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Mook Liam Petch – A Review


Although the year has just begun, Mook Liam Petch is a lakorn to be reckoned with and has set the bar quite high for other lakorns yet to air. With its unique action genre and progressive plot, action weary fans or lakorn fans alike, should prepare to be blown away.. or at least be tickled by the pairing and chemistry of Rome (playing Petch) and Susie (playing Mookda).

From the production team Pau Jing Jong, Mook Liam Petch (Pearl Sided Diamond) is a 14 episode lakorn surrounding Special Agent Mookda’s return to Thailand to uncover the case of the stolen Adorella, which threatens not only the number one diamond company in Thailand- Star Diamond- but also national security. She must return the powerful jewelry back to royal hands and at the same time, unveil the true perpetrator behind this devious scheme. Little did she know that in order to accomplish this particular assignment, she must undergo complete character change and risk losing her heart to the very person she may have to put behind bars.

Said person is Petch, President of Star Diamond, who has no idea he is being tricked in more ways than one. Can Mookda solve this Adorella mystery and keep her heart at bay? Can she resist the hot, rich and completely irresistible Petch? Watch MLP to see how the story unfolds!

MLP offers smart dialogue, sassy characters and ultimately, heart melting moments between our Mook and Petch.

Some standout performances:
1. Jason Young. His portrayal as Jaenjob, right hand man, side kick to Petch leaves you with a mixed and turmoil feelings for his character. He takes you along a winding ride and each scene and episode keeps you guessing. Jaenjob has got to be the smartest, most bad-ass evil character. I am enthralled by him and ultimately, love his character, even when he’s so bad.
2. Mookda, her ability to change from a lethal and tough officer of the law to a frilly no-nonsense woman is a two thumbs up. I am glued to the screen when she appears. She sticks to her character well: the fact that she is stubborn and tight lipped when it comes to her feelings. Her love story with Petch is believeable, their love progression and ultimately dedication to each other melts my heart.

Love to hate character:
Petch. Why? Because the best thing we love about his character becomes the worst thing we hate. He is a gentleman. He will do everything and anything for his friends. He has a big heart. Great qualities in a guy. But for an on-screen hero, these qualities can also annoy the hell out of the viewers. Because he is a good friend, has a big heart and is a gentlemen, his treatment towards Nidjanan is strangle worthy- she is his best friend’s wife and also part of his “group”- and therefore he is totally blind to her evil nuances. Which of course only fuels the fire for Nidjanan as we watch her scene after scene trying different schemes to win him over.

Despite that, the puns and witty dialogue from people who can’t stand what she was doing was fabulous! I especially love how Mookda stood up to her.

Bonuses and Lessons:
-The bad guys in this lakorn have a backstory, so we understand why they do what they do.
-Relationship between Lookja (Vicky Sunisa) and Krit (Tah Warit):
Lookja is a news reporter, a naive, new and determined one at that. Krit runs an insurance company that “insured” Adorella for Star Diamond. He would be out millions if he doesn’t find this particular jewelry. He and Lookja butted heads from the beginning. They are attracted to each other, but he is annoyed by her lack of experience and meddlesome behavior. What annoyed me was the game that Lookja played on him. Even though she liked him, she continued to fool him that she was in love with another person. Their love story went from cute to being frustrating to watch. Yet towards the finale, the plot threw a monkey bar to Lookja and made her realize that her stupid games were wasting only precious time. This drastic experience taught Lookja a firm lesson in life and she grew up tremendously because of it. This also taught Krit a few lessons in life as well. Tune in to find out what happened to them…
-There are lots of twists and turns to the storyline, I love how it keeps me guessing!

My ultimate love for this lakorn:
Really, it’s the way that Mook and Petch treated each other. They have complete faith in each other even if their love grew on pretenses. Petch trusted her, believed in her. It’s so refreshing to see a love story so beautiful. They have their problems, but no matter what, they communicate and listen. I enjoyed and spazzed over their sincere moments together. Even their hugs/kisses are real and believeable. Sigh.. I just love these two.

The other side characters/mini characters are a joy to watch and they compliment to the buildup of Mook and Petch lovestory. Did Mook get everything she signed up for? How will all of the mysteries and intriguing plots be resolved? Will you love this lakorn as much as I did? Tune into MLP to discover a new take on action dramas and progressive heroines!

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