check out Lakorngod’s YT to watch MGD in Esub, yes, she’s subbing the whole lakorn for you =)

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