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Prosecutor Princess – A Review


There should not be a shortage of water supply in my neighborhood after watching the entire sixteen episodes of Prosecutor Princess- I’ve shed enough tears to sustain the demand.

Not that I was reduced to sobbing, uncontrollable tears, mind you. It was more that as the storyline progressed, my heartstrings and tear ducks were simply and unequivocally… pulled.

Prosecutor Princess is a story about the transformation of Ma Hye Ri, who blossomed from an innocent, naïve and priority out-of-sorts girl into a savvy and competent prosecutor. The process of her transformation was nothing short of fancy; the cases she was responsible for were not exorbitant; and the events that occurred in order to create the transformation were not mind-blowing. Yet as I watched her grow up, I feel so very attached to the storyline. I soon realized that the development of her character (as well as the rest of the cast) was what grabbed me, hooked me, reeled me in and absolutely will not let go.

But the plot has a twist. It is not a slow and sedentary progression in the plot where you watch Hye Ri become more and more responsible due to her case load. It is the suspense, the mystery of a man- Seo In Woo- who enters her life and forever changes it. What he has done, decided to do and inevitably followed through, changed the dynamic of the storyline. And that my friends, captured my heart.

It is easy to fall in love with the characters in this drama, to understand what ticked them, what made them smile. I have to take my hats off to the writers for creating such full characters. Which immediately forces me to contemplate on how much more lakorn writers must do to improve, but that’s an article for another time. Each has their own strength, targeting their niche market, I suppose.

Let’s briefly talk about the characters.

The Prosecutors: Ma, Jin, Yoon, Chief and two male side kicks. I’ve enjoyed their bickering , gossiping, honesty when they are together. I especially love the Chief as he was hilarious, always discriminating and blaming other countries for any shortcomings. Only child: those Chinese, always having only child, that’s why they’re so spoiled. There’s something about Japanese too. Gah, he was too entertaining. What will he say about Thailand?

The brother-in-law dilemma. It’s really not something anyone wants to be in. But Prosecutor Jin is in love with her dead sister’s husband (Prosecutor Yoon). He was her ideal man. She has loved him even when her sister was alive. Unfortunately he has no clue. We watch her internally struggle with this and waiting until she thinks he is ready. That is, until he notices someone else..

Our princess. She really epitomizes one. But she hadn’t always been like that. Her character, starting so simple and clichéd became so full and wholesome. We understand her background, what makes her tick and what drives her. All in all, I like our girl. I feel for our girl. And so I cheered for her when things finally work out to her advantage. Because like she said, “What she lacks in creativity, she makes up for in imitation.”

But no one else in this drama has compelled me as much as Mr. Mysterious Rich Guy, Lawyer Seo In Woo, most specifically the actor who played him: Park Shi Hoo.

Which leads me to some details on why I love Prosecutor Princess:

From beginning to end, Prosecutor Princess took me on an enjoyable, stressful and liberated ride about two people’s intertwined life and how they will make you feel. Do I recommend this drama? Oh yes.

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