Set in an unruly town known as Bhu Prakal (Death’s Mountain), the townsfolk regressed to the dark primitive ages after World War II, where survival of the fittest-in the forms of money, power and guns- takes precedence over friendship, law and common values.

The story began in the mountains of Fahrung Farm where a deep friendship went bad: Shakta and Bhupha. Thirsting for the ownership of Fahrung Farm, where hidden gems are abundant, Shakta contrived a plan to murder his partner Bhupha and seize the land. He hired Charan (Johnny Anfone) to fake the raid, but his plan turned extreme as Charan and his vicious outlaws massacred the entire farm, including Bhupha’s family.

BhuTawan (Mahk Prin) the son of Bhupha, escaped the deadly massacre by the help of Sarochna (Tao Somchai), his father’s best friend. Losing his parents and unborn sister, BhuTawan seeks refuge with Sarochna in a far away land, deeming to forget his home, childhood best friend Bejrrung (Yaya Urassaya), and everything else about the hell on earth, known as Bhu Prakal.

Raised by a former military sergeant, Sarochna, BhuTawan became adept in combats and fighting. As he matured into adulthood, the truth of his past crept back to him and drove him to avenge his family’s death: as he said, “I have two choices left, hunt them down or let them hunt me for the rest of my life.” His choice propelled the story forward, as he returned to Bhu Prakal after ten years and set forth to kill Shakta and Charan.

Unfortunately, Shakta has fled the town and Charan became the most influential person there, thus forcing BhuTawan to tread carefully and bide his time. With the rumors of hidden gems in Fahrung Farm and declining guards, BhuTawan disguised himself as Mr. Sueah (Tiger), and applied to be a guard at Fahrung Farm, as a means to find Shakta and to formulate a plan to kill Charan. His lofty goals met conflicts along the way as he learned that revenge wasn’t so black and white, especially when he discovered that the person running Fahrung Farm is his childhood friend Bejrrung and his long lost biological sister Phloikhwan (Mint Chalida). The motives and people he thought were his enemies immediately became blurry.

How will BhuTawan achieve his ambitions? Can he overcome his own feelings about his boss, young Lady Bejrrung when his vendetta is at stake?

Watch Tawan Duead (The Boiling Sun) to find out how the stimulating action drama unfolds.

Theme and Point of the Lakorn:

Revenge, love, survival of the fittest came to mind in the beginning of this lakorn. Yet as the lakorn progressed, there is also law and justice that came to play, but aren’t necessarily synonymous to each other. We have strong motives, grey characters and so much subplots and mystery that will keep you entertained until the very end.

Key Players and Character Breakdown:

You won’t find any cardboard box villains in this lakorn, much less characters. One thing is clear, each character is so well loved by the director, producer and writer, because no matter good or bad, each character is written with purpose, motive and love. I find myself falling for them and rooting for them.

BhuTawan (Mr. Sueah)- The leading hero who exudes quiet confidence, capability, tough as nails and supremely handsome. Mahk Prin played this character so well, that I will be following the rest of his lakorn days. As much as revenge and love plays a role in his character, what is even clearer is his constant battle with himself. We see man versus self as he goes through his own self-discovery of what is truly important to him. Will it be revenge or love that can force him to do anything?

Young lady Bejrrung- The leading heroine, eldest daughter of Khun Shakta who is confident, diplomatic (goes by the books) and carries a huge burden on her shoulders: she must watch over Fahrung Farm, her younger sister as well as the entire farm employee. Deep down she is the one who needed caring after. BhuTawan is the person she looked to for this yet the realization always stuns her. He’s her employee but it is as if she has known him before. For a long time she has reserved her heart for her childhood friend BhuTawan, until Mr. Sueah showed up, who stole her heart away.

Young lady Phloikhwan- Adopted daughter of Khun Shakta with a younger daughter syndrome- she feels powerless and seeks the need to feel worthy. Spunky, feisty and beautiful all rolled into one. On first encounter, she crushed over Mr. Sueah based on a close bond she feels for him. In actuality he is her biological brother, but not knowing this, she was determined to get him. What I like about young lady Phloikhwan is her tenacity, her honesty and her fight for what she loved and believed in. Mint Chalida has improved so much since Pathapee Leh Rak and hats off to her role as Phloikhwan. There really is something to be said with good directing and cast chemistry: the actors become simply better actors.

Mr. Singha- He grew up in a border town, much worst than Bhu Prakal and has become a badass because of it. Yet deep down, he is a softie. In love with young lady Phloikhwan, Mr. Singha (played by Pope Thanawat) is willing to do anything for her, even when he learns that she is in love with his counterpart, Mr. Sueah.

Khun Sarochna- Former military sergeant and executioner, Sarochna (played by Tao Somchai) decided not to choose between his two best buds: Bhupa and Shakda. However much to his surmise, the choice landed on his shoulders and he must care for the young BhuTawan and protect him. Physically mangled by foes, he permits his now nephew BhuTawan to return to Bhu Prakal to avenge his family’s murder.

Khun Shakta- At first, a heartless man who sends outlaws to kill his best friend, ends up adopting his best friend’s daughter and taking over Fahrung Farm. How can a villain raise someone else’s child as his own? Khun Shakta’s character is grey and we must uncover his motives and true character throughout the lakorn. He is a peculiar and vexing character to be sure. But his motives are not without reason.

Master Charan- Being ruthless and vicious helped him become the most influential man in Bhu Prakal. But along with the notoriety comes never-ending foes, and each of them is after him for blood. Where there is a tall mountain, there is always a mountain taller out there. Master Charan loses hold of his power when the General and his son (Sheriff Narongga) came into the picture, forcing him to reteam his defenses elsewhere. I can’t help but love Johnny Anfone in this drama; he makes his villain role so much fun to watch. Sharp, witty and outrageous, I can’t help but adore this villain.

Deja- witnessed with his own eyes his mother’s brutality by the hands of Charan’s men during the massacre, Deja vowed to make them pay by staying at Fahrung Farm with his stepdad Yosh and becoming the farm’s Chief Guard. Yet his goals of killing Charan and Shakta as well as taking over Fahrung Farm are thwarted by the appearance of Mr. Sueah that made everything more complicated for him.

Bulahn- Charan’s mistress who at first appeared to be a normal whore, but actually came close to Charan so she can avenge her family’s murder. Charan would kill off any farm owner who refused to hand over their farm to him. Such was the case with her parents. She was determined to take all of her belongings back and deal Charan with the last blow, leave him nothing. She contrived for Deja to kill Charan for her.

Yosh- Caretaker of Fahrung Farm, he, like the cows and homes, remained on the land only changing ownership and loyalty. At first he declined the offer by Shakta to stay and care for the farm, but eventually relents because deep down he wanted to watch over the farm for BhuTawan.

Sheriff Narongga- Played by Dom Haetrakul, this new sheriff in town is a force to be reckoned with. His father is a general and they are after Fahrung Farm and the rumors of hidden gems. Another motive presents itself when he met young lady Bejrrung and falls for her beauty. His father arranged him to marry with Bejrrung as they can hit two birds with one stone: own the land and its hidden gems, as well as its beautiful owner.

Rani- Owner of Vilai Bar, a prostitute joint, she pined after Sarochna and waited for his return to Bhu Prakal. Because of his wish, Rani aided BhuTawan’s endeavor to avenge his family’s murders.

Phorn- also grew up with BhuTawan and survived the massacre. He remained at Fahrung Farm and the person to break the news that PhloiKhwan is BhuTawan’s biological sister. Phorn is a comedic relief and one falls in love with his chubby cuteness, his development from a mere servant to a tough guard. His banter with his wife, the head maid and cook for Fahrung Farm was a joy to watch.



There were a lot of things done well in this lakorn: rich cast, sharp and witty dialog, ever changing subplots, action and sizzling western romance. I didn’t expect to love it this much fearing that a western type drama may induce little romance, but this is certainly an exception.

Being the person who watches lakorns for the romance aspect, I was glad for the two love stories: the leading couple, BhuTawan and Bejrrung, and secondary couple Mr. Singha and Phloikhwan.

Unlike a lot of fans who seem to steer towards the second leading character’s romance, Mr. Sueah and young lady Bejrrung won my heart over. They dominated my attention with their love restraints, strong and mature personalities and onscreen chemistry. Mahk and Yaya is an item to be reckoned with! However, I did have a qualm about when his identity was revealed (to Bejrrung) perhaps I expected more of a reaction or fireworks. They made it up nicely with the reconciliation afterward.

Mr. Singha and Phloikhwan’s love story is innocent, fun and a joy to watch. When they come on screen, I always thought they had all of the fun! It’s easy to see why they are an appealing couple.

And finally, along with BhuTawan, this valuable lesson drove home with the audience; “the most powerful thing in this world is love or vendetta for they can push people into doing anything. Once my heart was overwhelmed with those feelings, until someone was gone, that’s when everything ended. “

Watch Tawan Deard to find out how the revenge, justice and love stories are panned out.

More Favorite Quotes:

“Gems can be refined but you cannot.” –Shakta to Bhupha before he plots his best friend’s demise.

“Even hell has justice.” –Deputy Somjai

“Just because your father is a general doesn’t mean you’ll live a longer life. Just that you’ll have a fancier funeral.” -BhuTawan to Sheriff Narongga.

“She’s always been waiting for you Khun BhuTawan. Although it’s been more than 10 years, she always thinks of you.” -Phorn to Khun BhuTawan about young lady Bejrrung.

“Soulmates are destined to be together.” -Mr. Singha regarding Mr. Sueah and young lady Bejrrung.

FAQ’s on The Boiling Sun:

  • Base on a novel by NaBuddha Sushri
  • Director : Arthaphorn Dhimakorn
  • Ch.3 / Release year : August 13, 2011
  • Genre : Action drama, Western
  • Watch E Sub on TheCurvey channel on YouTube.

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